Top 10 Android Phones of 2012

In 2012, we saw the Android smartphone world reach heights that I don’t imagine many predicted. On a spec front, 2012 was the year of quad-core processors, 2GB of RAM, HD displays, longer battery lives, and incredibly thin bodies. It seems like just yesterday that we were asking DL readers if they had a dual-core or single-core phone, yet here we are, with dual-core phones already becoming a thing of the past.

On a manufacturer front, 2012 was the year that Samsung proved that it really was the only big fish in a bowl full of minnows. We saw Motorola kick off its life as a Google-owned company, HTC struggle to make money even while releasing amazing phones, and LG take its turn as the face of the Nexus phone program.

In this post, I thought we’d talk a bit about all of that by listing out my top 10 phones of the year.  (more…)

HTC Will Prioritize Devices Launched in 2012 to Receive Android 4.1 Update, Says Sorry to Devices With 512MB of RAM

HTC has updated their device FAQ for anyone looking to find information on when and if their device will receive Jelly Bean. Long story short, HTC has made it clear that in general, devices with 512MB of RAM or less will more than likely not receive Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, that probably goes for you too Thunderbolt owners, even with your 768MB of RAM. Other devices from HTC that are equipped with just 512MB of RAM are the One V and Desire C.

We work hard to ensure each of our products has the optimal user experience and therefore some products will remain at their current version of Android. In general, devices with 512MB RAM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.1. As we identify other devices that will not be upgraded, we’ll provide updated information.

As for which devices will definitely get JB, HTC says they are prioritizing the update for the devices that were launched in 2012, then working their way back. The company has quite the portfolio to work through, and as you most likely already guessed, it could take quite some time before we see updates go live for the Rezound, EVO 3D, and other once-flagship devices.  (more…)

HTC Confirms Plans to Upgrade One S, One X and One XL to Jelly Bean, Doesn’t Mention Incredible 4G LTE

HTC made a splash this year with the release of the One series lineup of phones. Combining great hardware with a toned-down Sense UI experience really sold well, and with the release of Jelly Bean, HTC promises that the One series will be seeing the update. In a short statement yesterday, the company said that they would be working to bring Android 4.1 to the One X, One XL and One S.

However, the Incredible 4G LTE that was released on Verizon just after the One series landed was not mentioned in the statement. We know that the Incredible was a bit of a different phone than the One series, but even still, we hope that buyers will get some tasty Jelly Bean action some time down the road.

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Apple Comes at HTC With Another ITC Patent Dispute, One Series Targeted Again

Apple has filed yet another complaint with the International Trade Committee on June 4, claiming that HTC is infringing on the same patents that held devices up at customs last month. We all know that those devices were eventually cleared of the investigation, but Apple is going after the One X, One S and One V along with other devices as well. The ITC has already ruled in Apple’s favor one time, let’s hope they don’t again.

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HTC One S Review [T-Mobile]

I know that you probably just finished up reading our HTC One X review from yesterday, but it’s time now to shift gears onto its little brother, the HTC One S. Announced at the same time as the One X during MWC in February, the One S might come off on paper as being less of a phone, however, once you use it you will realize that it is a little beast of its own. This device is headed to T-Mobile, but variations of it will arrive on other carriers – like the Incredible 4G on Verizon. So let’s dive into it and share some thoughts.  (more…)