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Winamp Turns 15, Introduces In-App Store and Album Washer Tool for Android

Today marks the 15th birthday of Winamp. To celebrate, they are introducing an upgraded version of the software for Android, Mac, and PC users. What makes the new update special is the addition of the new In-App Store along with purchasable items such as Album Washer, which allows users to clean-up, and organize their music with the press of a button. 

The add-on will be sold at $0.99 for only a limited time, so make sure to go grab it if Winamp is your player of choice. Congrats to the Winamp team for 15 years of good tunes.

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AOL Unveils New Winamp Album Washer in Celebration of 15th Anniversary 
Debuts Upgraded Versions of Winamp for Android, Mac and PC

#1 Free Third-Party Music Management App on Android Now with Almost 20 Million Downloads 

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AOL Inc. (NYSE:AOL) announced today the release of Winamp Album Washer, powered by Gracenote®, a new feature in Winamp for Android that allows users to clean-up and organize audio files creating a more seamless user experience for passionate music fans. Winamp also plans to unveil updated offerings for both Mac and PC platforms demonstrating Winamp’s continued commitment to innovation as it celebrates its 15th anniversary.

“We’re excited to introduce Album Washer and these latest updates which include a richer experience across Android, Mac and PC platforms,” said Geno Yoham, GM of Winamp. “These product releases are another step in our roadmap and vision to provide our users with the most robust set of tools to enhance and customize the way they listen to and manage their music on multiple platforms, empowering the user has been a strategic focus and part of the Winamp DNA for the last fifteen years.”

Winamp for Android (v1.3)

The latest version of the free player includes Album Washer, a premium add-on available in the new in-app Store. Album Washer makes cleaning up audio files easy by updating users’ incorrect or missing tags (Artist Name, Track Title, Album Name, etc.) and by downloading high quality album art. In celebration of Winamp’s 15th anniversary, Album Washer will be available for only $0.99 for a limited time.

Also available in the new in-app store is the Pro Bundle, a bundle of premium features including a customizable home screen, ability to browse by Folders, crossfading between tracks and a 10 band graphic equalizer. The new release includes:

  • New Winamp In-app Store
  • New Album Washer in-app purchase
  • New Move to SD Card feature — great for user’s who have limited internal storage
  • SHOUTcast radio search and notification optimizations

Winamp for Mac Sync Beta

Winamp for Mac is the OSX version of the popular Winamp media player available on Windows and Android. Winamp for Mac allows users to wirelessly sync their iTunes music library to their Android device, manage their music and playlists, and playback their music. The new release includes:

  • Album Art Views
  • Play Queue Window & Drag and Drop
  • Auto-update, including a Beta channel for the latest feature releases
  • Support for Growl and in application notifications
  • Faster performance and high quality playback

Winamp Media Player for PC

The iconic Winamp is still the Ultimate Media Player. With a robust feature set for managing and consuming audio, video, playlists, podcasts, internet radio and more. There over 6,000 add-ons including built-in services for ticketing, lyrics, and downloading music. The Winamp Media Player is translated into 16 languages and is home to SHOUTcast Radio – one of the largest internet radio directories with over 54,000 stations.* The new release includes MPEG Surround Playback support and an update to the popular Winamp browser toolbar, newly translated into 16 languages.

Released in 1997, Winamp offers a complete end-to-end media player solution that features wireless desktop sync, iTunes import, and access to thousands of SHOUTcast internet radio stations. “With the launch of today’s latest offerings, Winamp furthers its position as a full service music management companion, helping consumers download, organize and manage the music they love using multiple devices,” said Jay Kirsch, SVP and General Manager, AOL Media Group.

  • I’d love to use that album washer feature on the PC but it seems like something thats just exclusive to the app, Any ideas if theres a plugin like it or something?

    • esnebta

      right click – ‘auto tag’ or, select a bunch of files then ‘send to’ -> ‘auto tag’

  • Higher_Ground

    Good to see they are still supporting the Android side of things. I keep it on my phone, hoping that it will one day be as awesome as the PC version. Not quite there yet but still my favorite 3Rd party music player

  • Julius Dicas

    Congrats to the Winamp team for 15 years of good tunes. I have been using wimamp for the last 9 years and its awesome. Kuddos to the wimamp team for keep it stable….and I wish they continue the same for years to come….wish you all the best guys..


  • Jeremy Martin

    It still really “whips the llamas ass” after all these years. Good job guys 🙂

  • Barlog

    I’ve been using Power Amp since its release and after the last update for it last week,im loving it even more on my GNexus.The ICS look and feel is Amazing. Can someone tell me if its worth switching over to WinAmp and what the differences are,is it better,is there customizable skins? I was looking in the Market and dont really see any skins? Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks

    • MyStroPro

      AFAIK, no skin support in WinAmp yet.

      I had it, and use PlayerPro instead now. WinAmp also had some issues finding my library, where as both Google Play Music and Player Pro did not. It was very strange.

      • Barlog

        Ok cool i’ll have to check it out

  • Raven

    Since NullSoft was bought out by AOL it has never been the same which is why I still use an ancient copy from just before then.

  • I like Winamp mainly because of Shoutcast, but as far as “Album Washer” I’ve never trusted a program to handle my metadata,

  • azndan4

    Winamp has barely changed at all over the past 15 years and it is still the best mp3 player out there.

    • picaso86

      mmmm that’s debatable.. .Player Pro is interface is less crowed and more effective to find music than Winamp.

      • MyStroPro

        I think he meant across all platforms. Obviously the Android variant hasn’t been around that long. As an overall media player, it’s hard to say that there is something as powerful as WinAmp out there for as long as its been around. It created a lot of the we know today in media players.

        The Android version is still a rough gem imo. It could be amazing, but the app hasn’t developed well against other players such as Player Pro.

  • Butthead

    I like to poop

    • Barlog

      Can you sync your Devices with that Media player….???

    • Timothy McGovern

      Hell yeah. Best comment I’ve seen on here by far.

  • tlstroeder

    Haven’t seen the album washer app yet… Any idea when the release will be?

    • its in the in-app store

      • MyStroPro

        Microtransaction model… awesome… NOT

      • Barlog

        It looks like by what was said above, that it’s an in App purchase

  • sc0rch3d

    gotta love them llamas