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iPhone Owners Waiting on Google Maps App, the Wait is Over – It’s Not Coming

In a recent outing, Google’s Eric Schmidt made one thing very clear – Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices. According to Schmidt, the decision was entirely Apple’s and he still feels that they should have stuck with Google’s app. Both Google and Apple were in constant communication on the matter, but in the long run, Apple decided to go with a homegrown alternative instead. 

We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know? What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.

Schmidt went on to clarify that Google did want them as a partner, but with the tensions between the two companies at an all time high, it just wasn’t meant to be.

While in Japan to announce the availability of the Nexus 7, Schmidt took a moment to show off some of the more unique features of their Maps application. By moving the tablet around, instead of using your fingers, you get the sense of “looking around” and he quickly added, “Take that Apple.” Of course, he said it jokingly.

Via: Reuters

Cheers Craig!

  • Bluering

    Apple maps is quite inferior for the moment, but I am sure they are working hard on it to improve. Google maps has been in this business since a long time and they have come a long way, I am sure Apple maps will be quite good after one or two upgrades, in the meantime I have always used the Tomtom maps which I have always been happy with. The google maps on iOS did not have voice navigation anyway.

  • Aden Nak

    I must be missing something here. If someone said that Apple should make iTunes or Siri for Android, they’d be laughed off of the forum – regardless of whether that forum was Pro-Apple or Pro-Google or entirely neutral. It’d seem like an naive and asinine statement.

    There’s no good reason (and no good business case) for Apple to take its most desired, sought after features and produce them, free of charge, for their strongest competitor’s platform. I fail to see why people would expect Google to engage in that same behavior, unless Google themselves stand to significantly benefit from that application.

    You can make a case for, say, a Google Plus app on iPhone. Or even a Gmail app. Those are services independent of platform that Google wants its users to participate in. But they also aren’t ubiquitous (Google Plus holds a tiny share of the social media market, and one can connect to Gmail without a dedicated app). They aren’t selling points of the Android experience. Google Maps integration is.

  • Techiesuper808

    Ok . Everybody is entitled to an opinion and in my opinion I really don’t care about google maps as an iOS user I’ve always used a GPS app anyway so it’s not the end of the world while apple perfects its maps app. Which I’m sure they will , 2nd I’ve worked technical support for a major carrier for 2 years and I’ve been an iOS user since the first generation iPhone. I do get a free phone from work and at the time i got hired we didn’t carry iPhone (sprint) I ended up getting a galaxy and then giving it to my sister who needed a phone because I didn’t care for it, working tech support we get calls I’d say 75% of my 12 hr shift are android related issues either a buggy OS or faulty manufacturing with a Samsung or htc device (not googles fault) then there are some people who still can’t get rid of blackberry a and those things are a bitch to troubleshoot hate them! My point is most iPhone users only calls with questions about iTunes, or how to activate the phone when they first get it, rarely and I mean very rarely do you get an issue where iOS isn’t functioning properly or the device is malfunctioning from a manufacturer standpoint like over hearing or something .. Which I’ve never had that call yet. Can’t say the same for android devices as I usually spend most my days resetting android phones because its simply not acting right or they have downloaded some app from the android market that is causing the phone to act batshit. I’ve never had to call about my phones iOS not working right in all the years I’ve had an iPhone . It’s simply a matter of opinion (personal opinion that the iOS is just more stable and fluid than android (waits for backlash) yea yea apple fan boy blah blah blah…

  • Gage

    Apple is just stuck with outdated technology again. One day they will figure out that there phone sucks and get with the google program.

  • iPhone has already signed its death warrant. With this one decision ALONE, they have effectively become Blackberry. And this time, suing isn’t gonna help them. {{-_-}}

  • Paul

    design what design Apple has had how many Iphones over the year that All look the same. this is there third phone that with this design. So I expect them to make a good quality phone hardware wise. What I’m getting at here is Apple hasn’t really changed there design at all since the Iphone 4 and even then it kinda still looks the same of the first Iphone. At least with Android you have many design choices to choose from for myself I have owned and the OG Droid, Droid X, Droid Bionic a cheap HTC prepaid phone, and Now a Samsung Galaxy S II. And not one of has ever been broke Now the Droid X was in a four wheeling accident with no case on it and all it came up with was just a scratch I have a friend that just bought an Iphone 5 only had it for two days and accidently dropped from normal hand level and both the screen and the back panel shattered. One normal drop which I do sometimes with my Galaxy SII and my phone barely has a scratch on it I wouldn’t buy an apple product if my life depended on it cause there design is junk and there build quality is crap. I’ll stick to android phone that is a lot more functionality and can take a drop from time to time.

    • I believe you. That said, after two years with restrictive, evil, disrespectful Apple device, I’m not never going back to iPhone. If Android dies tomorrow, it’s WM8 for me.

  • master94

    Hah hah. Nelson

  • Well … I guess that means no iPhone 5 for me.

  • Its time for all Apple fan boys to get lost in the jungle!

  • Sucks to own icrap.

  • D4niel

    “It’s not coming,” your headline, is entirely different from “Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices.” Just because they’re not currently working on one doesn’t mean that they won’t. The original Reuters article quotes Schmidt as saying, “We have not done anything yet.” Again, that doesn’t mean they’re not going to.

