Google’s Switch-To-Android Site Helps Sad iPhone Users Get Tech Happy Again

If you are currently using an iPhone, chances are you are sad. Why do I assume that you are sad? We all know that you’d rather be on Android, yet you keep hesitating to break free because all of your out-of-touch friends who still think iPhones are a status symbol and that they’ll be left behind without iMessage, won’t join you. And look, they probably never will, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to find happiness. You deserve this, my friend.

To help your transition over to a smartphone world filled with diversity, openness, and less “courage,” Google has put together a simple set of steps on a newly revamped Switch website. The steps to get you easily over to Android from iOS are pretty easy and basically involve installing Google Drive. I’m not kidding, it’s that easy.  (more…)

Director of Android Security: “For Sure” Google’s Pixel is as Secure as the iPhone

Security firms and pro-Apple media love to talk about how insecure Android is. They all want you to believe that you are one application install away from your smart world turning upside down. That, of course, has never been reality, but as this year’s political landscape has shown, it’s clear that reality and truth isn’t something a good portion of humanity is interested in getting behind.

With that said, Adrian Ludwig, Android’s director of security, does live and believe in reality and the fact that Android is very secure as a mobile platform. During a short interview with Motherboard at the O’Reilly Security Conference, Ludwig said something that will probably shock Android security truthers: his company’s Pixel phones are “for sure” as secure as the iPhone.  (more…)

Google’s New iOS-Exclusive Motion Stills App Technology May Come to Google Photos

Try not to get mad at what I’m about to say, but Google released another iOS-exclusive app today. I’m sorry! I’m just the news deliverer! Would it help if I told you that we could see the technology from this app on Android? Better? OK, let’s talk about the app.

It’s called Motion Stills and it allows users of iPhones that shoot Live Photos (the short video clips taken before and after pictures in the iPhone camera) to turn them into easily shareable GIFs. It’s probably awesome. It also uses some video stabilization magic to make them super cool.

Here, check out a few of Google’s examples.  (more…)

Verizon Plans to Add $20 Upgrade Fee to Off-Contract and Device Payment Phone Purchases

According to a leaked document obtained by MacRumors, Verizon is going to introduce a new upgrade fee on April 4 for device payment plans, full retail upgrades, annual upgrades, and the iPhone Upgrade Plan at Apple Stores. The fee will be $20 for each situation because Verizon needs “help” covering “increasing support costs associated with customers switching their devices.”  (more…)

If This is the HTC One M10, It’s Their Most Unapologetic iPhone Clone to Date

Now that we are a couple of months into 2016, it’s probably time for HTC to release a new flagship phone. In the past, they have targeted Mobile World Congress (MWC) as a launching point for their One M series, though rumors up to this point have suggested that HTC may wait until after that big event and do something outside of the craziness. If that’s the case, then they better have something extraordinary to show off. After last year’s disappointment, the One M9, HTC needs a real winner for the first time in years.  (more…)

Facebook has a New Periscope-Like Live Video Feature That You Can’t Use, Android Scrubs

Facebook is the worst. For a company the size of Zuckerbergville, it is shocking to me that they continue to create new apps and services that are iPhone exclusives. But they do! Like today, they created this new live video feature, which sounds like a Periscope rip-off, that is….hold…wait for it…only available for a couple of iPhones at the moment! Yeah, iPhones!  (more…)