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Bootloader Unlock Application Made Available for the Asus Transformer Pad

This only reaffirms that Asus is a true class act. Starting now, owners of the Transformer Pad TF300 can download a simple apk file from the Asus website and use it to unlock their tablet’s bootloader. Of course, they warn you that by doing so, you void your warranty. Hey, that’s the price people will pay to have freedom. Here’s looking at you, “Googorola.”

Download here

Via: Android Police

  • Dear Motogoo, please take note.

  • Davis Darvish

    while i commend asus on releasing a booloader unlocking app, they still do it in a way that has made me not unlock my device, at least not yet.. with all the wifi, gps issues i have on my transformer prime i dont feel comfortable voiding my warranty yet… also they do not release stock firmware images that people can flash using nvflash in case things go wrong. that would go a long way to make the tablet almost brick proof.

  • ostensibly

    I wonder if they’ll unlock the Prime now.

  • mildlyobsessive

    why do I have this nagging feeling that thats not how the phrase “here’s looking at you” is supposed to be used?

  • Higher_Ground

    Nice, but to be quite honest, i don’t think I’ll be needing to unlock it any time soon. This thing is awesome and can do pretty much anything I need it to right out of the box. I’m sure there will be some nice ROMs down the road but for now ICS with ASUS’ touches suites me just fine.


  • My D3 is already forgotten about and sucks, let me unlock my shat Motorola!

  • Can’t wait for TWRP and CM9/AOKP to start rolling in. If anyone is planning on purchasing this at BB, they have the 16gb on display for $379, but not the 32gb version which is only $399. Make sure you ask them for the 32gb version. My local BB tried to give me the 16gb when I asked for the 32gb…so make sure it’s the right one before they ring you up.

  • Asus is honestly my favorite manufacturer. I haven’t bought an Android device from them yet, but my last 3 laptops have been from them, and before that all my motherboards were Asus when I would build a computer.

    I’m waiting for that 7 inch $250 or $199 Nexus tabe they were talking about at CES.

  • jak_341

    Asus and Samsung are the real players in Android today. I wish Google would sole source them for tablets and phones respectively and forget about everyone else.

    • evileclipse

      Hahaha!!!! Are you serious? Then noone would ever have a radio that was even worth flashing. Just kidding, kind of. I’m guessing you own a device from both of these manufacturers? Asus is on the bottom of the pile, no matter how you look at it. Two successful products does not equal success.

  • SD_Scott

    YES!!! Now all I’m waiting on is some AOKP love…

    • New_Guy

      Indeed =)

  • Stewie

    and where did my 1st non offensive comment go?

    • Stewie

      interesting, seems refreshing the browser takes a while for disqus …. oych.

  • Stewie

    Meh, nice, but should they have a way back if they want?

    • New_Guy

      It’ll be here sooner than later

      • Haha, not really. The tool sends your Serial to Asus which then unsubscribes you from their OTA updates as well as saying that you’re “Permanently” locked. There’s no real Locking and going back like the Xoom had. A shame really.

        • New_Guy

          I’m sure some smart developer will figure it out and post it up in XDA somewhere; I just know it =)…

  • Oreoman


  • New_Guy

    Asus is really doing it right these days. And I have to say that I messed with the Pad 300 for a while and the thing is smooth as butter. This is likely my next toy.

  • Stewie

    Kinda awesome, did you read the agreement you are making though? Now we know it kills the warrenty, no issues there, but basically users wouldn’t have a way to go back (and there may be reasons for doing so moving forward). Should those users jump without a net?
    I say go for it! The community is better than anything else out there.

  • sc4fpse


    Well done, Asus.

  • Always love the Asus.