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Motorola Releases First RAZR HD MAXX Commercial, Phone Still Won’t be Available Until Before the Holidays

When Motorola announced their new family of RAZRs – RAZR M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD – we were a bit disappointed to learn that the HD variants wouldn’t be available for a while. In fact, Motorola and Verizon would only say that we would see the RAZR HD and MAXX HD some time “before the holidays.” That could mean the day before Thanksgiving for all we know. Actually, that probably is the week they’ll launch them, being the busiest shopping weekend of the year and all. 

So with that in mind, we were a bit surprised to see the first commercial for the RAZR MAXX HD pop up on Motorola’s YouTube channel yesterday. Of course, all it says at the end is “coming soon.” They do touch on the number one feature that smartphone owners seem to request time and time again though, and that’s battery life. I cannot wait to get a hold of one and put it through some tests. There is nothing like having 2-day battery life on a phone.

I did find it interesting to see them referring to the device as having an “HD edge-to-edge” display, knowing that it doesn’t come close to being as edge-to-edge as say, the RAZR M (our review). I doubt this means that a hardware change is coming, but since the display comes close enough, they’ll probably turn this into a new marketing gimmick, just like they did with the kevlar.

  • Louis B

    Where’s the commercial for the motorola razr hd maxx nexus?

  • Chris D

    And the real reason Apple does so well is bc they sucker everyone into buying a new phone that needs a new charger/adapter to make guess what? More $$ and for them to use glass on the back of the phone, while droid had the rugged Kevlar material. What does a glass phone equal? A 40 dollar case or no case and crack the glass and purchase a new one unless you have insurance and/ or apple care. Plus the headache it will take to get a new phone. I will take the razr maxx any day over the iPhone. Apple’s only concern is to make money.

  • radiohead14

    looks like the video has been pulled

  • Sparky

    What holidays,……..Easter,….July 4th 2013 ?????????????????

  • I hate the way Verizon rolls out phones… this is such complete b.s….

  • Hmm….

    Quite obviously no one here has ever taken a marketing class. It is standard procedure to start buzz through little teases and YouTube videos before tv commercials in preparation for actual product release. Statistical data proves that works for the greatest number of consumers. Evidently, the whiners around here need everything yesterday, and are still convinced they were owed it last year. Also, I must point out that Moto evidently listened to your whining about “huge” bezels on the previous RAZRs, and are responding by pointedly marketing the fact that the new screens do not have that same issue. If there were no bezel at all, the screen would be far more prone to breaking.

    • Right. They should “build buzz” about a sequel while the Droid Razr is still for sale. That makes sense.

      • Hmm….

        Think it through before you comment. There is ALWAYS a previous device.

        • Which explains the iphone’s year-after-year success in announcement followed by immediate release. Announced Wednesday, available for pre-order Thursday. They struggle to keep details under wraps for months in order to continue sales of the previous model. Think it through and try being more polite and less condescending.

          • Hmm….

            Condescension appropriately follows sarcasm. Open your eyes. ALL of marketing works on this principle, and Apple does no different. They get buzz going however possible WHILE the present device is still being sold. It’s incredibly naive to say their announcements are immediately followed by release and that they “struggle to keep detail under wraps,” when they PURPOSELY leak information for a year ahead of release to keep the buzz going. Ask a stupid question….

  • By the way, I think this is everything the FIRST Droid Razor should have been. {{-_-}}

  • I’m still holding out for a keyboard but this is making me say eff a keyboard. {{-_-}}

  • baldypal

    I’m itching for another really cool contest like the Star Wars scavenger hunt or the “unlock these lock boxes” with the droid Razr’s.

    I’m i the only one who enjoyed those?

  • Notice how all the Motorola presentation, and now ads, use Roboto now? Google at its finest…

  • nightscout13

    Don’t make commercial until product is available for sale.

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    The droid razr Hd maxxx is not edge to edge display. The m is!

  • Paul

    I’d be fine with them calling this edge-to-edge and using this as a gimmick if they had used that as a replacement of the ugly backing.

  • GRE

    Orlando bloom is doing moto commercials now? term paper monster


    Is it just me or does that red haired guy look like a younger Conan O’Brien?

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Identical lol!

  • This is why Apple continues to do so well. Why can’t other phone manufacturers ever properly roll out a new phone? When Apple puts out a new phone, they give you a release date the day it’s announced. And they release quickly.

    When these retards do it, they leave you clueless. You have no release date and not even a general idea when it’s coming (given their track record). By the time these phones come out they’ll be old news and people will be on to the latest and greatest.

