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New Galaxy Nexus Running a TI OMAP4470 Chip Gets Benchmarked?

Google and Samsung wouldn’t actually drop a higher-end Galaxy Nexus on us, would they? If the NenaMark benchmark that you are seeing above is to be believed, that’s exactly what could happen.

Aside from being impressive, the benchmark lists a PowerVR SGX 544 GPU which just so happens to be the same GPU in TI’s OMAP4470 processor. As you all know, the current Galaxy Nexus is running TI’s OMAP4460 with a SGX540 GPU. The SGX540 is no slouch, but the SGX544 can apparently run circles around it, something that is made clear in the benchmark above. The 4470 can also run at up to 1.8GHz even though in this benchmark it appears to be underclocked to 1.3.

TI announced in June of 2011 that the OMAP4470 would begin shipping in devices during the first half of 2012.

Could someone have spoofed the GPU in the result? Maybe, although it would seem as if they would need to go through quite a bit of work to do so. Maybe they spoofed the name of the device instead? Tough to tell. What we do know is that Sprint is getting a G-Nex in the very near future and they have yet to open up about the specs. We all saw the premature ad for the device before CES showing that it has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. We also saw a set of brief hands-on coverage for it a week later when it was announced, but no mention of the internals. I think most of us assumed it would be identical to the Verizon LTE version, however, you have got to wonder a bit now.

A lot of questions that we would love answers to.

Via:  NenaMark

Cheers Dan!

  • Good for customers who have yet to purchase the Galaxy Nexus. Such as myself. That is where the good stops.

    Bad for early adopters.
    Bad business decision by Google.
    Bad overall image for Androids Flagship device.

    They shouldn’t do it.

  • Jaymoneyman100

    You know this kind of stuff really gets me P.O. I just got the phone last month and now they comin out with one faster,f it I might go back to iPhone, at least I know my device will be the newest for at least a year ):0

  • If this is true im going to be so effing pissed.

  • Anonymous

    This would look good on Verizon if Sprint gets a GNEX with a spec bump and a better camera. That would be pay back for taking so long to release the phone in the first place. After all the phone was out for awhile even before it hit the US and then Verizon sat on it for longer still. Is Samsung/Google about to bitchslap Verizon?

  • Anonymous

    im shocked at how android has become so overwhelmingly popular we now have spexific phone fanboys arguing and criticizing people on the android phone they bought.. OG DL readers like me who have been here since day one blows my mind.. get back to engadget u idiots i dont care why you bought the phone you have only that you are a part of the android family

    And even if they upgrade the chip my gnex is awesome.. of course im jealous but were early adopters we know what we are getting.. i expected the sgsIII to come out this month with ICS and 2x the specs

  • Korntoff

    Anyone else thinking this is Google’s tablet?

  • davidarch2012


  • Anonymous

    This would go along with the leaked Sprint ad that stated it would 1.5GHz (1.8GHz -.3GHz, likeVerizon’s TI 4460 CPU is 1.5GHz – .3GHz)Plus at the CES demo engadget said the device was “as the phone is far from being a final product and still had early software builds” which would point to the fact that the Sprint G. Nexus wasn’t the usual G. Nexus released in Nov.


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  • …I bet that the,”New Galaxy Nexus,” is just the same Galaxy Nexus with a couple of features added (one of them is obviously the processor). But Google won’t release this phone as a new phone and screw over the current Galaxy Nexus users. Google I/O 2011-2012 is coming up, and as always, Google always give out free products( tablet, phones etc). And I’m sure this is just the phone that will be given out at that time.
    Mark my words. Google won’t release it and screw people over.
    It will be given to the people who attend the event. 

  • Good Job Samsung

    Looks like Samsung is taking a page out of Motorola’s playbook

  • Bobby Hill

    The hypocrisy of these people commenting make me sick. You guys are so quick to post “SO GLAD I GOT A NEXUS” or “THIS IS THE LAST TIME I EVER GET A MOTOROLA PHONE” whenever there’s a Motorola post, but all of a sudden when Samsung does it, most people here are OK with it.

