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Here is the Nexus 7 Tablet

There she is, the Google Nexus 7 tablet. It will be official within the next hour.

Cheers Ryan!

  • manny

    Good luck with this ugly monster denting ipad sales !!!

  • why would they leave out such a simple thing as a rear camera?

  • Buster Bluthe

    Note to all commenters …. get a friggin life! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple concept.

  • Brent Stewart

    Went to the product page on the Play store and SD is not listed in the specs. Gonna pass on this one. Hopefully their pricing scheme will drive the market down and I’ll just get a better tablet elsewhere that has an SD slot.

  • jdenman03

    What boggles my mind is this is only $199 and manufacturers want to charge us $600 for a phone. Radios don’t cost $400.

    • Q

      lol seriously..

  • OhAaron

    I got my pre-order in. 🙂

  • Keii Graham

    I’m laughing so much at all the bezel comments. Thank you commenters.

  • MichaelWolfe

    What this tablet needs is more BEZEL!

  • socalrailroader

    It looks like a Kindle Fire.

  • Just in case you guys missed it, the intro video is up.


    • And this one isn’t private, so you guys can actually watch it.

  • James Jun

    I think a bezel at that size would make it more comfortable than it seems for a lot of people.

  • tyguy829
  • ndeer2
    • Goat1202

      Can’t view. Says it’s private

  • Goat1202

    Fa shizzel my bezel

  • RufusX

    That is a bezel on a SEVEN INCH tablet. It really is not that much. Your fingers need a place to rest while holding the thing. Jezzzzz.. people.

  • Michael

    Interesting that they went back to notification drag down and central buttons hmmm…

  • Sri745

    I don’t see any MicroSD slots 🙁

  • Looks like Nexus 7 will also come in white color (see the official video

    • That link has a ) at the end which causes a 404. Removing the ) gives you the Nexus Q page

  • interesting that they show the Chrome browser instead of the stock browser. Is that going to replace it? Are we losing flash without a 3rd party browser? (not that that really bothers me)

  • Kooshal

    Ugly :/

  • kervation

    I just need a release date

  • Brent Stewart

    OMFG That thing is HIDEOUS! Some body dropped the ball in the design department. My wallet was on the desk, now it’s in my pocket because it ran away scared.

  • I want more bezel. I want a 2.5″ screen with a 7″ bezel. Now THAT is a tablet I would buy. (I’m joking). Maybe I won’t buy this after all…

  • Havoc70

    I will take 2, thank you !

  • MSauch

    “with a mode that has a virtual bezel for when users need something to hold on to”


    • MSauch

      I’m being 100% serious, why is this not a thing?

  • Dat Bezel

  • FortitudineVincimus

    7″ tablet – 3″ of bezel = 4″ tablet with no microSD for $200

  • Destroythanet

    Someone should make a tablet that has an edge-to-edge screen with a mode that has a virtual bezel for when users need something to hold on to and a mode where you can use the whole front as a screen for watching video or when it’s sitting on a table.

    • Now THAT is a cool idea. I completely understand the need for a bezel on a tablet….but why not use it similar to the navigation bar on the galaxy nexus…there when needed, but goes away when watching a video.

      • Josh Nichols

        Burn in?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    … and here is me taking a big pass on it

  • Carlos Morales

    noooooo they better have a way to get it back into tablet mode. this shit looks like another oversized phone>.< to think i was just about to call it quits with my kindle fire(ICS) when i heard about this.

  • MikeKorby

    Why is everyone hating on the bezel? You need something to hold onto….
    just saying..

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Chrome stock in Jelly Bean! I like!

  • Butters619

    Holy Bezel Batman!

    (Damn it, I was beat to it. But still that bezel is ginormous)

  • wow.. i really wnat to get it..
    I’ll get it at all costs


      Lucky for you, it’s only $199.00!!!

  • frankandsimple

    The new iPad Killer??

  • droidman101

    The bezel only looks so big because it has software buttons on the bottom. If you look closely you can see them.

  • itsacardigan

    I concur….that bezel it dixinormous!

  • I’m gonna wait and see… I REALLY don’t like the huge bezel as everyone else has said.

  • Jacque Strapp

    Baby got bezel!

  • Justin Schmiesing

    Interesting… I wonder if that image of the screen is what 4.1 looks like. The notifications are back up top, like a phone.



  • No sd slot. Perhaps comes with heaving GDrive integration. I am guessing it will also come with some sort of Google Drive promo i.e. 25gb free or something…

  • Bill Stebbins

    Interesting – it shows a phone UI rather than a tablet UI…

  • bigdade

    wow shes a beaut

  • S Bosworth

    Fine I’ll say it since no one else will it’s fricking hideous. Entirely too much bezel going around that thing to make it comfortably usable in landscape mode.

  • MSauch


  • half of the front is bezel!! Thats kinda disappointing

  • David Tourtillott

    Phone interface? Not tablet? Wonder where this is going to go.

    • that’s what I was thinking….don’t like it

  • Lucid616

    Could they make the bezel any wider? That thing looks hideous.

