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May 2012 Verizon Rumor Round-up: DROID RAZR HD, Galaxy SIII, White Nexus, Family Data, ICS Updates and More

We get asked quite often to put together posts that grab all of the current rumors in the wild and present them, so that folks with contracts ending or the urge to buy a new smartphone know what to expect over the next few months. Since we focus on Verizon around these parts, that’s exactly what we will focus on here unless there is something else on on a potentially massive scale that needs mentioning. I can’t promise that this will be a monthly thing, but we would certainly like for it to be, assuming we get new juicy details for the world to slurp. 

DROID Incredible 4G LTE

The DROID Incredible 4G LTE by HTC (codenamed Fireball) has about a 99.9% chance of being Verizon’s next device. Thanks to a variety of tipsters who sent us pictures and info, we know just about everything there is to know about it. It will rock a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4″ qHD Super LCD screen, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE, NFC, 8GB internal storage, expandable storage up to 32GB, 8MP rear camera, VGA front camera, a 1700mAh battery (removable), and will run Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0. We reported all of this previously, but Verizon’s own DroidDoes.com site confirmed it all when the landing page for the device went up weeks ahead of time.

The device will be very similar to the HTC One S that we reviewed a few weeks ago, but for the most part, will have upgrades in all the right places. We were huge fans of that device, so expect the Incredible 4G LTE to be as good, if not a couple of points better.

When will it launch in stores? A previous leak of ours showed April 26, but since that day has come and gone, we know that didn’t happen. Our next guess would be for Verizon to announce it next week. CTIA starts on Monday (we’ll be there of course), so with a ton of the tech media all attending, it would be a great spot for Big Red to make it official. Update:  We were told that May 17 is the likely date for this phone to launch.

What about a price?  I know that the screenshot above says $299, but I have been told by two separate sources that the phone will launch at $149 on 2-year contract. There may be a rebate factored in there somewhere as well.


Other than the Galaxy SIII that we will get to in a minute, the DROID RAZR HD by Motorola (codenamed Fighter) has gathered a ton of interest from those on the hunt for a new phone. We didn’t know much about it for months, but thanks to leaks out of China, we sort of know what to expect now. According to a benchmark, it’s looking like this phone (and just about any LTE phone in the U.S. this year) will have a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, on-screen navigation keys, 4.6″ HD display, 3300mAh battery (just like the MAXX), 12MP or 13MP camera, 4G LTE, and will run Ice Cream Sandwich with Blur on top. The phone pictured above is it. A similar looking device is pictured here. We have mentioned this before, but will say it again – this should have been the original RAZR. We didn’t need a skinny RAZR followed by a slightly thicker MAXX a couple of months later to get here.

When will it launch in stores? Great question. We once saw a targeted date of April 12, but that certainly did not happen. With the lack of leaks and info coming out of Verizon when it comes to this phone, I’d say we are still at least a couple of months away. I have no proof of that, but have heard “summer” or even “late summer” from some. Part of me wonders if it got pushed back a bit because Samsung may try to simultaneously push the Galaxy SIII across the globe within the next month or two.

What about a price? This is an educated guess, but Verizon will deem this a flagship device, meaning it’ll be priced at $299 on contract. You could see it as low as $249, though don’t expect it to be any lower.

Galaxy SIII

Ahh yes, the darling of the tech world, right now. The Samsung Galaxy SIII (or “next Galaxy”) will be unveiled in London tomorrow, May 3. We have seen a ton of leaked pictures of a device that could be it or could be Sammie’s cruel way of toying with us. No matter what, they have done a remarkable job at keeping this phone under wraps. So bravo, to that. We think it will have a 4.7″ HD display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor (dual-core in the U.S. on Verizon), 1GB of RAM, 8MP or 12MP camera, NFC, 2050mAh battery, and will run Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz on top. It will be the device of the year, assuming Samsung can produce it fast enough and spread it to as many countries as possible by the time the Olympics rolls around. The Olympic part is key since they are a major sponsor and are expected to make this the official device of the games with the world watching.

