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Tuesday Poll: September Tech Announcement You are Most Excited About?

We are only 4 days into September and a number of the biggest tech companies in the world have announced press events where they are expected to announce their latest game changing products. Motorola is up tomorrow to finally unveil the RAZR HD and RAZR M, followed by Nokia and their first Windows 8 phones. Then Amazon will take the stage Thursday to show off the new Kindle Fire. Next week, Apple will drop the iPhone 5, with HTC showing off their new goodies on September 19. It should be the most exciting month of the year for tech enthusiasts. We get new Android, Apple, Amazon, and Windows products all at the same time. If you had been saving up for your next gadget buy, you are about to be overwhelmed with choices.

Which are you most looking forward to? Moto’s first HD phone on Verizon? HTC potentially announcing a 1080p phone? The new Kindle Fire that will go head-to-head with the Nexus 7? Or maybe Apple’s new i*hone?

September Announcement Your are Most Excited About?

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  • ScoobySnack

    My interest in most Android phones now is dependent upon being unlocked or AOSP.

  • Robert Jakiel

    I absolutely love my Android devices but am getting a bit excited to see Windows 8 phones. After having played with a Lumia 900 I was pretty impressed overall with the OS and was hoping for some better hardware. Seems that Nokia is putting up on the hardware front and if WP8 is as good or better than WP 7.5 than it will be a very interesting device.

  • Guestz

    YOU ARE = You’re, not your

  • schoat333

    Sad to say, I’m the most interested in the new iPhone. Only because I cant wait to see the reaction. The rest of this news is boring.

  • Val

    Where is the wii u announcement?

  • ojaymayo22

    Nokia’s Windows 8 phone or the next Nexus will be my next phone.
    Most likely a PureView unibody Nokia Lumia though, got to be open minded!

  • Futbolrunner

    I want Samsung to sue the s*it out of apple once they unveil the new iphone. Someone has to put a stop to all of this “revolutionary” bs.

  • David Hayden

    The Motorola event by far. I want to see that bezel free phone.

  • George Fayad

    Since there’s no nexus event scheduled this month, I’m definitely looking forward to the Motorola event. After that, the only event I really care about is the Apple event.

  • Cbajd5

    Excited mostly for Nintendo’s NY event and (probably) the Wii U launch info for the US on the 13th. Duh.

  • I’m also going with none, I just got Verizon to upgrade my Bionic to a Razr Maxx and I just bought the Nexus 7 last month so for once I’m happy with what I have.

  • SeanBello

    iphone release. Next funniest thing besides Comedy Central roasts

  • Chris

    Lol all the people that voted to see the next Moto phone, haven’t owned one since the D1.

  • fanboy1974

    There are going to be many disappointed Motorola fans. I gave up after the Droid X.

    • Robert Jakiel

      I gave up after the OG Droid. Motorola seriously screwed the pooch after the OG Droid and Droid X. I dropped Moto/Verizon like a hot potato and went to T-Mo and have been happy as a clam with my G2X ever since. Soon the Galaxy Note II will be in my grubby little paws!

  • I only buy Moto phones but by far Apple’s announcements are the most important for the industry.

  • mikeszekely

    Sometimes I’m surprised at all the love Motorola still gets. Yeah, the original Droid helped put Android on the map, but most of their phones have been ugly bricks with horrible Android skins. The RAZR was the first Motorola phone in a long time that I even remotely considered, but even then the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich had me go for the Galaxy Nexus instead.

    • mikeszekely

      Ha ha, I love how someone downvoted my comment, them Motorola turns around and announces a phone with the same specs as phones that have been on the market for months already, bundled in last year’s design. I hope it’s everything you guys wanted, but I’ve still got higher hopes for HTC’s mystery device.

  • RW-1

    None. Bad Piggies and the Grabatron Mashup …

  • joejoe5709

    Other than a new Nexus, the only truly exciting thing here is the next iPhone. Not only is it important because I’m sure I’ll buy one for my wife, but also for the tech world in general. Lots of things are waiting for that iPhone to release. It’s gonna be huge…

  • September 13th Nintendo conference where full launch details for Wii U will be displayed. That’s my most anticipated September tech event. 🙂

  • I really hate to be a downer, but I’m not sure how anyone could be excited about a motorala announcement. Even with the locked bootloader issue not taken into consideration, they have not released a relevant phone in years. The OG droid was good, but the Inc was better and came out shortly after. The rest of the keyboard droids are disappointing, and the razr really isn’t a fantastic phone. It is a good phone, but not something special like the one x was when it was announced or what the iphone 5 will be.

