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Recap: Everything You Need to Know About Verizon’s Share Everything Plans

After yesterday’s news that Verizon’s new Share Everything data plans would arrive by June 28, we dove into every nook and cranny of them to try and help you understand this drastic change in wireless carrier service. We talked about keeping unlimited data, pre-ordering the Galaxy S3, corporate discounts under the new structure, and even tossed together a step-by-step guide to help you decide if you would save money or not by switching off of your current plan. Since there was a ton of info out there, we thought we’d throw it together for you in one post for quick reference. 

  • Share Everything Basics:  This is our step-by-step guide to help you figure out how much money you would spend if you were to switch to a shared data plan. From what we have gathered over the last day and a half, these plans seem like they will benefit those that talk on the phone a lot and send thousands of text messages every month, but may not be the best thing for anyone who uses more than 2GB of data per month.
  • You Can Keep Unlimited Data:  Verizon told us a couple of weeks ago that you can keep your unlimited data plan even after they launch shared data and they weren’t lying. You can keep it, however, you will never be able to buy a subsidized/discounted phone again. If you want to keep your current plan, you will have to buy phones at full retail price.
  • Will You Save Any Money?:  We asked the DL community to take their current plan and calculate their bill as if they had switched over to a Share Everything plan to see if they would save money, spend more per month, or keep a similar bill. About 75% of you said that you would be paying more under Verizon’s incoming shared data plans, 17% will save money, and 8% will keep a similar bill.
  • Corporate Discounts and Tablets:  A source of ours shared the new policy on corporate discounts, which now includes only a discount on your data plan (which is account level) and not your individual line. If you had a $40 line access fee and a $70 2GB data plan, you would only see a discount off of that $70. Verizon has also decided to eliminate discounts from tablets, which makes sense since you can no longer buy them on contract.
  • Guide to Share Everything:  Here is a full guide to Share Everything plans, one that includes almost every single detail you could ever need to know.
  • Galaxy SIII Pre-orders:  Yes, you can pre-order the Galaxy SIII and keep your unlimited data plan. You need to do it before June 28 though, or you will be out of luck. Also, you may want to be careful pre-ordering through Best Buy, as their process is much different than Verizon’s.

The last question that we are seeking an answer on has to do with accounts that have multiple lines and upgrades at different times. What would happen if one of those lines uses an upgrade with Share Everything live? Does that force the entire account onto Share Everything or will just that single line move onto it? We have this question into Verizon already and are hoping to have something official back soon. Stay with us.

Other than that, do you feel like you have a better understanding of Share Everything? If not, be sure to drop your questions in the comments.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Isn’t this like a recap of the recap?

    • JDHokie

      A link roundup

  • CHRIS42060

    I do not get why a smartphone is $40 as opposed to $30. Having a smart phone does not enable a customer to make more calls or send more text messages. Plenty of basic phones have keyboards as well. It should be $30 across the board. My bill will still jump a good bit but it wouldn’t penalize the smartphone users who are going to spend more for the data packages anyway.

    • Because smartphone is more expensive.$40 is not just a service price, it’s a phone subsidy payoff.

  • moelsen8

    i have a better understanding now. I’m not switching plans.. ever. Thanks Verizon!

  • So right now my Bill is $80 per month. I use about 3gb of data so my bill would go up to $110 before fees and taxes.So lets say it ends up being $120 total. That is $40 more per month or $960 more over 2 years. So I am going to have to pay retail for any new phone so I can keep my unlimited plan and save about $400 over 2 years. The new plans are an epic fail.

  • I have a line that still has 3g unlimited, but the person doesn’t want a 4g phone… yet. At some point in the future when they want to upgrade to a 4g phone does the unlimited data stay if we purchase the phone a full retail?

    • Aryeh Hersh


  • Corporate customers look here!!!!

    I just spoke to my rep regarding our account (we have an NPT Legal account with 30+ lines). According to her, this change won’t affect us at all since we are on an account with over 10 lines and because we are corporate.

    So apparently, if you are on a corporate account you should be good to go with your unlimited data and upgrading phones without a problem.

  • Rich

    Well won’t all of you look stupid when they get rid of unlimited plans no matter how you try to trick the system, via buying a non subsidized phone or pre-ordering a phone… What does it take for you to understand, that the CEO of VZW said GRANDFATHERED UNLIMITED PLANS will go away period!!!

