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iPhone Owners Waiting on Google Maps App, the Wait is Over – It’s Not Coming

In a recent outing, Google’s Eric Schmidt made one thing very clear – Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices. According to Schmidt, the decision was entirely Apple’s and he still feels that they should have stuck with Google’s app. Both Google and Apple were in constant communication on the matter, but in the long run, Apple decided to go with a homegrown alternative instead. 

We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know? What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.

Schmidt went on to clarify that Google did want them as a partner, but with the tensions between the two companies at an all time high, it just wasn’t meant to be.

While in Japan to announce the availability of the Nexus 7, Schmidt took a moment to show off some of the more unique features of their Maps application. By moving the tablet around, instead of using your fingers, you get the sense of “looking around” and he quickly added, “Take that Apple.” Of course, he said it jokingly.

Via: Reuters

Cheers Craig!

  • Bluering

    Apple maps is quite inferior for the moment, but I am sure they are working hard on it to improve. Google maps has been in this business since a long time and they have come a long way, I am sure Apple maps will be quite good after one or two upgrades, in the meantime I have always used the Tomtom maps which I have always been happy with. The google maps on iOS did not have voice navigation anyway.

  • Aden Nak

    I must be missing something here. If someone said that Apple should make iTunes or Siri for Android, they’d be laughed off of the forum – regardless of whether that forum was Pro-Apple or Pro-Google or entirely neutral. It’d seem like an naive and asinine statement.

    There’s no good reason (and no good business case) for Apple to take its most desired, sought after features and produce them, free of charge, for their strongest competitor’s platform. I fail to see why people would expect Google to engage in that same behavior, unless Google themselves stand to significantly benefit from that application.

    You can make a case for, say, a Google Plus app on iPhone. Or even a Gmail app. Those are services independent of platform that Google wants its users to participate in. But they also aren’t ubiquitous (Google Plus holds a tiny share of the social media market, and one can connect to Gmail without a dedicated app). They aren’t selling points of the Android experience. Google Maps integration is.

  • Techiesuper808

    Ok . Everybody is entitled to an opinion and in my opinion I really don’t care about google maps as an iOS user I’ve always used a GPS app anyway so it’s not the end of the world while apple perfects its maps app. Which I’m sure they will , 2nd I’ve worked technical support for a major carrier for 2 years and I’ve been an iOS user since the first generation iPhone. I do get a free phone from work and at the time i got hired we didn’t carry iPhone (sprint) I ended up getting a galaxy and then giving it to my sister who needed a phone because I didn’t care for it, working tech support we get calls I’d say 75% of my 12 hr shift are android related issues either a buggy OS or faulty manufacturing with a Samsung or htc device (not googles fault) then there are some people who still can’t get rid of blackberry a and those things are a bitch to troubleshoot hate them! My point is most iPhone users only calls with questions about iTunes, or how to activate the phone when they first get it, rarely and I mean very rarely do you get an issue where iOS isn’t functioning properly or the device is malfunctioning from a manufacturer standpoint like over hearing or something .. Which I’ve never had that call yet. Can’t say the same for android devices as I usually spend most my days resetting android phones because its simply not acting right or they have downloaded some app from the android market that is causing the phone to act batshit. I’ve never had to call about my phones iOS not working right in all the years I’ve had an iPhone . It’s simply a matter of opinion (personal opinion that the iOS is just more stable and fluid than android (waits for backlash) yea yea apple fan boy blah blah blah…

  • Gage

    Apple is just stuck with outdated technology again. One day they will figure out that there phone sucks and get with the google program.

  • iPhone has already signed its death warrant. With this one decision ALONE, they have effectively become Blackberry. And this time, suing isn’t gonna help them. {{-_-}}

  • Paul

    design what design Apple has had how many Iphones over the year that All look the same. this is there third phone that with this design. So I expect them to make a good quality phone hardware wise. What I’m getting at here is Apple hasn’t really changed there design at all since the Iphone 4 and even then it kinda still looks the same of the first Iphone. At least with Android you have many design choices to choose from for myself I have owned and the OG Droid, Droid X, Droid Bionic a cheap HTC prepaid phone, and Now a Samsung Galaxy S II. And not one of has ever been broke Now the Droid X was in a four wheeling accident with no case on it and all it came up with was just a scratch I have a friend that just bought an Iphone 5 only had it for two days and accidently dropped from normal hand level and both the screen and the back panel shattered. One normal drop which I do sometimes with my Galaxy SII and my phone barely has a scratch on it I wouldn’t buy an apple product if my life depended on it cause there design is junk and there build quality is crap. I’ll stick to android phone that is a lot more functionality and can take a drop from time to time.

    • I believe you. That said, after two years with restrictive, evil, disrespectful Apple device, I’m not never going back to iPhone. If Android dies tomorrow, it’s WM8 for me.

  • master94

    Hah hah. Nelson

  • Well … I guess that means no iPhone 5 for me.

  • Its time for all Apple fan boys to get lost in the jungle!

  • Sucks to own icrap.

  • D4niel

    “It’s not coming,” your headline, is entirely different from “Google has no Maps application in the works for iOS devices.” Just because they’re not currently working on one doesn’t mean that they won’t. The original Reuters article quotes Schmidt as saying, “We have not done anything yet.” Again, that doesn’t mean they’re not going to.

    This article seems closer to tabloidism than journalism.

  • This!

  • not an apple fan by any means, but I have a feeling mr jobs would not have made the error to give the boot to google maps were he still in charge

  • Jag28co

    Lol somehow this made my day

  • bogy25

    The hell with them – everyone should shut them down but they can’t because of money and greed. F apple

    • LionStone

      Their pride is shutting themselves down.
      Offtopic: I wonder what they were fighting about at that Foxcon plant?

      • what don’t they fight about in foxcon land?

    • you can’t argue they don’t make a quality product…

  • YES Doom will come to apple soon only respected the brand cause of Jobs visionary mind, Now apple wanna mess with the little guy like that deli. they took to court after taking on Samsung which they make the parts for their devices,ain’t that something

  • LordStickMax

    where exactly did he say they weren’t making a google maps app for iOS? i would think them making it now when they have full control over it, like the youtube app, would be a great time to capitalize on it.

  • Marci Neighbors

    This warms my heart. Brings much joy!

  • As a former android owner and current iphone 5 owner, I dont see what people are complaining about.

    • if you’re not even an android user, what is your point by even posting here?


    iPhone user here and I will give you the scoop. Turn by turn navigation works great. The 3d mapping works in some areas, but the Eiffel Tower shows as flat, so it is not all that grand. I do not use public transportation so I can not comment on that. But make no mistake it is not Google Maps quality. And this pettiness between these companies is just screwing people like us. The maps app is better than what we had before, but still a ways off in catching android users. I’m starting to get bored with both of them, and Windows 8 phones are looking better and better!!

  • Ok, so an iPhone user walks into a bar.. or a restaurant. Or a garage. Or a store. He isn’t sure where he is, ok?