  • BrianBrick

    I’m excited for apple to announce an LTE I*hone just so that Samsung can announce they will sue

  • nightscout13

    Since this is an Andoird fan site, I’m shocked that 22% of you are “excited” about iPhone announcement! If you’re excited about the iPhone 5, please stop using this site.

    • I wasn’t one that voted to be excited… but i’m looking forward to seeing what Apple is offering.. doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate Android and should stop using the site.

      • nightscout13

        The title asked which we are most excited about. If someone is most excited about an iPhone release, they should spend more time on 9to5Mac. I visit those sites too, but I don’t go on there saying I’m excited about Android phones. I guess it’s also possible that the 22% were just trolling…

        • will bartlett

          no, i would never buy an iphone or ipad but i voted for apple…we live in a world where anything they do gets huge adoption everywhere. i will be excited when they actually put NFC in their phone because then i can pay places with google wallet finally.

          • nightscout13

            I just don’t understand your logic. Since the release of the 4S Apple has proven that they have fallen behind in the innovation department. And if you want NFC, it’s already available. I do give Apple some credit for helping out the mobile world, but they did not invent the cell phone. Mobile phones had already began a transformation in 2005, all phones started having larger screens, and less buttons. The iPhone just sold the idea better, but i firmly believe that if the iPhone did not exist, cell phones would still take that same direction, because that’s what the consumers want in the first place.

          • will bartlett

            NFC isnt WIDELY AVAILABLE. can i walk into target and pay with my phone? NO. that is my frickin point. how many people have a phone with NFC in it right now? if an iphone had NFC in it guess what…whatever the number is would probably more than double which means more places would adopt NFC as an appropriate payment form.

          • nightscout13

            I don’t know about you, but i have been able to use NFC with Google Wallet at many many PayPass stations. In case you are not aware, PayPass has been around for close to 8 years. NFC enabled phones don’t need a new technology to work, they work with PayPass. Blame Target for refusing the accept PayPass. This is not Android’s fault that Target will not put PayPass at their registers.

          • will bartlett

            the only stores around here with Paypass terminals are Walgreens…and i think Mcdonalds has them too but i dont go there so idk. i used target as an example bro. you know im right though, if more people have it, more places will adopt it. thats what im saying.

          • nightscout13

            Yes, i agree with that, but you tried to make it sound like the option to use NFC for payments is not available. Eventually, all terminals will have PayPass, even soda machines. This is the future.

    • Hunter

      Some of us are excited about this huge play in the mobile space and the effects it will have on Android. I’m and Android guy but i read a few apple blogs every now and then just to see what they are up to. No harm.

      • nightscout13

        No I agree, I also check out Apple fan sites like Engadget (pun) among others, but like I stated in another reply, maybe the 22% were trolling.

      • SeanBello

        gotta stay up to date on these things, since ppl like to spit out fake stuff when arguing for ios and against android. keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  • nightscout13

    Verizon RAZR Nexus LTE will do just fine…..

  • Alan Paone

    I’m excited for the nexus leaks to start up!

  • Neither! The tech improvements are too minor to shell out cash for

  • EvanTheGamer

    Option: “All of the above…..except for that so-called Apple announcement

  • Alix8821

    Love my new GSIII. My Tab 10.1 is only still around due to Custom ROMs… SO, I Voted Apple, and here’s why…
    I Love to see what they claim to have “invented/revolutionized/changed the game…etc”. The Only way they can compete is to keep copying. I find this “Arms race” quite interesting. Of course, could eventually back fire for either side. But as of now, I like to see what the opposition (Apple) has up it’s sleeve. It will only lead to further enhancements and changes to Android (hopefully for the better, not due to court decisions). Yes this entire situation is sloppy. But at the end of the day, competition is always good, and WE are the ones benefitting… Bring It On

