Samsung’s Revamped Galaxy Note 10.1 Pictured, Features Quad-Core Chip and Slot for S-Pen

Attendees of MWC this year were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The device would come sold later this year with the S-Pen stylus and a dual-core 1.4GHz processor for all of your tablet needs. The only issue, is that the device didn’t have a designated slot for the stylus, so losing the S-Pen could become an issue for owners down the road. Samsung probably received enough guff over the lack of thought in the design and decided to recreate the tablet with a slot just for the stylus. And to sweeten the deal, they even threw in a new quad-core chip.  (more…)

Google Releases Official Mobile World Congress Application to the Android Market

If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Barcelona or are still just watching the mobile festivities from home, you can get in on the action at MWC thanks to Google’s latest release to the Android Market. The app contains booth information, maps, notes, and even an android pin checklist to use to make sure you have them all. Go have some fun!

Market Link

Cheers Gordon!

Android Booth Tour MWC 2012, Does This Bowl of Jelly Beans Mean Anything?

The Android booth at Mobile World Congress 2012 is now open to attendees. If you are in Barcelona this week, this is your new playground. With its smoothie bar, lounge, demo setups, device carousel, crane machine, looping slide, pin collections, Jelly Bean bowl (we’ll get to that later) and device bedazzler, it’s safe to say that the Android team has officially outdone itself. Do attendees even need to stop anywhere else?

Check out the gallery of the entire booth after the break, all thanks to Hugo Barra.   (more…)

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) Which is Just an Original Tab 10.1 with Ice Cream Sandwich and Slightly Tweaked Design

Since Samsung wasn’t ready to announce the Galaxy SIII at MWC this year, they had to at least come up with something. That “something” is the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and a projector phone called the Galaxy Beam, which we’ll talk about in a bit. For now, let’s focus on this new Tab 2 that should be an epic release after the success and awesomeness that was the original 10.1, right? Eh, not really. The Galaxy Tab 2 is identical to the original 10.1 except that it runs Ice Cream Sandwich and has a slight redesign with speakers in the front. Otherwise, it packs a dual-core processor, 7,000mAh battery, 3MP shooter in the back, VGA shooter in the front, and TouchWiz. We wish there was something else to say about it, but it really is an identical tablet. Not to say that we don’t still love the original 10.1, but come on Sammie, give us something new and brilliant.   (more…)

HTC Announces the One X, One S, and One V – Sets the Bar for 2012 Android Devices

We knew they were all coming, but HTC officially stole the show today at Mobile World Congress 2012 with the unveiling of their HTC One series. Even with specs leaking and pictures popping up across the globe, we should all still be impressed with what HTC has produced for the first half of this year. The One X is their flagship phone and the most impressive on paper, but the One S isn’t far behind it as a next-gen phone. The One V is their lowest level of the three, yet still manages to include Beats audio and an extremely slim body while maintaing the unique look of the once iconic HTC Legend. Overall, this is one hell of a lineup of phones. They announced more than just phones though, but we’ll start there and continue on throughout the afternoon.

We have pictures, specs and more after the break.   (more…)

HTC One X and One S Pose for the Camera – Same Old HTC Design, But Ultra-Thin

Most of the devices expected to make a splash at next week’s Mobile World Congress have now been outed. Yesterday we saw LG’s entire lineup of phones receive hands-on time and today we have the first shots of the HTC One X and One S in the wild. The One S is expected to be a mid-range device, so we’ll get right into the picture we have up top which is of the One X. As you know from the constant coverage of it over the last couple of weeks, the One X is HTC’s new flagship device. Rockin’ a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 4.7″ Super LCD HD screen, NFC, 8MP rear camera, and Sense 4.0 over Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s something to be taken seriously.

As far as styling goes, it looks like all of HTC’s devices from the last couple of years only it appears to be incredibly thin. In fact, if this was sitting next to a Sensation, you might not be able to tell the difference other than the ICS-ready 3-navigation keys that HTC has chosen instead of the previously standard 4. I’m not calling it ugly, just saying that it looks like every other HTC device from the front.

The HTC One S is expected to be a little more budget-friendly and is pictured after the break. Rumored specs have it with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor (possibly the Snapdragon S4), 4.3″ qHD screen, and Ice Cream Sandwich.  (more…)

Here are Your 2012 MWC Android Pins, And Yes You Will Want Them

Last year, the Android team created a set of 86 different Android pins that were then spread around various booths at MWC. Attendees noticed them and then actually tried to collect them all (who wouldn’t, right?). Seeing that they were such a hit, a new set of pins has been introduced for next week’s big mobile event and are something I think that all of us would love to have to add to our Android collections. If you are not attending, it may be tough, but we’ll do our best to try and get a hold of some.

Check out the full sheet of pins below.  (more…)