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Benchmarks: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. HTC DROID DNA


After posting up a batch of benchmarks that unofficially compared the LG Nexus 4 to the HTC DROID DNA, a number of you asked for us to do the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So, here you go. We probably don’t need to remind you that benchmarks should be taken lightly. By no means does a benchmark score tell the full story of a device. One thing we can definitively say, though, is that all three of these phones are incredibly fast and polished. Benchmarks may give one device bragging rights over the other, but with any of these three in hand, you won’t be disappointed.

They all have quad-core processors, ample amounts of RAM, great GPUs, and run the newest (or close enough) versions of Android. There are no losers here. With that said, let’s see who comes out on top.





  • chricton

    The Quadrant scores I’ve seen online for the Note 2 are all higher than the scores I saw in the wild today at a Verizon store. I ran the full benchmark on two different Note 2’s and got a shade over 4100 for each. Anyone able to explain why this might be?

  • Chon

    Loving my HTC DNA. Definitely loving this purchase. Battery life is surprising really good even with this 2020 mah battery. Do not write this phone off due to the size of the battery, I almost did. It would be a HUGE mistake.

    • ninja_unmatched

      Everyone here has specifics, correction, numerous specifics to add about the Note 2 yet you can only talk about battery life. You know what is crazy? Everywhere I go people know the phone at least as being a galaxy phone. Looking at the size they are like “That’s that new phone right?” Dude I’m converting Apple people over little by little.

      The DNA is nice and no one is really writing it off cause really without the Note I would probably go with that one, ok ok I would most likely go with that one. The quadrant score is sick. BUT, there is so much more I could do with the Note plus the size makes alot of things that I do less annoying. I can also add the popup browser at times is handy when you don’t want to leave what you are doing to quickly view a link. Freak I’m still adding stuff. Note 2 for president…..

  • Sayantan Saha

    Galaxy Note 2 is my choice… (with superb replaceable battery, expandable memory, regular Android Updates, S-Pen, better Customer Support)….. over Droid DNA

  • ninja_unmatched

    The S-Pen gets my vote as the phone website navigation tool of the era.

  • ninja_unmatched

    The Note does not have a competitor. People are making comparisons of the Note with like every phone out and coming out now. This says more about the Note than any of those comparisons.

  • ShadowDoc

    The marked difference in signal is because of different carriers, right?

  • TheDude

    Note 2 does 7,000 out of the box.

  • Note II all the way! htc is nowhere as near as good as samsung.

  • yarrellray

    Personally the Galaxy Note 2 is on a totally different level this choice is NO CONTEST HONESTLY. I applaud HTC but there is much more they need to do inorder to get on the wave length of Samsung. I love my Galaxy Note 2 it’s the ultimate productivity/all purpose entertainment device.

  • Brian

    Love my ATT Note ll. Out performs my old iPhone hands down.

  • Bretton Key

    Those are some impressive results…but it raises the issue of relevance.
    What I mean, is for an average or even a savvy user the better phone really is going to be determined by what a person needs the phone for and what they expect the phone to do.

    The worst thing, and what I can’t stand is people who want these kinds of phones that are obliviously very powerful and fast yet never take advantage of the phone capabilities.

    Personal opinion, I feel the Note II is better because with performance you get a better feel of innovation. The DNA seems like HTC’s attempt to cover ground that they at one point felt was not worth exploring. The DNA is impressive, but don’t feel like it’s a game changer…

  • The DNA is rooted and overclocked. Just look at the blue battery meter

  • Warner

    Still suffering with my Droid 2. Yes I said Droid 2. Cant wait for the day I get home and there is a brand new titanium grey Galaxy Note II waiting to be unboxed. I want to teleport to November 27th.

    • Sqube

      Your pain… I know it very well. My Droid 2 died three times over. Went to a Droid X that also died a couple of times.

      My GNex has given me much joy. Hope the Note II does the same for you!

  • adam king
  • dezignstuff

    The three dot menu button still on the DNA? C’mon HTC, fix this. What an interface mess.

  • igotgame

    The signal strength between the 2 phones is funny to look at. Does the Note 2 have the same radios as the Galaxy Nexus?