  • I’m most interested in Apple because like it or not, they are the ones that are going to have the biggest impact on the market. If they bring out an NFC enabled iPhone, you know that it will become a much more accepted technology. Same goes for anything else they may have on what they announce

    • av8r

      I’m with you! I am a current android owner and have been since the first Droid phone was released. But, I’m jumping ship. I’ve had enough with the software update lies and lack of support from most of the manufactures. I’m going with an iPhone next week and saying goodbye to the android frustration. I’m tired of hearing manufactures saying ICS update is going to be out by a certain time period only to have the date pass by and then forgotten about, ex HTC and Motorola. And to top it off, ICS is old software. You can’t even get the old OS let alone the latest OS for your phone. I’m done with excuses! I’m done with with the whole android BS. I’m not gonna take it anymore. Android, your fired! Hello iPhone and the latest, current and up to date iOS, period!

      • Dain Laguna

        uh…..nexus? i feel your pain, but at the end of the day its the only device that really compares to an iphone

        • Robert Jakiel

          G-Nex, GS3 and HTC One X and One S are all currently on ICS and/or have Jellybean available or shortly available. Hell even the HTC Amaze ships with ICS and word has it that JB is forthcoming for it as well as the HTC Sensation as well. So there are alot of players out there with ICS and Jellybean. It is just a matter of picking the right device and knowing what you want from it.

  • Jason James

    i put other for my godson’s bday

    • Jeetu K

      thats a tech event :S .. cyber baby 😀

  • Let’s go HTC! Surprise me!

  • Tech_Maniac

    On Display! MOTOROLA!!!

  • Trevor

    I’m a little excited about Apple’s announcement solely because I know that if they put NFC in the new iPhone, its popularity (and hopefully prevalence) will skyrocket. I love paying for stuff with my phone!!

  • adb.push.Freedom

    I would like to choose “Motorola revealing the next Nexus” tomorrow … maybe someday

  • paul_cus

    It’ll be interesting to see Amazon try to keep up with the Nexus 7, but I’m looking forward to the Motorola news more.

  • noc007

    I just hope that the cost of a Moto Lapdock comes down as a result of tomorrow’s event. I doubt it, but a guy can hope.

    • Alan Paone

      I’d love for moto to take the lapdock seriously. If they announce one that looks like the original, has decent performance and multitouch in the trackpad, it’ll be my next.

  • HTC if the 1080p phone, Motorola if anything else.

  • Amazon, but not for the kindle fire, for the new Kindles with backlights and the white backgrounds.

  • ok

    If Moto’s really doing a bezel-less phone, then yes, I’m most excited about that. If not, then if HTC is adding on to the One line then I will definitely be hyped for that.
    (lol @ nokia)

  • This could be the best September ever. Razr HD, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire 2, HTC 5″ Device or their own Google Now. Nice!

  • Stephen D

    None. I’m excited for the announcement of the next Nexus in the next few months.

    • Trevor


    • I’m waiting to see how Motorola tries to play up their two semi-outdated devices and also to see what Apple does just to watch the circus that follows. Would be nice to see HTC really release a 1080p phone.

      But I’m with you for the most part, just give us a new Nexus.

      • A new Nexus that is pure Android. No holdbacks.

        • Hunter

          Not sure what this means. Haven’t the Nexii thus far been “pure android”?

          • AhsanS

            Not Verizon’s.

          • Not Verizon’s. Stock Jelly Bean is yet to make it to the Nexus. And the tag of “Galaxy” was marked up on it.
            The Nexus 7 has been the closest to pure Android of the recent devices.

          • will bartlett

            And that’s why my Galaxy NEXUS doesn’t have stock android. right?

          • Verizon has not pushed the official update to the nexus

          • will bartlett

            so what? that doesnt make it not a nexus

          • You’re missing the point. Didn’t ever say it was not a nexus. The heart of the nexus is to be not limited in any form or fashion. Unlocked. Updates pushed to the phone without carrier interference.

          • will bartlett

            people like you are still babies about that? seriously. push the stuff yourself. its not like its hard. i had jelly bean the day after IO.

            what im saying though is that it does have pure android. stock android. and it is a NEXUS. quit crying about it like you are some entitled teenage girl.