    This article seems closer to tabloidism than journalism.

  • This!

  • not an apple fan by any means, but I have a feeling mr jobs would not have made the error to give the boot to google maps were he still in charge

  • Jag28co

    Lol somehow this made my day

  • bogy25

    The hell with them – everyone should shut them down but they can’t because of money and greed. F apple

    • LionStone

      Their pride is shutting themselves down.
      Offtopic: I wonder what they were fighting about at that Foxcon plant?

      • what don’t they fight about in foxcon land?

    • you can’t argue they don’t make a quality product…

  • YES Doom will come to apple soon only respected the brand cause of Jobs visionary mind, Now apple wanna mess with the little guy like that deli. they took to court after taking on Samsung which they make the parts for their devices,ain’t that something

  • LordStickMax

    where exactly did he say they weren’t making a google maps app for iOS? i would think them making it now when they have full control over it, like the youtube app, would be a great time to capitalize on it.

  • Marci Neighbors

    This warms my heart. Brings much joy!

  • As a former android owner and current iphone 5 owner, I dont see what people are complaining about.

    • if you’re not even an android user, what is your point by even posting here?


    iPhone user here and I will give you the scoop. Turn by turn navigation works great. The 3d mapping works in some areas, but the Eiffel Tower shows as flat, so it is not all that grand. I do not use public transportation so I can not comment on that. But make no mistake it is not Google Maps quality. And this pettiness between these companies is just screwing people like us. The maps app is better than what we had before, but still a ways off in catching android users. I’m starting to get bored with both of them, and Windows 8 phones are looking better and better!!

  • Ok, so an iPhone user walks into a bar.. or a restaurant. Or a garage. Or a store. He isn’t sure where he is, ok?

  • Michael Thurig

    My roommate has iOS6. His response? “I don’t care, I just bought the TomTom app off the market so who cares about google maps now?”

    As a stereotypical Apple fanboy he has no problem defending their faults with righteous indignation while praising their “new” features and slamming competitors for the slightest bad press. I say “new” because as everyone knows now, Apple has not been innovating lately and instead have been litigating and “borrowing” / buying ideas.

  • And yet, you can still install Google Maps on your iOS6 device.

    Go to maps.google.com in Safari, it’ll prompt you to install the app. This doesn’t really install the app, but it gives you a nice shortcut, and within Safari, it’s got most of the functionality you’re looking for (like, correct directions to where you need to go, traffic layers, etc).

    • Tyler Chappell

      People really need to stop using this as if it is some kind of workaround. It’s not, it really doesn’t accomplish the same thing. This is no different than saying go to your web browser and use bing maps, mapquest or yahoo maps!

  • Rich

    Apple didn’t wan’t google because then all of you nut jobs out there whom like apple will start to get used to and like the NON PAID APPS, that we android users love… STEVE JOBS doesn’t and didn’t want this, he wanted YOU TO PAY FOR EVERY APP… good or bad…

  • John Jenness

    This is what happened when Jobs left originally. Inferior hardware led to inferior software

  • RW-1

    Ahh, ok, I’ll say it, but dependance on GPS of anyone’s design in your own hometown is a bit over the top eh? (I’m not talking going somewhere you haven’t gone before, I see some who each day plot to work, etc.) I’ve seen it too much … GPS reliance as the end all, I teach flight students to use moving maps as a supplement, not the end all of guidance, you have a brain, use it! On the other hand, is it because TBT voice prompts let you people doze off whilst plodding along on the ground? 🙂

  • nightscout13

    Competition begets Innovation. So Google Maps might now become EVEN BETTER for us 🙂

    • google maps did not really have any competition in the smartphone space to begin with

      • nightscout13

        Didn’t Garmin have a Maps app? Also, yahoo mobile maps worked too

  • nightscout13

    YES! Best news of 2012!

  • Crazydog

    Google needs to put a little unobtrusive Android add on their mobile Google Maps site only visible to iPhone users. ^_^

  • PhillipCun

    Honestly, I think it’s a smarter move for Google to develop a really good iOS Maps app for the iPhone users so they have an alternative. Then they can compare Apples to….. Google and see that Google has its strengths over Apple. iOS users think that Apple is always best at what they do and that obviously isn’t the case. If they can finally compare the two side by side they might be more willing to move over.

    • RW-1

      You miss the point … google can make an app – Apple doesn’t want it nor would they approve one if it were given to them at this point, this post says the message is they don’t want it, so they (Apple) are stuck, and most of us are LMFAO about it… (Though the solution is simple for some dual users, just don’t update to iOS5 …)

    • yes. am I the only one that has noticed the many blunders Apple makes without Steve Jobs at the helm?

  • If is not comming, then what is this about?

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Doesn’t necessarily mean any lost traffic for Google. iPhone users can still access Google maps via a browser web page, it just won’t be as nice as having a native app.

  • Butters619

    I think Apple is a villain, but I also think this is a bad move. I think it would be more of a punch in the face if Google released a maps app and in 6 months they did a study showing more people used Google than the stock maps.

    Also, Google get’s major ad dollars from business links and every thing else baked in to maps.

  • blakjakdavy

    I think this is a mistake by Google. What better way to keep apple users somewhat in the Google ecosystem (and seeing Google apps) than to come to the rescue with Google maps?

