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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Soak Test for Build 6.12.181 has Begun

We spotted the changelog for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX update to 6.12.181 yesterday, leading us to believe that an update was imminent. Indeed it is. The soak test for it through the Motorola Feedback Network was re-opened last night with the software going live for testers already this morning. From what we have heard, this update is actually pretty decent. Some of our readers are noticing faster toggling of Airplane mode, long-standing force closes have been fixed, and more. The testing period is apparently going to take around 4 days, so that could mean a push will happen to the rest of us by Monday. (Assuming everything goes well, of course.)

Cheers E, B, J, A, J, and G! 

  • Felipe Ortiz

    Why are people so freakin serious about getting ics on their phones. It will come when it will come. Your phone is working fine with gingerbread right now. You are fooling yourself when you start comparing with others. The RAZR is a fine phone…a delay in the update doesn’t make Motorola crap. It means they are working hard to get you a bug free update. Grow up people!

  • leimeisei

    So…. has anyone noticed any improvements?

  • dshizzel

    Got the soak test, and it’s very stable. Been streaming Tom Leykis for a couple of hours, and battery life is holding up very well.  No FC’s.  I’m thinking it’s a safe bet this is a prereq for updating to ICS.

    • Noemailhere

      I like how people ignore CONFIDENTIAL and COMMITMENT because they feel the world owes them.

  • Kindroid

    I am hoping this is some necessary housekeeping to assure the smooth transition to ICS.  The current build of Gingerbread has been very stable for me on my Razr Maxx.  My Maxx is extremely  smooth and fast.  Even 3g seems to work faster and 4g is awesome.  I guess what I am saying is…I am willing to wait a little while longer….if it means the ICS update is clean, bug free and stable.  

    I have owned the original Droid and the Droid X.  Moto and Verizon were pretty responsive in doing upgrades to those phones.  I don’t expect the Razr Maxx to be any different.  I am betting on an update around May 5.  That will be six months from the release of the Droid Razr.  And will keep the Razr and Razr Maxx competitive with new phones coming out with ICS pre-installed.  And will keep the Razr models turning…until the HD model hits in the summer.

    • tlspatt

      Yeah I hear what you’re saying but Google is trying to come out with a new OS every year or so. ICS launched back in Dec. So we’re already 4 months into that time frame, which is 1/3 of the way to whatever theoretically comes next (Jelly Bean, or whatever). By the time Moto implements ICS it’ll be one OS behind the 8 ball…

  • Trekker670

    Is this update compatible with ICS if we already have it?

  • ICS: Honestly if anyone wants ICS for the Razr/Maxx why not just get it? I thought it was way harder than it actually was. I flashed the leak last night and it works perfectly.

  • Max Ervin

    The only thing that annoys me to NO END with my Razr Maxx is the multi touch keyboard force closing.  My Droid X did it like crazy after the GB update, the X2 they replaced it with did it, and so did my regular Razr and now my Razr Maxx.  It’s the only thing about the phone that really bothers me.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Swiftkey X !!! The only keyboard that matters to me  =)

  • Lzealot

     Going to have to keep watch and see how this update goes.  I’m close to buying two of the Razr maxx’s, After finally getting to a mostly stable droid x update I’m hesitant to pull the trigger though. I’m hoping when the droid fighter gets released the price will come down on this phone.  The extra battery life is worth it. My biggest fear is they’ll rush into an ICS upgrade and I’ll end up stuck with a great hardware phone with buggy software for the next year and a half again.  Kellex I enjoy coming to this site for info.  I’d love to see you add in some info on software bugs with the phones that you review most review sites never mention them and it would set you guys apart. 

    • BSweetness

      My MAXX has been the most stable Android phone I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot.  I’m constantly switching out, with 3-4 phones at a time, but I think I’ll be sticking the MAXX for much longer than I normally hang onto a phone.  Stable, great reception, and an amazing battery.

      And don’t worry about a rushed ICS update.  If they had rushed the ICS update, we’d have it already (and the leaked version floating around shows that they have a pretty darn stable version already).

  • JonX

    This is actually disappointing since I haven’t noticed any flaws in any of these fixes. Extended battery would be nice though. My Maxx use to go 2 full days. Now it’s down to 1.5 days.

    • Josh Groff

      My Bionic gets 1.5 days with the 2800 MAh extended, so I’d say that’s about reasonable if you use your phone fairly often.

      • JonX

        Hmm. My battery is 3300 Mah so I still consider that disappointing on the Maxx since your 2800 MAh last the same amount of time. I don’t do much but have my music player on in the morning for about an hour while I browse the screen. During the daytime am at work so I only use it to text. Then on my way home I’ll have the music player on for an hour while I check my browser. Doesn’t seem like that much usage. I could be wrong though. Thoughts?

        • Josh Groff

          About the same usage I have on mine. The Bionic is also clocked lower, and running Liberty ROM, so that could be why our battery life is almost identical.

          • JonX

            Makes sense. I’ll eventually have to throw a rom on this phone once I get bored of it. 

  • Guest

    We DO have time for installing our Bloatware… we DO have time for installing our poorly designed “skins”… but NO we don’t have time to actually put ICS on your phone.

    • LiterofCola

      The UI is not poorly designed.