    • Tim242

      This is a grain of salt rumor. Moto’s are announcements. This is not going to happen.

  • if this is for sprint only, then i don’t care. I’d rather have a way better network than a little bit better processor

  • Dirk Diggler

    Galaxy Nexus = iPhone? Same design, look, feel, different internals…….. Becoming more and more like your rival.

    • That would only be true if this was being released as a new nexus. it’s just revised, and probably only for sprint

      • and within a few months, not over a year lmao

  • Gtosmw

    i love how bias this site is toward the nexus…

    • guest

      AGREED!!!!! why is it they always bash moto and love samsung when they dont use real quality materails in their devices

      • I love how the only real point moto fans can make is that it’s made of plastic even though they’ve never laid a hand on it or they would know they don’t have a leg to stand-on seeing as the Nexus feels rock solid.

        • Tim242

          Exactly! The Nexus feels as solid as my mostly metal Thunderbolt and Droid X. Moto uses mostly plastic, with a little metal band. The bionic is all plastic.

      • Anonymous

        At least the Nexus has the 4460 and isn’t locked down tight.  Doesn’t matter what that Motorola phone is made out of….

      • Tim242

        The Nexus feels as solid as my mostly metal Thunderbolt and Droid X. Moto uses mostly plastic, with a little metal band. The bionic is all plastic.

  • Booboolala2000

    Samsung GalaxyNexus S. Yearly release cycle. Fine with it.

  • Russell Holly

    IF this is what it looks like, which is a different chip for the Sprint LTE Galaxy Nexus, it was under-clocked because the Tuna board used for that phone only supports up to 1.4Ghz.

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Ha!  Suck it, early adopters.


    • Tim242

      Take your meds.

  • Sinofueramos

    What’s next, RAZR MAXXX HD with unlocked bootloader to Sprint?

  • Anonymous

    Meh, I’ll just solder on the new chips on my GNex. It’s a Nexus IT CAN DO ANYTHING! 😉

  • It’s the Galaxy Nexus S

    S = Samsunged

  • This’d better be a joke or there will be some Google blood

  • Anonymous

    What the HELL!!!! is Sammy pulling a MOTO????  LOL

  • Anonymous

    maybe galaxy s3 with a fake name? wouldnt throwing a different processor in there make it a non-nexus by default?

    • Anonymous

      If the S3 has a OMAP 4470, they be better off not making the phone all together. 

  • GalaxyNexer

    It wouldn’t just be a boost in GPU….The 4470 also had 2 Cortex M3 cores to assist.

  • Trophynuts

    They’re bumping up the specs for the Sprint version to make up for their krap network infrastructure 

    • Blootzm3

      more like hook’n up sprint and screwing verizon. oh and this version has google wallet cause verizon won’t allow it….POW verizon customers.

      • Trophynuts

        lol that is a very opinionated statement. Also i have Google wallet on my VZW g nex and it works perfectly. Pow!

        • Barnaby

          +1 for Google Wallet on GNex on VZW

          Pow Pow!

        • Blootzm3

          not officialy supported pow,POW…. so google doesn’t back it up. and the other majority don’t use it for the same reason.

      • Tim242

        Wallet on my Nexus. Works great. But, it’s just a novelty. Not a lot of places have NFC, as of yet

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy at 1.2 ghz… If anything my Nexus is underclocked to 900 mhz and it responds fine.

    • It’s that awesome GPU that has been drooling, not the CPU.

  • Christian Bennett

    I would be beyond angry if my gnex got outdated by itself.

    • Tim242

      Your Nexus would still be awesome. You people need to get off.your spec obsession.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. That does seem a little under-handed. Release a brand-new version of the same phone within 2 months of the original (official) U.S. release?? Google/Samsung should definitely offer an upgrade to the new model for a steep discount, if not for free.

    The Sprint LTE version should be compatible with Verizon as well, no?

    • I believe Sprint’s LTE is through LightSquared, correct? that would mean it is on a different frequency spectrum slot. Sooooo, unless the chipset is frequency programmable, may not be compatible.

