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apple iphone 8 event

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X Event Live Chat!

There are only a handful of days throughout a tech calendar year that bring us true snark-filled joy. Almost all of them include Apple events, because there are few companies quite as obscenely self-obsessed whose purposely comical facade to surroundings,...
iphone camera vs android camera

Vic Gundotra Hates Android Phone Cameras

Vic Gundotra, former Google+ mastermind and one-time crafty trash talker to Apple, now likely won't be caught dead using an Android phone. I say that because Vic took to Facebook this weekend to share a photo of his kids that he recently snapped with his...
apple iphone 7 bokeh

Apple’s iPhone 7 Event Live Chat! ???

The iPhone 6ss is coming today. Well, some antenna lines appear to have moved, according to leaks on leaks, so we can probably call it the iPhone 7. Yeah, that thing is coming today. Because that sort of moment is going down and we find deep pleasure in...