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Is Verizon About to Announce the LG Optimus LTE2?

The LG-VS930 has been on our radar for a couple of months as the device that LG hopes to compete with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It first surfaced under the code name D1LV through a benchmark that outed its 4.7″ HD display, version of Ice Cream Sandwich, and  1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Since then, we have grown to realize that this is the Optimus LTE2 that LG announced in early May as one of the first devices in the world with 2GB of RAM.

Specific details from Big Red have remained well hidden, but this anonymously sent picture below of what appears to be a shipping box with Optimus LTE2s inside has us wondering if this phone isn’t about to be announced. We still do not know an official name, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see VZW go with something other than “Optimus.”

Thoughts? Any guesses on the name? Is LG still a player worth adding to your team?  

Cheers  ___!

  • Haxcid

    This phone will fail.
    1. LG phone. LG smart phone sales have been really poor on Verizon. They hardly market them.
    2. It is going to Verizon… Means it has been altered from its original release to be underwhelming and heavily laden with crap ware.
    3. Knowing Verizon… it will have Android 2.3
    4. Verizon will allow you to pay a premium price for their watered down mid range version + plan upgrade to crappy plans, and 30$ loyal customer fee.

  • nightscout13

    Since LG is a sister company of Samsung, this is a SGS3 wearing a different jacket.

  • Anyone else totally digging that Neutral UI color scheme? I love it.

  • middlehead

    I’ve had no issues with my Revolution, I’d consider this depending on how it feels in the hand.

  • reyztec

    LG Chocolate Optimus 4G LTE

  • pouxonu

    The phone has specs almost on par with the S III, but LG will slap an IPS display on it. I have a spectrum now and it’s been a great phone so far. The LG UI is awful but got a launcher on it and it’s be good to go. I will be interested to see what the final device will look like. The only thing is more phones need to come out with a more stock look like Moto is doing with the new blur. But, very interested to see what comes out of it

  • NorCalGuy

    Who ever is incorporating on screen buttons is my friend… also helps to have a large dev community and that’s hard to do with so little know about the phone, going to hold off on judgement until I see what type of support it gets.

  • Hmm. I doubt Verizon will do this. Especially after just releasing the lucid

  • Azn_Android

    Ew, LG. Stick to making TV’s… seriously.

  • gimlet72

    I will have to say that the problem is that this will have to complete with the SGS III. With such a big launch of the samsung phone if the LG phone is launched around the same time it will get smoked. I Pre-Ordered the SGS phone partially to keep my Unlimited contract.

  • c4v3man

    Bought the LG Spectrum (VS920) used off craigslist for $200… this phone is still being sold, and is competitive with the Droid RAZR in pretty much every way, or surpasses it. Dual core S3 at 1.5Ghz, 720p IPS (non-pentile!) screen, LTE, MicroSD, Removable Battery, etc.

    There’s a reason I got it for $200. Little manufacturer support, practically non-existent developer support (although that’s changing a bit, may even get a CM9 port). The casing on the phone is plain cheap feeling, and I’m a function over form person, but this is pretty bad.

    That being said, the screen is great, but I’m going to keep my S3 pre-order. With this having a worldwide release that is actually being handled properly for once, developer support is going to absolutely incredible, likely Droid OG levels. If I had to pick a phone as the last cheap upgrade I’ll ever get, the S3 is pretty close to what I’d imagine in a perfect device, shy of updated graphics, and a non-pentile screen.

  • Um, yeah. I’m still gonna pre-order the G S III. kthxbye

  • soremekun

    Ugly. Pass

    • Jon

      While I do think the S3 looks pretty bland…this design pictured above also looks squarishly bland. The whole squarish and edgy feeling didn’t bode well for me with the Razr so I stayed clear.

  • Xeneize480


  • Keith B

    I think Verizon is too busy figuring out how to screw us on our plans to worry about releasing phones in a timely manner

  • hkklife

    What a surprise! It won’t be DOA but it’s not going to change LG’s smartphone fortunes either. …but it honestly might squeeze out a few sales due to arriving before the RAZR HD and targeting those who want a big-screen ICS phone that’ll likely be cheaper than the GS3.

    I prefer the exterior aesthetics & IPS screen on this one over the GS3 but I have to admit that the Samsung will likely receive better support, a better software experience and have a superior camera. I also like the Sammy’s expandable storage, something this LG appears to not have.

