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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX 6.12.181 Update is Ready, Here is the Full Changelog

An announced soak test. A confirmed update version to 6.12.181. A leaked Android 4.0.3 build. A quickly removed hint that it could be Ice Cream Sandwich by Motorola. Silence from Motorola. A cancelled soak test. And now the official changelog. What a mess. But at least we know that the next update for both the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX is going to be 6.12.181 and NOT Android 4.0.3. That’s unfortunate, but hopefully this means that ICS is around the corner after some bugs are addressed.

After updating to 6.12.181, you will have a more stable device, extended battery life, an accurate 4G indicator, enhanced security in VZW bloatware, and a new MotoCast widget. Fun times.

Usually when these official changelogs go up, an update arrives within a week. This also doesn’t appear as if they are doing a soak test for 6.12.181 any longer at all (unless something changes in the next day) and hopefully will do one shortly for the next big thing. 

The update is 17.4MB in size. More info.

  • vinny

    Can someone tell me where to find my news widget???

  • migsam

    Am now downloading it to see how is gonna..yeah.I akrrady have da 6.171.Let see what happens next after installing it.

  • Mwilll66678

    My battery life sucks on droid razr maxx. Can’t get through a full day of work without charging it.

    • emd34

      Have you been able to fix this? I am having the same problem…this morning it was about 3 hours and the battery was gone/red! Less than 5% remaining…it was fully charged when I took of the charger.

  • Trevorspears

    Fix the damn conference calling! why doesnt anyone else notice this???

    • TH


  • JJ

    My maxx won’t show “call waiting.”  How do I fix this?

  • Mslaughter2005

    Hey I talked to a tier 2 tech a tech last week and she told me that her info showed that there where 2 upcoming updates foe the RAZR. One in April and one in may. She said the didn’t have any dates posted or other info but as RAZR owner herself she was hope may was Ics.

  • Baimer420

    I guess all you morons cant read. It clearly states that it will be released within a week… If people can actually read rather then wine we wouldnt have this issue.. GO BACK TO SCHOOL MORONS…

    • Ohiodude01

      It actually says USUALLY an update comes out withing a week from this type of release.

  • Kathy
  • Why are people so freakin serious about getting ics on their phones. It will come when it will come. Your phone is working fine with gingerbread right now. You are fooling yourself when you start comparing with others. The RAZR is a fine phone…a delay in the update doesn’t make Motorola crap. It means they are working hard to get you a bug free update. Grow up people!

    • because when they bought them it was promised before the end of the 1st business quarter which made it more appealing compared to the other ICS phones like the Nexus that were already out and running. Little did they know Motorola would miss that first deadline and follow it up with “by the end of the second quarter!”

  • Hmm…..

    There was NO hint about ICS, quickly removed or otherwise. That was a childish hoax perpetuated on DL. This was confirmed and documented by the soak test members, and the Moto private forum mods. The entire fiasco makes me wonder if the soak test was actually just a test of the soak members’ integrity to decide who they will actually allow to test the ICS soak…… 

    Great that these bug fixes exist (build has been floating around for a month or two). Ah, the irony of people whining that Moto is so late with updates… because they are getting yet another UPDATE. ICS is on the way. The leaked file is pretty stinkin’ close to ready for prime time, and will no doubt be in an actual soak test soon.

    • Hmm….

       …or maybe this just means the final 6.12.181 needed another little tweak, and the soak is back on to make sure all the bugs got squished. I’ll bet everyone gets it within a few more days.

  • Phoneman67

    I want a razr maxx with better camera and hd bigger screen. Maybe more memory. That would make me happy

    • AndroidFan2

       Droid Fighter?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I’ve been running the Moto ICS build since the day that it was made public and I love it. While I wouldn’t give it up, except for another ICS build, I can understand why it wouldn’t be pushed to the public. It does have a few bugs in which one of them is a battery reporting bug which would cause a nightmare for customer service. It is very close, from what I can tell, to a release but it’s not ready to push. It’s totally understandable that they would push the GB bugfix now.

