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Oracle: “Daily Android Activations Likely Generate $10 Million in Annual Mobile Advertising Revenue for Google”

In a letter to the court concerning a recent Java-related patent infringement case against Google (go figure), Oracle has divulged that it is their belief that Google earns roughly $10 million each day  in annual revenue from Android activations. Oracle did not mention how them came upon this number, but patent expert Florian Muller feels that they arrived at the alleged integer by basing it on the fact that Google earns roughly $14 per Android activation.

Oracle is also claiming that Google’s use of Java in Android now stretches far beyond just Android. This product is allowing them to grow Google+, make money from the Android Market, etc. If it isn’t clear yet, this is Oracle’s way of trying to raise the amount of money they feel they are owed by Google for allegedly using Java illegally. It’s a smart move and the assessment is probably fair whether any of us like it or not. Wait, did I just call a move made by a patent troll “fair?”

Via: BGR, Foss Patents

  • The number is pretty staggering; it’s not exactly like that saying Google makes $10 million every day from Android, but rather that have the potential to generate a significant amount of income per year from its user base, as per the daily activation numbers. Oracle also has the audacity to claim that the total number of Android activations will rise to 2.5 million per day, even though there is no indication that will happen, as the number of activations is thought to be peaking.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, the amount of money Google is or isn’t making off of Android is immaterial to how much Oracle is incurring in damages. The two are simply unrelated.

    • Anonymous

      Also, this proves Oracle to be patent trolls. They’re not basing their numbers off of how much damage/loss they incurred, but rather off of how successful Android is for Google.

      I don’t always reply to posts, but when I do, they’re my own.

      • Anonymous

        The obvious sign of Oracle =patent troll is when they promptly sued Google right after acquiring Sun. They’ve done nothing else with Sun since they acquired it. They are killing Sun.

  • Anonymous

    God, they sound like the Winkelvi going after Zuckerburg over Facebook. Get over it, and come up with something better; you know…innovate, something this country used to be all about. I suppose we were also illegally using java in programming classes in college for class projects without having paid for a license?

  • Florian Muller iss NO patent expert.

    • Anonymous

      I cannot like this enough. I wish he would simply disappear from the scene. It can start with ignorant “reporters” finding an ACTUAL expert, instead of some self-anointed, self-important airhead.

  • Anonymous

    i’m so sick of all these crybaby companies whining about google and android

  • GCurry

    Bah, Oracle.   Bah, Larry Ellison.  

    Oracle the poster child for closed.   Ditto Apple.

    Sun tried out open, developing Java.   Thanks, McNealy.  Microsoft tried to steal it.

    Google also trying open.

    I sure wish it had been Google buying Sun, rather than Oracle.  It’s just ugly that the ones who can’t compete with actual development and open systems are sucking on the patent teat, like parasites.

  • Anonymous

    Oracle did not mention how they came upon this number, but patent expert Florian Muller feels that they arrived at the alleged integer by basing it on the fact that Google earns roughly $14 per Android activation.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t trust a single thing Florian Mueller says. He’s a paid shill for microsoft.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, Google isn’t making $14 from each activation, Google makes $14 per year per Android phone in online advertising.

    FYI Daily average revenue, while badly worded is;  annual revenue/365

    • Sean Maloney

      Don’t you mean, ‘poorly worded’?

    • Anonymous

      $14 per year per phone * number of activations = increase in annual revenue per day

  • Anonymous

    Oracle may be taking advantage that Wikipedia is down today, and nobody can check the facts!

    • Spartacus

      Wikipedia may be dark today, but Google is still up. And a few simple searches tell me Oracle is stupid.

      Google’s ENTIRE mobile revenue for 2011 was $2.5 billion; for 2010 it was $1 billion; for 2009 it was estimated at $0.059 billion ($59 million). Assuming that Andoid’s average market share was 40% in 2011, and 20% in 2010, that leads to $1.2 billion that can be assigned to Android (the 2009 amount is statistical noise at this point). That’s less than $2 million per day.

      In the future, Google may well see $10 million per day, but it hasn’t yet.

      Oracle need to go back to basic math class.

  • Anonymous

    If true, if Google would give me Androids revenue for half a day, me and my whole family would be set for life!

  • how much of that does microsoft get? lol

    • Anonymous

      None. Google isn’t paying microsoft, it’s the OEMs that are doing it.

  • $10m a day in annual revenue? What does this mean? so $3.7b in annual revenue? Im confused…

    • Illinipoke98

      Glad I’m not the only one, how do you have daily annual revenue

      • You need to use “new” math,  which I invented and will bring a patent lawsuit against you if you do use it.

        • Jdstell

          I already patented “New Math”, you are so sued.

        • That’s pure gold bahahaha^

    • Ethan Bond

      One day worth of activations will generate $10 million over the following year.

      People activate their phones today, in 365 days, the phones activated today will have earned Google $10 million.