  • really not much more than my S3 on a nice rom. I’ve clocked 6300 on quadrant

  • adam king

    I’ve always been against benchmarks because they don’t calculate anything besides raw power. I’m coming from an iphone 4s to a Note 2 and had previously owned the original Droid and Droid X. I can tell you that my Droid X obliterated the 4s in terms of benchmarks, but my iphone 4s still performed better in everyday use, Why? Because the software integration complemented the hardware.

    This is what i’ve found with my galaxy note 2. Samsung has done a good job of making the phone a complete product similar to what apple has with IOS. Now please, I am not saying one is better than the other nor am subscribing to any type of fan loyalty. What I am saying is that samsung’s “Touchwiz”, whether you like it or not, is integrated to a point that you get a seamless experience and I feel like the implantation isn’t a skin, but is something different entirely. I rooted my original droid almost immediately after I got it and also for my Droid X. For the Note 2, I haven’t been compelled to root because all of my wants/needs are covered, which is a real first for me with an android.

    Now HTC has had a large problem with this throughout their tenure making Android devices. I love sense, and wish features such as the contact integration and email app were as good on the note 2, but the note 2 just does not compare. Unfortunately HTC’s sense is not as well integrated and, to me, feels like a skin placed on top of Android. Now there is a possibility that the newest version of sense can rectify its old problems and really shine. But having bought and returned both a droid incredible and an HTC Flyer, the question of the success of the phone isn’t dependent on battery life or removable storage. The real challenge for HTC is to get enough mainstream users to adopt it despite its past failures. This is the same route Windows 8 has to go down and trying to change consumer opinion about your company through one product is tasking at best. Screen, battery life and camera perks won’t mean a thing if mainstream users don’t but the phone.

  • Justin Davis

    I just got off the phone with a support person for Samsung and he stated that it is not the intention of Samsung to see a 64Gb version of Note 2 in the USA. I got that out of him after about 20 minutes of back and forth coupled with every attempt to deceive me that he could think of, none of which worked. This is simply another company without a moral compass of any kind or the ability to read one. The mention of 32Gb and 64Gb was simply for the purpose of grabbing headlines and duping the ignorant among us. Tomorrow HTC is coming out with a new phone that will have 64Gb according to AT&T this afternoon. We shall see.

    • hkklife

      What about a 32Gb Note 2 for the States? I can easily live with 32Gb. 16Gb is a total deal-breaker, however. 64Gb would be great but probably overkill for now as long as there’s the microSD slot and not worth the price premium IMO.

  • skinja

    Do you have a link to the 17 min Engadget video you mentioned for the Note 2? I cannot find it.


  • skinja


    Can you post some side by side photos of these devices. In particular the Bezel size of the DNA vs the Note 2, RazrHD, Nexus4 would be interesting to see.


  • Hatyrei

    I’ve read some post back in September for LG Blaze coming to Verizon that runs LTE+ ; Verizon’s LG Optimus G version. Is this rumor true?

  • All that power and those graphics on such a small battery .. yeah im good w/ my GNote

  • 2001400ex

    Did anyone else notice the note 2 has the network usage for WiFi unlike the HTC or moto phones? Nice touch, too bad I am not buying but hopefully other follow that example.

  • RaptorOO7

    I will be sticking with the GN2 as well. You get a lot more features out of it than the Droid DNA. Sure it has a very impressive screen, but what it lacks is storage, swappable battery, S-Pen and that for me is big. Having a 5″+ device I want to do something other than have a brick by my ear on a call. I want function and features. HTC lost me long ago with the ThunderBolt and even more so with the announcement that none of the 2011 phones are getting JB and only some of the 2012 are at all. Poor planning and design for software updates is their problem. Make the case to the carriers and stick to your guns.

  • Jay

    Umm just went to 2 other websites and the note 2 out benchmarled the DNA… Plus without the benchmark results the note 2 kills the DNA on every level! What’s the point of having a quad core inside the DNA when a dual core could hand what the phone does. There’s actually real reason for the note2 to have a quad core because it needs it to do all the things it’s capable of doing. I know people want to like HTC but putin it up against the note 2 isn’t the way to do it!

    • Dain Laguna

      remember they are posting these for fun, and are telling you before you even read the results, that this isnt a conclusive test…they get that someone else may find the other phone more powerful in a certain benchmark.

      thats why benchmarks are mostly useless.

