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HTC Confirms Plans to Upgrade One S, One X and One XL to Jelly Bean, Doesn’t Mention Incredible 4G LTE

HTC made a splash this year with the release of the One series lineup of phones. Combining great hardware with a toned-down Sense UI experience really sold well, and with the release of Jelly Bean, HTC promises that the One series will be seeing the update. In a short statement yesterday, the company said that they would be working to bring Android 4.1 to the One X, One XL and One S.

However, the Incredible 4G LTE that was released on Verizon just after the One series landed was not mentioned in the statement. We know that the Incredible was a bit of a different phone than the One series, but even still, we hope that buyers will get some tasty Jelly Bean action some time down the road.

Via: Engadget

  • Adol

    As an ex-employee of Verizon I can only think about this and shake my head. HTC has had ICS ready since February, Q1 like they promised. Verizon just refuses to advertise any other phone including the Nexus devices and is too busy in a circle jerk with Motorola. the Razr gets all the accessories, and all the in store discounts. the Rezound crushes the phone in every category other than slimness. and battery life when compared to the MAXX.

  • jack

    Screw u htc your phones suck and I hope u fall out of business. Can’t give the rezound an ics update and I know the hell its not getting jellybean. This fall or winter im getting the next nexus, but if htc makes the next nexus hello iPhone 5 and I hated the iPhone but its better than an htc product. I hope android doesn’t choose htc for the nexus line. Also its not just verizons fault htc is just as responsible for the updates.

  • sith77

    well HTC did state a few weeks ago that with their One series of phones they were gonna adjust the companies procedures and focus on high end devices with premier user interfaces and functionality . Unfortunately the incredible HD 4G LTE although beautiful phone is probably going to be banished from any further updating. it was too little late had Verizon not delayed the hell outta that phone it would’ve been out sooner. I’m convinced the poor Rezound that has been bastardized since release will NEVER see jelly bean except for XDA or others with roms. Verizon loves the sheep customers they have and cater to them . the actual power users who CARE whats on their phones are the ones who get hammered and screwed.

  • Matthew Hojnacki

    Of course they didnt mention it. Its a Verizon Phone. I used to think Verizon was hands down the best but now Locking Bootloaders, Canceling our New every 2, Shared Data Plans, and
    making us wait for Updates even for the same phone on different Carriers has made me understand what they are really about. Ive been tricked into buying and keeping my Bionic and now i cant upgrade or i lose unlimited data. As soon as my contract is over i will be leaving Verizon so i can get a G-Nex that will update on time not 4 months later. Peace Big Red, make your customers #1 instead of money and maybe ill stay.

  • Buckoman

    Ah, yes, HTC. Screw over your Verizon customers again.

    The perfect business strategy.

  • VZWabuse

    Hey remember when the HTC Vivid got ICS in March and the Rezound still hasn’t gotten it yet. It’s the carriers fault not the manufacturer.

  • VZWabuse

    When are you guys going to get sick of Verizon abusing you and finally switch to GSM or prepaid already. You have choices, and contrary to what Verizon wants you to believe other networks do have good coverage. How many times has Verizon data blacked out this year for you? It happen at least once a month when I was with them, after they updated to battery sucking LTE.

    • fixxmyhead

      u got that right but verizon retards will never learn, there too brainwashed into thinking they need that “precious LTE”. GSM for the win

      • wasabifan

        How long do you think GSM or CDMA will last? Once LTE gets coverage and faster speeds, it will all be data and VOIP.

    • UrDoGG

      Although I agree with your point that other networks have decent coverage, Verizon still has the best and most far-reaching coverage, especially for people that live in less-densely populated areas. If I ever get off of my work’s phone plan, then it will be prepaid GSM for me.

    • btod

      Although I despise Verizon, no other carrier has their speed. I get on average 18mb/s on my rezound, its not overrated. Until another carrier can get close to that speed, I’ll keep lubing my ass to get raped by verizon.

      • fixxmyhead

        lol at least ur honest

  • john

    In other news, pigs are flying south for the winter.