      • Tim242

        It will be different frequencies. However, Sprint isn’t using light squared. It was going to be the other way around. But, now LS is dead.

    • Azndan4

      Is it that big of a deal? who cares man. Phones get outdated all the time. At least this one has a real improvement (better CPU and GPU) instead of just a bigger battery or a different color.  A bigger battery doesn’t count as a real improvement because you can just buy an extended battery or spare.

    • You must be new to…technology.  This happens with almost every single piece of technology available.  If you can’t handle it, stay away from things like computers, tvs, phones, etc.

  • If this comes to Verizon……Anyone wanna buy a Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    The nexus was supposed to only come out once a year. If they release one with a new processor I better get a free upgrade.

    • Butters619

      and switch to sprint?

    • Azndan4

      Yeah man, you definitely deserve an upgrade after all the “hard work, loyalty, and cash” you spent to buy your phone on a 2 year contract………..

      • Anonymous


  • Mark Arnold

    This isn’t all that surprising coming from samsung. Look at the Galaxy SII line, the phones vary from carrier to carrier even though they are all still considered Galaxy SII.

    • This is true.

    • Tim242

      This will not happen. It is a Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    this would definitely give Sprint a good reason to sell their GNex for higher than their usual high end price, seeing as not many people would wanna pay 250 or more for the same phone that came out ~6 months earlier, with not limited LTE service

  • I hate this crap… We all just get the phone, and our luck a better one is right around the corner… Never fails!

    • Tim242

      Welcome to technology. Glad you decided to join us. There is always something better around the corner. This won’t happen. But if it did, it wouldn’t make your Nexus any less awesome.

  • Zeppelinrider25


  • Lmrojas

    If Sprint users get this plus a better camera….

    • Rumor is an 8MP camera, right?

      • Lmrojas

        I wouldnt be shocked

    • Anonymous

      …then what? you’ll switch from vzw to sprint? lol. no one would be that stupid, i hope. o_O

      • Lmrojas

        Unless im already stuck on Verizon for the next 2 years with the gnex. Kinda upsetting.

        • #firstworldproblems

        • Blootzm3

          you can cancel anytime, they cant charge you

      • Blootzm3

        you ment “no one would be that smart” …unlimited data, faster 4g, less costley, and better phone… if you dont have that, then sorry for you

        • Anonymous

          *looks at vzw bill*

          gnex, unlimited data / text / picture sending, 900 min, phone insurance….$100 / month….

          can you do better?

          …and…oh btw….LTE in my area is 40 down / 20 up….

          • Blootzm3

            calm down… you got granfathered in, sprint still offers unlimited data. verizon is on teired data…. “for new customers”

          • Andrew Flores

            Sprint ..Unlimited everything, phone insurance..4G is half of what you mentioned so props to Verizon for that but seriously im not gonna download 40MB/s for anything however it would be nice to have..19MB/s down is actually really good for what i use..that includes streaming anything from Netflix, youtube to Pandora. I pay 95.00 per month so i think it all evens out with Sprints unlimited everything plan and your 40 MB download speed. Plus Verizon sucks in areas around WPB, FL.

        • Barnaby

          plus Sprint is less douchey 

        • zUFC

          please tell me your joking. You can’t even say Sprint and Verizon in the same sentence. Night and day. Apples to oranges.

          if you are on Sprint, you don’t have a phone. The next closest service to Verizon is 3/4 worse.  Verizon kills them all, period!!  

        • Tim242

          Faster 4G? ROFL! 99% of Verizon customers are on unlimited data plans. Sprint doesn’t grandfather. You will.lose yours. Less costly? My three lines on Verizon costs me less than they did on Sprint. Sprint charges $10 extra for each smartphone. You are truly stupid

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take a better network over a faster processor and better camera ANY day. And this is coming from a Sprint customer for 11 years that switched to VZW a couple years back.

      • Anonymous

        Unlimited FTW
        p.s. I’ve never had a problem with their network. 

        • Tim242

          Let me tell you a secret…99% of Verizon customers have unlimited. Also, Sprint doesn’t grandfather. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Stating El Obvious

    LOL…the G-Nex fanboys will start making petitions and spamming Google for free replacements soon.