  • i have tried to do a system update and it says im up to date but when i check my system version, it is different than the one that needs updated.

    • balthuszar

      because this hasnt been released yet…it’s just ready for release

  • Kurt5153

    Where the heck is my gnex update?

    • Anon

       Somewhere in the thread that talks about Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones.  I think you took a wrong turn; this is a Motorola Droid RAZR thread.

    • Taglogical

       lol (sry)

  • Paul

    I’m thinking June for Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • Rav3nz2000

      Im thinking longer than that.. I’ll be very surprised if ICS comes out that early.

  • Cgmartin33

    Im enjoying ICS on my Razr…best thing i could have done. I already loved the phone but this just took it to the next level. By far the best phone i have owned and I go through them quick!

  • Why are there so many entitlement posts about ICS. Be glad they are updating your phone and pushing out a fix. 

    • bakdroid

      Because all these whiny kids on here think that the world revolves around them and their parents give them whatever they want.  They grow up thinking that they should get everything they want and bitch up a storm if they don’t get what they want.  They need to wake up and enter the real world, you aren’t owed sh$t.  They need to learn what disappointment really is. They need to learn that when their boss tells them to do something, they better do it or they are going to be living in a cardboard box!

      • stupidllama

        so glad you able to pigeonhole everyone one here with your trolly little rant, but you could not be further from the truth, me for example, work 50+ hours a week doing whatever my boss needs, and what my boss need from me, is be up on latest tech so that i can keep them (bosses) and their company on the bleeding edge of technology (as they like to put it). So since i paid money that I earned for my phone, i will continue to push the companies that I pay my hard earned money to in order to make the products i buy from them better, if they ignore me ill go somewhere else. So since they are taking my money they better listen to what i have to say and like it, no they don’t have to do anything about but they can sure as sh$t listen to what i have to say. 

        • bakdroid

          Well, if you feel that way, go walk into every company you bought something from and tell them how it is.  Since you seem to be entitled to do so since you purchased their product.

          •  This is funny that you are implying that this would be wrong. We pay THEM, that makes us the bosses. Have you never noticed how consumer outrage can make companies actually do what is in the best interest of their consumers? Much like stupidllama, I work hard for my money, and I want my patronage respected. It isn’t just the money that I paid for my phone that Verizon is getting, and therefore it isn’t just the phone in its initial state that I am purchasing. Having a RAZR Maxx, and having used both the stock ROM and Eclipse, I can tell you that the user experience is apparently less important to Verizon that advertising and forcing users to pay for functionality that could just as well come from the stock version of Gingerbread for free. Verizon gets about $1,100 from me annually, and yes, for that, I think my opinion and desires should matter. I am their boss, as are all the other subscribers. In the United States we pay the most money for slower internet and locked in contracts as in cable, we pay more and get locked into contracts with insane cancellation fees in wireless. I see these things and think that at the least, we should get some actual effort on the part of our phone companies to keep up to date in software so that we can have good functionality for all the money we are giving them. That is not entitlement. That is simply respecting your customers and how important they are to your business.

          • bakdroid

            Well go march into Congress and tell them that.  We vote those people in and they don’t give a damn.  The corporations really don’t care.  They care about the mass consumer who just stupidly buys things.  They don’t care about you, they will tell you to go elsewhere because they know that every place is the same.  Time to just bend over and accept this or move to another country where you think things are better.

          • Charmpeddler

            Ya, imagine if EVERONE DID walk into congress. just think how much more they would listen. We put congress in office, we DO have the power to enforce them (we as a society choose not to by just sitting by). NOW just think what would happen if we did the same to EVERY company we pay a monthly fee to. stand as one and force them to listen. move out of the country and they don’t care, sit by and keep paying with out voicing your opinion and they will still not care, but will actually thing to themselves “hey, no complaints… we must be doing it right”… 

            think before you post. Don’t be a ignorant follower / consumer.

          • Taglogical

            Remember this: You (consumers) are not ‘their’ boss.  It is ‘their’ company and they can do whatever they want with ‘their’ business.