  • I just ordered my last new every two phone 🙁 The sad part is, I think I have used 2GB of data once, and most of the time I have used around 1GB. But the near-future will require significantly more data consumption and anyone who adopts the shared data plans will be hating life then. Of course, Verizon could probably extinguish the unlimited plans not on contract any time they want… Ah well, 6 month old used phones from here on out. The handset makers can’t be happy about this.

  • steve0617

    Anybody know what the ‘Share Everything Basic’ is? Slide five from http://goo.gl/fJGOL It says you can ‘add $10/1000 text feature’ to it, which wouldn’t make sense because if you had a Basic phone even with no data, wouldn’t that *still* be unlimited minutes and text? Or are you *forced* to get at least a 1 gig data plan (which then obviously includes the unlimited mins/text) even with a basic phone?

  • Buy This

    So since I have two phones (my mom and I) on my family plan thats 80. Plus 80 for 6 gb of data when we use just under 4gb between us. Our bill drops from 210 to 160. I must be doing something wrong because Verizon cannot possibly be saving us money.

  • SubMatrix

    For those of you that preordered through Best Buy, did you do it online? I checked the website and I don’t even see an option to preorder a Verizon S3…only Sprint and ATT. Did you guys do it over the phone or in store or something?

  • vega25

    What you are not saying anywhere is what happens to people to choose to keep their plan for now, and NOT change/upgrade their phone when the phones become eligible for a change. For those people, like my household where we are perfectly happy with our Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound, nothing will change. We will keep our lower monthly access charges and our unlimited data plans. So this entire conversation on droidlife.com just caters to people who’re spending $200 or more on phones every few years.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Great point Your Grace, the king of the obvious!! Why not point out it only caters to verizon customers and not AT&T or sprint customers. It also does not affect people in Canada or the Amish who don’t use cell phones.

      • vega25

        Are you serious @google-2a13402b5f6f3cfb75200d066edf52a0:disqus? Nowhere was it obvious to me in this entire coverage by DroidLife that “not doing anything” was an option. Look at their latest poll, they don’t even give people that option to choose from.

        • Aryeh Hersh

          Read the article and maybe you will see that not doing anythign is an option.
          “Share Everything Basics: This is our step-by-step guide to help you figure out how much money you would spend if you were to switch to a shared data plan.”
          It’s always “if you switch” not when.

    • Derek Gelinas

      You’re perfectly satisfied with your nearly top of the line phones that are less than one year old? How novel. You’re clearly superior to the rest of us who want nice phones…. somehow.

      • Chidoro42

        I was thinking the same thing. It’s not exactly a big deal if your phone is top of the line and less than 1 year. I’m trudging along on a droid 1 waiting on the razr hd. It crawls and I’ve been out of app space for at least a year

      • vega25

        Quite right, @google-8275126193e6ca67d746a59d92ed7e17:disqus. I am superior. Now run off and blow your money up.

  • Schafe

    What if i want to add a line. Not a smartphone, just a basic phone with no data. Will Verizon make me change my current unlimited plan on my 2 existing smartphones?

  • To everyone that begged verizon for shared data; thank you for screwing the vast majority of us over.

  • Dan Barr

    Did some research and its not a bad deal beacuse you get unlimited Talk and Txting but if you have a plan phone no bells and whistles you have to pay $30 for that line,no matter if the person uses a million minutes or 10 which is stupid

  • Based on the new info our monthly rate will drop by $70, since we aren’t big data users. I am assuming the surcharges, taxes, fees, etc… will still be about the same?

  • Jon

    You know what would dampen the sting of all of this nonsense….

    A) If Verizon would simply lower the price of the per smartphone fee. Even if it were $10 cheaper per line to $30 per smartphone, that would make a huge difference.

    B) If Verizon followed the T-Mobile way of simply throttling data back down to 2X speeds once your data limit is reached. That way you can still at least keep using your data, albeit ridiculously slow, after you have reached your max.

    It would be nice if the penalty for going over on data was super slow data rather than $15 / gig.


    Verizon – “It really is an old person’s nightmare.”

