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HTC One X and One S Pose for the Camera – Same Old HTC Design, But Ultra-Thin

Most of the devices expected to make a splash at next week’s Mobile World Congress have now been outed. Yesterday we saw LG’s entire lineup of phones receive hands-on time and today we have the first shots of the HTC One X and One S in the wild. The One S is expected to be a mid-range device, so we’ll get right into the picture we have up top which is of the One X. As you know from the constant coverage of it over the last couple of weeks, the One X is HTC’s new flagship device. Rockin’ a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 4.7″ Super LCD HD screen, NFC, 8MP rear camera, and Sense 4.0 over Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s something to be taken seriously.

As far as styling goes, it looks like all of HTC’s devices from the last couple of years only it appears to be incredibly thin. In fact, if this was sitting next to a Sensation, you might not be able to tell the difference other than the ICS-ready 3-navigation keys that HTC has chosen instead of the previously standard 4. I’m not calling it ugly, just saying that it looks like every other HTC device from the front.

The HTC One S is expected to be a little more budget-friendly and is pictured after the break. Rumored specs have it with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor (possibly the Snapdragon S4), 4.3″ qHD screen, and Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Thoughts on HTC’s new devices? They rarely ever send anything to Verizon first, so you can almost expect that most of us will never even think about purchasing one. However, the specs, thickness of the devices, and continued use of Super LCD screens has to get you at least a little excited. Should a variation of one of these come to Big Red, would you be all over it? Bootloader unlocking tool, remember?

Via:  ITProPortal [2]

  • forwardisstilltheonlyway

    I hearted my desire and this brings back memories. My note is my new best friend. 


    Here’s the Problem with On Screen Buttons:
    The Onscreen Buttons Move, Change Place.
    When Using Apps like Google Maps, a Fourth Menu Button Appears.  Lots of Other Apps, Like Pandora, Menu Buttons appear.
    Not only that but the Galaxy Nexus Works in Any Orientation.  You can hold the phone in upside down and the menu buttons will go to the top of the screen so you can use the phone upside down.

    Basically HTC is limiting the functionality of the Phone by putting the buttons on the hardware.

  • Gerret Walczak

    Any phone with physical buttons is already outdated to me.

  • Kevin Raymond

    The specs are nice, but HTC’s design never excites me.

  • anguy

    That One X will be too big. 4.7 display AND buttons at the bottom? Certainly bigger than Nexus and Razr.

  • gdi2290

    how are they going to add a menu button?

  • Davidukfl

    Am i the only one who thinks this phone looks alright? If anything it looks kinda similar to the galaxy nexus. While it may not be a massive step away from HTC’s usual stuff, I’d still say it’s a decent improvement over the design of the rezound, which to me is ugliest phone they’ve ever made.

  • Lgreg64

    i wounder if the battery is removable?

  • baobao22


  • Jmanin

    Love my HTC Incredible but not loving the design of these new phones. I’m liking the Nokia designs but don’t want Windows Phone yet. Hoping Samsung brings a version of the Note to Verizon.

  • Larizard

    Unnecessary capacitive buttons are unnecessary.

  • Ahsan

    You guys are all being little bitches about the capacitive buttons. If the GNex had capacitive, and this had virtual, you guys would still be bitching.

    You GNex fans are getting worse than iSheep.

    • abrego47


    • dreadnatty08

      The fact that they can be tweaked (okay, a la custom ROMs), is enough for me to never purchase another phone with static buttons.  Putting them where I want, in what color, how many, and have 180 degree rotation is pretty awesome.  (and now with the ability to hide them altogether and use Quick Actions is cool too)

    • I have just one question  for you, lets say you wanna hit the options button on your new HTC ONE X.

  • I just hit the snooze button

  • CedrickwithnoK

    Looks like Nexus One <3

    • fvqu

      No, thats every HTC phone.

  • HTC’s “same old” design is still more refreshing than iphone’s “brand new, this changes everything” design.

    • casualsuede

      iPhone design hasn’t changed much since the original launch of the iPhone.  They make a slight shift and suddenly they are crowned design champions?

  • Ecrunion

    So what really is there to be excited about MWC next week for all of the Verizon people??  Doesn’t look like much of anything. 🙁

  • Jak_341

    Ugh. Capacitive buttons. Why??? We don’t see buttons (or Sence) with ICS. The GNex doesn’t have them.

    • Tim242

      capacitive buttons = more screen space. I have the no soft keys mod, but not everybody flashes roms.