            “Oh Hi Socialism! Saw you come in (from a mile away) but didn’t see you sneakily standing there, hovering over my shoulder… This is still the USA, right? *looks around nervously* Yea you’re right *now shaking in his boots* smoking in restaurants is only the tip of this glorious iceberg you’re sailing (us into); we should be able tell more companies what to do with their company!!”


        • Alexander Garcia

          Dude calm down. ICS is great and all, but not worth gettin’ your blood boilin’ over. I’m actually still enjoyin’  my RAZR Maxx runnin’ GB. It’s actually great enough where I can still wait for ICS without any problems.

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Please elaborate.. Razr owners were sold a phone with a promise that it would get Ice Cream Sandwich although they didn’t say when. I think impatient would be a better way to describe them.

      • Rav3nz2000

        They said february..

        • Taglogical

          No they didn’t. Motorola said, post Bionic release, prior to the Razr MAXX release, that they would announce their “device ROADMAP for transitioning to ICS,” in February.

    • Anglissm

      Maybe because motorola lied in their marketing of the razr…. Undeniable…

      There…. Now we have an answer….



  • AranelAlasse

    Will the Droid 4 be getting an update, as well?  since they’re pretty similar…

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Being running the leaked 4.0.3 on my Razr for over two weeks and runs like a charm!!
    Love the quality of this phone. Hopefully the official update will come soon.

  • Buy This

    something something hope this helps my bionic something something comment

  • Lovehate

    make no mistake ics will be nice.BUT I’ll never complain about an update t that fixes my phone

  • SH

    Why are they even working on Gingerbread updates anymore? 

    • chris125

       because bug fixes are important

      • stupidllama

        yes they are important, but how important given the fact that we should be running ICS. Especially since it appear about 40% of the update is to update the bloatware most people never use. I tend to agree with SH there is no reason for them to be working on bug fixes for a phone that they should be working toword an upgrade.

        Yes they should still be working on GB for other phones but not for this one, mine is running fine with whats there, update to ICS and move on to improving THAT OS is what moto should be doing.

        • Taglogical

          Maybe this will help: You appear to be upset over your own assumption that one precludes the other. Motorola has more than 1 dude in their software division.

          I promise that these updates don’t halt ICS development ; )

  • Lex

    And no GSM info. Motorola is retarded in terms of updates. Well, at least i have AOKP.

  • MKader17

    🙁 This sucks, by the time phone manufacturers start putting out ICS then Google will be releasing JellyBean in the near future. Gingerbread is good and all but ICS needs to be the defacto standard for Android devices. It’s clearly an amazing OS, even though I own a GNex and am glad to have it, the more time the Razr and other top devices spend without ICS the more time Motorola and other manufacturers are making Google look like a clown.

    Also, Verizon’s and other carriers lack of promotion for the Nexus have killed the adoption of ICS.

    Does a radio really change the game that much when developing the OS? Tablet manufacturers have had no problem pumping out ICS. Do these Skin really take that long to develop? If they do, I don’t understand why these companies aren’t spending more time moving towards having intelligent software people as opposed to whatever else they are wasting their money on. It seems it would be more advantageous for a manufacturer to prove they are capable of keeping there devices running on the latest and fastest software than it would to say they have some skin. If they want to develop something, first make sure that the stock OS runs flawlessly, then add functional programs (smart actions), then add some bells and whistles if you must.

    If people don’t notice the differences in OS then are they really going to notice or care for 3D animations and extensive animations?

    /Rant and /me hating on the Razr. The more MotoVerizon shafts Razr owners the more they shaft Android.

  • Lacockanostra

    Razr owner: well at least I have a signal
    Gnex onwer: at least I have ICS
    Rezound owner: Forever alone

  • yawn.  ICS leak FTW 😉

  • I’m sad that Kellex never posted about the Thunderbolt update 🙁  It truly has been forgotten!