When will it launch in stores? Since Samsung has said that they want to attach this phone to the Olympics which start on July 27, you have to figure that it will be out before then. There are events leading up to the games that would be a great opportunity for Samsung to build some hype. We guessed earlier today that the phone will launch in late June. The good news is that we should know tomorrow around 11AM Pacific.

What about a price? That’s a tough one. On Verizon, knowing their pricing schemes, this could easily be $299 on contract. If it goes to other carriers though, that price point has rarely been matched and the folks at AT&T have continued to stick around the $199 mark.

HTC “Note” (5-inch HD Display)

We have just one rumor, but felt we should include it. Word has it that HTC is planning to release a 5″ device with a full HD display (1080p) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor on Verizon in the Fall. Think of it as a Galaxy Note competitor. If this is true, I may take back my stance on 4.7″ devices being too big. And I’m not saying that I care about the 5″ display, I just want me some quad-core Krait processor. If you thought the dual-core Snapdragon S4 was powerful, wait until we get our hands on the quad-core. There might not be another processor on the planet that will ever match it.

When will it launch in stores? The rumor says Fall and that’s all we have to go on. With the Incredible 4G coming out in the next few weeks, the Galaxy SIII in the next month or two, and the RAZR HD by the end of the summer, Fall sounds about right.

Galaxy Nexus 16GB (in white)

Seriously, what did happen to the white Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? We were told back in February from a reliable source that the device was ready to rock with 16GB of storage instead of the original 32GB at a price of $199. Hell, we even saw OEM battery covers made for it, but have still not seen or heard about the device in some time. With Verizon dropping the regular Nexus down to $199 as of last week, we are wondering if they scrapped the 16GB models altogether. There is still time and room for it at $99, but with the new RAZR HD, Incredible 4G and Galaxy SIII on the way, we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon has moved on.

Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

The HTC Rezound, RAZR/RAZR MAXX, and XOOM 4G are first on Verizon’s list of devices needing to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). We have seen builds for the Rezound and RAZR leak at least twice now, so that’s a good sign that each is in testing. The XOOM on the other hand, is done from what we know, but we need Verizon to say “GO!” In a recent leak of Big Red’s entire software update system, we have a list of potential dates that these updates all may roll out. Mark 5/9 on your calendar if you own a Rezound and 5/21 if you own a RAZR.

No word on timing of ICS updates for the Bionic, Thunderbolt, Spectrum or any phone not named “Rezound” or “Razr.”

Family Data Plans

This summer! According to Verizon CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo, we will see family shared data plans at some point this summer. Pricing or specific details are still locked up in some massive safe somewhere, but we know that they have been penciled in on Big Red’s calendar of things to get done in 2012. For those not familiar, think of family data plans as you do with your family minutes package. It’s a pool of data that everyone on your plan can pull from rather than having to purchase separate data packages for each one. We are excited and scared about this idea. Will Verizon do it right? You tell us.

Other Notes

A Samsung device by the model number SCH-I200 has been spotted in a benchmark. The screen resolution (800×480) on it leaves us to believe that it will be nothing but a mid-range device. It should have a nice processor inside, but if you aren’t rolling with a qHD or HD screen these days, you are not going to be taken seriously.

Tablets seem to have disappeared from Verizon’s roadmap this year and you won’t see us complaining. Last year, all we had was boring, overpriced Android tablet after boring, overpriced Android tablet that was attached to a contract. They just launched the Galaxy  Tab 7.7 and do not have anything else on the horizon that we know of. Thank you, Big Red.

So that’s it for this month’s rumor mill on Verizon. If you stumble across any other details that we may have missed or find yourself in a situation where snapping pictures and submitting them through our tip line would be a fun time, please do.

  • Galaxy Note looks much better than S3.

  • musteatbrains
  • angermeans

    If the GSIII only has a dual core processor and 4.7 inch screen w/out software buttons it will be a huge let down. What honestly makes it better than the Galaxy Nexus. I mean they have the same RAM, same resolution screen (albeit w/ a non pentile screen, but for the first time I am not bothered with it on the Nexus as the density is so good I cant see it), more than likely will not have a curved display, and worst of all you will have to deal with TouchWiz.