    • blakjakdavy

      *seeing Google ads

    • RW-1

      Again, point missed, an app can be given, but Apple won’t approve it or use it, then it isn’t going to happen for them….. This is not a google mistake, it is an Apple one.

  • Seriously inaccurate article, or at least highly speculative.

    Schmidt didn’t say Google is never, ever making a standalone Maps variant for iOS. He just said “We have not done anything yet.” Notice that last word in the quote?

    You can cheer Android’s awesome navigation features all you want, but please don’t feed the more irrational fans with bad assumptions.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Seems like a missed opportunity for Google. Lots of revenue lost.

  • summit1986

    Obligatory Nelson

  • jnt

    This story has changed a little bit a few times today. I’m trying to see how this is confirmation that Google absolutely won’t do an app for iOS?

  • Stevedub40

    It’s because if Apple were a person, they would be a huge bulbous head of a dick

  • DOOOOO !… uh Ohhhh .. hahahah .. you suck apple.. you just shot your self in the foot.. in a race for your life..

  • yarrellray

    Google will never need apple business is business you make your choice and move on and live with it. Apple will have many years to learn how to make it’s maps solution competitive. Meanwhile Google will continue doing it’s thing as always for android the king of technology…

  • Silver Veloz

    As another reader here said, all they have to do is open up the browser – maps.google.com and utilize it from there. Have the “i” users thought of that??? It’s not as easy as the app, but……it can be done.

    • EvanTheGamer

      “not as easy”, exactly…and iSheep users need it to be extremely easy. If it’s even remotely difficult to use, they’ll cry.

    • RW-1

      too hard to type letters G … O .. O.. (fitting pun eh?) now of course they will likey insist that Apple makes a Safari shortcut included in it’s favs for them ….

  • I wouldn’t care. I use Waze 90% of the time anyway.

  • frankandsimple

    No doubt Apple has a long way to go with data mapping. But sticking with homegrown I think is a good choice by Apple in the long run. The navigation is much smoother and better looking in ios than android. Apple needs to fix their data mapping issue and then it’ll be an excellent app.. even though 99% of the ios 6 users don’t experience the data mapping issues that is definitely present.

    • Chris

      You have fun with Apples maps app. I hope you know how to swim or hope your car can be used as a flotation device.

    • Devin Cawdrey

      I guess that’s your opinion that it looks better… Nice number drop there (99%) LOL – You know its not just the random geographical issues. My friend has been running ios 6 for a few months now and it constantly messed up navigation – taking longer routes, going to incorrect places etc

    • LionStone

      Seeing how TomTom went on record to distance itself from the apple Map, that says something, since apple used it as their foundation. Even my friend, a staunch iUser bought the Tom Tom app said they just styled it like the TomTom app. He said he didn’t update his 4S before he gave it to his x-wife, so she could still utilize Google maps easier.

  • schoat333

    What! no APP! What did we all do before APPS??

    Oh wait…. http://www.google.com/maps

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    We can have my VZ Navigator app, I’m not using it.

  • I thought Apple’s maps were powered by TomTom mapping info? Is TomTom GPS really that bad or why is there such a difference?

    • TomTom says their data is fine. It’s Apple’s implementation of the data that is broken. I’m willing to believe TomTom.

  • xXAaronSXx

    It doesn’t seem that the above quote says anything about a Maps app for the Apple Appstore, does it? To me, it just says that Google thinks Apple should have stayed with G Maps for their native Maps app. Am I missing something?


      Apple has to approve every app and a Google app that competes with a stock app isn’t going to make it through.

      • xXAaronSXx

        Yes, but there is no reason Google can’t. As long as a Google Maps app complies with the terms and conditions of the Apple Appstore, I believe Apple cannot arbitrarily disallow the app because its a competitor. Google has apps in the Appstore right now. As far as competing with a stock app, The Opera browser is available in the Apple Appstore and is in direct competition with the stock Safari browser.

      • gbenj

        That restriction hasn’t been on iOS for a while now. (See browsers such as chrome, opera. As well as mail clients like Sparrow)

        • xXAaronSXx

          Ahh, yes, Chrome is a good example of Google competing directly with a stock app.

          • Will Killian

            Not really… because they are forced to use iOS’s older webkit, slower javascript, and what have you. There is no other native web browser available.

        • But you can’t set it to default so users won’t waste their time copying and pasting urls all day they’ll go back to stock because Apple forces them to

        • Yeah, they’ve lessened the restrictions on apps that compete with stock apps, but they still have to approve every app before it goes into the app store. It IS likely that after taking Google Maps out of the stock list, that they would deny an app in the store.

          • gbenj

            No way in hell they deny a Google maps app from the app store. (Assuming it complies with the T&C)

            Especially after the S***storm they got for the Apple maps transition.

      • Bill Anderson

        There are a ton of map/nav apps in the iTunes store…

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    If there ever was a Castaway 2 with Tom Hanks, he will get there using an I-Phone 5.

    • Funny you should mention this. Yesterday, Apple Maps thought the transit station near my house was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Sirx

    3d flyover, indoor mapping, gyroscopic “tours”, public transit lines and information, Google Now automatic deduction of travel times to your appointments–Google is innovating the hell out of its products.