    • Franklin

      Update: tis’ now posted

  • dbam987

    No update available yet in my area… hopefully soon. The RAZR is awesome already, having a maintainance release only makes it even more awesome. You know what would make it epic though? Jelly Beans.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    the best change.. “added easy access to VZW preloaded bloatware errr bookmarks” – yeah, great

  • Dan

    maybe they ditched 4.0.3 and are building a build with 4.0.5…probably not but who knows

    • Doesn’t matter the existing ICS leak is far from ready for prime time — whoever posted above saying it is either isn’t on it, hasn’t used it or uses their Razr as JUST a phone. There are far too many things wrong with the current ICS leak to even think about soaking it to users — i’m sure motorola is aware of that. That being said, I highly doubt that the screenshots about a possible ICS soak were faked, i’ve looked carefully at the images and see no indication that they have been fabricated or modified in anyway. The leak is pretty good, but there are quite a few annoying bugs. I’m sure we will see ICS and as people have posted above we pay a ton of money to VZW and Moto for these devices, and they are purchased with the understanding that we will receive software updates.

  • truename

    Improved battery life for the Maxx? Didn’t think it need it but F*k YEAH! MOAR!!!

  • Can’t make my RAZR MAXX fetch the update.  Still sitting on 6.12.173.

    • Because it is not available yet.  This is clearly stated in the article,

      • Thanks for clearly being an ass.

        • Reading…

          It really is that simple.

        • BSweetness

          How else would you have liked him to phrase it?  That seems extremely civil and directly relevant to me considering what responses your post would typically get online.

          • LiterofCola

            He’s sensitive

  • Steve S

    MAJOR Dissapointment

  • Scott H

    Does “improved device stability” equate to no more random loss of data? Please?! 🙂

    • Michael Smith

      Could not agree with this request more!!!!!

  • How ridiculously inefficient the upgrade process is.

    They need to hire some process engineers to figure out how to streamline the process.

    • just imagine the training process the process engineers would have to go through to upgrade the process though

  • Adam Siekmann

    I think the fact they are updating an old version of the OS means ICS is not around the corner or these fixes would have just been included in ICS

    • Well, this update was done a long time ago to my knowledge. Probably easier to push this now and then start prepping an ICS update while it rolls out.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a soak test for MFN members in a week or so that ends up being ICS.

      • I think you’re not going to be correct.  I predict that the RAZR will not see ICS by the end of the summer.

        Early October at the earliest.

        • Ttocsmill

          Nearly a year after the ICS release… GNEX <~~ F. T. W.

          • LiterofCola

            Is that riiiiiiiiiight?

        • stupidllama

          Sad, I really like the build quality of this phone, but if this is how moto is going to continue there update process it will be my last. I’m not paying top dollar to be 6 months (or further) behind in software, a couple months ok even a quarter behind would be fine, but if i’m not updated until Oct. i’m done with moto. 

          • Jak_341

            Motorola build quality is vastly overrated. Their screens are poor. No excuse for that bad of a screen on a smartphone today. The radio is NOT superior to the GNEX. The GNex uses a newer version that is faster. The signal quality issue is nothing more than display bars. It has been proven time and time again. And here you have a Razt fix to address signal bar accuracy. Hmmm. So where is this superior build quality? I don’t see it.

          • stupidllama

            the phone is solid, i don’t feel like if i drop it its going to break (i have dropped it, several times and it didn’t), would i like a better screen sure, but they are not “poor” they are just average but good enough for me. i know nothing about the radios, mine works sounds good and work good over the Bluetooth in my vehicle. Im not a moto fanboy so when people that ask me, since i don’t have a gnex, i tell them to go in a take a look at them, hold them use them a little and see what you think. Without fail everyone says the Gnex feels plasticly and not as well build, i know anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, that fine, the gnex might be better in several different areas but for me i need the extra battery life and to get it without doing anything, like having a extra battery (as i did with my DX) was a plus also i didn’t feel like i would drop it and it would fall apart. I have had my maxx for a couple months now and despite some careless abuse and not having a case or screen protector on it, it still looks brand new, and since i only upgrade my phone every two years, i need to be of sound mind that it is first and foremost going to last that long. But your GNex software is far superior and i wish i had it, i don’t, in the future when i upgrade my phone i will look at all these thing again and if i feel that the Gnex is right for me i would be happy to get one, this time around i didn’t.

