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Did the Latest Google Maps Update Break Voice in Navigation?

After the last Google Maps update rolled out, we received an email here or there from users who had noticed that when using turn-by-turn navigation, that the voice was no longer saying street names. Instead, the voice was simply saying “Turn right” or “Turn left.” You can imagine how frustrating this would be for daily users who are actually looking at the road when driving, rather than at their navigation device.

We were unable to replicate the issue on any of our devices (One X or Galaxy Nexus) and have had no problems with navigation. However, after cruising through the comments in Play Store listing of the app, it’s clear that many are.

So we thought we would bring it up to ask if your Google Maps is having voice navigation issues, and if so, have you been able to fix it?

Cheers Scott!

  • Maps Voice not Working?

    Last week I thought voice stopped working,but in a completely quiet environment I could hear the voice was still speaking, although inaudible with car noise around. Found out that in the newer updated the volume of the voice is governed by the volume setting in Music. Go there, crank the volume way up, and see if that fixes silent voice problem. It did mine.

  • Mine just keeps telling me “turn right at Boughton Road..” NO MATTER WHERE I”M GOING! That’s all she says, the same thing, no matter where I’m driving too!

  • Emily Smythe

    Recently, my voice navigation has stopped working completely and even the map doesn’t like to follow me as I am driving. I’ve been looking all over for a fix, but I can’t seem to find one.

  • Greg

    I have problems for sure since the update. It’s however just the female voice switching back and forth form the old voice to the new. I’ll tell you now that it makes the old voice sounds like a chain smoking bartender.

  • Bigsike

    So I had just uninstalled the updates as a temporary fix but it now out of now where during navigaion the voice comes on and starts reading some sort of url and other random stuff! this is a huge issue and needs to be fixed immediatly it’s not only distracting but very dangerous as well.

  • Steve

    Yes, have not been getting street names for a while now on my G-Nexus Verizon. This needs to be fixed as you have to keep taking your eyes off of the road to check where you’re supposed to turn.

  • FrillArtist

    I’m using a GSM GNex Stock Android 4.0.4 and it doesn’t even talk. All I hear are beeps when it’s time to turn. No voice, no nothing. I thought it was a glitch or something at first. Tried restarting phone, clearing cache, data but to no avail. Google, please fix. Thank you.

  • Bigsike

    Since Google/Verizon refuses to address this the only fix is to go to the maps app and “uninstall updates” that will do it.


    Yes, my stock Nexus on 4.0.2 does not announce street names anymore, it only gives directions. C’mon Verizon/Google?

  • roomForImprovement

    This is the exact problem I have been having for the past couple weeks now. It’s very irritating. Mine’s a Verizon Galaxy Nexus at 4.0.2. The phone has not detected a system update yet, but hopefully it will get to me soon.

  • Jim Davis

    Just dropped in here to say that Couchon is totally awesome.

  • DrAndyRoid

    Verizon Nexus with most recent Maps update and I’m also having the same issues with Navigation not saying street names.

  • Northcoast Eer

    My Galaxy Nexus has most definitely lost the “street name” navigation since the last update. I used to marvel at how it accurately reflected that the street I lived on “turned into Salem Drive” mid street. Now, it just says “go straight and turn left.” Very disappointing…as many things have been with this $300 phone I made the mistake of purchasing. No updates in 5+ months. Random reboots. Locks up frequently. And now this.

  • Stewie

    IMM30 404, Gnex, got to test it, no issues for me. But what is up with trying voice to text here in discus, and lag just typing…

  • GuestPost

    i can also never get the tempo of the woman’s voice to change…shes alsways talking so slowly

    • DrAndyRoid

      You can change the speed of speech by going into (depending on your device it may vary, but on the Verizon Nexus it is as follows) settings>Language & input>Text-to-speech output>Speech rate

  • ntrddragn

    yup since the update. i also posted on DF on 4/30 and the response has been the same, few yes, few no.

  • marcus russell

    All good on droid razr with .75 ics leak

  • Lisa Teichmann

    Just noticed this afternoon, she said in 1000 feet, turn right and didn’t mention a street name!

  • LionStone

    Running 6.6, stock TB, runs perfect with voice giving names of streets at turns…but I usually turn off voice anyway.

