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Comcast Releases XFINITY TV Player on Android, Watch Thousands of ON Demand Shows From Anywhere

Over the last year or so, Comcast released a couple of XFINITY apps that were nothing more than glorified TV guides or DVR managers. The one feature that would have actually made them useful on a regular basis, ON Demand streaming, was left out. That is until today. Comcast pushed the XFINITY TV Player app to the Play store, giving customers access to all of their favorite shows from anywhere in the world. It works over WiFi or a data connection, and does it flawlessly. I fired up the app for a few minutes and was watching old Eastbound & Down videos within seconds. Thanks, Comcast.

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  • Selina Button

    Geesh, I’ve been able to go anywhere in the world with my Dish Remote Access app for the past couple of years when I got a Sling Adapter. I’m surprised that it’s taken Comcast so long to release a similar app, and that they weren’t able to make one app to do everything. Maybe I’ve been working for Dish for so long that I’ve forgotten that not all TV providers are able to produce innovative technology on a consistent basis the way Dish does.

  • Jumbo McNasty

    I don’t subscribe to HBO – but I can stream Game of Thrones, Sopranos etc…thanks!!! (for now)

  • Sporttster

    Forget Comcrap. I switched to Dish and have access to ALL my programming PLUS the huge 2 TB DVR Hopper. ANYTHING I’ve recorded I have access to remotely on my Razr or my Galaxy Tab. Live TV, all of it. I told Comcrap when I left them this was one of the reasons I left. Tired of waiting for access to my programming on mobile.

  • Greg Smith

    Streams smoothly on my GNex over Wi-Fi. Looks great. Shrinks the on screen buttons, but leaves the gray dots, so not utilizing 100% of the screen size. Only thing I miss is no “resume” feature or recently played list. If you stop in the middle of of a show, tough luck.

    • Tyler

      While i was testing it out i stopped in the middle of a movie and when it brought me back to the page it said resume. I don’t know how long it stays there but there is resume.

  • pilot25

    In other news, people still have comcast.

  • feztheforeigner

    Come on Verizon! Follow their example so I can stream your on demand service!

  • jnmigr

    Optimum need copy this!

  • Kevin Wright

    Root request for me too on Thunderbolt.

  • Charlie

    Installed and working without a hitch on my Droid Razr. No SU requested. It does not appear to be the full ON Demand selection, but what is available streams smoothly. Great video.

  • paul_cus

    Oh happy day. Finally. Thanks, Comcast.

    • Tcali

      I know, right!

  • njbuzz

    Its requesting Super User permission…

  • Jessica Casteel

    now question is will it work in my area or not. cause I was unable to use the DVR manager app because my box was not compatible, and this area won’t we upgraded for a long time


    and it doesn’t blog video out like HBO Go does!



    • looking for confirmation on this myself….someone post after they have tested the video out.

  • Dan Lopez

    Crap I actually allowed SU access. SHould I be worried?

    • ya me too….anyone?

      • noyfb

        Its freaking comcast, they probably want to see if you watch their shows elsewhere so they can close down that site and sue everyone watching their shows elsewhere on the web

    • Joe

      I went to my app list, found the app, cleared data and cache and then uninstalled. Went back and installed the app and was able to deny SU access

  • When I started this app on my Verizon Gnex running AOKP build 37, it asked for root permission. Anyone else?

    • Yeah same on my TF300 rooted i just denied it and it still worked lol. I wonder if it was just checked to see if our device is rooted

    • ChuckDz3

      Yep me too. Nexus AOKP M5

    • Tcali

      It has not asked for root on my Droid, (yes I still have it), is it possible that this is occurring only on devices with ICS?

    • Josh

      Happened on my tbolt running 2.3

  • Working great on the TF300

  • derekross

    Sadly the press release images showed The Walking Dead and other shows which are not available.