    I mean if this phone has the quad core Exynos then end of story it is the phone to beat, and I know the new Snapdragon S4 is no slouch, but then again neither is the OMAP in the Galaxy Nexus. I know it benchmarks higher, but not a huge difference. Not to mention the Galaxy Nexus in my opinion is the best looking Samsung device in a long time. I am not a fan of the plastic that Samsung seems to not want to change. I have a feeling later today a lot of people are going to be let down. If the rumors are true, and I was in the market for a skinned device (which I am not unless it is light years better specs and performance than the Galaxy Nexus, which is beginning to look like that wont happen until the next Nexus device) then I would be getting the HTC One X. It is the sexiest phone I have ever seen and that white shell is great. Plus that screen is the best in the market.

    I think the star of the Galaxy Nexus is easily ICS and finally Matias Duarte and the Android team have a unified and sexy OS. I am not willing to give that up for a bump in the processor, a little bigger screen, and Touchwiz. Not to mention you lose the software buttons and those look great especially when modded.

    I am certain the GSIII will be great and sell alot, but Samsung should have waited until they can get that beast Exynos quad core in it here in the states, and if it means losing 4G LTE I will pass as I would much rather have 4G (Verizon) than a quad core processor especially when the Galaxy Nexus has no lag and runs great. I dont know do any of you feel the same?

  • As an OG DInc owner, the IncHD is certainly much more appealing than the Inc2 was. It may not be the end-all be-all phone of the year, but it’s a much better upgrade to that line than the Inc2 was. That phone was just insulting.

    As for tablets, I absolutely will not purchase a tablet with a data plan contract. Ever. Period. I think it’s a stupid stupid thing to have. With phone tethering, MiFi hotspots, and nearly ubiquitous public WiFi, it’s no wonder carrier-subsidized tablets aren’t selling. Carriers need to leave the tablets to the electronics retailers as WiFi devices and let them get the prices down to something reasonable. Anything more than $300-$400 for a 10″ high-end tablet is robbery.

    • Sorry, meant Incredible 4G LTE not HD

  • MichalK

    A little trip around the Next Galaxy http://www.nextgalaxybirthday.com/

  • gangan115
  • Muzicman61

    I am fearful the S3 will have the same crappy radio that the GNex has.  Against my better judgement, I may have to dump my GNex and crawl back to Motorola.  I have to have a phone that I don’t get call drops in my home.  And I never had a call drop at my home with the Bionic.

    • angermeans

      Yuck I wouldnt do that if someone paid me. Call Verizon and have them reset your network setting in MTAS (Verizon software the tech will know what it is). If that doesnt work then make them give you a different SIM. The radio isnt that bad especially enough to dump for a horrible Moto phone. Especially when the future of Moto is up in the air.

  • Charles

    El-oh-el @ the XOOM 4G timeline. Still patiently waiting here. XOOM tablet was the biggest mistake of my life. Besides that one Friday night in college…

  • I am really hoping that verizon family data plans are similar to their in home service they are about to launch. If it is around $60 for 10gb or even $90 for 10gb I will be all up on it. I have unlimited on my line but verizon will probably ease people in to dropping their unlimited that are on family plan. I have 5 lines and if I can get 10gb for all lines for less than a hundred I am all for it. Three line bearly use any data, I mean all together me and my brother use about 5gb a month and other lines barely even use 1gb. 

  • Donnydon

    Galaxy S3 with a S4 chip like all the rest in USA….. Ill pass the Droid Razr HD is much better…. But i might not even get either the difference between the Dual Core Phones now and the S4 is not much.

    • Tyler Cameron

      But the SGSIII won’t have just ANY quad core processor, it will have the BEST one, because Samsung will make it. It’d be similar to having a US Galaxy S II with a single-core Exynos.

