Google Voice for Android Updated as Well: Fixes Delayed SMS Notifications and Inbox Syncing Issues

Google Voice Update

On the heels of the major Google Search update that just rolled out, which includes a handful of new Google Now cards, we also get a minor update to my favorite app of all time, Google Voice. It’s nothing more than a bug fixer, taking care of delays in SMS notifications and inbox syncing issues, but hey, we’ll take it.

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Google Voice Adds Option to Filter Restricted or Anonymous Callers

The Google Voice team announced today that they had created two new groups to help you deal with anonymous or restricted callers. The first group is your main group of contacts that you can set up and let run probably the same way you are today. The second group though, is where all of the fun happens. This would be the Anonymous Callers group.

Since there are still people in this world that choose to hide their numbers when calling, you now have an option to battle them back. Through the Anonymous Callers group, you could say, set up a special voicemail that pops up after 1 ring and reads, “Yeah, your restricted number isn’t fooling anyone, broseph. Rethink your spam, Bahamas trip scam strategy and hit me up when you leave 1997.” See the power of this? Oh how I love me some Google Voice.

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Google Discusses Google Voice Integration with Other Carriers Beyond Sprint

When Sprint announced that they had formed some sort of partnership with Google to allow easy Google Voice setup on their phones, I was jealous. Google Voice is easily one of my favorite apps, something I have mentioned a handful of times now. But with Sprint’s partnership, Google has given their customers an MMS option that normal GV users do not have access to. As most GV users know, the only real downside to the service is the fact that picture and video messages (MMS) cannot be sent or received. Sprint users can though, in a round about way through their email.

So when we heard today’s news that Google is in talks with other carriers to offer a similar partnership, we couldn’t help but get a little excited. Well, not too excited. As you may recall, Google said that they were in talks with other carriers back in October to allow for MMS-to-email forwarding, only we have yet to see the service work on any other device besides one that is connected to Sprint.

The SMS and MMS game is nothing but pure profit for carriers, and Google Voice is something that could serve to cut those down dramatically. I’m not saying that I don’t believe that we will have GV on a variety of other carriers with MMS support in the near future, but it would surprise me a bit. So cross some toes and hope that Google and others can come to agreement. In the mean time, thank Buddha that carriers haven’t chosen to block the service like they have done with Google Wallet.

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Thursday Poll: Do you use Google Voice?

Google Voice may be my favorite Google service or Android app of all time. With the latest update that was released today, a great product managed to get even better and I’m ecstatic. As someone that has a handful of phones from varying places at all times, Google Voice allows me to manage them all under a single number. I can’t live without it. The free texting also comes in handy as well as the visual voicemail and access to them from both computer and phone, but the multiple phone number management is really the key here.

I’m just curious to know if others have given their life over to Voice like I have. If you haven’t, is there a particular reason? The biggest hurdle for me (and still is sometimes) was having to change my phone number with everyone. But once the initial pain of that was out of the way, it has been smooth sailing. Well, until someone tries to send you a picture message that is. But who does that in 2012 anyway? Email those, people. No one wants to see that low-quality, shrunken carrier MMS message when you can email the full version at no cost over data.

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Google Voice Update Brings Android 4.0 Integration – Playback Options, Access From Dialer, and New UI


Since we saw Android 4.0 unveiled in Hong Kong last October, we have been waiting patiently for Google Voice integration into the dialer or contacts. That time is now. Once you update to the latest version in the Play Store, you can flag the “Voicemail display” box in GV Settings to turn your dialer into an instant voicemail center.

As you can see in the photos above, your dialer will then attach to your contacts that have left you messages in Google Voice, giving you the ability to play voicemails without having to enter the GV app. From this new voicemail screen, you can slow down or speed up messages, delete them, and call or text the person. The app itself has also been skinned to match ICS styling while allowing for much swifter navigation.  (more…)

Google Voice Calling Appears to be Down (Updated: It’s Back)

No word out of Google, but Google Voice calling appears to be down. A number of readers reached out to inform us that they were unable to make calls using the service and we can confirm that. I attempted to call a couple of 1-800 numbers along with some close contacts and all calls were ended. We’ll be on the lookout for some sort of official response.

Update 1:54PM:  Google is aware that there is an issue affecting the “majority” of Google Voice users – both incoming and outgoing calls.

Update 2:48PM:  Readers reporting that Voice calling services are back up and running.

Update 3:11PM:  Google agrees with our readers – service is back up.

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Google+ Invades Google Voice on Desktops, Full Integration is Happening

Google+ and its intertwining into other Google services has almost come full circle. (See what I did there?) It has already invaded our Gmail inboxes with the ability to sort things by Circles, controversially entered our search results, and has now as of today joined into the Google Voice party.

If you are a user of the “greatest voice service on the planet” – a quote I use quite often – then you will have the option in your Google Voice account to start setting up specific voicemail greetings per Circle. As Google mentioned in their announcement for this new feature, you can send calls from your “Creepers” Circle straight to voicemail and let your old college crew here your karaoke version of “This is How We Do It.” Fun.    (more…)

Google Voice Update Brings New ICS User Interface, Click-to-Call Feature to Tablets

Now that we have figured out how to install the mysterious Google Voice update that appeared in the market within the last couple of hours, it’s time to dive into some of the new stuff we are seeing. The most noticeable change comes on the UI front. Google has introduced a new icon for the app that matches the color scheme for Ice Cream Sandwich as well as the overall look. All menu and action bars are now themed to fit the theme of other prominent Android 4.0 apps.

The other cool thing one of our readers noticed was on his tablet – there is now an option for “Click-to-Call.” If you click this button and then give it a number to call, it will send a call to your phone that will then connect to the number you requested. There has been a Chrome extension that worked in a similar way for a while now, but as far as we know, this is new to tablets.

*Note – The market lists stuff about prefetching and sending to multiple recipients, but that was included in the update back in November. The official full changelog is not out yet.

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