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Ummm No, This is Not the Galaxy SIII

As much as some sites would have you believe, this is not actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You will probably see it all over the interwebs this weekend with “ZOMG! SGSIII images leak!” tags, but trust us, this is not it. It certainly looks pretty, and it should, since it’s just a render that a reader created at some Russian concept phone site.

The real SGSIII will more than likely be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next February. Back when the Galaxy Nexus was still mostly a rumor, we saw a 4Chan person spit out some potential SGSIII specs that  a Samsung rep had reportedly provided in a presentation, but you should have stopped reading when I said “4Chan.” Although, he was right on the G-Nex.

  • Samsung GT-N8010 leak .. from IntoMobile http://bit.ly/tystaz ..

    Samsung Galaxy S 3 Broke Cover? from The Droid Guy http://bit.ly/udYYne .. Coincidences ??

  • Clive gitlin

    where do i go to get that clock for my phone?  its awesome looking.  thanks

  • I hope its a render, cause’ seriously, the case looks like an iPhone. 😛

  • Anonymous


  • I want the clock widget, does it exist?



    • Mood


    • Bionic

      very very unlikely

  • POSnexus

    So with all the HARKING the nexus turns out to be a big O POS!!!! I’m
    laughing at all you idiots HARKING at how great the NEXUS is that it is
    the gold trophy of all 2011 phones… LAUGHABLE!!!! I knew the nexus
    would be full of bugs and with its WEAKA$$ gpu and a embarrassing camera
    to boot, but now there’s all sorts of failed concept like its face
    unlock and lets not forget about its HORRENDOUS speakers/ earpiece. Oh
    SH!T and I haven’t even mentioned its JITTERYA$$ performance with it
    pinch to zoom (flash on) and scrolling with livewallpaper? LAUGHING
    and WTF is the point of LTE speed when it has WEAKA$$ signals???
    LAUGHING again

    • Wclayton44


    • Mood

      You high!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re not going to contribute to the conversation then don’t comment.

    • Alexander Garcia

      LOL Wow! I think someone’s seriously mad bro…

    • Bionic

      you mis-informed?  Bro?

  • Anonymous

    Good thing this is fake. Looks so ugly..  And I really hope that the soft keys will not look like that. I dont understand everyone’s obsession over having no bezel. THE BEZEL IS THERE FOR A REASON. It’s to prevent accidental presses and will probably save you a scratch or two as well. And quite frankly, as appealing as a bigger screen is, it simply looks bad and makes the phone seem uneven or not even slightly aesthetically pleasing… The only nice thing about this render is the clock widget and back of the phone. Once again, thank god this is just a fake render.


    Looks just like those iPhone 5 leaked pictures from last summer.  Zero Bezel.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing its not, this looks terrible.

  • Anonymous

    i really REALLY like that clock widget…thats like the only thing i like about touchwiz…is there a way to get it for a non-samsung phone?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Motorola: Take Notes.

    • Bionic

      Hey ddevito, suck my ballzz

  • where can we find clock widget at

    • Bionic

      its not real

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was how Touchwiz on ICS would look like…

  • Any chance of that widget existing?

  • Yea but I could actually see a company making this phone and apple just making slight changes and adding a siri sequal.

  • QtDL

    That is one big azz clock widget!

  • I do want that widget..

  • Joejoe509

    Rediculous bezel blah blah

    It’s nice looking, but I doubt it will be anything like this. We we were all soooo far off on the GN’s renders it’s not even funny.

  • Manuel Olague

    looks like a Galaxy Note 2 with ICS

  • Did TouchWiz change or am I just missing the “Apps” button in the dock? Lol.

    • Dylan Blom

      Apps button is below where the capacitive buttons would be 

  • Lgreg64

    love that clock widget

  • Yes, because it’s square with rounded edges and has a screen from end to end. More than enough for Apple to sue. Samsung be better releasing it ahead of Apple.

  • I don’t why, but this article brought in the lol’s.

    But I would love this phone, just with out a damn skin on it.

  • Steenerk

    Somebody make that clock, weather widget

  • Nerdy Desi

    I’d love to have a slider version of this! A true sequel to the Epic and Stratosphere!

    • Steve

      Make it global too and I’m in.

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        My buddies step sister has a huge rack. When she gets on top of you it’s like fighting your way out of a barrel of taffy.

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    • BookerT

      If it does, hopefully it’s not a year after the slate version again.

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  • Anonymous

    The iphone 5 is rumored to have almost zero bezel. Which means Samsung will copy and get sued again.

