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Solar Power Live Wallpaper Brings Colorful Beauty to the Sun

Quality and beautiful live wallpapers do not come along all that often. When they do though, we make sure to share them with you because still to this day, they are one of the most unique features of Android. Today’s hot new addition is called Solar Power, and damn is it pretty and feature packed.

The basic idea here, is that you get to turn the sun into the most stunning sun ever created and then watch it hover at different angles all over your home screen. You can change the color, adjust glare intensity and flare agitation, make it interactive to the touch, change the orbit speed, and most importantly, how it is viewed on your phone. I’ve been engulfed in this thing for the last 20 minutes and am wanting to go back for more to get this thing tweaked perfectly. A great option for live wallpaper fanatics.

Play Links:  Free | Paid ($0.99)

  • PyroHoltz

    Just played with the pro version and I must say, it’s surprisingly laggy on my Gnex. Uninstalled.

  • Raven

    A lot of people complain about battery life when Live Wallpapers are mentioned, but as I leave my tablet plugged in on my desk next to me I rather enjoy them.

    Here is an idea for an Android programmer. Create a program that can automatically switch between running any selected Live Wallpaper when plugged in and displaying any static picture when on battery.

    I am just learning Android development, otherwise I would make it myself.

    • Qqq

      LG phones do this.

    • munkyboythethird

      Mystic Halo used like no power

  • Ryan

    holy cpu hog

    • Justin

      Yeah… It takes a large amount of the CPU/GPU to render this live wallpaper. It definitely makes my Bionic sorta sluggish.

  • Amenemhat1

    I thought live wallpapers = battery drain, no?

    • I 2nd this… doesnt this equal battery drain?

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Not necessarily… correctly written LWPs do not have much much impact on battery life. Crap-ware LWPs, on the hand, will slaughter a battery.

        The stuff put out by developer Kittehface rocks! (note: not associated with him/her at all, i’m just a fan of the work).. looks great, doesn’t smash my battery.

        Video of fav – Blue Sky LWP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4__PBVc6Zg

        • lachoneus

          So what do you think is difference, technically? You mention that it will have less impact on battery life, if it is written better. But I have had this running on my LG Optimus S for 2 days, without charging it, I’m to 25% right now (Might start charging again at the end of the day if I need to). It is also really low on the list in my battery usage statistics.

          There is definitely a difference depending on how it is written, but it seems like in this case, it has more to do with the phone, or the ROM. Maybe it is how a specific kernel and version of Android is handling LWP service in the background. I know different versions of kernels and OS’s handle some things better than others. It is almost impossible for a developer to cover that much diversity in ROMS and OS versions.

          Might be the engine the developer is using as well?

      • munkyboythethird

        Most developers are lazy and forget to shut it down when not visible a LWP should only burn power while you’re looking at it.

      • Thor Media

        This LWP doe shut down when the screen is off and when you’re not on the home screen.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      No, not always… if written correctly, there is minimal impact to battery life. Problem is, you don’t know what is good and what is crap until you install.

    • munkyboythethird

      Try Mystic Halo. Zero battery impact (almost)

  • carlisimo

    What does the paid app give you over the free version?

    • Aardvark99

      Download it, the paid setting are there but disabled.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This will be my new Nexus 7 live wallpaper! Hell yeah!

  • viciousking1914

    Would excessive tapping cause it to Super Nova and turn off your screen? or even better, black hole and reboot your phone into recovery???

    • Thor Media

      Funny you mention the super nova thing, this was in the original plan for this LWP, but won’t be implemented until later.

  • If i was Superman, this would be my wallpaper..

    • Obviously, you’d have to stick with the yellow sun….

    • *were

      • ^ grammar Nazi

        • Dan Balliro

          If you was the man
          From Krypton, then you would fight
          Those Grammar Nazis.

          note: Incorrect English is allowed for poetic license, as I replied in a haiku.

      • JolleyMan

        Rigg’s grammar is correct. Your correction is incorrect.

  • RadicalPie

    A cooler live wallpaper would be live footage from security cameras across the world that changes every 5 minutes. Awkward but kinda cool.

    • You’d be waving goodbye to battery life… and hello to excessive data usage.

      • RadicalPie