  • cowdog

    Scenario: I upgrade now on a family plan in order to keep unlimited data. Other family member is not up for an upgrade until the end of this calendar year. What happens when that person upgrades? Do we keep unlimited data for both phones? Or do we then get forced into Verizon’s new shared data plans?

    • AFAIK, you lose your unlimited data but get to keep your current plan without being put on the new shared plan. Or, you can choose to move over to the new plan. Either way you’re losing unlimited data if you do a subsidized upgrade after this month.

  • Detonation

    Is this CNN article correct? Its saying Verizon is doing away with tiered minutes and texts completely, not just for family plans. Every type of customer, individual lines or multiple, would move to these new shared plans.


    • Shiori

      It’s correct only for smartphones. Dumb phones can still get a 700 minute plan with pay as you go texting and data…for now.

  • Jeremy

    Do I have a better understanding? I wish I did, but Verizon’s reps are each giving me a different story every time. As a line on a family plan, this last unanswered question is the biggest issue, especially since a Rep has already told me any upgrade would hose my unlimited. Big V is close to losing my service if they cannot provide a clean answer.

  • superdry

    While the plans are still terrible and the last question in the article still needs to be answered, this new plan actually can save a family money if they don’t get a discount, already on a family plan with smartphones each wtih 2GB of data.

    With two smartphones – 700 min family plan, plus 1000 text message plan and 2GB of data is $149.99. The new plan is the same price (assuming you keep the same amount of data which would be the 4GB bucket) and you get unlimited minutes and text. No money really saved there unless you compare the current unlimited voice+text family plan to this new plan.

    But, once you move to three smartphones (move up to the 6GB data bucket) you save $20 a month compared to the family plan I mentioned previously (more if you’re on the current voice+text unlimited plan)

    So, the new plans look good on the surface for a family already on tiered data (unless you were able to get on the double data promo), but terrible for the lot of us here at Droid-Life with older contracts.

  • Can you clarify whether individual plans are going away or not? Does everyone HAVE to get a shared plan, or can an individual still opt for 2GB for $30? There has been a lot of misinformation / uncited information on this. I can’t imagine that Verizon actually got rid of the individual tiered data plans, considering how much more expensive the shared data plan would be for a single user / single device.

    • steve0617

      Are you an existing customer? Nothing changes right now. Or are you asking about new customers after 6/28? Because the second slide here ( http://goo.gl/fJGOL ) says all new customers can only access the new shared everything plans, even if they only have one device.

      • Shiori

        That’s a little misleading, though; I believe it’s referring to new customers that want to have multiple lines. According to the Verizon calculator, individual plans can be had that will be unlimited talk+text (you can’t get limited minutes for smartphones any more) for $70 + however much data you’ll need, starting at $30 for 2GB.

        • steve0617

          I think it’s the same Shared Everything plan whether you have one line or ten. There won’t be any of the old plans left for new customers.

          • Shiori

            You’re right, I just looked at the calculator again. It’s just confusing because their press release from yesterday mentioned the additional $30 for 2GB.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I asked Verizon last night that very question about what happens if we upgrade one of our phones. The response was this:
    “If you upgrade one of your lines then that line will be on its own cell plan outside the share talk plan you currently have.”

    My example is this:
    2 smart phones
    2 basic phones
    2 Unlimited data plans for the smart phones
    1 basic 75mb plan for one of my basic phones and zero data plan on the other.

    So for me the two basic phones are able to be upgraded soon so I asked what happens if i upgraded one of them? The reply was what i stated above.

    Never know though…you can call and talk to another Verizon CSR and you will get a very different reply.

    • Exact issue I had, one rep said something, other rep said the exact opposite.

      • CHRIS42060

        I was told one thing by general customer service, but told by a supervisor in the loyalty department if I upgrade a basic phone to a smartphone after June 28th. I can get a tiered data plan for that phone and keep unlimited on my current smartphone line. I wrote down the date, time, and his name. I also called to verifiy there was a supervisor with that name there. I want to make sure if they change their mind I am well documented that a representative (supervisor for that matter) told me something.

        • I have the chat log with a Verizon Customer Service person about them saying that if I upgrade after June 28th that my plan and my wife’s plan will not be affected because she is still on a her 2 year contract with unlimited data. They would NOT split the Unlimited contract and Shared Contract udner the same family share.

