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Temple Run Not Available to the RAZR and Bionic, Imangi “Hopes” to Make It Available in the “Future”

Temple Run was finally released on Android last night, but unfortunately, those with a RAZR or Bionic were left out of the fun. We reached out to Imangi Studios’ PR to see what the status was on bringing support to these phones and were told that they “hope to be available on those devices in the future.” They did not have a specific time frame to give us.

We are trying to figure out how the DROID 4 got the thumbs up though, when it runs essentially the same chipset as those two phones? Also, we see that the LG Spectrum, Galaxy SII, XOOM, and Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime are all supported with their varying range of processors and screens. Someone fire up the “fragmentation!” engines…

  • Sgtjobson

    I have a stock bionic and temple run is working just fine for me. I installed it as soon as it was available and haven’t had any issues what so ever.

  • noone
  • weiderhosen

    You can download the apk  “temple run for arm  on 4shared”.  i have it working on my razr

  • Cgelser

    I have a RAZR and I have the game. I downloaded it at like 3 AM, weirddd

  • Mike Boodoo

    Droid Razr and Bionic users CAN play. Just have to download the apk and install. I don’t know why they wont officially release it… 

  • Razrtenple

    What?!? I’m playing on my RAZR!! -.-

  • Robinholleyq

    downloaded 4share and it works on razor.

  • feztheforeigner

    That’s a lot of devices Kellex! 😉

  • Ughhh

    Not working for the Samsung Admire either, but I can run Angry Birds Space, Fruit Ninja, and everything else PERFECT! :/

  • Justin Howard

    I have a Razr running stock and it works perfect on my phone.

  • balthuszar

    this is funny…because i have it on my razr

  • JOANNE2180


  • ShopDroid

    On my Transformer Prime, the tilt controls are not working correctly in this game.  So much for supporting it.

  • Kolin Shapiro

    works on my STOCK bionic just fine, and i downloaded it straight from Google play last night. never has it crashed and ive played like 2 hours…. so….. 

  • junkmailng

    Note: Requires a device that can install the Temple Run application (a tablet you have or borrow a friend’s device).  I think there is a way you can get the Play Store to download .apk files directly but I forgot the instructions.

    From a device which can run Temple Run (on the supported device list)1. Download and install Temple Run2. Download and Install Astro File Manager3. From Astro, select Application Backup.  Find “Temple Run” and check it.  Click on “backup” button.
    3. Now you have an .apk file in your sd card under backups/apps/  

    From there you can send it to yourself via email, etc.  Just get the file onto your Razr and install.
    It works.  I’ve tried it…

  • Edgar

    It works fine on my razor I’m rooted

  • tehsusenoh

    I’m on Gummy Targa, and the app freezes the phone completely at the score screen.  I get the same thing while Angry Birds is loading as well.  Really frustrating.

  • Alex Barry92

    I have it on my bionic .893 and it works fine?

    • OhAaron

      :/ Why are you still on .893?  I have a Nexus now, but I found .893 to be totally unusable (connectivity wise).

  • Jaylundgreen

    Works fine on Bionic.

  • Broncos31

    I have a droid razr wtf i cant get it why someone tell me why i can’t get it

  • TP

    Running Axiom on my Bionic and googled it and downloaded. Works fine for me.

  • Babyvette2003

    It won’t let me download on my droid razr, which is bullcrap!

  • I Googled Temple Run apk on my Bionic and downloaded it from 4 shared and it runs perfectly. 

    • Thanks…this worked for me! Now my kids can stop nagging me!

  • TheRobotCow

    Hey Kellex, care to share any information on the At&T Gnex?

    • sc4fpse

      It’s probably just the international GSM Galaxy Nexus with an AT&T SIM in it, nothing special.

  • Odd that it loaded to my original Droid my kids use as a toy since I replaced it…and seems to work fine, but no go for Bionic??

  • Stiwrx07

    Dowlnoad it from 4 shared works on my RAZR perfectly fine

  • be careful downloading the right Temple Run, there is a fake one with every permission possible.

  • Jak_341

    Another argument for unlocked, no UI devices. Fragmentation will be the death of Android, especially if developers are abandoning it due to fragmentation.

    • C-Law

      What would end fragmentation other than close sourcing android? Are there some sort of rules Google could enforce like hardware, resolution, etc… and those phones could carry a special Google approved label or something? I dunno, just wish there was a way to end fragmentation but keep aosp

      • Stewie

        You miss his point – The fragmentation is not caused by google – It is from the individual manufacturers who install their own skins and blaot onto the OS itself.

        Unlocked, no UI devices – means no interferance from the carriers/manufacturers – all phones become “nexus” like (or OG like if you hate the gnex …)

        not going to happen anytime soon, as they see $$$ in bloat and skinng them.

  • Cody A Smith1

    Works on my Razr just fine! Downloaded it last night

  • htc incredible cant get it either…doesnt even show up 

    • Zach

       I just went to the Play Store on my computer and downloaded it from there.

  • Vladivostok

    Running a stock Bionic. Downloaded and plays just fine?

