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Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available Through Google Play Store

Google announced this afternoon that they are going to sell more than just devices in the Google Play store. That’s right, accessories will also be a part of the deal. For those that own a GSM or HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, you can pick up the HDMI portrait desktop dock (our review), the landscape pogo dock (our review), or the 3-pin car mount for fairly reasonable prices. We have seen the pogo dock through Samsung being sold for as much as $90, yet Google is willing to go as low as $54.

You’ll notice at all of the product pages that these are likely not compatibile with the LTE Galaxy Nexus. Sorry, folks.

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Cheers Keith, Mike, and Chris!

  • I don’t understand why the upright USB dock wouldn’t work on the LTE version. What’s the difference?

  • CheeseMcGee

  • This whole car dock issue has me just a little upset. Scratch that – I’m pissed off. So far I’ve called Verizon (no use) and two numbers at Samsung (less than no use) and haven’t got an answer. I called Google Play and they said that their dock definately won’t work with the Verizon phone. I’ve also placed a comment on the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page which was answered with “stay tuned for updates”. They may be the largest maker of Android phones at this point, but I seriously doubt that I’ll be buying another one after this. Motorola and HTC may have their problems, but at least they know how to make a car dock available.

  • Phil

    will the car dock work with an extended battery?

  • RGiskard

    So the LTE Nexus fits the GSM car dock (and pogo pins work), but does anyone know if the same is true for the landscape dock? That’s the one I’m hoping to get (for less than the insane $90 Sammy wants)…

  • motrain

    Anyone know if the Pogo desktop dock will work with the Verizon Nexus?

    • KnowYourEnemy462

      From what I’ve read on XDA, some modification is necessary because the VZW Nexus just pops out of the dock unless you hold it down. Might not be worth the trouble.

  • Finally, <3 Google. Now to get someone to order it over in the US and send it to me :(.

  • Proto Iyer

    From the HDMI portrait desktop dock review (done during March 2012) linked to from this article: “Until a developer finds a way to unlock full HDMI mirroring capabilities, the HDMI-out portion is essentially worthless for every day use”. Can someone confirm whether the HDMI portrait dock from Google has full HDMI mirroring capability or not? Thanks.

  • I guess the pogo plug is kinda cool but I just use a generic dock with a NFC tag. When I put the phone in my dock it scans the tag and uses tasker to launch my car dock app, turns on my GPS and gets my location, turns on BT, and turns off wifi. Of course I have to manually connect my cables but considering that setup only cost me the cost of tags and an app (and never having to buy another dock) I’d consider it worth it.

  • I don’t understand why the upright USB dock wouldn’t work on the LTE version. What’s the difference?

  • Why would i buy accessories for a phone that doesn’t work correctly?

  • EC8CH

    Seriously… how efin’ hard would it have been to make the GSM version 0.5mm thicker than it had to be so that the two version would be exactly the same dimensions and we wouldn’t have to deal with this $h!t?

    • NemaCystX

      Could be a way for carriers to keep in control of what accessories are available for it, thus the GSM version only getting that benefit.

    • Trevor

      I agree with this completely. They could have used the extra space in the GSM version to beef up it’s battery a little bit or something. It would have made everyone’s lives easier if the phones just had the same dimensions. Craziness Samsung, craziness.

  • Typical Google minion says:

    I will purchase very expensive accessories for a phone that I will want to replace next month. I will then comment on how expensive apple devices and accessories are.

  • EC8CH

    First I was like YEEEEAH!

    Then I was like ()#W*&^@#_)&#%

  • Detonation

    So it sounds like the car dock fits the VZW version…anyone know if the landscape pogo dock also does?

    • NemaCystX

      landscape dock was built with both gsm/lte and extended batteries in mind

  • HuskerHog

    I don’t see a place on Google Play mobile to obtain the accessories.

  • moelsen8

    Jesus christ

  • For those of you wondering, It has been confirmed on XDA today by multiple users that the LTE Gnex will fit in the GSM car dock.

    • NemaCystX

      It might fit but does the Pogo pins make contact? I saw comparisons that show the LTE version and GSM versions are slightly mis-aligned.

      • Confirmation on XDA is that it fits and the pogo pins work, both for charging and audio.

        • NemaCystX

          *Runs to buy before its sold out*

        • ckeegan

          Sure hope it’s true, since I just ordered the car dock for my Verizon GNex.

        • adsf

          Confirmation where? Care to share a link?

    • siphyn

      That was the first thing on my mind. Thank you for quickly confirming this and saving me the time of searching.

