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HTC’s Two New Devices Dubbed the One-X and One-S?

The HTC Ville and Endeavor have been talked about ad nauseam. The Endeavor will be their first quad-core Tegra 3 device and what you should consider a “flagship,” while the Ville is one of their first incredibly thin looking dual-core handsets. They will more than likely be officially unveiled at MWC in hopes of recovering from a disastrous 2011.

As we approach their release, two names have appeared that could accompany both handsets. The HTC Endeavor may end up as the HTC One-X with the Ville looking like its little brother as the HTC One-S. This would naming scheme matches up in a way the way the Sensation line was handled last year.

Not flashy, but should you buy one, you could at least walk around saying that you “purchased the One!” A little Matrix-y?

Via:  SlashGear, PocketNow

  • Anonymous

    HTC ONE? Wasn’t the concept phone that took a bit of media blitz a couple years ago by designfabulous named the HTC 1?

    Found it: http://www.minimallyminimal.com/journal/2010/7/11/htc-1.html

  • Skizoo13

    i had a nexus and rezound and rezound is 100 % then nexus …..just for the record in the rezound is voice and date on 3g better  volume sound and the signal are perfect 

  • Anonymous

    I’m patiently awaiting an ICS HTC phone. I had enough with Moto so hopefully these phones will have unlockable bootloaders like the Rezound. Also HTC cameras are far better than Moto’s.
    I don’t know how I feel about the capacitative buttons though. At least it’s only 3, presumably corresponding to the 3 buttons in ICS.

  • Mr Obvious

    Don’t buy this. It is time to vote with our wallets. HTC (and pretty much all Android-based smartphone makers) have more phone models than they can support. If you buy it, you will wait a whole year for some update.

  • Anonymous

    1) capacitive buttons are nice.  If you only have ever had onscreen buttons, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.
    2) 2 cores is so 2011.  Nothing should be released with less than 4.

    Only part of this is /s.

  • I don’t like the name. Reminds me of having 1X service…

  • Danny10386

    Friend 1: What Kind of phone did u get?
    Friend 2: An HTC
    Freind 1: Which HTC??
    Friend 2: The HTC One
    Friend 1: Which one?!?
    Friend 2: THE HTC ONE!!
    Friend 1: WHICH HTC?!?!
    Friend 2: -_-    Forget this! I’m getting a Nexus!

    • EC8CH

      who’s on first?

    • Joey

      Friend A: What kind of phone did you get?
      Friend B: The HTC One X. 
      Friend A: The HTC One ‘ess’?
      Friend B: No, the HTC One ‘ecks’!
      Friend A: That’s what I said! Which One did you get? ‘Esss’ or ‘Ecksss?’

  • Anonymous

    Read it HTC (Nexus) One X! This is the real successor of Nexus One, the real Nexus…not the underwhelming Samsung Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus!

  • Anonymous

    Design just isn’t doing it for me.  I still think using capacitive buttons is pointless with ICS, make the screen larger and use on screen buttons so you can have a larger screen when watching video/web browsing.

  • trevorsalienarms

    “The HTC Ville and Endeavor have been talked about ad nauseam”

    What the what?! They have? Where?

    “in hopes of recovering from a disastrous 2011.”

    Wow. Guess if you’re not Samsung and you didn’t manufacture the GNex, you can’t have done anything right, huh?

    C’mon “Droid Life”, you can do better than that.

    • Josh Groff

      HTC EDGE has been everywhere, then it was changed to Endeavor, now One-X. I would have preferred Endeavor over One-X, it just sounds better.

  • EC8CH

    If it wasn’t for the buttons on the bottom and the strip of grey at the top, the front of the phone looks almost identical to the G-Nex.  The outside perimeter shape is spot on.  I think the G-Nex is very comfortable in hand, so I would expect this phone to be as well.

  • SMD

    The Maxx got one thing right…battery life. Hope these “ones” don’t suck like many HTC’s before. Great camera’s, smooth, stylish and fast…but follow the Maxx’s lead and get a nice, thin, high capacity battery in there! 

    • Josh Groff

      Tegra 3 ninja core, nuff said.

  • Jason Purp

    Um if you purchased one of these, it would not be, “I purchased the One.” It’d be, “I purchased a One.”