  • RW-1

    Anyone remember what the default maps version is on the VZ Gnex? Uninstalling all updates is not something I care to do, I can live without the names for now, never had them in the heli hehehe ….

  • Just used Nav the other day, no issue with this at all. AOKP M5.

  • Mark Lewis

    No issues on my DInc running CM7.1.

  • Nick87

    It broke for me and i havent been able to fix it yet.

  • I have the same problem on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I hear “turn right” with no street or exit name. That’s not very useful when there are multiple exits all in a row.

  • alef171

    Until you update to 4.04 you can revert back to spoken Street Names by pulling up Google Maps in Applications Manager and killing the last Update. You’ll loose the new features for now, but you’ll get your Streets back…

  • Boudin

    Oh hell yeah!! A map to Cochon!!!

  • It doesn’t work for me. I downloaded a new voice and I thought that was it, but apparently it was just the app. Good thing because I really like this new voice.

  • ski4404

    If you’re experiencing this issue, please comment in response to Google’s questions(@cindych) in this thread in the maps group discussion:


  • LoganQBerry

    all mine says is “in a quarter mile.. in a quarter mile” lol

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Yes! Finally, someone who is also experiencing this. I have missed many exits lately. All I get is “turn right” or “turn left” or “take the exit”. There are no longer any street names. I hate being lost. What gives?

  • Mark Woods

    I keep getting prompted to install a voice. I use SVOX with a voice I purchased. It used to work just fine until the last Maps update. Now I get prompted to install something I’ve already installed. I haven’t figured out yet how to work around the problem – other than Mute.

  • MSlab

    The most annoying part is on every off-ramp it says “continue straight”.

  • jdrch

    Yeah I’m having this issue on my #GalaxyNexus too

  • I have this issue, stock vzw Gnex.

  • Caleb Martin

    I used it recently on my Rezound and didn’t have any problems, but I don’t remember whether it was before or after the update. I will have to try it again today on the way home.

  • MSlab

    I have the same problem. I was trying to go to a number of unfamiliar places over the weekend and found it quite frustrating.

  • Sean Zubrickas

    Similar issue when I turn off the screen ( I use nav for my bike rides) it just beeps at me when I assume I’m supposed to turn, like I could magically know which way to turn, but if my screen is on I get street names and everything..

  • ostensibly

    Hey guys, while you’re waiting for us to release 4.04 why don’t you check out our nav app, “Navigator”!

  • I navigated to three different places on my RAZR on Saturday (May 5) and I had street names spoken each time. I should note that I’m running the original ICS leak for the Droid, so perhaps the street names are still intact in ICS?

    • run4mydog

      I used my stock RAZR on Sunday and I had street names spoken (no ICS here).

  • It’s usually an issue with data connectivity or perceived data connectivity from the app’s sandbox.

  • geoff

    Also stock VZW Nexus running ICS 4.0.2 and all I get is “turn left” without the street name. It hasn’t been a problem, but I haven’t been any place unfamilar since the upgrade. I’ll be on a business trip next week, so it could be a problems then

  • steve30x

    Ok i noticed this too.. the only FIX i know is once you set your destination and you see voice guidence not working obviously, EXIT down the navigation then go back to Navigation and choose that same destination again and then voice guidence works now.. makes no sense but thats how i have to do it.. i also notice a prompt when you first try your destination the first time telling you need to download voice to text so skip that prompt ..then wait for the gps to catch you once it does and the directions are ready, exit app then go back in and go to the same destination already there since you already typed it in on the first attempt and it will work.. This is the only way i can get it to say the street names! HTC Rezound

  • Phil

    How can it only work on 4.04 when Verizon hasn’t pushed it to everyone. I am on a Stock and Locked G-NEX, I have no interest in rooting or modding. Yes it is a developer phone but no everyone doesnt have to sue it that way. I have been checking 3 times a day for the update but no luck

  • Scott B.

    I noticed this the other day on my dx. I prefer to have as much information as possible while driving – street names help.

  • Christopher Heuer

    VZW g-nex on CM9 nightlies. I don’t often use turn-by-turn, but the one time I needed it this issue was really annoying.