  • Ph.Adct

    I think the features of a phone is more important than the bench mark, above certainly levels.

    One thing N2 beats everything else is the s-pen. I have wasted tons of scratch papers for what I do professionally, N2 will definitely help me to be more productive; Can’t wait for my Verizon N2 to arrive!!!

  • Big O

    Don’t care about benchmarks,give me battery life!

  • SecondAmndmnt

    Galaxy Note 2 All Day people. This phone is bananas. I have it for Sprint and I cant imagine what else I would want this phone to have. It has a built in blocker to block calls or texts, an S-pen, It is a f*&^ng computer on steroids. No to mention real, real multi tasking capabilities. WTF

    • LionStone

      We’ve had global spam filtering that blocks calls and texts with Google Voice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • you might want it to have LTE in more than a couple of locations (not hating on you, hating on Sprint)

  • jim

    would get note 2 but since it has that verizon logo on the home button, someone please say that is a false picture.

    • Steve Douglas

      Nope it’s true… ugly button, but they say can be removed with some work

  • cooksta32676

    I bought my last 2 phones off of benchmarks and speed strictly. Not going to happen again…disappointed twice in a row. Sammy wins by a mile just based on all it can do.

  • cooksta32676

    I watched the Engadget 17 minute hands on video with the Note 2. I can’t believe the amount of time and energy that went into all the stuff it can do beyond standard phone operations. It reads your pupils to keep the screen from timing out while reading, keyboard shifts to the side for one hand operation, runs multiple apps on one screen, the list goes on…..watch the video if you haven’t yet. Jaw dropped….

    • skinja

      Can you post the link to this video? I cannot find it. thanks

  • Take “note” of the battery life difference… Not surprising.

  • RoadsterHD1

    WOW now thats better and closer together. Droid DNA is still slightly better

  • dcdttu

    I’m most amused by the fact that the Note’s battery showed full during the test whereas the DNA’s tiny battery was dying the entire time. Granted we have no way of knowing whether it was charged as much as the Note – but still, the effect is likely similar to what users will experience when they use a massively powerful phone with a ridiculous screen and a very underpowered battery.

    • cooksta32676

      My brother has the TMO note2. He did HD video capture for 55 minutes at a concert, and the battery was still at 93%.

  • I have the gs3 now but have always been a die hard htc fan. i wanted the one x over the gs3 but im on verizon, but if the battery is as good as the gs3 then i will happily buy this

    • John Huie

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Previous phone was an Incredible. Love HTC. This phone looks great.

    • Dain Laguna

      god i wish we had the onex on vzw.

      granted i wish we had the nexus4 too

  • Blasmonk

    What I’d really like know is how the radios of all these phones compare. When the RAZR HD came out, there were tons of comments about how Samsung radios were awful and Motorola’s were great. But no one has said anything about HTC. I’d love to see someone take a bunch of these phones to a places with strong and weak coverage and report the signal strength and download speeds. After all, the whole point of a phone is communication.

    • Ibrick

      Take this for what it’s worth but when I swapped the Tbolt for the Gnex, I had both phones up and running for a couple days and where I got solid 4g with the tbolt it was 3g on the gnex. When I was able to get 4g on the gnex speeds where comparable to 3g where the Tbolt 12-15 down, 3-5 up.

      This was all at my house which is on a fringe 4g zone and the tbolt never lost 4g, where the gnex was spotty at best. I’d put HTC radios on the level of Moto from my experience.

      • LionStone

        Absolutely…I test my Inc., TB, and Inc4 with my dads Razr and his wife’s Bionic…in fringe areas as well…and the HTCs always did as good or sometimes a little better than the motos .

  • Dorian Brooks

    OK. I’ll admit my newb-ness. Can someone explain to me how to read benchmarks, or post a “good” website that I can learn how?

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Bottom Line bigger numbers equal better results

      • Simon Belmont

        Except on Sunspider. Which is the opposite.

        Of course, that test was not conducted here. Cheers.

  • Art

    Thanks. I was beginning to feel Droid Life was neglecting the extremely well received Galaxy Note 2. The Verizon version will replace my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Hollister

      It will replace my Nexus as well. I needed a better camera and volume was horrible.

      • thedanks

        and it will replace my nexus as well. will miss the crackflashing a little.