  • What will the Monthly Line Access charge be for a Home Phone Connect unit be? Still $10?

  • Aryeh Hersh

    Seems like switching one phone won’t affect all the others…then again the wording they used was kinda vague.


  • Tommy

    I want that question in the last paragraph answered VZW.

  • trixnkix637

    After running the numbers I’ll go from $70 a month to $120 a month to maintain the same plan & usage I’m accustomed to. Good ol’ Verizon. You can always count on them to molest your wallet without your permission. And then have them try to convince you that you wanted it & it’s what’s best for you.

  • Tom

    So sad, I’m not eligible until Dec. of this Year.

  • BKinDaHouse

    I’ve got 4 lines. 2 unlimited, 2 2GB plans. One of the unlimited lines
    is upgrade eligible and one of the 2GB plans is upgrade eligible. I’m
    planning on upgrading my OG droid unlimited line to S3. The 2GB plan has an Iphone 4s is not interested in new phone.

    If I get an ‘extra’ S3, how much do you think they’d will be worth at launch?

    • Less than the unsubsidized prize, I’d guess 😛

    • violator702

      I’m sure u could get 5 bills ez for it.

  • Stewie

    Here’s an idea for VZW – Let’s all pay for our actual useage per month, not what we expect to use. Now you don’t even have to set a limit on our data at all, just a FAIR per min/Kb …
    Wow, what a concept! Of course, then you can’t rape your customers any more on it.

    • I’m with you – I’ve been saying this for years.

    • What you want is ting.com. They re-sell Sprint service and only charge for what you use. If Sprint service is good enough for you it can be a great deal.

    • MKader17

      X2, and completely take away subsidized devices. Also, they could make “tiers” that make more data cheaper. Such as $15/gb for the first 2 and 10/gb after

  • S Bosworth

    Most customers wanted more minutes and texts for a better price. Not to further be raped on data. This is bullshit. How do they possibly consider $50 for 1GB of shared data as a deal. Not to mention what happens to customers with only one line but it’s a “smartphone”

  • What would happen if one of those lines uses an upgrade with Share Everything live? Does that force the entire account onto Share Everything or will just that single line move onto it?”

    I am super curious to hear the answer to this

    • I would like to hear this one too.

    • vzw sales rep joe

      It will force that line into a tiered data plan I.e.. 2gb/$30 unless u wanted to change the plan to a share everything plan.

      • CopierITGuy

        Thank you for clarifying, @5c44aa9672cd64305a264c73d5a5bb61:disqus ! People with only 1 line were freaking yesterday, thinking they were going to get forced into the Sharing Plan.

        People, the whole concept of sharing is based on multiple ‘devices’ sharing the plan. This WILL NOT be the only plan option. THERE WILL still be individual line plans like they have now with tiered data plans that are not shared.

        The only thing being taken away is the option to upgrade a device at a discounted rate AND keeping your unlimited data. You must choose one or the other.

        It still sucks, but it’s not as horrific as some have made it out to be.

        • steve0617

          “THERE WILL still be individual line plans like they have now with tiered data plans that are not shared.’

          For existing customers, yes. But new customers after the 28th, nope.

          • moelsen8

            can someone else confirm this? are you saying that every new customer after June 28th must be on a “Share Everything Plan”, regardless of whether they have an individual account with one line or a family? i didn’t read anything that made me think they’d be doing away with everything (for new customers) besides these new plans.

          • steve0617

            http://goo.gl/fJGOL – slide #2 – ‘For new consumer customers, Share Everything Plans are the only available plans.’

            Now, unless they left out ‘… except for customers who want more than one line.’

            But I doubt that as directly underneath that it says ‘New small business customers can choose from Nationwide Plans and Share Everything Plans.’

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but that means small biz people can choose one of the existing Nationwide Plans but they are going away for consumer customers.

          • moelsen8

            sh*t i missed that. what a crock.

          • VZWIndirect

            All the old plans will be gone after the 28th. If you do not take a subsidized phone upgrade, your plan will not change.
            For an individual line, for a new customer, after the 28th, you have 2 options. $40 for a 700 minute plan, with no texting (1000 texts for $10 can be added) and no data, or a $70 option with unlimited talk and text +300mb of data. The $70 plan is a “family” plan, as you can add addidtional phones for $30 each, and share the 300mb of data.
            What Dl has shown in the guide post, is all there will be. There are no other “plans” that will be in place after the 28th.

