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First Look at the HTC Incredible 4G LTE Otterbox Defender Case

At this point, we are starting to pencil in a release of the DROID Incredible 4G LTE some time during the next couple of weeks. A finished build of the device has been photo’d a handful of times, the DroidDoes.com page for it went live earlier in the week, and now we are seeing cases from players like Otterbox arrive in retail packaging. We had a targeted date at one point that referred to April 26 as being the day, but with that being yesterday and no phone in sight, we will focus on next week or the one after.

Verizon released the Spectrum and RAZR MAXX back in early Q1 and nothing important since. With it being 1 month into Q2, you have to assume that something will arrive any day now. The DROID RAZR HD is a possibility, but we are expecting the Incredible 4G LTE to launch well before it.

As a recap, this device will sport a 4.3″ qHD LCD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC chip, 4G LTE, 8GB of onboard storage, SD card slot to add on more, and 1GB of RAM. It’s almost like an HTC One S (our review), but with different screen tech, LTE, NFC and expandable storage. So yeah, that’s basically us saying that the Inc 4G is better.

Cheers J!

  • Ramp1188


  • Dliuzzo110

    I like the look of this case as well as the design of the incredible. Just a little different and adds a little spice to the otherwise lackluster of design to most phones

  • Paul

    Yay, cases. *cough*

    • LionStone


  • Warlike1919

    Thought this was supposed to be a 4′ not a 4’3…… It doesn’t seem to.be a bad phone at all, but still waiting to the fall to see. What Verizon have to offer, considering my upgrade isn’t until then…. M√°. Go with a nexus if it’s not made by Samsung

  • Dr_Buttballs

    This case is ugly.

    • Butters619

      Well the phone is pretty ugly too lol.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        You’ll get no argument out of me on that one hah. Usually ugly phones can be covered up with decent looking cases. Otterbox has had a good track record for making nice cases lately (opinion), so this is bad news for future Inc. 4G owners.

        • Butters619

          Yeah looks like Inc LTE owners will get to choose from ugly or cased and ugly. Lol

          • CORYK333

            You “lol” a lot, must be quite a comedy club where you are ūüėČ

    • demarcmj

      most cases are, especially otterbox ones

  • chris125

    thought it had 4 inch screen not 4.3 according to the droid site?

    • HintonLewis25

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    • demarcmj

      it does. probably a typo here

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Phone is boring… -_- . . . nothing about it really interests me at all.

  • can someone explain to me why this is a bad phone? S4, NFC SD slot? I mean the screen isn’t the best but ???¬†

    • I’m wondering the same thing man….Are we missing something? Does not having an HD display make it a bad phone? For me it’s a perk, not something that makes this phone suck….

      It’s rather great if you ask me. Not a lot of people want a HUGE display….which is why some Apple users stick with the iPhone….the screen size is practical….

      • EC8CH

        Apple users stick with the i*hone because that’s the only size i*hone.

        When the next i*hone has a bigger screen they will stick with that one.

        • I can understand what you’re saying, that’s a great point, there isn’t options…..but as an Apple employee, I’m speaking from experience and what I hear comes out of the mouths of i*hone users….

          • EC8CH

            So when the next new i*hone comes out with a larger screen and all those same people rush out to buy one what does that prove? That they’ve been falsely justifying to themselves that the 3.5″ screen size is somehow the magically perfect size for a phone?

          • I like what you’re saying….it makes sense lol. There may actually two iPhones believe it or not lol….just gotta wait and see….they’re so secretive with stuff it’s annoying lol

        • I don’t think iphone users know why they have an iphone. all my roommates own macs and iphones. All they do on it is play music and games. they don’t even have email synced lol.

          • side note- I had my mom get the iphone 4 for simplicity, lol.

          • EC8CH

            probably the right decision

      • Captain_Doug

        I’m with you. 4″ screen is fine. I think for me it’s about the chassis size instead of screen size though. You fit a 4.5″ screen on a phone the same size of the Dinc4G, I’m sold.

    • EC8CH

      It’s not the One

      • I mean… other than the screen it’s more like the One X than the One S.

        • demarcmj

          Lol. Why is that?