    • Cam

      Only if it has a better camera and radios. A minor boost in the CPU isn’t anything to get too upset over.

      • Barnaby

        if they double the battery, i’ll be livid….lol

        • angermeans

          + 1 for the post and +2 for the avatar picture of one of the greatest (if not the greatest) indy albums of all time 

        • Antiflag1080

          +1 for post and +3 for NMH… and +1 to angermeans for also giving you +1.  Yay for positive numbers!

          For real, though… I got my GNex on launch day at 9AM, and VZW screwed me over in terms of trying to get a replacement due to battery issues and the keep awake bug.  If, just two months after launching “THE Flagship Google Phone”, they launch a better version, I will be calling Samsung and Google to complain.

    • Andrew Seraphin

      im actually just going to enjoy my current nexus

      • Tim242

        Me too! What is wrong with these people?

  • Anonymous

    eh, i’ll overclock mine if i need to.  At the moment, i dont really care about a benchmark score..  

    • You can’t OC the current 4460 to more than 1.35 ghz right now, and there is obviously no way to match the new GPU.

      • Anonymous

         yeah GPU is a different story.  As far as CPU goes.   1.35 ghz is more than enough IMO.

        • Trophynuts

          agree 100% i think the 1.2-1.5ghz range is the sweet spot for phones. Do we really need any faster CPU? in my opinion no. Like you i’m perfectly content with the 1.2 of the current Gnex. With my gpu overclocked like it is now i’m more than happy. 

          • I’m sure you would be feeling different if you were sitting on an upgrade with Verizon and had to choose between the 4460 cpu at 1.2ghz and the 4470 that is capable of 1.8ghz (or even a quad core CPU).  People were saying the same thing when 1ghz single core CPUs were considered high end and dual cores were around the corner.  As newer/higher clocked/extra core mobile CPUs are produced, apps such as games and video processing software will take advantage of them.

          • Trophynuts

            not when you factor in Battery performance. As phones increase in CPU and GPU speeds current battery tech is going to cancel it out to a degree. 

          • Most new CPUs, even when clocked higher or with more cores, are battery efficient. 

          • SlowerisFaster

            The point of multiple processors in conjunction with battery life is that you add more cores and run them at lower speeds to save battery and get the same performance as overclocking a single core chip without the increased battery drain.

          • Noyfb

            but a quad core would help save battery life using less power

          • Staticx57

            Once processors shrink in size again we can have faster chips with no power penalty ofhighly clocked chips of this generation.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll ask you that two years from now when they have octo-core phones and whatnot. 
            You’ll want it. 

      • Jmaster674

        mine is OC’d to 1.42ghz on liquid ics stock kernel

        • Andrew Seraphin

          you my friend, got some nice silicon, and i mean your phone

  • I hope so, I’ll be getting the Sprint version since they’re unlimited and I pay half the price for the same plan I had with verizon!!!

    • Anonymous

      Have you really ever seen the supposedly 4G speed on Sprint, it struggles to reach 5mbps where as Verizon 4G LTE hangs very easily between 16 – 24 mbps. What is the point in having a 4G phone on a network that can’t handle it…

      • Anonymous

        This isn’t going to be wimax. It’s going on sprint’s new LTE network.

        • Anonymous

          which is no where near completion, what is it a few cities now if that much…

          • Barnaby

            Gotta start somewhere, I think Verizon only had a few cities at conception.

          • Anonymous

            True, but do you think that ‘unlimited data’ will still be around, I mean they already hinted at throttling without actually calling it that.

      • Salomog

        You know that the GNex on Sprint isn’t going to be WiMAX right, it’s going to be LTE as well. In fact it’s been pretty well covered that it will be Sprint’s first LTE Phone. Foot, mouth, I believe you two have met before, no?

        • Anonymous

          Dchebag alert…

          • Blootzm3

            lol foot in your mouth….