    There’s more than one One.


    • here are more the two One’s because if there was one One, HTC would be like “but we need two One’s, just to mess everybody’s brain up.”

      Also: I put a One in your One so you can One while you One.

    • Yo dawg, I heard you liked ones, so we put a one in your one. WON

      • Jason Purp

        Yo dawg I heard you liked outdated and unfunny internet memes from 2007 so I copied the general idea of your original comment and made it part of the general idea of my comment.

        • Well done.

          • Jason Purp

             Thanks, mom

  • I personally still like the capacitive buttons.

    • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      So do I.

  • I don’t care what the phone’s name is. If someone is buying a phone because of name then they aren’t so smart (glaces at hipsters with i*hones). Lets be serious. Instead of using the name ‘Nexus’ Google could have had the worst name and people would still buy it and we would praise it just as much and the trolls would troll just as hard.

    • There’s a lot in a name. While I agree with you, if they called it the HTC Racist with Beats by Dre. I don’t think it’d sell so well.(exaggeration)

      • I have the Asus Rapust.

    • Jordan Webb

      I had an LG Glimmer. I’m male. I was embarrassed to tell people what phone I had when they asked, so I just told them the model number.

      • EC8CH

        I had a glimmer too.  My coworker photoshopped my head onto Mariah Carey’s body and the word “Glimmer” over the title of the movie poster “Glitter”.

        ooooh the shame of it all.

  • Kiter86

    why are manufacturers still putting capacitive buttons on the phone and not following the gnex?

    • Stanger

      gnex gnex gnex… we get it, your phone is full of badassery but not every phone needs to be like it. We need options man!

      • EC8CH

        tru, but capacitive buttons post ICS make no sense.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Well, even though the on screen buttons don’t take up much space, they still take up more space than capacitive ones do. The nexus does have a lot of white space wasted under (and over) the screen and could have fit the new 3-button layout there without issue – i guess just as valid a question is why did Google opt to not put them there?

      • I like that they put them there so I could add back in a permanent menu button. Or whatever else I wanted to put on there, and change the colors. It’s a little thing but it makes me happy.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because they’re going to be released with GB and not ICS.

      • Josh Groff

        One-X/ whatever you want to call it has had most specs confirmed, including ICS.

        • Anonymous

          I hope they are released with ICS.  Strange though that they will have capacitive buttons when ICS doesn’t need buttons.

          • Josh Groff

            HTC loves those buttons, and so do I, then again, I haven’t tried the nexus, just the Kindle Fire.

  • Michael Forte

    I don’t think it’s the “One” for me. There’s a reason the Thunderbolt is one of my “X’s”.

    • Anonymous

      Stop living in the past. HTC is bringing it.

      • They haven’t brought anything worth while. These phones aren’t out yet, once they are out we will see. The Rezound is a joke.

        • What makes the rezound a joke? I’ve heard good things.

          • Josh Groff

            2 friends with a Rezound, 1 with a GN, heard more bad things about the nexus than I have the Rezound.

        • Anonymous

          The Rezound is a joke? Care to elaborate? How on earth is the Rezound a joke?

          I own a Galaxy Nexus and I say that the Rezound is an all around better phone besides the developer following. The ONLY thing the Nexus has on the Rezound is ICS, updates, and the massive following.

          • Anonymous

             I have the Rezound and honestly I love the direction the development is going.  The Rezound developers are very talented and have release some very nice ROMs and Kernels.  The only thing I am waiting for is a stable and fully functional AOSP ROM.  Its being worked on and is only a matter of time.  I would rather have a smaller number of well put together and stable ROMs to choose from as compared to the huge number for the G-Nex.

        • Bewara2009

          I can sense that this is their year, I just know it.

          • Anonymous

            Well played sir, well played.

        • TC Infantino

          Huh, really?  Care to explain?  I have the Rezound and I would have no problems comparing it to any of the phones on VZW right now.Go ahead and list the Cons for the Rezound and I will answer with all the Pros.  Let’s see how it comes out…

    • no “One” is going to buy these

      • Bewara2009

        If one of these come to Verizon, I will deff pick one up. So don’t say no one will pick one up!

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