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Isis Mobile Payment System Delayed, Update on Progress Coming in October

Isis, the NFC mobile payment system created by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, will not launch this summer and has been delayed. The payment system was initially supposed to arrive in testing markets – Salt Lake City and Austin – this month, but because they haven’t checked everything off of their “punch list,” we will have to wait longer.

Their marketing head, Ryan Hughes, said that their focus has been on making sure that when they launch, that they “do it properly and do it right.” He wouldn’t provide a reason for the delay, but did mention that they were not experiencing any major issues.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t believe that Isis will struggle without the new iPhone 5. While that may be true to a point, it certainly would have been much more highly adopted had Apple decided to toss an NFC chip in their newest smartphone.

Additional “market momentum news” is going to come in October. Hopefully we have good news then.

Via:  CNET

  • simiangrudge

    Verizon put the Bionic team to work on this one?

  • tomgillotti

    This is frustrating and is even more so that the Android community feels as though we need apple to be on board for something to work. I despise apple, but if they had come out with a new phone that had NFC, stores would be adopting by the holidays. While Android owns 60+% of the worlds smartphone market-share, ‘we’ still can’t make this mainstream. If ISIS will be the answer, then let’s get it going! I still have a hard time believing that Google, with all its influence (and being the company that wants to ‘answer people’s tech needs’) can’t make a larger impact in this arena. Maybe I should make my own payment app and launch a Kickstarter fundraiser!

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    I wasn’t wallet on my note2! This is sum bulllllllllsshhhh¡¡¡¡ttttt!


    I got sick of waiting. I just flashed Google Wallet on my VZW GS3 and it was a lot easier to do then I thought. The whole process took about 15 mins. I’m going to try to use it tomorrow for the 1st time. Should be interesting.

  • Good for Google Wallet so i like it!

  • TheWenger

    The only reason I would want ISIS to succeed would be if the terminals were universal and could be used by other platforms like Wallet. It’s unfortunate that the Prime Evils have a hand in it in the first place.

  • So Google Wallet will never work with the Galaxy S3? So sad…

    • Michael Gardner

      Root -> Unlock bootloader -> install CM10-M1 -> use modaco v5 hack for Wallet. Done in under an hour.

  • nightscout13

    dang it! I was really looking forward to this…..

  • Katie Pollard

    I live in Salt Lake City. I recently saw NFC readers with the Isis logo on all the registers at Megaplex Theatres. Megaplex is owned by the Larry H. Miller group (owners of the Utah Jazz). It’s basically one of the biggest companies in Utah. Anyway just wanted to share to let people know it is actually being implemented here.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Froyo AND Roboto? WHAT A PHONE

  • ForTheLulz

    I wonder if I’ll have to upgrade to froyo to use isis

  • Wes

    Not sure why VZW blocked Google Wallet in favor of what is now essentially vaporware.

    • $$$

    • michael arazan

      Verizon must be behind the developement, which explains the delays, as usual

  • snowblind64

    Good. Go Google Wallet!

    On a side note, it seems that Verizon has blocked the Wallet app again. I did the market trick a long time ago and was even able to do updates in the play store but recently I got a banner at the top stating that the app was incompatible and I am no longer able to update the app.

    • j__h

      I also had this issue.

      • Richard Jackson

        Just check my phone and have the same problem. Any idea when they will flip the switch again?

        • 4n1m4L

          I’m happy with the version they left us with. I guess we’ll be able to watch and plan until this changes

  • 4n1m4L

    Piss on Isis. I’d rather have google wallet.