  • Works great on the crappy X2 running Eclipse 2.1! Glad I don’t have the RAZR.

  • Nsbjj

    I have the RAZR and I downloaded it last night from the link on this site and it works perfect!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Temple Run “works” on my Galaxy Nexus, but the game automatically “closes” most of the time, probably around 60-80% of the time. When I’m just simply playing the game, it closes out of nowhere. When I messing with the Options, or the Stats, or anything else for that matter, it closes. When I simply hit the “Play Again” button, it closes. They really need to fix this “closing” bug ASAP.
    I mean, I’m glad it does work on my G-Nex, but still, should work 100% of the time.

    • Adam1982

      It does the same thing for me on my GNex unless i let that “play again” screen fully load before i make a selection.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Ahh…maybe that’s it. Wait a few seconds, let whatever screen(ie options screen) fully load, then continue on.

        But that’s doubtful though..probably just a weird bug.

  • veRdiKt

    im on a ics selfkang for the bionic. and im playing it. actually reallly fun/ 

    • Phaberl

      Odd. I’m in ics kang, and it won’t let me play. Poop

  • I know there have been complaints from Bionic and RAZR users with lots of games freezing for a moment ever since the last update. I’d guess they don’t want the complaints from Motorola’s software causing freezes to effect reviews of the game. Angry Birds freezes a little, but Dragon Fly is pretty much unplayable unless you turn off all the visual options.

  • Asuriyan

    Downloaded it from the market website (still refusing to call it a ‘play store’) last night on my stock-as-stock Razr. Works fine.

    • Joanne2180

      I have the razor its not compatible

      • balthuszar

        i too have the razr…works perfect

      • Asuriyan

        Is it a Gillette or Schick? Kidding. I probably grabbed it before they implemented the restriction.

      • DRoid Bioinic LOVERRRRR

        i think hes talking about the old RAZR… You know the one that flips upXD

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Would you like to restart that Run?” . . .”Sure” . . . FORCE CLOSE! . . . 

    • chrismcconkey

      Glad this is happening to someone else.

      G-Nex, AOKP B28

    • bionic man 1

      I was able to download it on my bionic and this was the only problem I found with it.

  • it works for the most part on my bionic it has the same bugs that the other models were talking about in the user reviews.

  • CellPhoneGuy

    Cant get it on my nexus either

    • CellPhoneGuy

      jk i got it. but smae problems as everyone else. oh well

  • enigmaco

    Works on my droid 3 to weird

  • Jeff Creemer

    It doesn’t show as compatible for my Razr Maxx on the Google Play site, so I downloaded it from another site, http://apknew.com/temple-run-1-0-0-apk.html. It works just fine on my phone. 

  • Kehveltre

    It works if you’re running an ice cream sandwich rom

  • Mickey Bennet

    I have the Razr and it downloaded/works fine.

  • I used to run from temples, then I took a RAZR to the knee…..

    • Thewizard

      I used to be annoying and unfunny, but then I stopped spamming old and overused internet jokes.

      • Was waiting for this… It’s a joke. Get over it. 

        • jay

          Yeah it’s a joke, stop making them when they stop being funny you douche…

          • Droidfann

            omg, thewizzard name is such an overused internet nick name, how original ; p

    • Azndan4

      Bad joke. Boring and overused.

    • Sirx

      Normally overused, but the extra effort made it work.  I lol’d.

  • I installed this from the Google Play website last night and sent it to my RAZR MAXX and it installed and plays just fine. I’m not sure I understand what’s wrong…it didn’t say it was incompatible or anything. Worked just like any other app install.

  • Michael Forte

    You aren’t missing much. Application is buggy as hell.

    • That’s odd. I’m not finding any bugs on my X2. Works flawlessly and runs great. And, I’m not running on the stock ROM. I’m running it on Eclipse 2.1 ROM.

  • Dan


  • Wow I thought I had a lot of Android devices, you got me beat lol

    • Tim Swann

      he reviews EVERY Verizon android device…of course he’s going to have anyone beat

  • Lulzfrag


    • TheDude


  • Mal_eskrito

    It works on my Razr Max…..downloaded last night.

    • r0lct

      Are you running stock?

  • Ginosylum

       *Moto vs Samsung nonsence in 3, 2, 1,*

    • r0lct

      Tastes great!

    • Sp4rxx

       Except other Moto devices are supported …. so …. NO SOUP FOR YOU

    • Paul

      I think you meant Samsung.

  • Michael_NM

    I usually run away from temples anyway. So, my Bionic isn’t too disappointed.

  • Jcdenton771

    I installed Temple Run on my RAZR last night and its running fine. Has the same bugs that everyone else is reporting though.

    • Assuming you are running some sort of ROM?

      • Jcdenton771

        Nope I am 100% stock running 6.12.173

        • Now that’s weird. For most, it is definitely showing as not compatible.

          • Jcdenton771

            It showed as compatible last night at about 1am Eastern when I installed it but now when I go to the Play Store it shows as incompatible but installed.