    It seems we have a while to go of Apple constantly playing catch up. But they’ve built themselves a pretty tall hill–so at least they have a lot of coasting they can do on the way down…

  • I wonder how wide this effect really is because iPhone users are typically two kinds of people
    a) 15-25 year olds that are either dependent suburbanites or closed-world urbanites and have no need for maps.
    b) Those 37 and older who still think the best way to get somewhere is to print out mapquest directions (seriously) or own an independent GPS unit (usually with equally paltry data but solid turn by turn)

    I’m not saying they are unintelligent, but I wonder how much it really matters to them because with as many people I know that has an iPhone, I’ve seen the Maps app used once.

    Besides Google Now, Chrome, Music, GMail, and Twitter, I use Maps the most.

    • Stoker

      As someone in group B, I concur. My car has a dedicated GPS in it and I really like having a dedicated unit for it. I don’t want to dick around with mounting and unmounting my phone everytime I switch vehicles or get in and out. I never accidentally leave my phone in the car either. It’s a nice setup. I’m highly technical and an Android fan but do not want to do EVERYTHING with my phone all the time and can afford a dedicated unit for each vehicle I own. In fact my phone gets zero use in the car if the vehicle is moving. So, yeah, for users like me BUT who prefer iOS, the maps thing will not be a deal breaker. Shrug.

      • i agree .. but i do use google maps from time to time.. ESPECIALLY STREET VIEW…

    • col3rsc

      How old are you? You have no clue.

      • I am a 19 year old Computer Engineering major. I study mobile development and occasionally publish informal opinions based on anectdotal or statistical evidence. I don’t spend a chunk of time needlessly and superficially attempting to put down people by criticizing their age while offering no evidence to a counterpoint other than claiming I am “clueless.”

    • KB26

      You forgot the third kind – the kid who got an iphone because its soooo cuul and i can jailbraik it

    • A.J.

      Then you have my wife who is 25 and admittedly can get lost incredibly easy who is actually thinking about an iPhone 5 simply because the phone is smaller than her LG Revolution. I just let her know about this because she’s had to use Google Maps on her Revolution to find her way back when she got lost and she couldn’t get a hold of me.

  • Does anyone know if they are also removing youtube off iOS6 as well?

    • skubadoo

      YouTube isn’t on iOS 6 as of now.. it was removed. Last I heard a few weeks ago, Google was going to create a stand-a-lone app for the app store on iTunes.. I’m sure they will go ahead with this atleast.. unless they somehow determine that people are willing to switch to Android handsets simply for YouTube and decide not to release it..

      • There is a standalone YouTube app in the AppStore, and it’s quite good.

  • Nick

    Now if we can get Google to remove Snapseed from iOS and give it to Android users… Hmmm

  • Roshan John

    I’d like to thank Apple for supporting the economy, and reinvigorating the standalone GPS companies. Guess TomTom and Garmin aren’t gonna be extinct after all.

  • EvanTheGamer

    HURRAY for Google! – Haha, how do you like THEM apples, Apple? Your loss.

    Google FTW once again!

  • MKader17

    Its really sad that Apple has chosen segregation and legislation over collaboration and compromise. These choices will certainly hurt Apple more than Google.

    • Stevedub40

      That sounds like a rap song lol. Good job!

  • Alan Marchman

    All these iPhone users have to do is go to Google Maps on the internets and save it to their homescreen. You got Google Maps now, done. You don’t always need an app for that.

    • Evostance

      I disagree. Have you ever tried to use it? Its not particularly great.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes you do. The actual app is FAR greatest than the web version. FAR greater.

      • Tyler Chappell

        This is just an example of someone who tries to compensate by saying that an inferior method (such as doing it through the web browser) is just as good.

        • EvanTheGamer

          True that, but still a horrible alternative though. Poor iSheep users.

          Not. I have no sympathy for users who make bad decisions, like buying an iPhone.

  • metool6

    Good I’m happy Google is finally saying screw apple

    • They’re not saying screw Apple. Apple decided to end the relationship. Google would be perfectly willing to work with them again if Apple wanted to.

      • New_Guy

        So…Apple is screwing themselves is what you’re saying 🙂

        • Yes but that is before Apple presses charges against Google for coping the map application.

          • They can only do that if Apple manages to patent it.

          • New_Guy

            Don’t think that it can’t happen :)…

          • New_Guy

            And patents “Screwing the Self.”

        • Yes

      • Right. I am guessing Apple is unwilling to let them have a map app on iOS, other than Google Earth.

        • It’s only a matter of time before “Apple Earth!”. The planet would end up looking like a cube.

          • Cube after an earthquake.

          • Daistaar

            The world is indeed flat… – Tim Cook

    • Go Hawkeyes

      They are screwing Apple, but not in the way you might think. They are sending a message to iPhone users that if they want superior maps then they will also have to deal with having a superior OS and superior hardware. Yes, to have the best maps you will have to switch to Android now.

      • ceejw

        I agree with you on everything but the hardware. I set up an iPhone 5 for a coworker a few days ago and I was very impressed with the design and build quality. I have yet to hold an Android phone that looks or feels as good as the iPhone 5.

        • Tyler

          Maybe you have been holding too many Samsung phones?

          • DMZMAN

            Go read CNET’s review of the Galaxy SIII. No matter what they did to it …
            dropping, allowed to SOAK in water, putting it in a high heat situation, etc.
            They couldn’t kill it !!!!!

