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Amazon MP3 for Android Updated – ICS Lock Screen Controls and New Color Scheme Included


Amazon MP3 is back in the picture, this time with a color scheme that matches the Kindle Fire and lockscreen controls for Ice Cream Sandwich devices. As one of the top MP3 stores on the planet, you still can’t beat most of Amazon’s prices when it comes to full albums. Google Music has attempted to step on its turf by offering up Valentine’s Day specials and other promos, but even I’ll admit that Amazon’s rock bottom pricing is tough to pull away from. This update is a welcomed addition to the experience.

What about you – using Google Music, Amazon or some other service?

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  • Anonymous

    pirate bay 

  • Anonymous

    Just a tip, you don’t have to enable lock screen controls within the app to get them in ICS, if you do though, you get the ugly Amazon lockscreen a brief second after you see your regular lockscreen, you can hit the back button to go back to the normal lockscreen though, but if you don’t enable lockscreen controls, you still get the ones built in to ICS, which is very nice.

  • Tom

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  • Anonymous

    I use Amazon MP3 because I started using them before Google Music was around, and it has a better selection of music. Also for some reason when I uploaded all my music to Google it missed a few songs, so the libraries aren’t the same I don’t feel like doing the work to get it fixed.

    I’m happy with this update, they’ve needed proper ICS lockscreen controls for awhile, so it is nice to see.  Not crazy about the look (Google Music is so much better looking) but it is better than the old look.

  • Brien Gerber

    Still using google music all the way!

  • Spunker88

    Now if only they would release an official Prime video app. The one from the Kindle Fire doesn’t work on ICS and requires you to unroot.

  • Anonymous

    I just use Spotify. Pay $10 a month and listen to whatever I want whenever I want. 

    • LivingDigital

      I’m using the premium Spotify too and am really liking it but i’d kill for some lock screen controls

  • I am using a combination of both Amazon MP3 and Google Music.  I would like to go just to Google Music, but because of most of the prices and the ability to download songs more than 2 times just keeps me over at Amazon for most of my Music purchases.

  • Raven

    I started buying from Amazon MP3 before Google Music so I was already somewhat invested in it before GM came along.  I have bought a few tracks/albums from GM, but overall, I prefer Amazon because I can easily save them to any of my 3 devices in a decent directory structure with decent file names.  With Google Music you can hunt down the cache folder and copy and rename the files, but that is a bit of a pain.  I have even used the Music Manager app on my laptop, but even that downloads the the MP3s with bizarre names that I have to then clean up.  So, if there is a significant price difference I pick the cheapest, but if they are about the same, I always go with Amazon MP3.

    For the record, I don’t stream music (even though I have unlimited data).  I prefer to have all of my music on my devices and listen to it with PowerAMP which has a far superior UI.

  • Anonymous

    I use Google Music for all my streaming, but I buy everything on Amazon MP3.

  • PC_Tool

    Huh…unavailable on LiquidB4 G’nex?

  • Anonymous

    I was using Google music but amazon is just better. Nice update

  • Rich

    Amazon for the win!!!!

  • StormbladeX69

    I use Amazon. Very pleased with the CloudDrive features. Only thing I don’t like is that it wouldn’t play WMA so I found a program for my laptop to re-encode to MP3 (RIP ZUNE!). Used a lower quality setting and that process reduced my music archive by about half, which is great for my GNex if I want to put all my music on the device.

    VERY glad the AMAZON App finally has a different color scheme though. That thing would burn out my eyes in a dark room.

  • Anonymous

    Pandora needs Nexus lock screen controls.

    • Pandora needs quite a few updates. Unfortunately, I feel like they are being left behind. A good radio is no longer the answer. Even simple local caching would be nice.

      • Anonymous

        True, I use Google Music 85% of the time for everything else, but Pandora is fine for what it is, especially after years of customizing a few specific channels. Just would like to see lock screen controls since everyone else is jumping in.

    • EC8CH

      i second this motion

  • Anonymous

    I use Google Music. If amazon has the better price you can buy it there and download it to a folder google music monitors so it uploads it for you

    • Nice hybrid implementation. Why do you like Google Music over Amazon though? Feature, control, name?

      • Anonymous

        I use Google everything else, so it works out nicely. I love their music app, and I use the website to listen to music as well. The selective caching of albums is also great. 

        • Eyeymnepo

           i have had problems with amazon duplicating things. so i switched to google music. also on my kids kindles once i went cm7 amazon didn’t play anymore. so google music came in handy then.

    • i loved google music until it stops working. It keeps giving me an unfortunatly google music has stopped if streaming. also then the screen goes dark i keep getting this weird sound almost like a skipping cd. anyhow seems to not be so reliable to i went back to amazon mp3