        • e-in-sd

          me too… the sg3 seemed very much in the vein of the nexus. the note 2… verizon is killing me !

      • G Jones

        You will not be disappointed. The volume and reception on the Note 2 are vastly superior to the GNex. But I switched to ATT for the Note 2 from Verizon. So I don’t know if my crappy reception was due to the phone or the network.

  • I want to love the DNA for its raw power, but the lack of an SD-card, bad battery, and eye-sore Sense is what broke the deal for me.

    • RoadsterHD1

      DROID DNA by HTC – 4G LTE

      Speakers – Exclusive Beats Audio Technology- Designed To Work With Included Beats Audio Headphones
      3G Data Speeds – Yes, Where Available
      Micro-USB Port – Yes
      Mobile Hotspot – Mobile Hotspot With Support For Up To 10 WiFi-enabled Devices on 4G
      Processor Type – Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
      TTY Compatible – Yes
      Processor Speed – Quad-core 1.5GHz
      Phonebook Capacity – Limited Only By Available Memory
      Data Download Speed – 4G/LTE, EV-DO Rev.A
      Hearing Aid Compatible – M4/T4
      Manufacturer Model Name – N/A
      Multiple Numbers Per Name – Yes

      Expandable Memory Capacity – Up To 32GB microSD

      Standard 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack – Yes
      Compatible Carrier – Verizon Wireless
      Webcam – 2MP Front-facing HD Webcam
      Micro HDMI – HTC Watch Allows You To Play Your Content Via HDMI Out, Including 3D Playback
      Network Compatibility – 4G LTE 700, CDMA 800, 1900


      • Jonathan Isenberg

        No expandable memory, but cool story bro.

        • RoadsterHD1

          LOL, ๐Ÿ™ my bad…….

      • Paul

        Why are you listing things like TTY and 3G? Why are you even listing any of this? None of it gives him a reason to want the DNA based on what he said…

      • Mario Irelan

        cool every other phone has those features other than the processor

  • PalmerAdam

    Do we know the off contract prices of these devices? $650?

    • Kurtis Tamez

      299-349 Nexus 4

      599 DNA

      699 Note II

    • tomn1ce

      DNA.599 and Note.699

    • Dain Laguna

      A LOT more expensive than the nexus4 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      sorry, totaly fanboy troll i know.

  • JetBlue

    The HTC Droid DNA reminds me of a computer that has so much power but only lasts a couple hours due to the battery being so small.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Note 2 here. Fast, silky smooth and polished. Huge display and battery. Oh yea, removable battery that is, along with micro sd slot. Big grin!!

    • cooksta32676

      Plus it can do about 500 thing the DNA cant….LoL

    • Nazzi, what do you get for battery life with your Note 2?

      • Nazzi_Muhammad

        Depends on what I’m doing. I can stream hours of music and still have more than 75% left. If I’m doing email, texts, phone calls and the net, I can go a more than a day. All depends, like I said.

        • How do you like the s-pen? That’s the selling feature for me, personally. Although when I’m pressed, I’m not really sure what I’d do with it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Battery life is very good. It lasts a day and a half of heavy use

  • moew

    This droid DNA is going to use battery like a HTC phone! Oh wait, it is an HTC phone!

  • I have the Note 2. Plenty fast. I think other hardware are the main differentiators at this point. Screen size and resolution, for example.

  • (Hopefully) only two more weeks til Verizon’s Note 2 drops.

    • Other articles are pointing to an earlier shipping of preorders since devices are already at best buy

  • Love how the Droid DNA’s battery is dying while the Galaxy Note’s is almost full.

    • Spoken Wordโ„ข

      Means absolutely nothing since we don’t know how long each has been off the charger.

      • cooksta32676

        I’ve told a few people before, my brother captured HD video on his TMO Note 2 for 55 minutes and it was still at 93%. My droidX was at 44%.

        • Symbiotx

          If my Droid x is in my pocket for 55 minutes, it’s at 44%.

          • hey, lets not forget the glory days, i still have my X and she’s been my loyal buddy (and not to mention TANK surviving every single drop) for a long time. she was the cutting edge of technology back in the day.

          • TheFirstUniverseKing

            “Back in the day.” Yeah, I can’t believe 2010 was three decades ago.

