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Jelly Bean Update for ASUS Transformer Infinity Delayed Until Next Week

Yesterday, we reported that ASUS would be rolling Jelly Bean out to Transformer Infinity tablets some time within the next 72 hours. Unfortunately, they will have to delay the update until next week. According to a post by Gary Key (an Asus representative) on XDA, there were some applications that required a keyboard firmware update before they can allow Jelly Bean to roll out.

We’ll keep you posted, Infinity owners.

Via: XDA

Cheers Dane! 

  • Cory

    Got my Prime JB update yesterday, and it’s great but both the Android keyboard and the ASUS keyboard are now awful at registering what I type, like they don’t register the faster multitouch very well anymore. Ticks me off because I’ve gotten really good at typing fast with the onscreen keyboard, and now it’s impossible.

    Anyone else?

  • Devincean

    so glad I traded my prime for the infinity just need JB update to come out then i will be in heaven sad they delayed it but at least it sounds like its for a good reason hopefully this will be the only delay

  • John

    I’m a guy and will be sad to give up my flash porn sites…

    • Damu793

      adobe flash stii work on my prime

  • Joey Miranda

    anyone else having problems with the update? since i’ve updated my prime it randomly reboots every once in a while.

    • No issues here, has been absolutely flawless.

  • DanKemple

    Interestingly I have a Prime dock with my Infinity. Wondering if it was compatible out of the box why the JB update only affects infinities using a dock. Basically why is Prime’s JB better than Infinity when talking to the dock as of now.

  • Prime is getting LOOOOOVE.

  • Downloading to my Prime as I type this! Hopefully Asus gets it out to my fellow Transformers soon!

  • Resticle

    Seriously, though: glad they’re getting the bugs worked out.

  • Shawn Maloney

    can’t wait

  • Resticle

    NooOooOooOO 😀

  • A.J.

    Ah and I just mentioned to my boss today that it would be coming out tomorrow since both of us have the Infinity. Oh well, I guess I can handle one more week since I’ll be having 2 devices with JB and there are a lot of devices that are just now getting ICS.

    • Ken

      Someone’s getting fired on monday…

  • KleenDroid

    Oh my goodness