    • LiterofCola

      Not to mention that if the S3 is similar in appearance to the Nexus, then that’ll be a con, the Razr’s build is more attractive in my opinion.

  • Dain Laguna

    kellex: any idea on when the nexus will drop in price again? right now you can get on on amazon for 49.99…maybe the emergence of the sIII will result in the ability to get one free? cause right now a razr is looking mighty fine at that price…but a nexus would look even better.

  • Dain Laguna

    i’m sad about no white nexus. 🙁

    i’m even more sad that no one would take me seriously over something as trivial as my phones screen resolution. i though shenanigans like that were reserved for iphone elitists. if my screen looks nice to ME and pics look decent on it, that should be enough. no one’s using my device except for me anyway. and i dont buy phones to appease tech nerds…which is saying alot considering i am one. 

  • Dan

    STill no rumor of a Note/Journal, clock is ticking…. 6 weeks max till I bail if no concrete Note news.

    • icedhot

      its not coming ….at this point i gave up already…going to wait for the SIII when its release…

    • bruinbiochem06

      If Samsung does not release a Galaxy Journal by the time HTC releases their 5″ phone, I’m going with HTC!

  • naterecording

    Note to Verizon subscribers:  Don’t buy a smartphone yet.

    • Do you know something we don’t?

      • naterecording

        Yep. Not telling.

        • Why not? If you don’t say why, people are going to go ahead and purchase a new smart phone.

        • Or at least how long should we wait to buy a smart phone?

  • 4n1m4L

    I think the 16 gb verizon nexus’ will happen. The new bootloader in IMM76K calls the verizon nexus variant “toro 32gb” 
    That and they were already making parts for it…
    Its a done deal. They are just waiting for a new plan to debut it with.

  • Tyler Chappell

    With my upgrade from my Thunderbolt being in december, Ill be awaiting the next Nexus device if Verizon gets it, or hopefully a quadcore HTC device. Maybe a Thunderbolt 2!

  • Zebra

    Sigh, was hoping for the Razr HD sooner rather than later.

  • tomn1ce

    Great devices around the corner. That’s good that means that when its time for an upgrade from the G-Nexus there will be even better devices to choose from. Hopefully by then OEMs in particular  Samsung or Moto have figured out how to make LTE play nice with quad cores and that they keep improving with the battery of the device. Moto already proved that you can make a battery for a tank and still fit in nicely in a slim device, now make it removable.

  • William_Morris

    How about some word on the update for the Nexus? I really would like to see less bugs. (For those about to say root and rom it I say shush.) 🙂

  • Craney0514


  • Inboy81

    Cell phone company 🙂 can I pay you $30 dollars to stay with you and be your prisoner for 2 more years? Cell phone company take my $30 “upgrade punishment” so I can give you $2,000 or more the next 2 years. Maybe if Im lucky I will get a droid that has alot of bugs and not thought out completely. Cell phone company I want to pay you so you can mirco manage me. Please cell phone company take my “upgrade punishment” fee…

    • balthuszar

      i’ll pay 30 extra dollars once every two years to keep my unlimited data plan…

      • Inboy81

        Do you really thing Verizon will allow the unlimited data? Hell no, next they will invent a ” comfort fee” to charge

        • balthuszar

          i’ll take a wait and see, if they start a “comfort fee” for unlimited data, i’ll be jumping ship once they let me out of my contract for changing the terms of the contract

  • Kierra

    If that Galaxy battery doesn’t compare to the Razar HD then it’s a fail
    y’all can have it

    • Bionic

      I agree.

    • Panicswhenubered

      Yep, 2050mah battery will be fail. Razr Maxx is the new standard in smartphone batteries, especially flagship devices.

    • angermeans

      The Razr is a fail and you can have that.

  • Sporttster

    So the HD Razr is next followed by the HD Razr Maxx.

    • Bionic

      cool joke bro, your so original

      • chris125


      • naterecording

        You’re so grammatical.

        • angermeans

          No kidding you would think is one is going to take the time to call someone out they would dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s.”

