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DROID Bionic Now Available Sans 16GB microSD Card, Drops to $99 on Contract

Verizon has apparently decided that removing microSD cards to lower prices on their phones is the move of the year. You won’t find me arguing, as the last thing I need is another 16GB, slower than molasses class 2 or 4 card that will only see life inside a drawer in my office. The DROID Bionic is the latest example of this, as Big Red has dropped the price of the phone to $99 while removing the formerly included SD card. You can still plug in your own to expand the phone’s capacity to beyond anything you will ever use, but when you buy the phone it will come with 16GB of on-board storage only.

This concept has also been implemented with the DROID RAZR. Our sources reached out yesterday to inform us that 16GB versions of the Galaxy Nexus in white and metallic silver will be available in the coming months as well, however, there is no expandable storage on these devices.


  • Mox4_2001

    I got my bionic through radio shack. I did renew my contract, but i got the phone for $50 🙂

    • Josh Groff

       I just got one after porting my number, $30 after rebate and in store coupon, beautiful phone I must say.

  • This phone is amazing.. The specs are nearly identical to the Nexus & Razr (they have the same processors), plus it has a removable battery AND microSD card slot.. Neither phones mentioned above have both.
    It’s a steal at $99 even on 2 year contract.

  • Mrjrome5

    I am pleased with my Bionic, I have a camera if i want to take pictures and a mp3 player if i want to listen to music and the screen is good to me

  • Anonymous

    I just got my bionic a few weeks ago from vzw’s website. Refurbished for $29.99. Came with an 8GB card. Loving it so far!

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe this was the phone I wanted a year ago.  

    Sent from a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Blueethernov13

    bro, no expandable memory = no text, call, or internet capabilities….might as well

  • Anonymous

    Serious question, someone please explain to me:
     Why old obsolete devices, that arent selling well and have a high supply and low demand simply do not drop in price (off contract) They seem to be the only piece of electronics hardware that keep such a high price even as demand plummets down to nothing. This thing has dropped on amazon to $29 on contract, yet is still close to $700 off contract. Wtf?

    • Anonymous

      Really, it is quite easy.  None of these phones today are around long enough to build up any sort of economy of scales like other electronics to help push the cost down.  They move the on contract price down because they know they are going to make up the costs on the contract, without that they have no guarantee to recoup the costs, thus there is no reason for them to be willing to lose the money on them.

      BTW, the Bionic was NEVER close (well I guess it depends on how you define “close”) to $700, originally selling for $589 and now dropping to $499 without a contract.

  • Adam Kendell

    The Bionic *with* the 16GB card is listed at $29.00 at letstalk and 49.99 at wirefly. 

  • Legal American

    This is a killer deal.  I know a lot will disagree, but i’ve played with the Rezound and I would take the Bionic all day long over the Rezound.  Sitting in the house listening to headphones doesn’t fit my lifestyle as well as being outdoors with a phone that I can see in the daylight.  Even if I went jogging with the Rezound and headphones, I would have to wait until nighttime to see my screen.  LOVE the Bionic. 

    I will add this though, I appreciate the Rezound because it offers more choices and I am all about more choices.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic is kicking butt since the last update of 902. I fortunately did not have the issues a few people were experiencing but it does appear to look better and more stable. This phone is now running like it should have when it first came out. 99.00 is a great deal.

  • Give me stock ICS and the ability to use beats w/ Google music, Price drop for the rezound and I will be in smart phone heaven =)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget official ICS coming for xmas.

  • Will

    Unfortunately, with a locked Bootloader and Motorola’s crappy software, this still isn’t much of a deal.  Wait for the Rezound to hit that price range, then get all over that.  

    • Anonymous

      Yep… Rezound is $159 on Amazon – holding off for the $99 price point. Until then, still rocking (and still loving) day-one HTC Droid Incredible.

  • duke69111

    Just noticed that this site has ads at the top of the page for Android Airpush – – – Ads in the Notification Bar and other places.  I know this is probably part of google ads that generate money, but for a site that hates the thought of notification ads, I would think you could do something to remove the ads.  

    • Let these guys make their money and stop crying.

      • duke69111

        Settle down there big guy, not sure anyone’s crying.  I’m not complaining, I just found it kind of ironic.

    • Anonymous

      You can remove the ads I did. just go to the site the ad lists on the notification bar and type in your phones DGTM or something number and ads go away.

  • i love my bionic, i love my bionic, i love my bionic……… aw crap not this article! lol oh well. Hey a great 4g phone for a cheaper price. i dont think anyone should be hating on this article. they dropped the price? like we should be celebrating. regardless if you are gonna buy this or not. cheaper 4g phones are on the rize!

    • I loved mine too…I just got sick of having to worry about keeping root so I switched to a Gnex…grass is always greener they say

  • Jordan Webb

    I had one…it had some hardware issues, but awesome battery life and now it has a working AOSP ICS ROM working…pretty decent deal.

  • not sure

    This is tempting. I have a 39 dollar credit on amazon so I would pay a pretty fair price..Anyone got any advice. Good phone? wait for rezound price drop like the original plan was?

    • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

      Rezound is $80/$150 (new/renew) on amazon wireless and would definitely destroy Bionic.

      • Anon

         It’s a 50/50 if you ask me.

        The Rezound has a better camera, and arguably a better screen.  While the Rezound has a higher-clocked processor, the Bionic has a more advanced one (Cortex A9-based instead of A8), which is faster clock-for-clock, making them similar in performance.  Finally, I’m pretty sure the Bionic wins on battery life.  Whether you find Blur or Sense more useful (or more intrusive) is up to you, though I think current Blur revisions don’t consume quite the resources that Sense does.

        I think both are good phones  –to each their own.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not worth the headache. I got the phone when first released, I returned it within 24 hrs. I would say get Nexus…i know it’s a lot but in the long run you will be happy. BTW I work for Motorola Solutions, so I am not biased about buying Moto phones. 

      • Anon

         “I got the phone when first released”

        I’m guessing that’s why you returned it.  I agree, Motorola’s software at release time left something to be desired.  However, the .893 update was decent, and the .901 and .902 updates really made the Bionic a great phone.  If you never had the phone with the current software, (with no disrespect intended) you haven’t experienced it as the decent device it really is.

    • Anonymous

      Bionic is kicking butt since the last update of 902. I fortunately did not have the issues a few people were experiencing but it does appear to look better and more stable. This phone is now running like it should have when it first came out. 99.00 is a great deal.

    • Legal American

      Bionic is awesome.  I will warn you though, a lot of people bought it thinking that they were buying a Nikon professional grade photographers camera.  this is not one of those.  It is a smartphone with a decent camera.  Not great, but it’s a phone and mini computer.  I have LOVED my Bionic since I got it at the end of september.  But you have to realize what you’re buying going into it.  It does everything it needs to do perfectly, and will give you a fantastic smartphone experience.  The people who rag on it, are the ones who traded it in before it got updates.  Even before the updates, some of the phones were perfectly fine.  Just like anything else, some had issues, others did not. 

      • Anonymous

        I will alter this opinion slightly to fit my own.  I will say not only are the people that pick on the Bionic those that returned it too quick, there are plenty that never had it, period.

        But as far as the camera… meh… there is no two ways about it.  It is terrible.  The updates made it so you could actually get some sort of picture at all (rather than the astounding lag in the original software), but the quality is still subpar at best unless you are in absolutely PERFECT lighting conditions.

  • TheScreenIsTooDamnBig

    Still cheaper on amazon wireless 😛