          • Anonymous

            Boy 🙂 the Trolls r out today…

        • Barnaby

          lolz….well played good sir

    • Zebra

      If you’re happy with paying half the price for half the service, more power to ya.

      • Blootzm3

        same service, no conection issues here

      • Anonymous

        Same service. 

  • Bewara2009

    You just got Samsung! 

    • Edwin M

      More like they’re about to get Motorola’ed!

      • Anonymous

        i was about to type the same thing

        • Edwin M

          I wanted to type the Samsunged slogan but he beat me to it.

    • Anonymous

      You just got Samstung! ….FTFY

    • James

      I didn’t know Motorola was taking over Google. I guess I heard wrong.

      I hope it comes out this Summer or before since thats when my upgrade is up.

  • Add that to the fact that they’re all running 4.0.3, something that no stock Galaxy Nexus does yet.

    • Thracks

      Except for the OTA update to the Verizon GNex…

      • You got an OTA update? I haven’t seen one, still on 4.0.2.

        • Blootzm3

          he’s messin with you

          • Good…when is that coming out? I’m tired of waiting.

          • Blootzm3

            looks like samsungs consentration is elsewhere… better get yours off the dev-cmnty.

  • Robhimself79

    So that would explain partially why sprint is so hush hush about the release date.  It may not have been fully tested.  On a side note if Sprint launches this beast with an actual car dock and not the verizon hunk of plastic with no ports, I will sign up immediately.

    • Blootzm3

      me too. so far the three sea shells don’t meen shizz… all the cases with ports to the three prongs have been made specialy for the sprint network.

  • Dshudson

    Quite honestly I hope they do, because my version of galaxy nexus is dreadful 

    • John

      Mine is perfectly fine. Best phone I’ve seen & used to date.

      • babadush

        I agree. He must be doing something wrong

      • Anonymous

        agreed….a subtle boost in processor is nothing to get upset over.

        • The massive boost in GPU is though. 😛

          • AGREED! the gpu is the only bad thing about the galaxy nexus.. although it is perfectly capable, it would be nice to have n64 games running buttery smooth with no hangups.

          • Trophynuts

            my gpu runs awesome since i’m running a kernel that overclocks it :p

          • I’m running Franco’s.. I believe he has it set at the regular 384. It’s still a night and day difference compared to stock. which kernel are you using?

          • Trophynuts

            i was using leankernel but now i’m using the DefiantV2 kernel that Lou packed into Redemption Rom 1.0.5 I believe it is oc’ed to 384 as well. 

          • I thought about trying the trinity kernel.. He’s got it OC’d to 512. which sounds pretty sweet 😛 but not sure how it would affect battery life.

          • There is some confusion as to whether it is actually OCed to 512mhz.  There was something like a 2 fps increase in benchmarks, but that should be even higher if it was truly OCed that much. Either way, he has definitely done something with the GPU that other kernel devs haven’t been able to accomplish yet.

          • Angelrod111

            Too bad it runs like crap, games kept freezing on me!

          • Josh Groff

            They run fine with the Sensation 4G’s GPU… Maybe you should try cutting the sound out.

          • Andrew Seraphin

            thats not the GPU, its the software rendering it

    • Dshudson

      It’s not the GPU I care about.. it’s the radio and it sucks. If your phone is fine your in an area that you don’t have to switch from 3g to 4g.. these people know exactly what i’m talking about. 

      • Anonymous

        Gnex is said to have the most accurate reading when it comes to signal on “lower bars” persons the same as the competition.

        • Jeff Tycz

          he said nothing about signal reading, switching from 3g to 4g is the problem, learn to read

          • Anonymous

            well technically what hes referring to are two different things. if its 3g to 4g its a handoff issue, software. if he means radios then protozeloz is correct.

          • Anonymous


          • As Timoh pointed out, handoff and signal are two separate things.  Know what you’re actually talking about before opening your ignorant mouth.

      • Azndan4

        both 3g and 4g suck on ANY phone here in Davis. Can’t say that it would be better on any other phone 😉

  • Anonymous

    OMG Google picked up the Moto virus. Galaxy Nexus MAXX???

    • John