    • LiterofCola

      Kill yourself

  • Dude

    300 dollar phones wtf, I hate you verizon

    • Bionic

      you act like this is new news.  Its called supply and demand.  If the demand is high enough, raise the price.  Any business with half a brain will do this

      • chris125

         Demand isn’t really that high otherwise they wouldn’t drop the prices shortly after launch..

      • MainePhrame

        Bionic your three posts in succession is ripping on others.  Offer your opinion of the topics without tearing into others by trying to make them look stupid

      • Dain Laguna

        and anyone with half a brain doesnt buy directly from verizon. ever notice how no one talks about how any one given android phone is a runaway sales success? its because they arent. very few people buy these things for the original asking price. and yes, even if EVERYONE on droid-life counteracted that statement, in the grand scheme of things, my point still stands. 

        300 phones are ridiculous. when google can sell the nexus off contract (gsm) and brand new for 399, it makes any on-contract phone in the 300 range sounds silly. the nexus is freaking 49 bucks on amazon wireless right now…the razr is practically free. so much for demand eh?

        • r0lct

          I would assume it’s the early adopter demand that they are hoping will pay $300, that’s why all the phones all drop in price after 2 or 3 months.

          But your point is very valid, they’ll never have a huge initial week sell through at $300.

        • Josh Groff

          That’s why I buy off contract when the hype goes down and you can snag a barely used Rezound for 280.

      • Higher_Ground

        by 50% ?

        Most of the people who have upgrades available probably bought a phone for $199 if it was top tier, less if it wasn’t.

    • angermeans

      Good god man. These phones are more computers than anything. You don’t have to buy it on day one just wait as it will def go down in cost. Complaining about a price that has been for over a year does nothing, but make you look cheap.

  • pd240

    This makes me feel good about purchasing the g-nex. It definitly looks like it will survive the duration of my contract. More than you can say for a lot of phones released last year. The only phone that would tempt me is the galaxy s3.

    • Liderc

      Agreed.  Although I imagine the camera in the GSIII will be a great improvement, but I’ve started to notice I don’t really care about taking pictures…

      Until Verizon figures out it’s quad core+LTE dilemma, we’re going to be getting skipped by manufacturers for a while, which is a bummer(looking at you HTX One X).

      • chris125

        Except the one x didn’t skip at&t and it has lte………..

        • Liderc

          Sorry, I should have said real LTE.

          • chris125

            Pretty sure they are getting similar speeds to Verizon lte.

          • Liderc

            They won’t even know until they have people actually using their 4G network.  Right now their coverage is horrendous.  When Verizon’s LTE network opened, I could get 40+MB up/down, now it’s down to 15-25mb because there are actually a decent amount of people using LTE. 

        • RadicalPie

          Quad core version doesn’t have lte

    • LiterofCola

      Yep, definitely still satisfied with my Razr. If you think about it, the Rezound, Razr and nexus have only been around for about six months.


    Big Red needs to lower our cost.

    • Bionic

      why?  they are not seeing a huge exodus of people because of “cost” 

  • Nothing about the RAZR MAXX HD?

    • LiterofCola

      Never heard that one before….

    • Bionic

      cool joke bro, you are so original

      • Rav3nz2000

        Everything you say is ignorant. You’re nothing more than a troll.

      • Rav3nz2000

        That was for bionic btw.


  • Thunderboltowner

    oh man, gonna be exciting with some good phones coming out.  I’m waiting to upgrade my thunderbolt (got it on launch day) and don’t know which device I’ll get.  I was leaning towards the S3, but I really miss the build quality on my OG DROID so the RAZR HD has me intrigued.  If the galaxy note landed on verizon I would have bought it already since I would love a phone with a bigger screen, so I almost want to wait to hear more about the HTC note (even though I hate HTC phones, thunderbolt was only nice due to our great dev community which is now waning).  I can’t choose! 

  • Jdiamjr

    So no HTC One X for big red?

  • DeeMat

    Awaiting family data plans… if worth it, I’ll get. 