  • wakebrdrnc

    Stock VZW Nexus…I have the same prob!

  • Prime7

    I’m experiencing this issue on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • Stock G-Nex on Verizon. I have the problem and I’m really frustrated by it. I couldn’t figure out what was going on – I went through all the settings trying to fix it. Unbelievable. They make it so Maps requires 4.04 to work properly, but don’t actually distribute it. I have lost all faith in Google’s Nexus program – clearly they don’t have the leverage of companies like Apple to get exactly what they want.

  • Cnizzle

    Not able to fix yet, G-Nex on VZW.

  • The issue is resolved when you update to 4.04. I am stock and locked GNex on VZW. I was at 4.02 and I got “turn left” and “turn right” until after I updated. Now it works great.

  • I just used it a few days ago and the street names were coming out just fine…


  • Just tested mine. Getting just turn right, turn left. Stock LTE Nexus

  • GMPY

    Navigating in an unfamiliar city was a two person job. We were given turn information but it took a second person to look at the map to confirm we were turning on the right street. Droid 2–still waiting for phone I will be excited to upgrade

  • Jeff Tycz

    The problem might be with google’s TTS engine with map’s because the old google maps did this a while back. I installed eSpeakTTS from the market to fix it back then but I have not tried it recently

  • viewthis66

    i think so… she doesn’t say the name of the streets, she just says “turn right” at the point in which you need to turn right. or even before that she says “take the next right” never mentioning a specific street name. i thought it might be Google trying to make it a more human experience. you know when someone is in the car with you and when you are about to come up to a street you need to turn on the person ridding shotgun says “turn right”??..?? i like the old way though. i want her to tell me the names. i travel often for work and when i go to a city i’ve never been hearing the street name really helps.

    – G-Nex

  • jjay

    Funny, I upgraded to a gnex last week and assumed it was the way navigation worked on 4.0.2. No street names in nav and it is annoying

  • Stock VZW Nexus… I noticed that issue on a weekend trip.

  • Hmm….

    Really? That’s not good. Mine seems to be working as expected still. Hope they find that bug and fix it for those affected quickly. This is one of the key selling points for Android over the fruit stuff.

  • NL

    Im also having this issue with my stock VZW GNEX.

  • whenjasonattks

    I’m having this issue too! “Turn right” “What exit!? There’s 4 of them!”. I don’t want to have to always be looking at the screen. Navigation needs to get voice commands on par to my tomtom.

  • I just noticed this problem over the weekend. I’m using a voice from Ivona, not sure if that means anything. VZW Google Nexus.

  • Keith B.

    Same here… guess I should see if i can uninstall the update.

  • thefullritz

    Used it for the first time in a month yesterday, no voice for street names, Vzw-Gnex

  • Well, I’m not sure about the whole voice issue within maps. However, I was at that exact location in the pic like 3 months ago! Mardi Gras was good this year!

  • schex13

    For me, it crashed on my G-Nex every time I tried to navigate somewhere. I was almost stranded in Philly. The odd thing is that it would keep audio navigating until I forced closed maps. I reverted back to 6.5 and was thankful I had the backup. I was surprised I didn’t notice more people complaining in the reviews. Maps, itself, was working ok, though.

  • amosk

    Mine only says “give it to me, oh yea” over and over again 🙁

  • I’m using the VZW GNex and I have the same issue with 6.6.0 that was released on April 26. I had to uninstall all of the updates to revert and get voice navigation back.

    It was very frustrating as I was in a new city and it busted.

    Of course, uninstalling the updates to revert to the old version also broke Places – it no longer searches.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Prime example of why I never, ever blindly just update when a new version of an app comes out. I wait for the impatient suckers to update, cry about the bugs or report it is awesome.. and then I decide if update or hold out.

  • Joe

    Mine kept saying turn left on borderland even though I was nowhere near borderland. The Maps were correct but the voice was wrong regardless of where I was. I fixed it by uninstalling and then installing Maps.

    • sc0rch3d

      yep, same here….mine was giving another weird issue where it asked if i wanted to install voice navigation (if i skipped, it still worked). uninstall / reinstall usually fixes it. on a couple of rare occassions i have to wipe and flash, but had more issues that just maps when that was required.