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NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Roadmap Leaked, in Devices by Q1 2013

According to Chinese site VR Zone, pictured above is a leaked roadmap of four upcoming iterations of the Tegra 4 processor from NVIDIA. I know, I know, we are just starting to see the first Tegra 3 devices and now are going to talk about what’s next? It’s tough not to when you see “4-PLUS-1” and “A15” on the same chart. That would mean the same quad-core architecture as their current T3 chipsets, but bumped up to cortex A15s over the A9s that most chipset manufacturers use today. We are talking monumental performance increases here.

We are also seeing LTE mentioned which is always a good sign, along with clock speeds ranging from 1.2-2.0GHz. The chart mentions 2013 for rollout.

While we always get excited about the future, we would love for NVIDIA to put out a Tegra 3 LTE device first, before worrying about the Tegra 4.

Via: Engadget, VR Zone

  • As a matter of fact Tegra 3 has been out for a while. I definitely want to see what Nvidia has ins-tore for Tegra4. They have been very quiet about it for many months which begs the question, Are we going to see Nvidia push the limits of Tegra to levels as the A6X with its 554PM or better, or are they just going to continue on sitting on their laurels while other companies come and take the crown that Nvidia has held in the PC market for ages?

  • xiaoxiao115


  • Jason

    How about actually letting us know about your 7 inch Tegra 3 Asus?  Think that would be too much trouble?

  • Towelie420

    For the record, did the Verizon Xoom ever get 4g LTE?

  • PDubya

    Ah… and it begins. Buy something to suddenly prepare for (and embrace) “obsolete-ness”. Pretty soon, we’ll buy the hottest thing in the store and by the time we get home with it, it won’t connect to anything because it’s obsolete that quickly.

    Thank you tech companies. We officially hate you now.

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  • Butters619

    You know what first sticks out to me.

    That it won’t be until Q3 2013 before their chips have integrated LTE

    • chris125

       Agree. Not to mention it will be based off A9 while the rest of their line is based off A15

  • T4rd


    /still has old Nokia brick

    • Noyfb

      For real, I want to buy my first tablet, but every time I see a tablet that looks great on specs, I read about an upcoming tablet that’ll be even better, and so on. One year later I still haven’t bought a tablet because now I’m reading about better chip sets again, so what will the Google tablet have, or will that too be obsolete when it comes out…….. this sucks

  • Damn it I just got my HTC One X. Still trying to figure out how to get it to work in the US. Guess ill have to return it and start the countdown for the next gen device.

  • Hipsters won’t like this…

  • kixofmyg0t

    The only mention of LTE is under a chip with quad A9’s…..which will rollout at the end of NEXT YEAR….


    OMAP 5 FTW. 

    • Butters619

      Yeah that’s exactly what I saw. Which means we won’t see Tegra 3’s or 4’s in any US devices.  Qualcomm and TI is all.

  • TheDude

    News for non LTE tablet devices or GSM phones.

  • Android1997

    Me no likey.

  • No embedded LTE until Q3 2013.

    Thats … pretty failtastic.