          • Please be nice. No need to put me on blast. I am not crying at all one bit. Made a simple statement that of what I would like to see in the next release of the nexus.

            Lets keep the Android Community a better place by not putting people on blast like you did. Just because you have the power to type out some words to one up another, doesnt mean you should feel entitled to correct someone elses opinion.

            Just be nice.

          • David asaro

            He is trolling you just ignore him

          • Lucky Armpit

            Keyboard Commados, FTW! *rolls eyes*

          • Sqube

            I think the point @JKBane:disqus was trying to make is that it was a compromised device because, for example, it’s called the GALAXY Nexus. The Galaxy line is Samsung branding, not Google.

          • I would love for the new iPhone to have NFC just so more people learn about it and it will become mainstream...HopsOnToday5.blogspot.com

          • Noyfb

            I Can’t Wait For The New iPhone 5 LTE…….to Get Banned and Sued By Samsung

          • michael arazan

            I think Apple is suing Samsung (again) against the Nexus SG3 and others because they don’t want to pay Samsung for the lte patents and they they can pull a slick one here.
            They’ll drop the suits against samsung phones in exchange for the free lte patents

      • Wat would Moto have to announce to get u excited… just curious

        • gokusimpson

          Something better than the S3. If it comes out with similar specs, there is little reason to buy it.

        • nightscout13

          RAZR Nexus on all carriers.

        • Jeetu K

          edge to edge screen .. krait processer .. thin like the original razr with an option to add a bigger batt making it also the maxx .. kevlar backS offcourse .. HD res in a sub 4.5-4.6 inch screen

        • Raven

          A new keyboard slider such as a quad-core Droid 5 with a great screen.

        • Stephen D

          A Droid 5 Nexus thing. Unlocked bootloader, stock Key Lime Pie(or whatever the next version will be), 4G on Verizon, with a 4.7 inch 720p OLED screen, quad core A9/dual core A15 CPU, an awesome keyboard, and a thin profile.

    • Cam

      This. I’m significantly less excited about seeing the latest touchwiz/blur/sense as I am in seeing what Goog has up their sleeves.

      Sony Nexperia, plz.

    • JoshGroff

      So in other words, other would be your choice.

      • Stephen D

        It won’t be announced in September. So no, other is not a choice.

        • JoshGroff

          Well then, I should pay more attention, completely didn’t read that it was for September. *crickets*

  • I want to see this rumored Moto edge-to-edge display phone…

    • It’s the Razr M, you have already seen it.

      • Bah, that’s crap. That’s about as edge-to-edge as my GS3. I mean, not a terrible phone but calling it “edge-to-edge” really is pushing it!

        No longer excited about it….

        (btw, thx for setting me straight)

        • I’m pretty sure that “leak” that hit up Bloomberg with the edge-to-edge story was a Motorola PR person trying to stir up buzz for their event that is sort of lacking. We sort of know it all at this point.

          • That’s pretty lame. Again, thx for bringing me up to speed. Had 2 different family emergencies (one death) last Thursday so I’ve been out of it for a bit.

      • tyguy829

        I’m willing to bet that it’s not. I think the edge to edge phone is the one at the Europe Intel event. Look at the invite…it says “Let us take you to the edge” and has the hastag #motoedge

  • TVsRoss

    I’m actually more excited about the new Kindle e-reader, because I’m apparently an old man who doesn’t like reading on these fancy phone/tablet screens.

    • Amazon got my vote as well. Wasn’t there a rumor that they were supposed to end up with like 12 new devices or something?

      • TVsRoss

        I’ve heard of 3 variants on the Kindle Fire (10″, and two 7″ models) and only one e-reader, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they refreshed all the variations of the old Kindle readers and had 3 Kindle Fires at different sizes/ specs. Maybe the number got blown up because of the way they’ve done the lowered price points for models with advertisements?

  • Just let me know what the next 3 Nexus phones are. That’s what I’m waiting for.

  • Raloc

    Apple, because if nothing else they set a standard so that other companies flagship phones are better. Wouldn’t ever consider buying an iPhone but you just have to realize the ripple effect that Apples products have on the market.