          • JoshGroff

            Yes, because vague phrases are definitive and not relative…

          • Nicholassss

            Mine had that problem too. haha

          • r0lct

            Well it is a member of mobile AARP now.

      • Lorne Serpa

        Doesn’t matter how long its been off the charger. It dropped from 30 to 17% in 55 minutes. Try streaming HD content 1080 over LTE (since you can’t put 2 1080 movies on the internal memory!) with that 5″ display and see how long it lasts.

    • Colton Wilburn

      you do know that every single review has said the battery is not bad right. They say it is right there with the GS3.

      And by the way this is from the tests earlier against the N4 and they both had very similar level batteries.

      • Meeeeeee

        I’ve yet to see a review that says the GS3 and DNA batteries are the same. I’ve seen where it’s three hours on screen time, I’ve seen the video tests of nearly 30 mins. difference, but I’ve yet to see one showing the same. There problem here is everybody’s usage is different. I have no clue what is enabled or turned off on the phone, etc. We know in general HTC is good about killing processes to help battery but we also know Sense (even 4) sips battery like a fat girl at Hometown Buffet. I think more tests are needed.

        That being said…. Damn, I want the DNA. I may have to phone into Verizon and start getting on the return merry go round with my GS3 in order to step off with a DNA. The flakey reception on 4G with Samsung is pissing me off.

        • Colton Wilburn

          I would suggest you to visit the DNA XDA page, there are a lot of links to sites that have reviewed it.

          But like you said until there is a standardized test (similar to what GSMArena does) these tests are futile, almost as futile as complaining about battery life without actually having the device.

          But yeah I am still rocking my T-Bolt, so anything will be an upgrade for me, probably why I’m not too worried about it haha

        • Stevedub40

          I love Hometown Buffet!

        • Mario Irelan

          dude its just 4G service that all phones struggle with (its the carriers fault) has nothing to do with the actual phones

    • Marv Adan

      great observation

    • Yo Mama

      Ya babby, Love how the DNA is Loaded with service While the Sammy is left dealin. i’ll take 5 now please.

      • thedanks

        touche, lol. Damnit, just when I thought this descision was made.

      • nhizzat

        The bars, they mean nothing.

    • techpro1993

      It means this test is skewed toward notes 2, but note 2 still can’t win. This is very sad for samsung. 1) At low battery all kind of power saving will kick in and slow down processor but dna still manages to beat note 2 in many categories. 2) dna has 2.25x amount of pixels to push but note 2 still failed to win. samsung needs to design better gpu now. 3) note 2 running on a clean sled while dna has location service and battery widget running in the background. 4) note 2 is showing bad reception here with only 2 bars and dna has full bar. 5) the text of screen shot on note 2 are hardly readable. text on dna is pretty clear. screen resolution does matter in this case. samsung really need to make a better product in stead of just making everything bigger but lower quality.

      • nhizzat

        1. How is power-saving an issue? You can turn it off…
        2. About time Qualcomm caught up with their GPUs
        3. Like those use enough resources to affect these scores LOL
        4. The bars, they mean nothing
        5. You do realize that the SmartBench ss from the Note 2 is displaying about twice the number of scores, right?

      • Jeff

        one thing that people keep saying is service but you guys dont even know if these two phones were testing on the same day, in the same location, or anything like that to even compare that. Time shows they were at least done two hours apart, but we dont even know if thats same day.

      • Mario Irelan

        first of all yes u can turn of battery savings its called unchecking it, the number of pixels doesnt neccesarily mean a better phone (the note 2 screen is GORGEOUS), NO micro sd slot (16gb = 5 movies, 5 games and 5 songs -.-) they could have different carriers (note 2 has all of them, droid dna has just verizon) and droid dna and note 2 bolth have things running in the backround, and droid dna has TERRIBLE battery, battery life, and its stuck in the dam phone

  • Spoken Wordโ„ข

    Interesting. If it had more storage or an SD card slot I might buy the DNA.

  • niuguy

    Well, we can all agree those are two powerful phones. In terms of power, you can’t go wrong with either. I’m still happy with my Verizon Note II pre-order!

    • DC_Guy

      I’m happy with my pre-order too. I just hope they ship early by at least a few days.