        • ScottyByrd

          That is not entirely true. There will be NO MORE plans after the 28th that have minutes except the one for a basic phone. You can still keep the plan you currently have as a current customer if you choose to. But the plans themselves will be gone. And like a rep told me yesterday that is the way it is RIGHT NOW. Kinda like hey you can keep your unlimited data because your grandfathered but then change the rules again and yank it.

  • Teabling

    The short answer is “Yes”. When I worked there, if one line was upgraded that required a new type of plan, the whole account would move over to the new type though no other contracts would be extended. Yes you do sign a contract for two years, but that is just that you agree to have an active account that long and that they won’t change it on you without your consent. By upgrading, you are consenting to the change. You are not forced to upgrade your line, you can buy at full price and keep you old account type.

    • VZWIndirect

      The real answer is no.
      If you have 5 lines on a current family plan, and you want to upgrade 1 of those lines, that line, and that line only would then be required to move to a new plan. If it were a smartphone, the minimum plan would be $40 for the phone, and $50 for 1gb of data. For a feature phone, you could go with the $40 700 minute no text or data plan.
      Essentially, you can have 2 different plans on the same account. Its not the cheapest way to go, but if you just want to preserve an unlimited plan, it is possible. Regardless of what your rep or customer service told you, this is the case. It is spelled out clearly in our documentation we recieved yesterday that “Everything” plans can coexist with current plans on the same account.

      • Teabling

        Really? wow they’ve changed that since I was there. Thanks for the update 🙂

  • Kayvon Khaledi

    I can confirm that if 1 line upgrades on a family plan, it will upgrade all lines. If it is a single line, it will only change that line if you upgrade. I spoke with Verizon for about an hour going back and forth with them and got is escalated to a mgr. I will be leaving Verizon. This is the final straw.




  • NAM37

    The problem with the “share everything” plan is that they are changing for the shared data AND the phone. If the monthly per phone cost was $10 it would be fine, but at $30 – $40 per phone they are destroying the idea of the shared data packages. (insert cake and eating it too line here)

    • Knlegend1

      You know that’s my only issue with it as well.

      • You failed to mention if you buy a phone at full price you will still have to pay that $40 a month. I mean seriously at what point should the charge for the phone drop off and why doesn’t it if you don’t upgrade after the subsidized term?

    • Asmodai

      The problem with that is that the phone fee is what they use to subsidize the phone. If you buy a $600 phone for $200 they need to make up that $400 difference over the life of the contract. At $10/month they wouldn’t be able to do that. I would think $20 would be sufficient though not $40 and if you bring your own phone the device fee should be waived leaving you with only the data charges.

      • Muzicman61

        yes, but they don’t pay $600 for those phones. In the quantity they order, they could give the phones away and still make profit.

        • Asmodai

          The Galaxy SIII is $700 off contract from AT&T according to Amazon. They have it discounted to $650. $10 per month for two years is only $240 (and really you don’t even have to go the full 24 months, I think you can upgrade after 20 but not positive). With the up front cost of $200 that brings the total price of the phone to $440. Now sure with the quantity AT&T or Verizon order they aren’t paying $700 but there is a good chance that $440 isn’t profitable for them. Plus typically when you pay for something over time (subsidized) you pay MORE than you would if you pay for it all up front not LESS so they have no reason to undercut the non-contract price. Want the cheapest price pay it all up front without a contract. Want the convenience of paying for it over a two year period then pay a bit more.

      • How come we used to pay only $10/month for an additional line on family plan? For any kind of phone. Yes, you had to pay $30 for unlimited data. So $40 included phone subsidy, phone service AND unlimited data. Now for $40 we only getting a phone and data is extra. It’s it a highway robbery?

        • Asmodai

          You paid $10 for an extra line because they made a killing on minutes and text messages. Now they can’t do that anymore because people who use a ton of those are avoiding paying by using things like Skype for voice and messaging so no minutes or texts are being sent. So they were pushing more people onto data which was unlimited and that just created more congestion. Now you get unlimited text and voice which means people should get off the data when all they want to use is text and voice so there should be less data congestion. Using Skype for voice calls when you have limited data and unlimited minutes doesn’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong though, I agree that $40/phone PLUS $50/1GB is over priced. My point was just that $10/phone is unreasonably low.