  • Butters619

    Moto is going to be the last to the game with an S4 phone 🙁

    • hkklife

      Not just the SoC either….Moto has NO phone with a 720p and/or larger than 4.3″ screen. Moto released the RAZR last year with a 4.3″ qHD screen. Since then LG has brought out the Spectrum with a 4.5″ 720p IPS screen in January and now this new one looks set to beat the RAZR HD to market. That’s a huge fail on Moto’s part.

      • michael arazan

        I thought moto devices were banned from entering the country because of another company?

    • It’s cool, they’ll still have an amazingly locked down bootloader.

    • nwd1911

      I think they are slow playing the Razr HD to launch a month or two before the iPhone 5. They way that Verizon is able to push Razrs has got to have Moto wanting to undermine the iPhone release. Also, they want all of the SGSIII, DInc 4G and Family Plan dust to settle.

  • geedee82

    hah! how bout Lacks Greatness

  • FortitudineVincimus

    if it is, I will forgo my SGS3 – or keep it and sell it to make sure I am in on the preorder to keep my unlimited – as I personally fancy this phone much more. Design is good for me, specs are good and no BS hoopla with stupid claims about “made for humans” and garbage hype about the design esthetic.

  • azndan4

    Just hurry and release the Inc 4G

    • MooseCat

      Yeah, it makes you wonder if VZW will push back the release of the Incredible 4G because of this. =

  • geedee82

    I might think twice about it if it didn’t have that super ugly home button. Why not just make ita 4.8″ screen and give it on-screen nav keys? It seriously can’t be that hard, android 4.0 is designed to have them. These stubborn manufacturers man…

    • tomn1ce

      They could’ve also made all the bezel smaller to fit a bigger screen as well….the top bezel has a lot of wasted room….that could’ve been used for the screen…and with on-screen buttons the bottom bezel could’ve been made smaller as well..

  • CopierITGuy

    Anyone who has ever owned an LG phone knows that LG is the Korean word for crap, and polished crap is still crap.

    • wickets

      “who has ever owned an LG”

      Ive never owned one but its surprising because my house is filled with LG electronics…fridge, dryers, TV etc and its all top notch stuff……is the phone the one thing they just dont do right?

      • Apparently. Although, I used to use their feature phones and they were pretty good. I guess that didn’t translate over to their smart phones.

        • Michael Schnider

          Isnt it funny how verizons “Flag Ship” feature phone back in the day was the LG Voyager. Now they are the more the lower end of smartphones.

      • CopierITGuy

        I’ve heard that they make a mean fridge & TV, but the 2 phones (1 for me, 1 for my wife) were not good. I know a handful of people who also had pretty bad luck with both smart & dumb phones from them. I guess we can’t all be great at everything!

        • Jon

          I do know that their dumb phones were rubbish back in the day. I never bothered with their smartphones.

  • Jon

    The specs seem pretty close to the Samsung Galaxy S III which begs the question…Why would anyone buy this given the choice of the S III?

    Edit: And remember that the Global S III has already been reviewed pretty widely as an excellent phone.

    • SatyaChowdary

      better screen(non pentile) HD IPS display…. perhaps:)

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Actually, this phone was announced same day as the SGS3 but with no lame pomp and circumstance and dog and pony show.. so you could ask if this, why get the SGS3?

      Also, I think the battery on this is ever so slightly bigger.

      • Jon

        I think the GSIII has a 2100 mAh battery. So they are pretty much equal in that department. I’ve looked at a few LG Android phones and they all have one thing in common…they fair poorly in reviews. Also not likely to have any significant developer support.

        I would be interested in checking out the quality of that display though.

    • slops

      what everyone else said and this is probably going to be cheaper.

      i’d cancel my SGS3 pre-order for this if it was $50-$100 cheaper

      • Jon

        $100 cheaper would be pretty compelling.

    • Well it’s nowhere near as hideous as the S3 for one thing…even though it kinda looks like an international S2 ripoff. Though that’ll probably change by the time it gets to Verizon.
      Oh and the screen should be just as nie if not nicer, even if like me you don’t mind pentile displays. It’ll probably also be cheaper.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Yeah .. but it is an LG.

    • Calvin Williams

      They are basically the same phone if you use a ROM, but the main advantage is the non pentile IPS 2 HD screen. I’m certain that it will look much better. I would go for the GS3 as far as build quality though.