          • LionStone

            Better than the One X because its 4 friggin gees on VZW !!

    • chris125

      ¬†Because this is droid-life and this phone doesn’t give all the nerds/die hards a chub so they follow kellex like the isheep followed steve jobs, whatever he says they blindly believe

      • Wow. Dude, relax a little. It is an ok phone for the mid-range user. Considering most people that visit droid-life are the aforementioned “nerds/die-hards” they are looking for top of the line. This is a nice $150 phone. If they sell it for any more than that, it would be overpriced.

        • chris125

          ¬†except other than the screen it’s not really mid range and still better than anything else on verizon. My point still holds true…..

          • While I like my DInc, I have not liked any iteration thereafter. And I prefer my GNex over anything that I have had. This is just an “upgraded” version of the Rezound.

          • chris125

            ¬†That’s what I am saying minus the screen the phone has pretty top of the line specs so I wouldn’t say it is mid range just because of 1 aspect.

          • Captain_Doug

            Ditto. This phone is pretty sweet. If it has a 4 inch screen, qHD is good enough. But having the Dinc2 which I feel is awesome even today with a little modding, this is a huge step up with dual core S4, 4G, NFC, and microSD slot. Those seem to be disappearing nowadays.

          • demarcmj

            as are removable batteries, which this guy is sportin’

          • Captain_Doug

            For me, as long as the non-removable battery is big enough(2200-2500) than I’m not too heart broken. But yeah, 1700 isn’t gonna cut it.

          • what else would it be? lol

          • guest

            the rezound had a better processor >.>

          • bigslam123

            Um, no. The Rezound has the S3 and the I4G has the S4. The jump in speed alone blows the Rezounds processor away.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I don’t think this is¬†necessarily a bad phone. I just think it’s over priced for what it is.¬†

    • demarcmj

      People on tech blogs have boners for bigger better screens. That’s it. qHD is a good resolution on a 4″ screen. You get a 275ppi, which is pretty good. It’s not the best out there by any means, but it’s still better than a lot of good phones, like the Razr Maxxxs and the SGSII, just to name two. You sacrifice a little bit of ppi for better battery life, which is a compromise most users would take.

      That said, a better screen technology might have silenced some of them. SLCD in 2012 is pretty weak. I would’ve liked to have seen SAMOLED or SLCD2. Either way though, like you said… the screen is the only thing (that matters) about this phone that is not high-end.

      Some people have criticized the front-facing camera too, but I don’t really classify that as “something that matters.” It’s .3MP (VGA) not 1.3 or 2.0 and that bothers people, even though it makes pretty much no difference on a FFC. A FFC is used for videoconferencing, not picture taking, and for that VGA is sufficient. Half of the time it’s the network choking the quality anyway, not the sensor. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea why they used VGA… I cant imagine a 1.3MP sensor is much more expensive for them. I’m just saying who cares.

      • prob the best reply yet.

        • LionStone

          Was thinking the same thing!

          • demarcmj

            why thank you.

            Much better response than I get when I comment on stuff over on Engadget. There’s this one guy over there who I swear just trolls on all of the articles about the Inc 4G just saying “THERES NO EXCUSE FOR qHD in 2012. HERP-A-DERP-A-DERP”

          • Captain_Doug

            That’s so funny. qHD on a 4 inch is a pretty respectable 275ppi.¬†

      • ¬†There’s nothing saying that it isn’t SLCD2. I still think it could be. You have to remember the specs page was pretty vague. It didn’t even say anything about the S4 processor. So they could have just put “super LCD” to keep it simple for the general public.

        • demarcmj

          That’s true, but we haven’t been given any reason to think that it may be.

    • AE35

      It’s not so much that it’s a bad phone, it’s just that it’s basically a Rezound with a better processor and a worse (lower quality, not just smaller) screen. It’s an incremental change especially when compared to the One X.

      HTC vowed to intro fewer and better phones. This is in complete contrast to that promise.

      • LionStone


        • yup

          • LionStone

            How about we wait til the end of the year to see how many phones HTC pumps out before we jump to conclusions on that promise.

  • Is it really 4.3″ or is it 4″?

    • EC8CH

      depends upon how excited you get it.