    • The real problem with “share everything” plan is that Verizon wants to squeeze more money from customers by providing false advantages like unlimited minutes (everyone I know is severely underutilizing theier minutes) and messages (that doesn’t cost Verizon much) while cutting on the real deal – data.
      This plan wasn’t designed to save customer money, it was designed to make people pay more.
      I had enough of this Verizon crap. When my contract is over, I’m going to prepaid GSM.

  • YankInDaSouth

    I called Verizon about making changes to my family plan … according to the woman I spoke with: I can still make changes to my plan (minutes and texts) and upgrade my wife’s (basic) phone at a discount without loosing my unlimited data (this is all after June 28th). She said the only why I’d loose unlimited data and get rolled into this new plan structure is if i upgrade my smartphone at the discounted price. I even asked about buying a new smartphone outright to avoid loosing unlimited and she confirmed.

    • YankInDaSouth

      Getting conflicting stories (go figure) … on with an agent via online chat now. According to them, changes to plan minutes/texts would indeed enroll you in the new structure (I kinda figured it would), however upgrading my wife’s phone at a discount still leaves my data unharmed.

      • LionStone

        Dang, that’s right…I definitely need to port my # over to Google Voice before the 28th, because that would be a change too and screw my Unlimited data.


    Preordered the Blue 32GB S3, wife isn’t going to be happy $299.59 is gone from my account. .. No corp discounts applied that completely sucks donkey…..hooves.

  • Does anyone know if one person on a family plan uses a subsidized upgrade after June 28, does only that one person use the “shared everything” plan or does the whole family plan and everyone on it with unlimited data get switched over automagically?

    Can’t seem to find an answer to that question….

    • RiotingPanda

      This is the last question DL asked and is trying to figure out. Just check back and you’ll probably get an answer 🙂

  • AlexKCMO

    A friend of mine asked me this yesterday, and I was 99% sure, but as the Ballpark Hotdog commercial teaches us, 99% sure is really I don’t know…

    Can you go from 3G to 4G unsubsidized and keep unlimited data? A friend of mine’s wife has a Droid X2 and does not want to upgrade. So we have 2 scenarios:

    1) He buys a 4G phone using her upgrade. I think this will upgrade her plan to include Unlimited 4G Data (where her plan now says “Unlimited 3G Data”). Then, if in a year she wants an upgrade, they can buy a 4G phone unsubbed with no problems. She would continue using her DX2 and my friend would activate the upgrade on his line.
    2) She buys her next phone unsubsidized in a year. She has to switch to Shard Data because she still has “Unlimited 3G Data” on her account.

    Do I have this correct?

    • Jon

      An individual plans data on 3G is not upgraded to 4G until you actually activate a phone on the line that is 4G. And not only must you activate that phone, you must keep it on that line to keep the 4G plan. If you switch your phone on a line back to 3G, or if you simply don’t activate a 4G phone on a 3G line, then your line will not be considered a 4G line.

      Verizon has specifically stated that after the cutoff date, that they will be forcing anyone that switches from 3G over to 4G onto the new shared data structure.

      So in a nutshell, you better get all the lines that you care about over to 4G now. You can do that by buying used 4G phones. As soon as the Galaxy SIII is released, and even now, the used prices of all 4G smartphones are dropping rapidly. You can easily pick up a Droid Charge, Droid Bionic or some slightly older phone for less around $200 if you look intently and also check out swappa.com

  • That is my big ?, wife is on 2 year contract, I am up for upgrade. We have a family share and if I upgrade AFTER june 28th, what happens to my plan and hers since she has unlimited until next year? Verizon Rep told me it will ALL be switched over to Shared and online customer service said I would not be affected… awesome.

  • brewersfan73

    Thank you for compiling this information. DL has been my one-stop shop for all of the Verizon info over the last day. I’ve got an upgrade due for my wife & I (currently DroidX), and unfortunately we’ll need to jump on the GSIII instead of waiting for the RAZR HD. Thanks for helping the community by staying up to date on all of this info.

    • Jon

      Just so you know, Verizon allows you to purchase a phone using any one of your New Every Two lines when they are ready, and then you are free to actually activate the phone and use it on any of your lines, not just the line you used for the upgrade.

