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Google Voice Update Brings New ICS User Interface, Click-to-Call Feature to Tablets

Now that we have figured out how to install the mysterious Google Voice update that appeared in the market within the last couple of hours, it’s time to dive into some of the new stuff we are seeing. The most noticeable change comes on the UI front. Google has introduced a new icon for the app that matches the color scheme for Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the overall look. All menu and action bars are now themed to fit the theme of other prominent Android 4.0 apps.

The other cool thing one of our readers noticed was on his tablet – there is now an option for “Click-to-Call.” If you click this button and then give it a number to call, it will send a call to your phone that will then connect to the number you requested. There has been a Chrome extension that worked in a similar way for a while now, but as far as we know, this is new to tablets.

*Note – The market lists stuff about prefetching and sending to multiple recipients, but that was included in the update back in November. The official full changelog is not out yet.

More pics below.  

Market Link

  • Tony Conz

    So click to call does not mean that I can make wifi calls from my wifi only Xoom? I do have GrooveIP to do this but the sound quality is horrible. I was excited to see it as a Google voice native feature, but I think I am wrong.

  • Decalex

    If you guys want an ICS themed, inverted version– here u go 🙂
    The white kills me.. especially at night. This is easier on the eyes:


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone, anywhere, heard anything about a release of ICS for the 4G Xoom?  This is getting annoying.

  • Add your Google Voice number to your Verizon Friends and Family (unlimited) and then “click to call” everyone and you’ll use no minutes. 

  • Anonymous


    Try sending a message. It’s asynchronous (as the changelog suggests)
    You’ll notice it doesn’t say “Sending” with the rotating wheel..
    It simply puts an icon like it’s in the outbox.

    Unfortunately – My first (and only) attempt to send a text message put it in the outbox for a while then failed.

  • Cam

    A little OT, but who is the guy in the market pics (on phone only) whose face is pasted on all of the contact pictures?

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  • frenchy

    Im still confused on how google voice works and how to set it up.it looks like an incredible app but I have yet to understand it…

    • Anonymous

      log in to Google and click on voice. set up a Google voice number. its all free. i forward my Verizon number to this for free visual voice mail and free texting. 

      • Anonymous

         I used to use this for free visual voice mail, then an update caused whoever called me to re-enter my phone number to leave a voice message.  People were not leaving voice messages anymore thinking they had the wrong number! 

        It also stopped working altogether on my wife’s Thunderbolt and my Dad’s Bionic.

        I am currently using hullomail for free visual voicemail.  Hopefully this update corrected the issue with having to re-enter a phone number to leave a voicemail…

    • Go to this site:  

      It will walk you through step-by-step.

      I simply use Google Voice as a voicemail service.

  • D Mccut

    What they need to do is reorganize it so all the labels are organized by contact!

  • Nick

    somebodies using that ASUS tablet!

  • Andrew

    They finally fixed that damn contact picture not loading bug which has been present for like 5 updates.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting ‘package was unable to sign correctly’ error. Any suggestions? (I tried the PC market link too) 

  • ddevito

    I still find it odd that GV isn’t completely baked into Android. I know the carriers have the power here but still. It shouldn’t be a separate app

    • Its considered a GAPP, like Android Market, Gmail, Youtube, etc (which are not apart of Android)

      • ddevito

        Yes, I know that. But it should be baked into the OS, or at a minimum, once activated, remove/disable the Messaging app (yes, it can be disabled).

        But Google Voice should be, well, VOICE related. Calls, Msgs, etc should be baked into the OS and in the same “app”.

        There’s no “voice” in the Google Voice app other than initiating calls or listening to vmail. The web interface trumps the mobile app.

  • The annoying this about click to call is that it is not an option when clicking on a phone number or email.  Right now it is only available if you go into the google voice app and click click to call and paste in the number.

    • Tim242

      You can set Voice to prompt you when making a call. So, when you click a number, it will give you the option.

      • On a tablet that doesn’t make sense because Google Voice will not prompt you to dial a phone number only to add the number to contacts.  It should pop up the option to click to call.

  • RadicalPie

    This is a neat option say my gf is playing with my tablet while I am driving she can initiate the call and I can accept it via a Bluetooth device rather than fumble around with either my phone or voice actions

    • Anonymous

      Or she could make the call, and you could continue driving with minimal distraction.

      • RadicalPie

        Perhaps its a business call or a financial account etc… I’m just saying its kinda cool for us dorks

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Is cool. Safety first, though. Don’t want anyone to lose an eye or something.

    • So if you leave your tablet at home and you mysterious call people you’ll know why? Thanks GF

      • RadicalPie

        Baaaa I would never LEAVE my tablet anywhere. It’s pretty attached to my hip

  • razrowner

    They also removed the “dogfood” item in settings.  I never used it and have no idea what it was for but I guess it’s not needed anymore.  Anyone know what that was for?

  • Maui88

    What keyboard is that on your tablet?

    • N67

      That is the ASUS keyboard, found on the Transformer.

  • If only they’d make better use of tablet style layouts. I see no reason not to either include the label navigation in a left pane, or do it with current conversations.

    • RadicalPie

      Agreed a label pane would be amazing

  • RadicalPie

    Multiple recipient text messages or is that not new?