          • Tyler

            I have a Galaxy Nexus and the building quality is definitely not as good as my Motorola DROID. The vibrator in my phone has broken from me falling on it with it in my pocket.

        • itznfb

          Sorry. Motorola phones may be ugly to some people but they have the best build quality in the mobile market. HTC and some Sony phones are also as good or better than Apple… as well as all those niche and regional manufacturers like Oppo.
          Oh yea, Samsung phones may feel as plastic as they are… but check YouTube for durability tests and you’ll see they are 10x more durable than Apple phones.

          • ceejw

            I like Motorola, I still have my OG Droid. They build great phones but their designs are little lacking in my opinion. I’ve played around with a friends One X and it’s the best looking and feeling Android phone I’ve ever used, but it’s still not quite at the iPhone 5 level. I’ve used the Xperia ion and thought it was alright, but nothing to write home about. The new Xperia T, however, looks incredible though and I’m excited to see it in person.

            I own a Galaxy Nexus and I hate Samsung’s designs and build quality. I don’t care if it’s durable, give me a unibody phone milled out of aluminum or polycarbonate. If I want durable phone made out of cheap plastic, I’ll buy a cheap plastic case to put over my phone.

          • michael arazan

            the build quality is definitely lacking on the gnex, but i love the design, weight isn’t much of an issue, Iwish they would use more solid materials so I wouldn’t need a case, could care less if it weighs an extra few ounces for a metal case like my og d1

          • ceejw

            I’ll give the Gnexus this, It looks great from the front. The giant black screen with no branding or buttons looks really good, and it lets the superior software stand on its own without any distractions. If I could buy a nexus with the front looking like the Gnexus and the back looking like the Xperia T I would be a happy man.

          • George264

            Motorola phones and HTC phones definitely feel as good as the iPhone 5 in a lot of cases, but only one HTC phone came close to the iPhone 5’s design in my opinion. (And Motorola designs suck, especially their humps which I hate.) Although I don’t really like iOS, I really like Apple’s design and hardware. Sure, it might break easily and has problems, but it looks so good. And it really does combine a great look and great feel design, but the problem is, they refuse to load stock Android on it 😛
            Imagine if the iPhone 5 could have stock Jelly Bean… A guy can dream.

          • DroidDoesnt_2
          • Sobr0801

            Darcy made a pretty funny video there

          • Yeah, no kidding. I like their design, and they definitely win in the build quality department. The software sucks, though, and the locked bootloaders piss me off, but I’m willing to deal with them in exchange for a phone that won’t shatter if I happen to drop it. My Droid 2 skidded across an intersection with little more than a few nicks and cuts on the casing. No external case, just a screen protector.

          • Riz Virani

            Soooo true. I’ve abused my OG Droid and my Droid 3 so much, and they still work (horribly, considering how old they are, but no real damage to the hardware, other than the outer shell). They can take abuse.. it’s amazing.

        • zUFC

          You haven’t held that many android phones then.

        • PalmerAdam

          Did it spontaneously scratch and scuff?

        • Soofdawg

          I agree with everything you said as well, but how good a phone looks lasts a few days. And then we all put ugly covers and bumpers on these pretty & expensive things.

        • TheOiulkj

          Sorry but that’s your opinion, a misinformed one at that. If you want to talk hard proven facts, then there are many android phones that trump the iphone all day long and there are more on the way.

          • ceejw

            I like how you called me out for having an opinion and then tried to pass your own opinion off as a “hard proven fact”

      • manny

        switch to android for better maps and and os that simply doesn’t work.

        • itznfb

          I wonder why they outsell Apple 2 to 1 then?

          • Manny

            Really 2 to 1? I guess you also count the $79.99 tablets that run Froyo. Oh That’s right you mean the 150 diffrent android phones that all carriers are paying billions to get on their network.

          • itznfb

            Yes 2 to 1. Yes the 150 different Android phones. It’s a fact that proves that customers want choices. It’s also a trend that shows Apple’s market strategy is a failed one and the iPhone will be single digit market share in a year a two at the current rate of decline.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Single digit marketshare, but 71% of the profits: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2012/09/08/fascinating-number-apple-takes-71-of-all-smartphone-profits/
            Which would YOU rather have???

          • Tyler Chappell

            When you’re a customer, profits don’t benefit you. You look at all that profit Apple has and compare it with all that lack of innovation. All those profits and all they could do is play catchup with the iphone 5. Yeah, profits mean EVERYTHING to a consumer. Clearly Apple doesn’t use its profits to benefit the customer. Ignoramous.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            And this is where you demonstrate your complete lack of business sense. A company’s profits absolutely benefit the customer….how, you might ask? Simple: profits = sustainability. When a company is profitable, it means that the company will continue to provide products for their customers for years to come. Marketshare, on the other hand, means nothing. Hewlett-Packard nearly shut down its PC division despite being NUMBER ONE in marketshare: http://m.guardiannews.com/technology/blog/2011/aug/26/hp-pc-problem-graphed?cat=technology&type=article
            The reason? Lack of profits. They sell a ton of commodity, low margin PC’s that boost their marketshare but do nothing for their bottom line. Same with Android. Dozens of OEM’s selling commodity phones with no profit margin, which is why out of all of the companies selling Android phones, only ONE (Samsung) is profitable. And without profits, many of these companies will eventually bail on Android. That’s why profit matters; do yourself a favor…get a clue

