Jelly Bean Notifications for Non Jelly Bean Devices – In the Words of Sauce Boss, “Smart”

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When Jelly Bean hit the streets, one of the features that had Android fans chirping was expandable notifications and other interactive things you could do from the bar.  Of course, it is an exclusive Jelly Bean feature so anyone running anything less than 4.1 can’t enjoy the goodies. Not anymore. With Jelly Bean Notifications+, anyone running 2.2+ can experience the wonders of interactive notifications. 

As a bonus, it isn’t just stock notifications. There have been other improvements such as the ability to reply to SMS messages straight from the notifications and you can also add in Twitter feeds, Facebook timeline news, and even RSS feeds. Wowzers.

The application comes with a 10 day trial and if you still like it, the price is $2.50. Not a bad price to pay if you know your device won’t be seeing JB anytime soon.

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