$240 NFC Keyboard with Non-Rechargeable Battery is Neat, but Not Practical

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We love to see new and innovative products reach the market. The above NFC-powered keyboard for smartphones looks great and works well, yet could win awards for being completely ridiculous. For roughly $240, the silicone-made keyboard pairs with a partner app on your phone, then takes no further setting up. Simply place your device on the pad and start hammering away on that email or message. 

The issue, is that the keyboard’s battery is neither rechargeable or replaceable. Once its life span of 18 months (eight hours a day) has come to an end, it’s time for it to hit the garbage can. So, why did they do this? No clue, but it would immediately turn me off from forking over that kind of dough when the pre-installed keyboard works just fine in most cases.

What do you think? Is it awesome or a total waste of money?

Via: Engadget



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