          • lol thats a burn but i still dislike apple and think that sammys got their number

          • Tyler Chappell

            You clearly don’t see how it really works in this scenario. Apple’s profits aren’t such a textbook case as the one you describe. I have plenty of business sense. Apple is a business whose profits aren’t put to substantial use to better the customer’s experience. It’s plainly obvious.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            So says the fandroid geek who has an orgasm whenever someone mentions quad cores, snapdragons and all of the other geek bullsh*t that the average consumer couldn’t care less about. Instead of investing in useless tech like NFC (can hardly find anywhere to actually use it) and watching a video while sending a text message (very impractical) they need to invest some of that $$ into actually building a more sturdy phone: http://www.androidauthority.com/iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3-drop-test-116898/

          • Tyler Chappell

            Lol, you’re just upset that your iPhone cant do super basic things…like email a file other than a picture or video. Go back to living under your bridge please.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            No, your upset that your pretend iPhone can’t do basic things, like get and update on time or not melt in prolonged sunlight due to an abundance of cheap plastic 🙂

          • Tyler Chappell

            Lmao, I listed significant function, you couldnt even list anything intelligent in response. I win. Besides, if you leave your precious child’s toy in the sun, it pops up a caution logo on the screen and says that it is too hot and ceases all function until it cools down. Mine however just continues working, and also doesnt melt. So again I say to you, I win, you lose, good day sir!

          • kc

            its new tech. its like calling people with electric cars stupid. if i can drive somewhere and charge for free while i eat, why not? oh, because its’s new therefore dumb. once its established by google/android then apple will jump on the bandwagon. same with apples headphones. they make the worst headphones for over a decade then pop off with a new one and pretend its innovative. apple is simply sleek stuff with marketing. no t really that powerful.

          • itznfb

            I’d rather have my customer’s approval.

          • Greg Bissell

            SG3 sold more than Iphone 4S alone. And the Iphone still doesnt even have an HD screen. You have to be a very special moron to still be using an Iphone. Its the phone relegated to old people and people who don’t have a clue about technology. Ignorance is bliss to iSheep

          • Greg Bissell

            SGS3 sold more phones than Iphone 4S and it has been out about 8 months less. So just the SGS3 beats Apple let alone all of Android. LOL and Apple still doesnt have an HD screen on their iPhone

          • George264

            The HD screen part is really dumb. The whole point of HD screens(1280×720) is to have a really high PPI. Apple doesn’t need that for their smaller screens. I like the 720p on my Rezound, but compared to the iPhone 5, I like the iPhone screen better for being brighter and similar PPI.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Shhhh….he thinks he sounds intelligent….let him continue to make a fool of himself 🙂

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            More fandroid ignorance….the SGS3 outsold the iPhone 4S in the month of AUGUST, marking the first month since the iPhone 4S was released that it was not the top selling device….the reason it was outsold in August? Because the whole world knew that the next generation iPhone would be unveiled on Sept 12 so people held off purchasing it: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-samsung-galaxy-s3-outsold-the-iphone-4s-in-august-2012-9
            Samsung has sold 20 million GS3’s total….Wanna guess how many 4s’s Apple has sold???
            Complete, utter IGNORANCE….

        • Pretty weird Apple is taking features from an OS that doesn’t work…..

        • MikeKorby

          And it doesn’t work how?

        • Gee my non-functioning OS seems to be just fine since I’m typing this message. Manny you don’t know what you’re talking about. Droid does and does it much better than crapple

    • The next step would be to block safari mobile from using any of the google services. Then create an app that costs money and requires a subscription. THAT would be a nice F*** you to apple.

    • Trevor

      Agreed. I’m glad El Goog has put it’s ginormous foot down!

  • yeo wee kian

    not that iphone owners care. most of them bought their iphone blindly because it is iphone. considering how many ios users, apple is really not helping them by removing the map. if they really care for their customer, they should really make their map an alternative first while they make progress on their half made map, so user can still use google map peacefully

    • It’s actually been a pretty big deal for some iOS users. If it were me, I use my Maps app everyday, so if mine was buggy and non-working, I would expect immediate action from Apple or I would make a switch.

      It’s a shame on Apple’s part I think. And I say that as a lover of all things mobile, not an Android fanboy lol

      • Roshan John

        yeah dude. every iphone user uses maps several times a week if not more… this is a huge blow. Guess GPS units aren’t gonna be obsolete afterall.

      • Stevedub40

        See that’s the thing, and why we are all here and love Andrdoid. When we don’t like something, we voice our opinion and demand change, and if not, we move on. That is our right as a consumer. These iphone users, on the other hand, just take what they are given and defend the all-mighty at any turn. It’s pretty sad if you ask me.

        • Diablo81588


        • DroidDoesnt_2

          How long have you been “demanding change” about the update fiasco in Android land??? Has it gotten any better?

      • Liderc

        Agreed. I think this will be a bigger deal than people think for iPhone users. If their map app sucks (I haven’t used it) then they’re going to start complaining.

    • KleenDroid

      I know someone with an iPhone that purchased a turn by turn navigation app for about 3 bucks and it worked very well. So it’s not like they don’t have any options, they just have to pay for them.

