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Infographic Shows Us How Confusing and Convoluted This Whole Patent War Is

This whole battle of tech intellectual property is getting, or has gotten, out of hand. It seems that every company that you know the name of is suing or is being sued for something that they have done. Most notably for readers of this site though, is the attack on Android from all sides. Visual.ly has massed together some of the numbers and has put their infographic spin on it, and the whole thing looks just as confusing as you would expect.

Laying it all out helps, but not much. Each company has different suits spiraling outwards in different directions and with different number of cases. The graph even accounts for how many patents are involved and which companies are suing each other. One side of the circle with some of the most traffic is Apple’s corner whose lines can be traced to Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Don’t forget, Microsoft is right in the thick of it as well.

The most recent effect we have seen of this patent battle was the stalling of HTC devices arriving from coming through customs due to an ITC investigation thanks to Apple. With Samsung and Apple agreeing to talk things over, if we see some agreement between them could we see a disarmament of patent wars?

Via: Phone Arena | Visual.ly

  • Adam Elghor

    Google isn’t suing anyone!!!!

  • chssmsterwnook

    Since when is Google suing HTC?

    • Thechaps

      Their not that Grey area is “treaty” area means they are Selling Patents.

      Read the KEY

  • Alex M

    that’s why apple is not allowed in my home

  • I was expecting way more things going to and from google

  • AlwaysAndroid

    Well at least we can cross one off of that list now (Google-Oracle).

  • BobABooey

    Sue everyone

  • Droidzilla

    Finally; a graphic that shows counter suits instead of simply suits. Makes the whole picture very clear, doesn’t it?

  • I wish this graph could also show royalties for patents, this would make Microsoft look just as bad if not worst than Apple.

    • Raul

      Or actually show what companies are working with who, such as samsung making chips for the ones they’re suing or vice versa…..ridiculous…

      I think at one point they’re going to realize it’s stupid and will just set standards for their patents, united organization balancing everything out or something,….or this might just keep going on forever….maybe apple will sue everyone at one point and try to get everyone’s patents. Who knows.

  • Stewie

    What Apple is just starting to realize is that they can lose some of these battles, and in that, they lose the ability to sell their product in a certain region …

  • Michael Johnson

    Google is suing HTC???

    • MKader17

      Re-read the graphic. Google is selling a patent to HTC.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Pretty obvious which company is making things the messiest.

  • Scott Willenborg

    That graphic makes @pple look like a bunch of A-holes.

    • LiterofCola

      But! But! the iPhone was the first smartphonez!!!

      • Like Neil Armstrong was the second man on the moon

        • Michael

          WTF? AOL? what the does AOL have to do with smartphones?

    • Chuckers

      Something we already knew…

    • feztheforeigner

      Shows who they really are. It’s not the graphic, it’s the company…

  • David H.

    so all of the lawsuits combined are for fewer than 200 patents…
    there seriously has to be a better way

  • Paul Rogo

    I like how Apple has the most lawsuits, what does that say?

    • Brenderen

      says double-post!

  • I guess the Motorola line in the treaty territory should be changed to Google suing itself now.

    • Considering the number of patents Google is getting this graphic makes it clear that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility was a good move.

      • You got it. That is absolutely the primary reason Google bought them.

    • MKader17

      Moto isn’t suing Google and Google isn’t suing Moto. You comment doesn’t make any sense

      Moto is acting separately from Google and they are still “selling” their patents to Google. There is no suing involved.

      • Sorry bit of a slip there. I should have said “I guess the Motorola MOBILITY line in the treaty territory should be changed to Google SELLING PATENTS itself now”

        Thanks for the correction. I’ll also submit that I tried to clarify my comments in a post below but that may not have been evident when initially reading the post.

        • DickyDarko


  • nwd1911

    2 things:
    1) Just because you can, does not mean that you should.
    2) It appears Apple is way more involved than any other company. You pick on other people and they will fight back.

  • Paul

    I like how Apple has the most lawsuits, what does that say?

    • Because Apple specializes in “user experiences” and aesthetics and not so much the core technology underneath. If you patent user actions, how can others not copy you? It would be like patenting the steering wheel in a car. Sure there are other ways to turn a car, but none of them are practical.

      • ERIC REED
        • according to the article they also were granted 21 patents in a single week. I think im going to sue them for filing too many patents and trying to take over the world.

      • sk3litor

        Exactly. By apples line of thinking we would all be driving Ford model t’s. Or would it be the model w by now

        • No, we’d all be driving modern cars. But the steering wheel would be a horizontal rod that you slide back and forth, the wheels would be pogo sticks, the doors would be on the roof (if Apple hasn’t already patented the idea of doors entirely), and the seats would be wooden stools.

          • sk3litor

            Ha ha right?Wait that sounds like my first car when I was sixteen. Ahh the memories 😛

          • Cowboydroid

            But that’s innovation!

    • Droidzilla

      Looking at the mess that is Apple and the relative calm that is Google and it’s no wonder I like to support Google over Apple. I’m a consumer first so I’ll go with whomever gives me the most bang for my buck, but I can actually get behind Google more for their business practises.

      By the way: the phrase “more bang for your buck” should be used by a hooker in a competitive area. Great marketing, that.

      • Diablo81588


      • Apple probably has a patent on that and will sue her