  • Cowbrains

    OH MY GOSH PEOPLE! REZOUND ISN’T THAT GOOD OF A PHONE! HELLO!? I had it for a week and it was junk I switched back to my Inc2

  • fauxshizzl

    I would hope they just gave up mentioning the phones on VZ altogether as far as updates are concerned. As well all the other manufactures. They should know by now that VZ will absolutely without question hold everything up long after all the rest of the carries, and then they themselves will be blamed instead of VZ. If they were smart they would just wait till the day before the release to tell everyone it is getting it and when.

  • ddevito

    This is a game of cat and mouse that I would think no one wants to continue playing any longer.

  • Liderc

    HTC One X will be would deadly phone with JB, thing is already pretty quick even with the skin.

    • LionStone

      So is the Inc4, that Droid rips…and when it gets JB, it’ll be deadly too like the OneX..

  • duh

    if a phone launches with ICS you can be rest assured that it’s going to get JB. this is a non-story. those that launched with GB may have a different fate (razr, bionic, etc).

  • Jeff10

    They will be working on it…..it will be a year before we see it

  • More importantly (to me, at least) , it doesn’t seem like the Rezound was mentioned either.. I don’t think I will be buying their phones anymore!

    • r0lct

      I’m sure the Google Update Alliance will rectify this situation


      • I hope so! 🙂

      • ddevito

        Google released the PDK, it’s up to OEMs to get it done. It’s there for the taking.

    • Everything I’ve read I don’t think the ICS issue with Rezound is on them… I think it’s Big Red holding everything up. I think HTC sent everyone a message by accidentally posting the change-log to ICS twice to signal that the hold up isn’t on them.

      I can’t see HTC even thinking about Jelly Bean for the Rezound until they get everyone onto ICS. It’s putting the cart ahead of the horse.

      • You’re right. The whole situation is pretty screwy and Verizon has blame in it. I just get irked over it because on the pages they have that I follow they no longer mention it and naturally they want to sell their newest-which many companies do. I just wish it wasn’t such a convoluted process.

    • AlexKCMO

      Done with HTC. Rezound has to be one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made.

      • Kevin McDole

        Why? Just curious.

        • Sobr0801

          I love my Rezound, have had great experience. Been Running ICS since march. What I am done with is lame ass upgrades. My next phone is either going to be a nexus (HTC) or W8P (HTC) either way, I am done with slow ass updated phone.

        • AlexKCMO

          Mainly because HTC has had ICS officially since February and it has not been released. On Verizon, the only way to buy a phone is a Nexus or one that’s been hacked up.

          I should have said a non-Nexus on Verizon.

          I should have said

      • Because the Rezound has technically had ICS since February, and Verizon has turned it down every time. Shame on you, HTC…

        • AlexKCMO

          I clarified below, unless it’s a Nexus or already rooted, ROMed, and unlocked, I won’t be buying it.

  • r0lct

    Probably all phones based on those platforms. They didn’t mention the EVO either and I would imagine that would get it too as it’s pretty close in hardware to a OX.

  • JosephMoreno

    This was most likely one of those statements from HTC global, in other words they didn’t mention carrier phones on the list.

  • mustbepbs

    I’d be appalled if it didn’t. It literally just came out. There’s no way the INC4GLTE wouldn’t.



    • r0lct

      Just shorten it to I4G, then say with the GBs right after.

    • LionStone

      That’s right, there’s no way, they were just talking about other phones, because we all know that VZW has to do their bloatware dance on all our phones, which we all know makes it a long drawn out process. And especially since the Inc4 is a top of the line phone right now.

  • SirSoloDolo

    ICS look terrible on the One Series. Can’t imagine what JB will look like

  • TheWenger

    I don’t see why any phone that’s getting or has gotten ICS wouldn’t get JB. But then again, OEMs drag their feet pretty bad on top of Verizon bogging things down as well. They might decide that it might take them so long it’s not worth it even though any decent dev could have a rom out in a week or two.

    • JoshGroff

      Any decent dev also doesn’t have to worry about carrier bureaucracy.