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GameKlip for Smartphones – Turn Your Mobile Device into a Real Gaming Machine

If you’re like me, you can’t help but get annoyed with some of the on-screen controls that mobile games deploy. They’re cramped and just plain suck in most cases. Unfortunately, game developers don’t have a choice, but we as consumers most certainly do. Say “Hello” to GameKlip. If you own one of the supported devices (SGSIII, One X, Galaxy Nexus, etc.) that can connect to a Dualshock 3 Bluetooth controller, then this little holster is a money maker. 

Once connected to your device and controller, it makes mobile games a much less aggravating pastime. Games such as GTAIII and Dead Trigger can be accomplished with ease without your fingers being in the way of that huge display. Each clip, depending on which option you want, starts at just $15. You can check them out on the GameKlip website down below.


Via: GameKlip

  • CivilDroid

    And now BF3 needs to be developed for Android!

  • Skamikaze

    If I have an non-rooted Galaxy Nexus, I should be able to buy the wired version of this mount as well as install Sixaxis Controller App on my phone and should be good to go….right?

  • King slack

    Wii controller + classic controller = great mobile gaming

  • jcorf

    I just threw my debit card at my laptop screen.

  • Helltoupee

    Mike if your phone is rooted you can use Bluetooth and the Sixaxis app. If it’s not rooted you need to use the mini USB converter wire to connect your phone to the controller.

  • Maff

    Anyone with an unrooted One X International know if the wired version will work with the One X? Really don’t want to unlock again as I’ve had serious issues with the radio on non-stock roms.

    • Butters619

      You can Google to verify, but I am pretty sure it does NOT work with the cable. You must root and download the SixAxis app. Why don’t you just root and not put on a custom ROM?

      • JoshGroff

        This ^ You can root without flashing a custom ROM.

  • Helltoupee

    Andrew in the FAQ section the developer says he is working on a 7 inch version.

  • JMonkeYJ

    personally i am eagerly anticipating the Nyko PlayPad:

    compact, wireless, comes with a protective case AND a collapsible stand for your device. it supports Tegra Zone natively, and comes with software for keyboard remapping as well as touch remapping! so it supposedly works even with games that only have touch control!

    it sounds seriously awesome. here’s hoping it’s not crazy expensive…

  • Butters619

    Hell yes I bought one!!

    Airplanes? Check. Rides to Vegas? Check. Watching TV with my girlfriend? Check.

  • Mike

    Why does it say “wired for non-rooted phones”? Seriously, what the hell is the difference?

    • I’m not sure now if you need to be rooted for SixAxis, but the wired version makes it easier to connect a USB OTG cable for a wired controller.

    • Butters619

      The SixAxis app for wireless connection works only if your phone is rooted.

      The wired OTG cable works without root on the SGS3, but doesn’t work on all phones (One X for example)

    • Brandon Pearse

      Ryan sells 2 options, one for $15 that doesnt come with a USB OTG cable and Micro USB cable, you would get that model if your phone is rooted, and then you can use the “Sixaxis” app in the marketplace, which requires root access, to wirelessly connect to the sixaxis, via bluetooth. The wired option for $23 is best, for non rooted devices.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Don’t care what anyone says, that thing is awesome and $15(plus $4 something shipping/handling) so about $20 total ain’t nothing.

    Definitely buying this!

    • michael arazan

      Finally going to play thet GTA game I bought months ago for .99, and ME infiltrator. Plus with my mhi to hdmi adapter for my tv it’ll mirror everything on the tv set.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Oh yeah, same here…just started playing GTA III again on my G-Nex!

        Wait…you own a G-Nex? And that MHI to HDMI works with it? You’ve already tried it? How’s the quality on your HDTV?

  • Was actually looking forward to buying this item to use to play my games, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it would fit my Galaxy SIII with my Otterbox Defender case installed. And after breaking my first Galaxy SIII on (day after launch) I don’t think I will go without a case on this thing!

    Anybody know of maybe a ‘universal’ gaming unit like this that would stretch to fit bigger phones?

    • im sure if your sitting there with your phone on the couch its not going to break. your probably not going to game on your phone 24/7…. or are you..?

      • no but I don’t want to have to keep removing my case just to play. it’s not just a snap on case there’s also a rubber protective lining on the outside and I don’t want to keep removing it.

  • Stephen Morrison

    I don’t have a ps3 controller to try this for myself… I’ve been curious about this for a while now; can the sixaxis app work with a Rezound??? I can’t find anything on the internet confirming it one way or another because some people don’t believe it works because of Sense. Then again I see people with HTC phones posting reviews like “yay its great” and whatever. Can anyone here confirm it for me pleeeeeease?

    • It worked with my one S running sense 4.0 so I see no reason for it to not work with a rezound via bluetooth.

      • Stephen Morrison

        Very good to know, thanks for the answer.

    • Butters619

      SixAxis has a second “will it work app” to find out. Go look in Google Play.

  • This is really cool, and I’ve been eyeing the development for this on XDA. However, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, partly since I don’t have a PS3 controller, which would be another $40 or so. On top of that, like others have said, I can’t see myself using this all that much, personally. It does make me daydream about making a clamshell case with flat controller built-in, though, sort of like a Nintendo DS (without the 2nd screen)

  • TheCheapGamer

    Doesn’t look like the analog controls are variable though.

    • I think that more depends on the game, etc

  • Cool idea, but it’s form-fit for a specific device. I’m not interested in taking my phone in and out of the case for this. Perhaps if they made one with adjustable arms that would be sufficient.

  • Andrew Wegand

    NEXUS 7??

  • Eric Richardson

    Anyone know if GN supports wired controllers?

    • will bartlett

      anything over 3.0 supports usb devices im pretty sure.

      • Ya and I know from when I had my GN it worked fine.

  • Jay Singh

    I ordered one of these last week for my GSIII, so I am waiting to get it. I am really looking for for using it on my GBA emulator on my phone. It looks promising.

  • Sixaxis is the best app if you have a PS3 controller. Even if the app you are using doesn’t have controller support, you can map the touch screen controls to buttons 🙂

  • Well I just bought one thanks $19.62 with shipping. I have the Galaxy nexus with Sixaxis and it works great. Now I don’t have to prop up my phone somewhere to play

    • Josh Flowers

      exactly what i needed to know; just got my GSM GN in the mail today & have the Six-Axis app from my purchase of a Thrive a few months back. excited to set this up!

  • Nate

    It’s a cool idea, but I can’t see myself ever using something like that. To me, the whole point of having a game on my phone is to play it while I’m not at home, which means I won’t have a controller handy…

    • I take the 45 minute train ride to work in the morning this will do nicely.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    From Droid-Life to Dork-Life…. But I like it! . . . I’m never into these contraptions . . . but it acutally looks pretty solid… and it works well…. How does compatiblity with the controller affect different games?

    • Using the “sixaxis” app, you can map the buttons on the ps3 controller to “hardware” keys, joystick keys, or regions on the touchscreen. You can create profiles specific to each game and switch between them. The app isn’t particularly well organized, but it has a lot of features. You can actually use multiple bluetooth controllers simultaneously as well – you just map P1 and P2 to different keys as needed.