    • jroc74

       Poorly designed skins…

      Tell that to my kids mother that likes my RAZR more than her Nexus S. That just got updated to ICS. Get ready for this……she doesnt like ICS…and wants Gingerbread back.

      Duh Duh DUHHHH!!!

      My daughter likes it tho.

      If they were so poorly designed….only stock Android phones would have sales. Cant argue about the bloatware…lol

      Why does this feel like I am responding to iPhone, Apple fanboys?

  • Florek237

     Instead of focusing on Android 4.0 playing in an amendment to the older version, I wonder, in principle, only one for this update if you will go through it or hit it to the members of the Polish motorola razr

    • I have a feeling you forgot some punctuation in there somewhere?  I don’t understand any of that “sentence”.

      • Unfortunately, punctuation and capitalization seem to have gone the way of the rotary-dial phone.

    • WTF did you just say?  Seriously.

    • Mike

      lol.  wut?

    • SH

      Post of the day right there! 

    • tvjrc603

      …what about the Polish?

    • Taylor Smith

      I think this post was run through a translator… presumably from Polish. From what I can tell, he wants to know if this update will be rolling out for the GSM razr at the same time.

  • Bodhiballer

    ICS.  Wait for it…

  • Guest

    The very poor choice to even install/sell a very outdated 2010 OS…. and then to waste even MORE time/money/manpower “updating” minor problems… but *STILL* keeping that old 2010 OS on the phone… tells me one thing:

    This device will NEVER be getting ICS.  If it does it will be in 2013… long after ICS is also old and outdated.

    Google releases the ICS OS source code to EVERYONE in Oct 2011.   Why didn’t Motorola take 2-3 months and put it on *ALL* their brand, new state-of-the-art devices in 2012?

    • Are you new to Motorola?  This is how they do things.  Don’t worry, they’ll obsolete both versions of the RAZR with yet another crappy Droid branded phone in a couple months and then the RAZRs won’t get any more updates at all.

      • Droid 2 just got an update, didn’t it?  That phone is almost two years old.

      • LLcdPH

        Even this “crappy Droid branded phone” (as you put it) is head and shoulders above anything Samsung has come out with including the latest so-called, “Nexus”.  Having struggled with a Galaxy S phone and the Nexus, it will be a long time before I give Sammy any more of my money.  At least you can make phone calls with THIS phone!

        • Josh Groff

          Motorola knows how to build phones. Coming from feature phones, I’ve never really had an *update* on a phone. Phones were made and would have the same firmware for pretty much the life of a contract.

          Do I care if my Bionic ever receives official ICS, not really, but it would be cool if it did. Either way, I will have most likely swapped it for a newer phone by the time the update rolls around.

      • JoeBionic

        Where have you been?  Several Motorola phones released before the Razr have recently gotten updates. 

        • Diablo81588

          Just ignore him. All he does in every post is rag on moto. He has a garbage Samsung so all his posts don’t have merit anyway.

    • bakdroid

      Right, because there are soooo many other phones running ICS right now.  Go jump off a bridge troll!

    • Here’s the leak. It runs perfectly.


      ICS is out there and running people. Its up to you to actually just grab it. 

  • Guest

    I’m glad the phone is getting an update, but why waste time on fixing a GB build when they should be focusing on getting out a ICS build. I just don’t understand…

    • Asuriyan

      ICS will be an optional update, according to Matt. This is just some extra polish on one of the most stable and complete Gingerbread builds should people choose to continue using it rather than chance an unknown.

  • hkklife

    Any noticable improvements to camera focusing or shutter response?   Just curious.  That’s the ONE thing I wish Moto would/could improve on all of these various Bionic updates!   My next phone had REALLY better have top-notch camera performance!

    • Yeah. If Motorola could figure out how to build a decent camera and screen/display, they might still have me as a customer. Cameras are not important to them, and they’ve made that clear with every phone they release. The Bubonic had the worst camera I’ve ever seen in a phone, and it’s screen was absolutely awful, uglier than my D1. 

      • Jay

        I agree on the camera, but it’s not a big deal to me at all.

        Gonna flat out disagree on the screen. Viewing angles are good, outdoor visibility is stupid good,  whites are actually white, color reproduction is all around accurate with the exception of some shades of green. Could be worse if you ask me.

      • BSweetness

        I’m going to agree with Jay.  Motorola definitely needs to step up their camera game.  But with the RAZR/RAZR MAXX, they’re well on their way to improving their screens. They still lag a bit behind, but not by all that much. I’m happy with the screen on my MAXX, especially the “stupid good” outdoor visibility, which really is fantastic and unmatched by any smartphone screen out there that I’ve seen.  Sure it’s not the best out there, but it’s far from the worst, and it’s much better than what the X2, Droid 3, Bionic, and Droid 4 are sporting.

    • Christincarr4

      If you want top notch pictures, buy a top notch camera. After all theses are phones we are talking about. Just saying.

  • EC8CH

    Sweet… more secure bloatware!

    • Can’t live without my Vcast.

      • tvjrc603

        I just hope they do something about the force closing in my Blockbuster app.


    I want it nooooooow

  • BSweetness

    Looks like that “tip” about the update being scrapped in favor of ICS really panned out.

  • Guest

    Wifi and Network is switched with Storage?