    • getrealdude

      Oh God, that is so overplayed. Apple just does everything later than everyone else and the media goes [email protected] Companies are innovating fine, the only ripple effect is in the media.

      • TheDrizzle

        I agree. The only affect I see Apple having nowadays is that they introduce new tech to the common people. I would love for the new iPhone to have NFC just so more people learn about it and it will become mainstream.

        • Jeetu K

          lol agree

      • Raloc

        You’re completely naive if you can’t appreciate the standards Apple has brought to the market like build quality, battery life lasting a day, components that work correctly (hello galaxy s gps), high pixel density/quality displays, etc. Up until the iPhone 4 most Android phones were pretty much garbage, it’s only recently that they’ve reached parity with Apple products in terms of features and measurable quality.

        • Captain_Doug

          What are you doing here again?

          • Doesnt matter, dont be blind to the truth.

        • AhsanS

          Raloc’s speaking the truth. And I prefer Android over iOS any day.

        • JB

          Batteries lasting a day, high pixel density displays, build quality all existed prior to Apple…..

          • Raloc

            It doesn’t have anything to do with the technologies existing before Apple used them, it’s that Apple made them a standard in the market, It’s really not that hard to understand.

        • Jeetu K

          ive used the iphone and android phones .. and no way does apple have the standard for good battery life .. with 3g on hardly half a day .. whereas i never switched off 3g on my android devices .. as for build quality i know 4 of my friends that have had cracked or shattered screens as a result of dropping their iphones once .. where as ive dropped a galaxy s every wich way more that a couple dozen times not a scratch n the screen .. sooo whos being naive ?

      • Even Kellex (if I remember correctly) is that the iPhone is the device that will truly bring NFC and mobile payments into the market.

        They may not invent it or make something new, but they definitely make pieces of technology popular.

        • The only thing I want Apple to do, is put NFC in a phone. The reason being, that all of this silly ass companies wait for Apple to do things.

          By no means to I feel that they innovate over the world.

          • CIFchamp24

            It’s just seeming like its not gonna happen. I can bet apple will purposely not put it in there and find an alternative to try and make people stop caring about NFC. Kinda like flash….

          • BrianBrick

            I bet they won’t call it NFC. It will be some iOS branded crap so iPhone users will think its unique and then ask android users “oh that’s weird, (an)droids can use *insert branded iNFC name*?”

          • gokusimpson


          • LionStone

            iBuy 🙂 haha

          • Michael Salinger

            Kellex I don’t think Apple is ever going to do NFC. They’ll invent some proprietary NFC-like standard that runs through iTunes, push it to retailers everywhere, and then only iPhone users will be able to make mobile payments… They’ll never push NFC because they are anti-standard.

    • Manny

      Facts are Facts !!

    • tanknspank

      This is pretty much how my thoughts go. I like to see what they have to offer in their OS updates and product releases, but I hardly ever see something that truly catches my attention. Maybe this time will be different though. I’m pretty open minded about my possible tech purchases.

    • I am with you. Android has so many players and devices that any new high end phone seems like an incremental jump. iPhone has the opportunity to leap from its 2-2.5 year old design so it is exciting to see what they do – like Apple or not. If they come up with something truly awesome – great! If they deliver along the lines of the rumors, that’s great too because I think lots of Apple folks will question their dedication to the brand.

    • Robert Jakiel

      Apple hasn’t set a hardware standard in smartphones since the iPhone 3GS. Every high end Android handset that had come out post 3GS has been superior on all hardware fronts. Hell my G2X which is 19 months old has better hardware than the iPhone 4S which is less than a year old. By the time the iPhone 5 comes to market (October?) the GS3, Note 2, HTC One X+, LG Optimus G, and other handsets with quad core SoCs will be everywhere or releasing at the same time. The only thing Apple does is market well to the glass lickers. From a hardware standpoint and I dare say even now from an OS/software standpoint Android is far superior on all fronts. Problem is that people, in general, are stupid and like to be coddled which is what Apple takes advantage of.

  • sciwizam

    I’m most intrigued by the Moto Intel event.

    • Larizard

      That’s not until next week.. in Europe.

  • Thomas Schiferl

    Normally I would say Moto, but we all know what they’re gonna announce. So this time Amazon or HTC.