Dish Introduces AirTV, $99 4K Android TV Box With Sling TV and Netflix Preloaded

To kick of its own CES 2017 week, Dish just unveiled a new set top box called AirTV that’s powered by Android TV and might be the perfect option for cord cutters who stream everything. The box comes preloaded with Sling TV, Netflix, YouTube, and has access to apps on Google Play. It also comes with an optional OTA antenna for free local channel access.  (more…)

Dish Network Proposes $25.5 Billion Bid to Take Control of Sprint


The last time we heard news from Dish Network, they were in a bidding war with Sprint over majority share of Clearwire. It now seems as if Dish got tired of that idea and has since decided to try and buy Sprint instead. Sprint and SoftBank have been trying to close a deal that would put the Japanese carrier in control, but Dish has made a larger bid and hopes to raise the funds needed to complete the deal.  (more…)

Dish Network Outbids Sprint to Buy Out Majority Share of Clearwire


Sprint and Clearwire have been working together for a while and had their share of drama in the past. Clearwire has been helping Sprint with their build out of Sprint’s LTE network. Today however, a new player has stepped in between the two. Dish Network, who we’ve all heard is in cahoots with Google to make their own wireless network, has outbid Sprint for a majority share in Clearwire.

Dish Network’s bid would give Clearwire 11% more cash than Sprint’s would. Sprint is obviously not pleased and says that Dish’s bid is “inferior” to theirs. Both companies would greatly benefit from the purchase of the company, Sprint needing Clearwire for their LTE rollout and Dish would might be one step closer to Google and their own spectrum. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this deal shakes out over the next few days.

Via: NYT

FCC Gives Dish Network Approval to Build Own LTE Network

The FCC has voted in favor of allowing Dish Network to use their AWS spectrum as a 4G LTE wireless network. Dish will now “consider its strategic options,” but as you all know, Google was once brought up as a potential partner for the satellite company. Those rumors seem to have died a bit, but in order for those talks to even advance, you would assume that this approval needed to happen first. Sprint has also been linked to Dish, along with a handful of other companies.

Via:  Engadget | FCC

Eric Schmidt Thinks It’s ‘Extremely Curious’ That Apple Hasn’t Sued Google Directly

Eric Schmidt is Google’s Executive Chairman and also the company, and Android’s, biggest cheerleader when it comes to the media. In a recent interview, Schmidt sat down and talked business about a lot of things going on with Google and the conversation inevitably leaned towards their patent struggles with Apple. Schmidt said, “It’s extremely curious that Apple has chosen to sue Google’s partners instead of Google itself.” But he didn’t stop there.  (more…)

FCC Chairman Publicly Supports Dish Network’s Plan For a Mobile Network

Somewhere, Google execs are excited with today’s news that an FCC chairman has come out and supported Dish Network’s idea that they want their own wireless network. Before Dish can do any actual building of a network, the FCC has to sign off on almost every part of it. Having a chairman support you is a good sign, but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a done deal.

There are plans for the FCC as a whole to rule on Dish’s network by the end of the year so we might not have to wait that much longer. If the rumors are true that Dish and Google have plans to work together on this venture, you can bet they want to hear sooner rather than later.

Via: The Verge

Latest Rumor Says Google and Dish’s Wireless Service is Go, Launching in Mid-2013

Fresh off of this morning’s rumor, which pegged Google and Dish Network as pals looking to start up a wireless service of their own to compete with AT&T and Verizon, a new rumor claims to confirm that it’s happening. The folks over at 9to5Google heard word from sources who claim that the we could see this network by mid-2013 because Google is “deep in development plans.” They are under the impression that the service will be data-only and that voice and SMS services will happen via VoIP.

It’s tough to tell if this believable or not. The Wall Street Journal’s report said that Google and Dish were in nothing more than preliminary talks, yet this makes it sound as if we are under a year away from full-on Google wireless service.

You tell me.

Via:  9to5Google

Google to Create Own Wireless Service in Partnership With Dish?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dish Network is looking to build out its own wireless service thanks to spectrum that it acquired back in 2008. While it has talked to multiple potential partners, one of them should get you excited – Google. A source close to the matter said that the talks between the two were not advanced and that they could lead to nothing, however, it’s certainly an area that makes sense on a number of levels for Google. The idea here, is to create a network that could rival AT&T and Verizon.  (more…)