      • Roshan John

        wait what that app? my brother has an iphone and is in dire need of a solid navi app.

        • violator702

          I heard a guy on another blog say that Navigon was a good alternative.

          • Diablo81588

            It’s also 40 bucks.

          • violator702

            Lmao, the guy failed to mention that. He was talking about how he preferred it more than Google Maps on iOS.

          • I guess if you have an iPhone 5 and you’re happy to buy a $39 adapter to change over all your old 30 pin adapters, docks, and car stereo connections to the new plug, $40 for a working map application is a steal.

        • tharealoc

          Tell him to try out waze I use it every day on my razr maxx but I know there’s a an iphone version

        • BGRUGGER

          waze for both ios and android is pretty BA

  • woobaker

    Oh well..Garmin sales should go up now. Hope you all enjoy your new device.

    • ArrowCool

      Well, it definitely won’t be TomTom……

  • RW-1



    Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha…….

    So much for their precious OS aka iLOSt.

  • Tim Swann

    This is Google playing hard ball now. It’s a clear differentiating feature of Android and Apple now. The edge is SIGNIFICANTLY in favor or Google. iOS Maps will never be able to compare with Google Maps as G-Maps is getting better all the time!

    • Kurtis Tamez

      Visually iOS’ “looks” better, and we as Android fans, have to understand iOS will get better, and the deficiencies will be fixed. When you have a bad App, you have nowhere to go but up, and the path to catch up is alot easier than making something that works well even better.

      Grand Scheme of things, I think this is a testament to Steve Jobs no longer being there. I doubt iOS maps would have been released in its current state. Same for Siri.

      • JB

        There’s been multiple articles referencing mapping industry experts saying that it will be a LONG time before Apple maps gets noticeably better. Part of the reason that it’s so well known is that Google’s original ventures into the mapping industry used a similar approach to Apple’s. They acquired third party data and pasted it all together. The result was exactly what iOS6 users are experiencing now. It only got better because Google spent years and countless man-hours cleaning the data. And Apple is no Google when it comes to massive amounts of data.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Nope, won’t be able to compete at all. Google Maps(Nav) is probably my all-time favorite app and the one app I use more than any other app on my Galaxy Nexus, so…yes, this hurts Apple way more than it hurts Google.

      Their loss, our win.

    • KleenDroid

      The big GPS navigation companies sell all the maps data so all Apple has to do is create or buy the software to make it all work. Or simply copy or steal what’s good about Google Maps or others. I do think they will make it work at some point.

      I sort of like the overhead view idea. I don’t know how many times I’ve come upon a tangled mess of a highway and all the roads branch off in different directions from the same spot. As I am looking at Google Maps I am panicking and hoping I pick the correct one. In those times I would like it to be a bit more visual…

  • S.Ober

    Because of the profit Google would get from putting ads on iOS with google maps. Apple believes this will hurt Google more.

    • Sure Google will not be making money off of it, but Google doesn’t “hurt”. Hell, they could run record profits if they just had a few guys maintaining data centers for search.

      Google is an advertising company that provides a variety of web services as a tool to display ads, most notably Web Search, Android, YouTube, GMail, Maps, and then everything else. Apple is a retail company that designs and manufactures complementary software and hardware that needs to either write its own software to sell the product or purchase licenses for apps that complement the core user experience.

      Google will continue to make millions (and so will Apple) but not having a Google Maps app on iOS does more damage for apple than Google.

      • Bodhiballer

        It’s not just about ads and revenue, it’s also about data mining user activity. This does hurt Google which is why they offered it to Apple (per Schmidt’s own words).

    • EvanTheGamer

      Google will not even be slightly phased by this. It’s Apple’s loss, not Google’s. Don’t think Google even cares.

  • Tania N

    Hah! Well deserved 🙂

  • Grimlyte


  • Lol @ apple for being so blindly stubborn… did they actually think that they good produce better maps than Google?

  • aNYthing6

    Title is incredibly misleading.

    • It was meant to be?

    • Tim Swann


    • How so? Eric says there is no work being done on an iOS version of Google Maps. So, it’s not coming….

      • muffnman

        I don’t think they’re reading the Reuters article, which gives more context into the generation of THIS article headline. I think that’s what they mean by misleading – without reading the source article, it doesn’t exactly convey the aforementioned title.

      • aNYthing6

        Eric never said it won’t be done. Just that they haven’t submitted anything.

        • Not only that, but he also said “We have not done anything yet,”
          So according to Eric, it may be some time, if ever, we see a Google Maps app for iOS.

          • aNYthing6

            Still does not mean it won’t ever be submitted. To say it’s never coming is a huge leap in logic.

          • I didn’t say it was “never” coming. In fact, I would hope it DOES come. 🙂

    • MKader17

      You obviously didn’t catch the fact that it was supposed to be punny.


    Apple’s loss really. I’m sure the iOS maps app will improve eventually, but in the mean time it’s just hurting Apple’s users.

    • Bodhiballer

      Hurts Google too, which is why they wanted to keep the partnership despite all the tensions between the two companies. By losing iOS Google loses a large user base and therefore both ad impressions and data from those user’s interactions.

      • Not to mention, run of the mill Apple users will actually think it’s Google’s fault for the maps debacle. Yes, they’re that uninformed.