    • Tim242

      You mean 6. The 4S was th.e 5th gen

  • Joseph

    The side bezels need to be little thicker but the top and bottom bezels are just right.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about – the whole idea is to make no side bezels on the phone – just screen real estate – something no one has been able to do yet.  Get a clue – if this phone was real and out today and loaded with ICS I would buy it any day of the week.  This would have destroyed the GNex – accept it.  

      • Keith Sumner

        wtf over react much? All he said was that the bezels should be thicker on the sides, relax buddy.

      • Marlan

        With those side bezels, my fingers would wrap around the phone and activate the touch screen while holding in portrait mode. The top and bottom bezels would be perfect. I’m assuming the screen is in the 4.3″ range if I don’t include the buttons like the Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Relax dude,  I do agree that a LITTLE bezel on the sides wouldn’t hurt

      • Anonymous

        IMHO, this concept is kind of absurd…having zero bezel. I already tip-tap a buncha hooey on the Razr as it is, especially in landscape! Where the frig are we supposed to  put our fat fingertips?

      • TheAndroid1

        The vast majority of people who bought this phone didn’t buy it for the hardware, rather for the pure Google experience.

        I’ll take updates over two more cores and Samsung’s skin.

        • for the dev community, the pure android experience can be had on every phone though, and since the GNex is a dev phone, most of us have already rooted and changed a few things around on it…but i agree updates over cores..the GNex is snappy even running a stripped down stock Android v4.0.3…

  • SamsungIsSatan

    One clock says 10:08 and the other says 4:00. Typical Samsung product.

    • Anonymous

      Troll alert!

  • Anonymous

    where do i get a clock like that?

  • Anonymous

    I’m almost positive that Kellex lurks 4chan by now.

    jelly, 4chan, u mad bro, y u no… the list goes on

  • Dieter

    If only they could make a phone like this. I really don’t like the large bezels on all the new phones.

  • Anonymous

    ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first example of a crappy manufacturer skin placed over top of ice cream sandwich.

  • Ytram

    Folks, bezels aren’t there for some technical hardware reason.  They’re there to keep you from accidentally pressing something when you’re holding the phone in portrait orientation.

    • Jim

       Ya but the bezels on the new phones are just too big. The bezels on my TBolt are smaller and I never touch the screen accidently.

  • Ugly

  • Anonymous

    Uh, Kellex, that guy was way off on the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus doesn’t have an SD card slot, a 2000 mAh battery, or a 1.5 GHz Exynos processor like the guy said.

  • Usuxit

    4chan..you looking at porn bro

  • Anonymous

    Wait, people actually thought that monstrosity was real? It looks hideous… Talk about some gullible people.

  • i wonder how big that screen is. looks like 5″?

    • Usuxit

      Thats what he said

  • Michael Forte

    Makes sense. Samsung always makes their Galaxy S phones look like iPhones.

    • Anonymous

      HTC makes sense.

      • Anonymous

        I see what you did there….

    • Anonymous

      I smell a lawsuit…. You might get sued for just saying it.

      • Anonymous


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Just on looks I would take it over that over hyped Nexus… hell, if it comes out for real, I just might

    • DBK

      I have to agree. I don’t get why people are saying it’s fugly. True it could use a *little* more bezel, but other than that it’s pretty sweet (too bad it’s not real).

  • my00si

    Just look at those full bars on the 4G….  now I know this is fake….  ;  >

  • Dshudson

    I want one 🙁

  • Jadam6118

    Holy screen batman!!

  • Rick S.

    Hopefully the real SIII will have 2 Junes on their homescreen clock/calendar widget as well…

    • Anonymous


    • Nice catch.

      • Usuxit

        crabs…i caught those.

        • Dr. Crabs

          You better see a doctor then.

    • Anonymous

      July is overrated.

    • Basket Champion

      I don’t see where there’s two Junes…

    • Anonymous

      January and June. Problem?

    • Anonymous

       How long did you have to stare at this to find that?

    • Or no July.

  • Anonymous

    Dear lord that is hideous. I seriously don’t get why people are so anal about a .5cm side bezel. Also most of this render’s ugliness is easily the WHOA-LOOK-OUT-WE’RE-IN-UR-FAYZE!!!1 UI, and those cartoonish navigation buttons. Makes TouchWiz look attractive by alternative.

    Cue the flames.

  • Anonymous

    On a side note…

    Dang! Renders are getting so good these days that I often have a hard time being able to tell which images are real pictures of devices and which are renders.  Kudos to whomever can draw this well!