  • Michael Forte

    Logos on the front of phones is so ugly. The Nexus looks sexy as hell when the screen is off because there are no logos on the front, and especially not a Verizon logo on the front.

    • 100% agree. Logos on the front of phones is not OK.

      • Michael_NM

        The logo I really dislike is on the back of phones. It usually looks like some moron started to eat someone else’s fruit, and then got caught.

        • ADRIANA

          logo on the front.my neiǵhbòr’s sisťer ṁaķes $84/hr òn ťhe còṁpuťer. She has been fired fròṁ ẃòrķ Ḟòr Ḟive ṁònťhs buť lasť ṁònťh her pay checķ ẃas $17387 jusť ẃòrķinǵ on ťhe ĉoṁpuťer for a feẃ hours. Ŕe<!—>ad ṁore on this ẃeḃ site..MakeCash2.com–>

        • ADRIANA

          if worth it, I’ll get.

        • I see what you did there…..

        • feztheforeigner

          And then every case ever made for that phone loves to keep a nice big hole in the back to show off that shiny sticker, because that’s all that’s important in the phone…

      • feztheforeigner

        Something else that isn’t okay is replacing the “With Google” in replacement for “Verizon 4G LTE”  on a NEXUS phone!

    • YourFriend

      I usually don’t mind logos on the front so long they aren’t so big or isn’t intrusive like what Verizon does.

    • LiterofCola

      To be honest, I don’t mind the logo. The way it sits on the Razr actually adds to the look in my opinion. And unless I’m looking for it, I never notice it.

      • Sobr0801

        I don’t notice the logos on the Rezound either, unless i look for them.

        • Josh Groff

          I notice the Verizon logo on the Rezound at a glance, but the HTC logo is subtly placed. Still, a Verizon logo beats a T-mobile logo any day. So glad I made the switch.

      • EC8CH

        Disagree 10,000X

        Verizon logo on the RAZR is the absolute worst. Crammed into the tiny space between bottom of the screen an the antiquated capacitive buttons.  Looks HORRIBLE.

      • Apostrafee

        I like the way it is on the Maxx because it is black…the regular Razr is silver and tends to get ugly scratches

    • Liderc

      Like 10000+

      It makes such a difference not having logos on the front.  I know it seems like such a simple thing to some people, but the Nexus looks so clean. 

    • Zebra

      There are so many other things I could think of before worrying about a little text printed on the front of a phone. 

    • Zebra

      I could think of so many other things before worrying about a little text printed on the front of a phone.

      • Zebra

        Ugh didn’t think my first post went through

      • LiterofCola


    • Droidlove


      • feztheforeigner


        • Muzicman61

          Fez… you’re an idiot and way too disrepectful.

        • LiterofCola

          Really dude??

      • Josh Groff

        To be fair, I agree that it is a slick looking phone, just wish it was bigger, LTE, had widgets, and was made using a Linux build preferably Android or Ubuntu (although I guess archlinux would be pretty cool.)

    • Trueblue711

      One of the worst offenders has to be the AT&T version of the One X. I’m using an HTC built phone, not a AT&T one, dammit!

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Verizon would completely take the cake if they somehow where able to get the SG3 with a quad core processor if not exynos maybe tegra.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      LTE > Quad…. It wont happen.

      • Yep you are right, unfortunately. Truthfully though, I wouldn’t want the phone if it was quad, but ran on VZW 3G heh. That would be so painful. Hopefully Samsung surprises us with something else that will make everyone forget about the dual-core in the States.

        • LiterofCola

          It would have to be pretty big. I’m looking for the next generation, not a slightly upgraded S2

          • WAldenIV

            With so many public wi-fi networks available on a daily basis, I don’t see how a 3G phone would be considered painful.  I’d rather have a quad-core phone with much better battery life than a 4G phone.

        • Bionic

          The new Ti chips will be out soon and that’ll blow our minds

          • chris125


      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        Well technically the new tegra will work with LTE, but your probably right they won’t do it. They are too busy trying to screw motorola.

    • xFenixKnightx

      It don’t work son!