          • JMonkeYJ

            i’m not trying to get into a flame war, but just for the record, i drop my GNex all the time (any phone i get goes thru that torture 😉 and it’s held up so far like a champ…no case or anything.

            i just want to throw that out there because it was one of the things i was worried about initially, but has turned out to be a non-issue.

          • chris125

             samsung and their radios suck plain and simple. I had a nexus and the radio was weaker than the one in my thunderbolt which came out over a year before the nexus.

          • nailbomb3

             Oh boy, you do realize that the Nexus uses the same VIA Baseband chip from the Droid Charge right? Not exact a device reknown for its stellar radio signal…..

          • bakdroid

            Do you understand that it is not Moto, it is Verizon.  Not a single, 1, phone on Verizon has been upgraded to ICS.  Not one.  Even the GNex hasn’t been upgraded to a new version of ICS.  Verizon is holding all these ICS updates/upgrades back.  They want more money from the manufactures to do these updates/upgrades since it is a new OS.  Yes, the GNex was released with it but Verizon didn’t see any update fees out of it so they are holding the other ones up.  People need to start blaming the right people for these delays, it is Verizon.  Always has been…always will be.

          • C-Law

            If that was true , then the international version would have seen ics already. It hasnt

          • bakdroid

            The international version is to get ICS in Q2.  Last I checked, that is April through June, which means they are still on track.  No date has been given on the Verizon version because…..Verizon is holding it back.

          • nailbomb3

             Hey Brother, can you explain the whole ‘update fee’ scheme to me? First I’ve heard of that and I’m very curious how it all works…
            You Nexus fanboi’s: go away. I’m not a fanboi of any brand, but I did have THREE Gnex, and they were all bad. One way call audio, crap radios, data going dead, lousy speedtests on 3G, you name it. The Razr has none of these issues, other the a slightly worse screen and locked bootloader.

        • Jak_341

          II think even later, if at all. Nevertheless, just upgrade to a GNex. Problem solved. ICS and open!

          • bakdroid

            There always has to be one douchebag GNex person that comes and rags on a Moto post.  You GNex fanboys are pathetic.  The world doesn’t revolve around you.  The GNex is a POS.  It can’t make phone calls, it has a crappy design, the screen over-saturated,….  The only thing the GNex has on any phone is ICS, and now with other manufacturers releasing ICS, that phone will fade into oblivion just like the Nexus S and the N1 before it.  Hell, the GNex isn’t even on the latest version of ICS….FAIL!!  Once the Razr, Rezound, Bionic, etc get ICS, the GNex will b a paperweight.  You trolls can go crawl back under your bridge and wait for the next GNex or ICS post to go hate on.


          • Billyrouth2000

            Wrong, the nexus is the best Android 2 date. Even after the razor and any other phone gets updated they still won’t have NFC, and they will still be full of blur and will still have crappy screens. The nexus has 1 of the best screens out there. I’ve had mine since day 1 never a dropped call and never a reboot, first android I’ve had that ivr e never had to do a battery pull. Now don’t hate just BC you bought a Motorola Los and and when u do get pics it will b even worse ever time motor updates a phone it becomes a unuseable pos

          • LiterofCola

            Try harder

          • bakdroid

            Yea, cause you can use Google Wallet on your….oh wait its blocked.  Who cares about NFC, it is pointless.  Until it is actually used in more then 4 places in the country, it is worthless.  “Oh, but you can beam things to other phones…”…..yea, dumb feature.  You better rethink your hatred of blur, because a lot of blur features are in ICS whether you want to believe it or not.  The GNex screen is horribly over-saturated.  I will take a battery saving screen over an over-saturated battery hog any day.  If I want a nice screen, I will turn on my HDTV.  Your comment isn’t even worth reading since you can’t even write correctly.  What are you 5?  Perhaps you need to have your mom come down to your room in the basement and teach you how to spell, or at least know how to use auto correct.