    On second thought, I just remembered, real images are always blurry until a product is released…apparently beta versions of pre-released hardware can only be photographed on beta cameras…you know, the ones where they haven’t added in the focus “feature” yet…smh.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So, a phony phone or a phony story

  • MrWolf

    My Galaxy Nexus has a bezel on it until it took an arrow to the knee.

  • Zebra

    Good, that phone looks ugly.

    • i respect your opinion but that is the most beautiful phone ive seen except the samsung branding on the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    where is the galaxy nexus II

    • Usuxit

      found it. there is a concept here http://goo.gl/WcVp

  • Yes… lets have a phone with no bevel at all.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      bezel homie.. it is bezel.. 

    • Anonymous

      Actually…I prefer to have my edges beveled…

      Now if you want to offer zero beZel, I’ll take it 🙂

      • how many degrees?

    • Blood

      I’d like some bevel 😀

  • Blood

    This is how th Galaxy Nexus bezel should of been but it’s still nice.

  • Baked14


  • The clock is a bit overwhelming, but that actually looks quite nice. Too bad it’s just a render.

    Hope the real Galaxy S III is aluminium though.

    • It’s not only good looking, it’s packing a plenty of info: weather, moon phase, alarm. Better than the most useless click widget I saw.

    • Basket Champion

      I doubt it. Samsung really likes their plastic builds.

      And I don’t have a problem with plastic. Frankly, a phone’s material is probably the last thing I care about when buying one, except for maybe the camera.

  • Powersshaun


  • Carl W.

    looks pretty sick

  • Anonymous

    Too bad, its really beautiful though.

    • Indeed it is. Maybe they can base the design off of this heh.

      • Guest

        guess what??  i’m still here and still posting on you board. HA!

        • Another Guest

          Are you 12?

          • Guest

            Are you a dick bro?

          • Guest

            you a dick bro?

    • Anonymous

      Too iPhone-y for my tastes

  • Lmrojas

    Dammit! I hope Verizon gets the SIII tho. Not like this year

    • Blood

      Verizon passed on the SII for the Galaxy Nexus.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        BUT that was in 2011.. 2012, whos to say

      • Lmrojas

        Cm9 SII> Gnex

        • Anonymous

          Gnex is getting CM9

          • Lmrojas

            Spec wise the SII is still superior … that was the point. Only flaw is the OS for now

          • Anonymous

            Spec wise SII has slightly better processor, but GNex has LTE.

            SII has a better camera too, but I don’t care about that. GNex is more than fine for anyone who doesn’t care about photography.

          • Anonymous

            The 4460 in the Nexus is better than the GSII’s Exynos. The SII is essentially on par with the 4430. Remember the 4460 in the Nexus is being underclocked, it’s really a 1.5ghz native chip. The GSII has a better GPU and camera though for sure.
            Test’s are really hard to compare because aside from the obvious of they don’t really matter, the GPU does a lot of the work and there’s a big difference in the WVGA GSII and 720p in the Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            Yaay, even more reason to shut those GSII fanboys up.

            Also, wow, I must have been tired if I forgot the screen. Overall, GSII owners have really nothing to feel smug about.

          • Tim242

            WVGA Samoled plus vs Samoled minus HD. Not really a difference

          • Anonymous

            I actually wasn’t comparing screens, other than the fact that Nexus at 720p requires a lot more processing power to draw than the GSII affecting the ‘benchmarking’. However now that you mention it. There is a pretty big difference in the screen too. I’ll gladly take 315ppi @ 4.6in HD vs 218ppi at 4.3 in SA+

          • Tim242

            PPI isn’t everything. But, since you mention it, the PPI is only that high while watching Netflix, or YouTube. Not while viewing pics, or browsing, etc. Not to mention, the resolution is a bit lower, while buttons are present, as well as screen only being 4.3.

          • Anonymous

            oh yes, a whole 90 px that go away a good deal of the time… If the ‘subpixel arrangement’ that you can’t see at over 300ppi is your argument for why a GSII has a better screen than the Nexus…I’ll probably stop here. There is no way a WVGA screen is better than an HD screen. Open a website on both phones side by side, I have, choice seems clear to me. SA+ is great, but I can’t see how it wins this discussion.

        • Anonymous

          But the SII isn’t on Verizon

  • For a simple render/mockup, this is really good, IMO. Nice.

  • Mdh7


  • Anonymous

    I don’t even think it looks that good…

    • Anonymous

       I totally agree with you. I don’t see what everyone is drooling over. It looks way too big and a phone definitely needs a little more bezel than that. Plus it isn’t even running ICS xP

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care. I want it!