      So you could buy the Galaxy S III for yourself using your wife’s upgrade. Just let Verizon know that’s what your going to do so they program you SIM card for the appropriate line.

  • mikesuds

    Why do the large images used in the posts on DL always link only to the image file, especially when it doesn’t add anything to the article? It seems like at least from the front page, it should link to the article itself, same as clicking on the title. This has always bothered me. Sorry!

  • fauxshizzl

    Sorry if this question too has already been addressed, but what about those who currently have a dumb phone and want to upgrade, or are just joining Verizon. Do they still offer the single line packages, and if so, are they the same as they were prior to this? I think the double data deals are all done now, but that aside, the same as they were. Or is it all shared now regardless of whether or not you have multiple lines or devices?

    • PC_Tool

      Their previous single-line packages remain unchanged.

      • steve0617

        Perhaps if you already have an existing line that you wish to upgrade, but the second slide of the link I posted says nothing other than shared line for new customers, regardless of device counts.

        • PC_Tool

          I don’t have the log, unfortunately, but a chat with a VZW rep confirmed, to me at least, that the single-line pricing was unaffected by the new share plans.

          I would hazard to guess (and don’t flame me, it’s only a guess) that anything in that pamphlet refers solely to customers opting for a family plan, and not single-line/device customers.

          • steve0617

            No flame, I’m trying to understand too. But the second slide says for new customers, share everything is the *only* available plans. Meaning (it seems) they are completely eliminating all the current plans and going full unlimited minutes/texts plus how much data you want, regardless if you actually need unlimited mins/texts. At least that’s how I’m reading it.

            New customers after the 28th only of course and no forced changes for existing customers is how I read it.

          • Shiori

            I really think the slides are referring to how Share Everything is replacing Family Plans. If you use the calculator on Verizon’s site, you’ll get the pricing I mentioned above.
            ($100/month for 1 smartphone, unlimited talk+text+2GB data; $150/month for 2 smartphones, unlimited talk+text+1GB data)

            EDIT: Nope, you’re right. It mentions “shared data” in the calculator, and the prices add up ($40 for the phone + $60 for 2GB of data). That being said, their press release explicitly mentions adding 2GB for $30, so who knows.
            Either way, the dumb phone pricing is right.

      • Shiori

        More or less. Dumb phones get the option of 700 minutes for $40, or unlimited talk+text for $70, and you can add a line (of another dumb phone) for $30. It looks like individual smartphones are getting the unlimited talk+text option ONLY, plus however much data you’ll need (starting at $30 for 2GB).

        Ergo, where you can currently have a single smartphone for $80, if you use limited minutes/texts, you are being shoved into unlimited talk+text, and can no longer have a smartphone for less than $100/month under the new plans.

    • steve0617

      As I read this ( http://goo.gl/fJGOL ), there will be NO single line packages available like there are now. After the 28th, even as a new customer, you will HAVE to pick a shared line package, even if you only have a single line and one device.

  • but this is only for family plans, right?

  • Marcus Jones

    With all due respect…and remember I’m saying with all due respect. The thought of Verizon’s shared data plans aren’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on.

    • TheWenger

      Ricky Bobby?

    • Shake n’ Bake

      It’s in the Geneva Convention.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Is it worth a velvet painting of dogs playing poker?

  • Corey Hass

    I am curious to know the answer to that question you have to Verizon now. I currently have a single line, but need to add a second line. To do this, I am planning to re-new my contract to get a new RAZR MAXX which will be the phone for the new line. Once the RAZR HD comes out, I want to sign that second line in to a contract to buy the HD subsidized. So hopefully I can maintain my first account as unlimited data…but I am not sure how all of this works. I struggled yesterday with Verizon techs and they knew nothing.

    • Joe

      As long as the phones are not on the same account you can maintain your unlimited data on your Razr maxx. If you add a second line to the same account then you will be losing your unlimited data on your Razr Maxx and it will be sharing data with your new line.

    • bsteen

      Also interested. I have four lines on a family plan, three smartphones and one feature phone. What happens to that feature phone line if I want to upgrade to a smart phone before June 28, and what will happen after that?

  • Jaymes

    Nope still sounds like a load of crap.