      • FAL_Fan

        Honestly, I think the reason it has been delayed as such is to push people into the DNA because it’s DROID and have those “I need it now” people buy it because it’s available now and they would have to wait “forever” for the Note 2…the game is rigged…the Verizon website doesn’t even have NFC for the Note 2 and I called them a week ago and asked them to fix it, called them again today and they once again said that they “will email the proper people and have that changed, thank you so much for catching that”…come on, really?

        • DC_Guy

          LOL that’s too funny. They seriously need to stop playing games before they drive away more people. First Google Wallet, now this.

          • FAL_Fan

            I most certainly agree, it is a bit much. But we shall see, hopefully Samsung will ask them kindly to correct the false advertisement.

          • Paul

            Email Samsung instead of Verizon. I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy and Verizon is much more likely to listen to an angry phone manufacturer than you.

          • FAL_Fan

            I actually just got off the phone with them about 20 minutes ago and they wrote it up and said they would send it where it needs to go. I think more people should email/call them though and complain about Verizon’s intentional post Thanksgiving (Black Friday…) delay and the false advertisement.

          • Nicholassss

            I’m so frustrated that my buddy got the note this past saturday after I talked him out of the iphone 5, now I’m still waiting until the 27th, and the dna was announced a million years later and is coming out sooner.


          • FAL_Fan

            I’m telling you that it’s intentional on Verizon’s part. They want people to shop only for their Droid branded phone on Black Friday. They have restricted the competition on their own network to do it because they don’t want to see it flop compared to the greatly popular and successful Galaxy line of phone.

          • Nicholassss

            Really wouldnt surprise me.

          • firemantp

            I just left Verizon for T-Mobile after being a loyal customer for years. I’m loving my Note 2 with my unlimited everything plan. I got tired of the games that Verizon plays. I still have my account with Verizon open, my wife and son are using them. Just not me.

          • What’s your opinion on the comparison between the 2 services? I used to be a Verison user. Switch to Sprint for a bit till I figured out just how bad the service sucked in my area versus the higher fees they charge, I will not go to ATT for service. So I’m mulling rates, signal, and service between T-Mobile, US Cellular, versus going back to Verizon. I plan to get a Note 2 which ever service I go to.

          • yarrellray

            Enjoy tmobile i kicked Verizon to the curb on June 28th after the Galaxy Nexus debacle. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I picked up my Galaxy Note 2 Thursday and boy has it really been fun. Nothing on the market can compare to this all purpose Productivit/entertainment device. Plus Tmobile rocks…

          • squiddy20

            No matter how “productivit” it is, it still can’t help you spell. How sad.

          • StatementFact

            It’s a typo you squiddy moron. get a life and stop pretending you won a spelling bee, word police.

          • squiddy20

            It’s a typo on a device that has autocorrect? Seems a little counter-intuitive, don’t you think?

        • Why have you called them twice to change a detail on their website?

        • HTC+BadBatteryLife

          Anyone notice the 3/4 full battery on the Note II and only 1/4 battery on the DNA??? Hey HTC, fixed the battery issues on your phones!!!

          • dd

            Yeah I noticed… The reason being is because it much nicer phone to mess with, im sure the person running benchmark is enjoying that 1080p display.

          • um… notice the time next to the phones?

    • StoneColdCarl

      So the DNA’s main competitor is the Note II, right? Even though HTC and Verizon are denying that it’s a “phablet”?

      • pocketwhale

        They shouldnt call it a phablet either. If you compare the dimensions of the DNA to the N4, they are nearly the same exact size other than height. The DNA should be compared to N4 and SGS3, but ends up getting compared to the Note II because the screen size (but the DNA is still not a massive phone because of the small bezel)

        • Ibrick

          Thank you! Comparing this phone to the Note 2 is like comparing the One X to the OG Note. Two completely separate markets. The DNA is size of the S3, compare it to the LG Optimus G, the One X+, etc..

          Apples to Apples people.

          The Note still doesn’t have a direct competitor. ..No I don’t count that LG thing.

    • Mario Irelan

      LOL i preordered it also, then the next day they listed the droid dna, but apart from 2 things having a better screen and semi better processor, the droid dna lacked A LOT of things (no micro sd, small non removable battery and crappy htc software and a lot more)

    • PetiePal


  • Radgatt

    Mixed results…I know benchmarks don’t mean much but this is interesting, to say the least…