    • adsf

      Where? I looked in the XDA forum specifically for Galaxy Nexus Accessories, and there is only one thread about Google’s sale of the accessories, and the only comment about whether the LTE fits mentions that it does not.

      See: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1338
      See: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1682846

  • RedPandaAlex

    No chargers or batteries? Boooo

  • Christopher Heuer

    Please someone get the car dock and tell us if it can be made to work with the VZW g-nex…

  • BrianLipp

    Ok Google, we get it, you dont like Verizon that much. But do you have to punish its customers? Just please play a little ball and get us another Nexus? Please??

    • TheWhiteLotus

      That was 100% Verizon’s fault. I’m a Verizon customer and will be paying my ETF and leaving asap and hope Google never does business with them again.

    • r0lct

      I have feeling most, if not all, will work with the LTE GN. I think this is more political as they are focused on the GSM version only.

  • Is it safe to say that Google and Samsung don’t truly stand behind the LTE variant? The only thing we really have accessories wise is cases and cables.

    • Cowboydroid

      They already said they don’t consider it a true Nexus. Verizon is the only one to blame here. I’m done with them as soon as this contract is up.


    gonna try out the car dock anyways for VZW Nexus!

  • azndan4

    HMM… I wonder who we have to blame for these accessories not being available for our VZW Galaxy Nexuses?

    • SeanBello

      probably Google, Samsung, or anybody else that’s not them like everything else.

  • Travis Keany

    I have the same question as several others — will the VZW Nexus fit in the pogo car dock? Anyone know?

    • No it will not. The GSM/HSPA variant is thinner, therefore the dock was made specifically for that device.

      • Travis Keany

        only 0.5mm of difference though… so little! You’re certain?

        • 4n1m4L

          I have.one ordered from expansys. I will.post a short video on here when it gets here

      • therefore your face makes me want to punch a baby.

      • guy above says it will:

        “Russell Sakolsky • 3 hours ago • Hide
        For those of you wondering, It has been confirmed on XDA today by multiple users that the LTE Gnex will fit in the GSM car dock.”

    • It has been reported on both XDA and by Expansys that it will fit and the pogo pins do line up. It fits because the phone is grabbed from the outer edges and not from the front, and the Length and Width of the phones are the same.

      • adsf

        Why do you keep saying that and not providing a link? Others on XDA are saying it does not fit, while others are saying it fits, but very poorly (i.e., volume rockers not lining up). Please show us a link to the evidence (not saying I don’t believe you). Your comments alone may make hundreds of people buy the dock only to find out it doesn’t fit. (P.S. – I want it to fit, but won’t buy until I see evidence that it does.)

        • The only thing that is being said is that the volume rocker doesn’t line up completely, not that big a deal, take an exacto knife and shave it down a mm… if you don’t want to do that, don’t buy it, other than that minor issue it fits almost perfectly.

  • Matt Gondek

    Kellex, you tease you…

  • MikeCiggy

    Holy crap! The car dock. I never thought I’d see it…

  • BoozeRob

    I wonder if you could wedge the LTE version in there…. same pogo dock right? Only issue is thickness?

    • NemaCystX

      according to some guys on XDA, the only issue is the Volume rocker lining up right, the thickness is not an issue on the GSM car dock.

      and you need two special APK’s to use the dock, which XDA has as well

      Here are the two APK files someone dumped from their GSM GalaxyNexus

  • right before i sent in the tip i got real excited and was gonna get the car dock, and then realized it wasnt for LTE.. i should have just expected that.. what else is new!?

  • GSM versions you say? -_-

  • Hydera5

    I was really looking forward to using HDMI with my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA) and had no luck with the mhl adapters out there already… oh well more waiting.

    • Chris Wilkey

      monoprice mhl works great and about $12 shipped

    • hothfox

      There’s an official Samsung one that works. I also bought a third-party one for like $15 that works great. I did have to plug things in in a specific order though.. 1) plug charger into adapter (to power it) 2) plug adapter into phone 3) plug hdmi cable into adapter and TV. If I don’t do it in that order, the TV doesn’t see the hdmi input.

  • jaredgreenwald

    Were these compatible with the VZW GNex I would have already bought both the desktop and car docks.

    • Robhimself79

      I know right!? Does Samsung not think we will buy these?!

    • Trevor

      Me too. Even at $54 a pop.

      • jeffxallen

        After shipping ($10.50!) and tax ($4.68) it is $69.18 when I try and buy it. Yikes.

        • Trevor

          Ouch, that sucks big time. Not sure these docks are worth $70. I’d probably buy them anyway if they fit the LTE version though, simply because I’m sick of being dockless for so long.