  • Balls

    not nearly blurry enough, fake

  • trevorsalienarms

    “Droid-Life.com” should just drop the pretense already and go full on “Nexuslife.com” or “Damnhtcwithfaintpraise.com”.  Either would be at least a more accurate depiction of the content within.

    • MKader17

      Maybe they should change it to “ItDoesntMatterWhatWePostThereWillAlwaysBeButtHurtCommentors-Life.com”

    • Some days I think exactly this same thing. 

  • Chimera

    How do you use the menu button on apps that aren’t updated for ICS?

    • Tim242

      3 dots appear at the bottom. In custom roms, you can hide them,but can still use them.

  • Noble Four

    Loving my Nexus still. But I do miss HTC and Sense. That said, I also love stock ICS. So here’s what HTC needs to pull for me to change devices.

    1. Large, 720p display.

    2. ICS/Sense 4.0

    3. Unlockable bootloader, and a development community that will bring AOSP ROMs to the device.

    4. NFC

    5. Ample storage

    6. Decent battery. At least as long lasting as my Nexus, which isn’t a very high bar.

    7. Camera. A really nice camera. Sorry GNex, your shit’s weak.

    • staticx57

      The Resound has all that but NFC either stock or custom ROM. They aren’t that far off.

      • George264

        That’s why I have the GN and the Rezound 😀 Sense when I want it(in my left pocket and great camera) Stock ICS for the epic in my right :DD:D:DD::D:D:DD::D:D::D HEAVEN!

  • Meh. Still boring. At least they are getting the thickness problems figured out. Now they need to think back to the DInc and get some of that passion of design back.

    • thebluegod

      I think the Incredible design will live on in the form of HTC’s Verizon phones. One of the phones leaked and had a similar back as the Incredible, but I think it still had 4 buttons so it may be a prototype.

      • staticx57

        As long as it is a super phone like the Dinc 1 and not mid range like the Dinc 2

  • Flip74k

    Been saying this for a while about HTC. All phones have the same design! Come up with something new! I bet more ppl would jump on it!

  • speraider430

    I don’t need a slice of a phone!  Just give me a battery that lasts an entire day!

  • BSweetness

    “8MP front camera”

    What?  Surely that’s a mistype. 

  • xFenixKnightx

    @kellex:disqus i highly doubt htc would use tegra when qualcomm still has so much invested in them… s4..

    • The One X is a Tegra 3. Their other phones will still be Qualcomm.

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        y, it makes no sense.. they’d use the s5.. qualcomm’s quad core.. they have most stake in htc… until i see pics of the specs im in disbelief 🙁 .. anyways on with my gnex 🙂

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Because they don’t want to wait another year to get a quad core phone out there? S5 is scheduled to ship in Q4, last I heard. They will be the last on the block, Exynos and OMAP are being announced next week, and will be out long before S5.

          Not to mention, T3 looks to be pretty awesome. The 5th core thing looks like it may be the answer to all of our battery life woes.

          • staticx57

            While the fifth core will be great expect the software to lag a bit.

          • Exactly, quad-core Snapdragon isn’t close to being ready. HTC also doesn’t have an exclusive deal or anything with Qualcomm, they have just used them almost exclusively in the past heh.

            They need to make a big splash this year with one of the first quad-core phones and NVIDIA is the only company that has a chip available.

            It seems weird, but this phone is indeed Tegra 3 powered.

  • SMD79

    Thin phone means nothing if the battery doesn’t last. HTC, please learn from Razr & Razr Maxx madness.

  • Im not that happy with the new naming scheme its hard to keep track with all the new names specially because many vendors use the same letter scheme.

  • hkklife

    The only thing I care about being announced is that Intel-based Motorola we saw a render of a few weeks ago. If its on VZW before the end of Q2 and has at least a 4.5″ 720p screen then I’m in!

    • cooksta32676


    • Jeremy Turnley

      Not convinced batter life will be good enough on those yet, and the x86-ness of it might mean a dearth of apps. 

      Plus, it’s Moto, so locked tight, Blur-y and super buggy? No thanks, I’ll hold off for now.

  • Tutunkari

    What is this, WP7? Keep your old standard buttons or go buttonless. Sheesh HTC.

    • Tim242

      They are the three standard ICS buttons. Button less is pointless.

  • hldc1

    I love me some HTC, but after having used the Galaxy Nexus for over two months, I’m of the opinion that HTC’s design staff is stuck in a bit of a rut. All their phones look the same, and I have to agree with the other comment on here about the buttons. HTC needs to ditch the capacitive buttons. They need a serious refresh of their designs. They make solid hardware, but their designs are starting to get a bit stale.