        • BEG

          Now that’s ridiculous. They’re all blaming tomtom.

          • xyz1111

            I hope people pick up on the sarcasm on this one.

          • Tom Tom is THE worst. They ruin any/all maps they touch.

        • Yeah, I don’t think Apple users are down on Google, although they can be down on Android. Many iOS device users use Google’s stuff extensively. iCloud, after-all, is terrible.

          • ERIC REED

            iCloud is mainly used to back up my phone. For everything else it’s Google Drive and Dropbox. These petty arguments between these companies are becoming tiresome. In the end it’s us the user that is getting hosed.

      • ERIFNOMI

        A bit. But what search engine do you thin apple users use, bing? They’re still getting ad money one way or another.

        • ERIC REED

          We use Google!!

      • Jake

        Yes, Google loses, too. That’s a great loss of iphone that would provide traffic data.

        • Tony Macklin

          AND…. there is more (or at least a TON) of android OS out there in traffic also. So it will hurt android AND iOS when it come to traffic reports.

    • Why reinvent the wheel though? Google has years of progress. And just like iOS any improvements they make Google will probably do better.

      • Manny

        That comment was based on what? Your opinion or a fact. When an android device is used for someone other than some nerd who wants to flash cyanogen then you talk. The reason Cyanogen and roms are popular is proof android sucks. If not there would be no need for so much change.

        • Fact: Google Now vs Siri

          • George264

            You can’t really compare those things. Siri is different kind of thing that Google Now. Google Now is more of a follow you around information service that can do simple tasks. Siri is more of a assistant that searches stuff for you and helps you organize and do things. Even Google claimed it’s not exactly a Siri competitor. S Voice is a straight competitor.

        • Jailbreaking is also rather popular… does that mean iOS sucks too? Obviously Blackberry must be the way to go then.

          • manny

            Im not sure but going by Who apple sells to, FAA just approved ipads to be used for navigational purposes, more companies use iphones and ipads than they do android devices.Heck Ipads are used in my local apple bees and red lobster.My point is you believe android is better if it was the government and military would use them over ios..

          • Tom
          • Greg Bissell

            Manny left to get a tampon for his ass.

          • mos0ne

            Not to mention airlines buying up galaxy note 2’s and the military developing secure android…remind me not to get on a flight using apples maps…unless you want to be flying through random inception style geographic anomalies like streets shooting up into space…

          • Wait, you are saying they are better because the Gov’t uses them. Now that is a confidence booster.

          • government is actually moving to android phones because apple even refuses to give them source and gov needs that for their security or somthing along those lines

          • George264

            Obviously WebOS. No, not the Touchpad with all the dev support, THAT SUCKS. Obviously the Pre 3 with 0 third-party devs

        • um I am the furthest thing from a nerd and yet I use both an Android phone and tablet. I don’t flash ROMS but my device is rooted (one click program). I would never buy an iPhone, I just don’t like the whole cluttered home screens (I’m extremely OCD lol) and the screen size coupled with lack of modern technologies just make me not like it even more.

          I’ve been rocking Android for a few years now and I have never once had to go into all the advanced flashing roms, editing code, etc but I truly enjoy my devices and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I especially love how all of my devices have had over a 4 inch screen and 4G LTE but yet all of my iPhone friends are JUST now drooling over the fact that the new model has 4G and a bigger screen.

        • mos0ne

          One does not simply “flash cyanogen”…unless you want a sex case. ..hipster.

        • Tony Allen

          You forgot that those who use ROMs like CyanogenMod make up likely 1% of Android users.

      • That’s what Apple does. They re-invent the wheel, then claim they invented it all along.

        • This statement really sheds light on why the iphone was surpassed so fast and why newer versions are getting farther and farther away from top-of-the-line hardware.
          Wasting time on redundancies saps resources from progress.

          Just share the freaking patents and play nice and there would probably be an iphone that i wouldn’t be totally against buying.

          • ultimate comment and feel the same way i hate to hate apple but common man just play nice and stop being a punkars gready shady company

        • Somebody stop Apple before they sue Google for stealing their Maps idea!

      • Fatty Bunter

        In the long run, all it will do is benefit the consumer, as ALL competition does.

    • New_Guy

      Yeah, but how long will it take for it to be decent? A friend of mine just got hers shipped to her yesterday and thought something was wrong with the phone because the map was acting crazy. I said, “nope….that’s not going to change anytime soon.” Kind of smiled a little when I said :-)…


    • JoshGroff


      • Nashoba Darkwolf


        • EvanTheGamer


          Not. hahah! Love this.

          • Animality!

          • EvanTheGamer

            BABALITY! …’cause you know, iSheep users are babies that need their bottle(being the iPhone).

          • Flawless Victory

  • Roshan John

    WOW. Diggin their graves.

    • Evostance

      Who, Apple or Google? I fail to see how Google are digging their graves. All I hear every day is another problem with either iOS 6 or the iPhone 5.

      • Roshan John

        no no… Apple.
        and perhaps “digging their grave” is a little heavy. but what a bad decision on their end.

        • Evostance

          That’s OK, just confirming it wasn’t another stupid fanboy quote

      • Pretty sure he meant Apple.

    • Captain_Doug

      Fo sho.