    • soremekun

      Customers wanted this? Let’s have a poll on DL and see what THESE customers prefer!

      • Supes

        My Wife and I both have smart phones but don’t even use 1 Gb of data a month each. Even if we get the 6 Gb plan to share we’ll save almost $30 a month with this new structure. Seems to me the majority of people out there use a LOT more data and those are the ones that will pay more. That being said, I think that is the whole point. Verizon want the people who USE more data to PAY MORE for it. That’s why we’ll pay less than other people, because we use less.

        • lonz77

          Not really true. I have a family share plan with 1 smart phone and 3 regular phones. Even if I opted for the lowest data tier my bill would go up substantially.

          • moelsen8

            yeah seriously. even if i was on 2gb now (i still have unlimited… and i don’t abuse it..!) my bill would be jacked up by a lot.

        • You probably have plan with lots of minutes and messages.
          People who have minimal minutes and no messages on their plans are to pay more with this shared plan, no matter how much data they use.

        • I think a lot of concern is also the state of the future as oppose to the state of now. Everything is going cloud based video chat is being pushed, video and games will be stream-able etc. eventually almost anything and everything will have something to do with data it seems. Just my opinion, for this reason I’m keeping the unlimited plan

      • But you gotta understand, people on this site don’t reflect the general population or typical VZ customer. People here likely use more data and less voice on average as well as more likely to be on their own single plan. For me and my 6 lines and setup, it actually saves me $.

  • soremekun

    This confirms I will be getting a GS3 and not a Droid Razr Maxx HD. Sorry Moto, blame it on Verizon. I have to use my last subsidy and keep unlimited data. Too bad I can’t use my last new every 2 discount of $100 since my NE2 date is July 3….. ugh.

    • Lakerzz

      ^ this

    • Jon

      Is Verizon still giving out NE2 discounts? I’m so confused. I see some people online getting them. I feel like I haven’t got a NE2 discount in years! Why is that? Why do some people get them, and others don’t?

      • Guest

        Yeah, I am curious too. They gave me some measly $30 discount (which just cancelled out the new $30 upgrade fee) as a loyalty incentive or some, so I am confused by the $100 I have seen cited.

        • michael arazan

          used ne2 back in january. i’ve heard its cancelled, but that was a rumor, i’d think it still work b4 plans kick in

    • Beka27

      How do you find out your NE2 date?

    • Call Verizon and ask them to change your upgrade date. Ask for the ‘Loyalty Department’. If you are within 30 days of your upgrade, which you are, they should honor it, and make you eligible now. Thats what I did. Worked out well.

      • Maggs

        I asked online in Verizon and they checked my account, I’m not due for an upgrade until the beginning of August 2012 (it’s a 3rd line) and they said no, couldn’t do anything.

    • SubMatrix

      There was someone on another DL post that said he was able to move up his upgrade date to now even though it was originally supposed to be in December…yes thats 6 months early. Just call and complain about your situation, the reps are actually quite helpful and personable in my experience and you can often get hookups.

      Most of them actually know less about the new shared data plans than us well informed DL readers so they sympathize with our frustration and confusion.

      • bsteen

        It depends entirely on who you talk to. Last Christmas I was trying to move up my eligibility date for one of my four lines by just two weeks so I could get a new phone for one of my kids for Christmas. I talked to three different reps, retention reps and supervisors, sent several emails to Verizon and sent an actual snail-mail letter, and was told every time that it was not possible. Then I called back one more time and got a rep who said, “sure, no problem,” took my credit card number and shipped the phone right out.
        Morale of the story with Verizon: If you don’t like the answer you get, keep calling back until you get a different answer.

    • Just bought my GSIII today. Will cancel if the Moto happens to be able to be ordered before the drop-dead date…. or I may send the GSIII back and pay the restocking fee should it come out within the return time.

      • bsteen

        I think I saw somewhere in the Verizon literature that if you return a phone for an exchange after the deadline you have to go to the Share plan, but if you return a phone and reactivate your old phone you can keep unlimited. I’d double check this before you commit to something.

        • That would be quite lame. I would do the transaction over the phone to be sure. Thanks for giving me that consideration.

    • soremekun

      Preordered via phone. My NE2 was moved up and I paid $186 for the 32GBcheck version.