  • Uncle paul


    • Bobby

      Ohh Uncle Paul…

  • EC8CH

    HTC…. gingerbread called… it wants its buttons back.

    • Dan

      Three Days Grace called – they want their name back.

    • picaso86

       Someone needs to fired the “design” team at HTC

      • MKader17

        It’s funny how each manufacturer has something that really hinders them. Sometimes I think about the dream team for terrible Android phones…

        “In hell Sanjay Jha is the owner of Devil Mobility, every Android phone comes with outdated HTC styling, a Moto name, Donut OS, Samsung “radios”, and Touchwizzed Senseblur. At MHC (Mobile Hell Congress) the DevMo Flat Device is being released.”
        An new reason to avoid Hell.

        • George264

          I liked the Pre-Evo 3D era of HTC styling. Then it all went bad. Even though I bought the rezound(which looks okay) it’s gone downhill. The nexus One,and Hero, and Legend and Sensation were the best of their designs, and few of the more esstically pleasing designs in Android history.

    • LaCokaNostra

      Why hate on the improvements sEnse has brought to android?

      • Boblank84

        care to elaborate?

      • Number01pup

        You’ve obviously never used a nexus phone. Sense would only limit ics in any form, its crap and always has been.

        • casualsuede

          Actually, with ICS, Google is actually finally catching up to Sense. 

          Sense has alot of features that people think are native to Android.  People think things as simple as smart dialer are Android features, but in fact are HTC features.  Alot of people who switch away from HTC are disappointed with the older Google interfaces because what they think are Gingerbread, Froyo or earlier OS treatments are actually Sense functionality.

          I do wondering about Sense in ICS because Google FINALLY decided to concentrate on user experience and it does look better than it ever has.  I think Sense has to be radically changed to keep ahead of ICS. 

          • EC8CH

            Completely agree. But as it looks now stock ics is now better than sense ics.

      • George264

        HTC Sense used to be good. Because it made the crappy OLD android better. Now ICS is BETTER than Sense, as I have a Rezound and GN and I can say, that Matias Duarte really let out his designing capabilities and it’s gorgeous. Sense won’t be needed, and from what we saw, it removes the high tech holo blue theme and put the ugly gray and green. Ugh. I might buy this, put AOSP on it. But right now GN is my phone of choice

    • Guest

      I swear dude, you people are unbelievably spoiled if a set of hardware buttons is enough of a factor to make you pass on a phone. “OMG IT HAS BUTTONS ITS CRAP FAIL” It’s just so stupid to be complaining about something so small. 

      • its not that hardware buttons suck or anything, i think most people don’t want to see them because native ICS phones don’t require them.

        • casualsuede

          Not requiring them doesn’t mean it is not smart to have them.  The buttons can let the OEM be more creative on the software buttons.  Also, if a program crashes (do software crash on android?) a capacitive home button will work, whereas a software home key may not.

          And most android phone users are used to the buttons, so I don’t know if MOST people not wanting them to see buttons is an accurate statement.

    • ericl5112

      Software buttons are NOT an ICS thing.  They are a thing that phones can do since ICS, but they are not something for all phones.

      The Nexus line is a line for developers.  It shows them things that are new in android, and lets them work with it.  That’s why they don’t have microSD cards (at least that was the reason for the Nexus S), because that was new to android, and they wanted dev’s to work on it.  I don’t hear people shouting about how they hate that their phone supports microSD cards however, or that gingerbread+ phones release with microSD card slots.

  • Michael Forte

    And let me guess…a 1200 mAh battery? Also, if the buttons are capacitve and not on screen, how will the menu button work?

    • I’m sure they hacked Sense enough to get it work. 😛

      • Yeah, they probably yanked the framework from gingerbread, don’t expect much change. It is HTC afterall.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      It will work the same as it does on all ICS devices that have them, a pop-up that gives you a picklist. You obviously haven’t seen any ROMs lately 😉

      • George264

        So randomly theres a bar at the bottom with only one button? One menu button? There’s no bar here like G-N

    • Larizard

      Just think of it this way: It’s ICS without the bottom System Bar, and instead, you get the three capacitive buttons. But the Action Bar and the Action Overflow Button will be onscreen for your “menu” needs.

      • Jack

        I think he is talking about legacy apps, those which have not been updated for ICS, don’t have an action bar and yet require a menu button for certain operations.