  • blakjakdavy

    Is jellybean making the tablet UI more like the ICS phone layout?

  • Is that a giant bezel around its screen, or is it just pleased to meet me?

  • El Big CHRIS

    This will be my tablet! Just need the specs!

  • Ugly…?

  • spickle

    the upper and lower bezels are huge.

  • Pat

    Holy effing bezel, Batman.

  • looks really good just hope that it is light is all.going to pick up 4 of these for christmas presents.cant wait to see the reviews!!

  • Too much bezel.

  • caleb

    Phone UI? No bueno.

    • JoshGroff

      If you recall, google is going for more unity with their UI, so it makes sense that the tablet UI will look much closer to the phone UI with JB.

  • Michael Franz

    it looks as comparable to the nexus, its liek the iPad is, a bigger iPhone….this is just a bigger Nexus phone….not sure how i feel about it.

  • 7 launcher spots vs. the previous 5… JB going to have a built-in, scaleable bottom dock? Wonder what happens in landscape mode.

  • kretz7

    Bezel much?

  • ozo012


  • Marlon Taylor

    bezel much

  • simplistic… polished…. but isn’t that a large bevel for on screen buttoning?

  • bsilver2988

    Looks like Jelly Bean may be taking a new approach to the tablet home screen layout? Interesting. Nice looking device though!

  • Hmm, bezel is looking pretty big, either way looking forward to more details.

  • Jim


  • franois

    suspicious the layout is more like a phone than a tablet…

    • Maybe its the screen size. I know at certain sizes or resoultions Android will flip between Tablet/Phone mode. Maybe thats it seeing how they have a hack that forces the galaxy nexus into Tablet mode

      • Eric

        Thats not a simple port of the GNex software onto a tablet, there are a few more dock slots there. I hope Jellybean doesn’t bring phone ICS to tablets…

  • I don’t understand why…. yet

  • zapote21

    Phone UI???

    • ICS is both phone and tablet UI

      • JoshGroff

        But ICS has differences between the phone and tablet UI, JB is supposed to bridge the gap and lead to a unified UI.

        • Well there you go then. If you’re mistaking it for the phone ui then it seems unified. I bet it changes when you hold it in landscape mode.

  • scooter1265

    My new tablet. Hopefully they have the 16GB for $250, and I’ll be sold!

  • dwjr82

    The bezel is hideous on that thing

    • Somewhere, sometime, someone pointed out the bezel actually prevents you from touching the screen accidentally when holding devices… edge to edge may just be a fantasy because our hands ‘touch’ the screens in multiple places if no bezel… bezels are probably here to stay…but yaaaa, didn’t have to be quite sooo big on a nexus device for sure!

      • Matt Gondek

        I used to hate how every table had a bezel and no edge to edge, then I read the same thing you are referring to and felt like an idiot for never realizing it myself

      • this is overkill tho

        • look like the prefect width of a thumb

          • kretz7

            Dude, people are referring to the top and bottom. Everyone knows there has to be a side bezel.

          • Sorry let me add “top bezel looks like the perfect length of a thumb”
            You know, for when you’re holding it sideways. You’re going to need more room to put your more of your finger on it due to the added leverage.

      • OMG! How did i not realize this. You’re right. you cant palm the device so how else you going to hold on to it? gotta have a thumb up on the screen. now it’s not so ugly.

      • paul_cus

        The sides look ok, but yeah, the top and bottom bezel is overboard.

      • brandonmee

        Not to mention bezels help protect the screen on accidental drops.

      • Bezel also looks larger than some other tablets because the screen is only 7″ which results in a greater bezel to screen ratio than a 10″ screen.

      • b00ky

        I get the idea of a bezel providing an area to hold the tablet, but I would rather see a slimmer bezel and maybe incorporate something into the touchscreen to account for accidental accidental screen touches from the edges. Maybe a “deadzone” or some sort of edge detection system. I am all for Nexus products, but I wouldn’t buy this. I’ll stick with my TF-101 for a while longer. Or maybe they just need a way to make bezels look more attractive like a “glass-like” transparent/translucent bezel. This design is not the answer.

        • CaptainObvious

          A deadzone? Interesting. So maybe this deadzone could go around the entire screen. Then if it was touched it wouldn’t affect the screen. Maybe they could paint it black too and give it a catchy name that would help people understand what it is and does. Something like….I don’t know….bezel maybe?

          I think you are really on to something here. It could be HUGE!

          • b00ky

            An idiotic reply to my comment? Interesting… I think your on to something yourself.

            For those of you who aren’t retarded, I was referring to a full-size screen with little to no bezel. This is why I mentioned “incorporating something into the touchscreen” in my post. I clarify upon my original post for CaptainObviouslyStupid here… I am suggesting that the active, touch-sensitive screen go as close to the edge as possible for maximum viewing area, BUT to avoid accidental touches from registering along the edges you could have the “deadzone” I mentioned. This was you could minimize or eliminate the solid black bezel and see more of the screen for games or movies. You could hold the active screen along the edge without it interfering with what you are doing.