          •  Dude, you are an angry angry person. They’re just phones, after all. I chose a Razr Maxx over the Galaxy Nexus because I like the design and hardware stability of Moto’s devices (Droid 2 is an exception. Eww). I love the battery and the screen is great. It may not be HD but its still wonderfully clear. Don’t even get me started on the battery life.

            Now then, I knew buy the Maxx would mean sacrificing ICS for a while. Its really not that big of a deal. Still, that’s no reason to trash the Galaxy Nexus. Its a really good phone but in the end its just that. A phone. Its not something to go to war over. 

          • Anon

             I had few, if any issues with the Droid 2, and I had one for a year and a half.

            As for the Galaxy Nexus –I have nothing against it.  Objectively, it’s a reasonable smartphone whose greatest appeal comes from having non-skinned ICS and very little of Verizon’s bloatware.  If more flagship phones had ICS, the appeal would probably drop significantly, as other phones have better cameras and some other hardware features the Nexus doesn’t have, but it’s a decent phone.

            Like so many others though, I can’t stand the contingent of Nexus owners who have such a hard-on for their device that they have to crap on every other smartphone on the market.  It’s pointless; and if that’s what it takes for someone to feel good about themselves, they must have a pretty pathetic, shallow life.  I love gadgets, but having some doesn’t give me a superiority complex or make me better than anyone else or their phones.

          • Lovehate

            Sweet how many updates has you google phone received? No the gnex screen is not one of the best out there.two of my friends have gnex’s and while they are mostly happy the phone has problems like every other phone.i for ¹ am happy bought a razor(got mine after the big 3 came out). But glad you like the phone.

          • SquiggiE

            Hmmm, funny thing is I have never had to do a battery pull on my RAZR MAXX…wait…I should unscrew my chasis and pull the battery just to prove your ignorant ass right…or not.  Have fun charging your battery every 8 hours (or less). L8r!

          • Daniel Archibald33

             Hey Billy? Quit trolling on Motorola Posts. We dont care that your nexus has NFC. I have a micro sd card in my Droid Razr that has and NFC chip in it. I can use google wallet on my Razr but there are no companies within 250 miles of my location that even support it. Go troll the samsung posts elsewhere.

          • LiterofCola

            Nothing good can come from this post.

          • C-Law

            Sounds like bakdroid is upset. My gnex makes phone calls fine. And over saturation is way toned down compared to the sgs2. And since rooted users can keep up with aosp, we are on the latest version of ics. Motorola is screwing their customers. Its why I left after the og Droid. You should be mad at Motorola, not other android users

          • bakdroid

            I am not mad at Moto because their devices work and so does GB.  ICS is nice since it is new, but people don’t have to have it.  It is a nice to have.  I AM mad a the little GNex babies that come on here and flame anyone who doesn’t have a nexus or doesn’t agree with what they say.  It is called paying it back and it is also a reality check.  The nexus is a mediocre phone at best and the only thing that sets it apart is ICS.  That is it.  If you like how SamApple release only 1 phone per year, good for you.  But there is nothing wrong with manufacturers putting out more than 1 phone per year.  This entitlement BS for the latest and greatest needs to stop.  If you want the latest and greatest, fine….pay for it.  If you think you deserve it you need to wake up from whatever delusion you are in.  Moto hasn’t screwed any customer except for the “I think I’m entitled” crowd…

          • Barkleyfan

            Lol in a way, we are entitled. This is a purchase, not a lease. They don’t have to update, providing they quit cockblocking bootloader. They owe us a way to update ourselves if they if they don’t want to support updates.

        • Wow that’s late. 😛

        • Agreed. I don’t think it;ll get pushed out until after the Razr HD is on the market. But I can wait. I mean, the Maxx is still an awesome phone as is. The only real things I like from ICS are the SMS app, Contacts app and Roboto font.

        • FknTwizted

          What do u think moto is? HTC?