    • Knlegend1

      Well the Droid Razr M is out and played around with it, annoyed with the sales rep when I clearly said I wasn’t going to buy anything. I even said certain things to let him know I knew more about it than he did. Yet he still wouldn’t leave me alone. Anyways the phone is really nice.

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      The I phone has been outdated since it came out. Stop trolling! The I phone sucks.

      • Learn to read. I never said the iPhone was good nor was I comparing specific phone details. I’m talking about release dates and product roll-outs.

        • AnGeLFaCe777

          I know what you wrote, still does not justify it. The I phone roll out the same devices over and over.

    • napes22

      Meanwhile, Apple forces it’s customers to buy all new chargers and a $30-40 adapter to charge their phone. Phone companies delay the phone for good reason, what Apple’s reason for changing the charger?

      • john elway

        the reason is simple. There is less done via the cable now than there was when it originally came out. More things are sync’ed wirelessly. So they went to a smaller cable to save space. Did any of you freak out when other phones went from mini usb to micro usb for charging?

      • That charger was huge and stupid. The better question is why didn’t Apple switch to microUSB like everyone else on the planet?

    • Barkley Fan

      Lol because Apple is a marketing firm, disguised as a tech firm.

      • michael arazan

        I thought apple was a law firm disguised as a tech firm

    • user311

      Because Apple is releasing a phone that they could have announced 8 months ago because thats pretty much hold old its specs are.

      • Louis B

        yeah core A5 processor is so last yeah right !

        • EnriqueBendarez

          Um, yes the A5 is from last year…

          • imronburgundy

            But the A6 isn’t.

    • Rafael Chianca

      *changing my android wallpaper while reading this Macfag comment*

    • Teh

      There’s a reason. Motorola actually test their devices before they let them loose on the world, hence the reason they detected an antenna issue pushing the data back. Remember that one from Apple, where people were having issues with antennas?

  • John Zandig

    iphone 5 is better.

    • John


      • CopierITGuy

        I think it’s safe to say…both!

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      Take your bipolar medications. You are a turd.

  • Ron Jeremy

    WAY TO MAN DOWN MOTO….i love how they announce a phone and then it’s two months or more before it’s available. Apple may be the devil to some but good greif at least when they announce a new phone it’s available shortly after……

  • MichaelFranz

    HD Edge to Edge screen?….Still think there is a bezel there moto

    • imtrevonte

      Bezel edge to bezel edge. Wow, isn’t that the case with all phones?

    • Knlegend1

      Razr M

      • AnGeLFaCe777

        It says razr maxxx hd edge to edge on the comercial. Have anyone have problems using droid life from their devices?

        • Knlegend1

          Well that’s the selling point to the M so I doubt it.

          • AnGeLFaCe777

            I am agreeing with you. That is the most beautiful Motorola device to date. I held it and it feels so small on the hands, but the display is a 4.3. Motorola did a great job .

  • Alexander Garcia

    Keeping my unlimited LTE. Gettin’ the Dev Edition full price un-subsidized. Installin’ the purest JB ROM on it. Happy happy holidays! =)

  • enigmaco

    makes sense drop it around black friday and clean up in the process

  • DanWazz

    I bet we’ll see it a little before Thanksgiving. All these young cool people at the airport in fall clothing, makes you think of going home for the holidays. Why not have a phone that can keep you entertained while you wait, and not have to worry abut battery life?

  • If it wasn’t going to be locked down, I think the RAZR MAXX HD would have been an excellent phone to grab or advise people to buy. Well, if its a family member or friend who wouldn’t care about rooting, I’d probably still push them towards it. The Jelly Bean build they had running at the event was quite smooth.

  • A still commercial.. how great. Not a fan.

    The Razr HD is a good phone for sure, but holidays? All the more reason to wait for the Nexus(es)!

    • AnGeLFaCe777

      I agree with you. Bad move from Motorola. They Should have released the three devices today.

  • c_topher_v

    Probably one of the most incoherent titles of any article I have ever read.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Haha that’s what I thought! I was like “Whaaa!?”

  • Aaron

    I need to get me one of those and throw some vanilla on it.


    They forgot to include the last one to unite them all: Commensurate Hipsters

    • lgreg64

      unite them all was verizon not moto.

  • Orlando Bloom is the last one?

  • portrub

    It already is before the holidays. : )

  • Stevedub40

    Orlando Bloom using a RAZR? Awesome!

  • durangojim

    Orlando bloom is doing moto commercials now?

    • Darksthour

      When I scrolled past this fast I thought that guy was Conan O’Brien doing the commercial. Which probably would have boosted the sales of the phone…