            It’s not a perfect solution and might not even be possible. I just thought I would share a possibly innovative idea with the rest of us on here who use our brains intelligibly.

          • Josh Nichols

            The idea already exists, and it is called a bezel.

      • Gasaraki

        The side bezel is fine but the top and bottom bezel is like 1 inch wide. WTF.

        • Cowboydroid

          Holding it in landscape.

          For as much as humans are affected by ergonomics, they seem to be completely oblivious of how they’re designed.

          • kretz7

            I understand your argument but why would it be that much wider than the side bezel? If it’s not meant to be held in portrait mode than why advertise it that way? It just looks odd that the bezel isn’t consistent around the screen.

          • Cowboydroid

            Because in landscape, holding it with one hand is going to put more torque on your wrist. Having a wider plane to grasp would reduce the effort to stabilize it.

          • kretz7

            That makes sense.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Google/Asus engineers had their reasons, so STFU up about it and leave it be.

  • kamikaze

    Me likey!!!!

  • thislandisyourland

    Wait, that’s the phone UI isn’t it? So Google has Jelly Bean defaulting to a phone UI on a 7 inch tablet instead of the tablet UI? Or am I missing something here?

  • sc0rch3d

    had a tablet for 6 months and now running CM9 nightlies. used it a LOT for 3-4 months and now i barely use it.

    helps that my GNex is just as capable as a tablet/PC when i’m AFK 🙂

    • interstellarmind

      Exactly. Thisbisbwhy I’m awaiting padphone. or maybe nexus7 will have telephony capabilities?

  • Droosh

    Nice! It’s good to see the Asus maintain a bit of the same look and brand identity as the Samsung G-Nex diamond back design. Looks like Google really does have the primary say in the design of the Nexus devices.

  • Sebastian Encina

    Not the prettiest, but I still want

  • kyle

    It looks like the phone version of ICS/JB

  • CopierITGuy

    My wife will be so happy when I replace her Kindle Fire with this little beauty!

  • pytt


  • hansul

    but i like the embedded ICS search widget better

  • RedPandaAlex

    Why so much bezzle? And what is with moving the clock/notifications/app drawer and wasting all that space at the bottom? BOOO

    • Jason James

      they want ICS to be more similar because people complain about having things in different locations. they might have put it up top we don’t yet

  • It looks very nice. I just don’t like the fact that they decided to not put a rear facing camera on it… 🙁

    • WAldenIV

      Because tablet rear-facing cameras have been so high rez, easy to use, and useful to date.

    • Larizard

      have u ever seen someone take a pic with an iPad? it looks stupid. lol.

      • JoshGroff

        I have, at my sister’s graduation, lol. Tablets don’t need rear facing cams, that’s what smartphones are for. 😉

  • sr_erick

    I wonder when we can order? I’d like to order as soon as it’s available.

    • JoshGroff

      I have to wait until tomorrow, hope they’re not sold out by then. >.>

  • Please be a placeholder. Just looks like a big ass phone. I liked the tablet mode for ICS. Kept the status bar and the nav bar joined. Way better that way.

  • Kindle Fire killer…

    • Jason James

      if google gets apps optimized for it like amazon has maybe, but their foot is already in the door and has a simpler UI

  • hmm… okay. looks nice

  • That doesn’t look like the traditional android tablet interface…

  • You cant just post this and not clarify anything. Where did you get this? Are you sure its official?

  • Interesting… thinking about selling my GTab 10.1 to get my hands on this.

  • Nice

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    WHY portrait mode?? Lame!

  • So it looks awful, has no tablet interface, no thanks

  • thislandisyourland

    That’s a lot of bezel.

    • WAldenIV

      I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription… is more bezel.

  • DanWazz

    I sure do hate that search bar and wallpaper. rest of the device looks good.

    • Think the search bar will be transparent with jellybean

      • DanWazz

        I hope so, but the one in the picture has been in all the rumored pictures of Jelly Bean.

        • Well either way, install a new launcher that has a search bar you like. Mine’s just 100% transparent.

  • ace

    Wow look at that huge bezel

  • adoiasudbas


    • kretz7

      why do you care?

  • Jake


  • Jim

    That is some HIGH pixel density, holy f

  • donebrasko

    gotta see what’s under the hood

    • Droidzilla

      Rumor has it a Tegra 3 with either 8GB or 16GB of memory, 1GB RAM, and a FFC.

      • donebrasko

        I’m referring more to jelly bean. is there anything special about . I love my ics Asus. so I expect this to be a great device but I just want a great OS that is easy for others that is not tech savvy to be able to use and have true dedicated tablet apps

  • Now where can we preorder this bad boy?

  • Murphy


  • RadicalPie

    Can’t wait

  • htowngtr

    With a big “ASUS” slapped across its ass.

    • CopierITGuy

      Happy to see that Big G is giving the love to ASUS with co-branding the N7. ASUS has been incredible for the Android tablet market. They deserve the props!

      • I had an ASUS mobo long ago. and i hated them. They totally redeemed themselves in my book with their tablets and laptops.

  • JBartcaps