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Ummm No, This is Not the Galaxy SIII

As much as some sites would have you believe, this is not actually the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You will probably see it all over the interwebs this weekend with “ZOMG! SGSIII images leak!” tags, but trust us, this is not it. It certainly looks pretty, and it should, since it’s just a render that a reader created at some Russian concept phone site.

The real SGSIII will more than likely be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next February. Back when the Galaxy Nexus was still mostly a rumor, we saw a 4Chan person spit out some potential SGSIII specs that  a Samsung rep had reportedly provided in a presentation, but you should have stopped reading when I said “4Chan.” Although, he was right on the G-Nex.

  • Samsung GT-N8010 leak .. from IntoMobile http://bit.ly/tystaz ..

    Samsung Galaxy S 3 Broke Cover? from The Droid Guy http://bit.ly/udYYne .. Coincidences ??

  • Clive gitlin

    where do i go to get that clock for my phone?  its awesome looking.  thanks

  • I hope its a render, cause’ seriously, the case looks like an iPhone. 😛

  • Anonymous


  • I want the clock widget, does it exist?



    • Mood


    • Bionic

      very very unlikely

  • POSnexus

    So with all the HARKING the nexus turns out to be a big O POS!!!! I’m
    laughing at all you idiots HARKING at how great the NEXUS is that it is
    the gold trophy of all 2011 phones… LAUGHABLE!!!! I knew the nexus
    would be full of bugs and with its WEAKA$$ gpu and a embarrassing camera
    to boot, but now there’s all sorts of failed concept like its face
    unlock and lets not forget about its HORRENDOUS speakers/ earpiece. Oh
    SH!T and I haven’t even mentioned its JITTERYA$$ performance with it
    pinch to zoom (flash on) and scrolling with livewallpaper? LAUGHING
    and WTF is the point of LTE speed when it has WEAKA$$ signals???
    LAUGHING again

    • Wclayton44


    • Mood

      You high!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re not going to contribute to the conversation then don’t comment.

    • Alexander Garcia

      LOL Wow! I think someone’s seriously mad bro…

    • Bionic

      you mis-informed?  Bro?

  • Anonymous

    Good thing this is fake. Looks so ugly..  And I really hope that the soft keys will not look like that. I dont understand everyone’s obsession over having no bezel. THE BEZEL IS THERE FOR A REASON. It’s to prevent accidental presses and will probably save you a scratch or two as well. And quite frankly, as appealing as a bigger screen is, it simply looks bad and makes the phone seem uneven or not even slightly aesthetically pleasing… The only nice thing about this render is the clock widget and back of the phone. Once again, thank god this is just a fake render.


    Looks just like those iPhone 5 leaked pictures from last summer.  Zero Bezel.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing its not, this looks terrible.

  • Anonymous

    i really REALLY like that clock widget…thats like the only thing i like about touchwiz…is there a way to get it for a non-samsung phone?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Motorola: Take Notes.

    • Bionic

      Hey ddevito, suck my ballzz

  • where can we find clock widget at

    • Bionic

      its not real