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Download: Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard For Your Android 2.2+ Device


Need to have every bit of Ice Cream Sandwich you can?  Then you might want to think about installing the keyboard taken straight from AOSP and then uploaded to the Market.  Just last week the ICS source was released, so we are sure to see a lot more goodies like this coming up.  To install, just download from the Market. There is no root required.  The app itself is a beta, so if you run into issues try to stay calm.  Enjoy!

Market Link

Cheers Mike and Gabe!

  • Dmzman

    Downloaded and installed it on my Droid Charge. FUGHETTABOUTIT!  Doesn’t work at all.. Next …….

  • I still prefer A.I.type Keyboard Plus. It will look awesome on ICS.

  • Peter Kelly

    Why won’t an ICS keyboard install on a tablet?  

  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    Been working great for me all day so far on my DInc. definitely my favorite keyboard to date: types very smooth and the graphics look nice. Only issues are force close when you double tap capitalize button and it doesn’t autocap “i”, so minor things. I’m sure will get ironed out. Can’t wait for it on the actual phone!

  • GREAT! i love it.

  • eze4

    Oh well, Canada will be getting their G-nex on December 8th

  • Xyz

    Mic key does not work on my Droid 2 “Error. Please try again”

  • Mark

    Not as good as Smart Keyboard Pro – in my opinion. (I feel like no one else uses Smart Keyboard? It works a lot better for me than swift keyboard or any of the other ones. Am i crazy? When DroidLife had a poll a few weeks ago on keyboards, smart keyboard had something like 2%…. maybe I’m nuts.)

    • Compewtore

      i use it and love it. i think for me it is mostly the customization the other keyboards don’t have. the prediction is great, but i think there are others with better accuracy i have used. the sacrifice for looks and samsung sounds. oh well. 

      • Cruzfl0w

        I third that! Smart keyboard pro is the BEST android keyboard. You can customize it anyway you want. The best part IMO is the auto correct and the fact that it is the ONLY keyboard that can keep up with my typing.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Downloaded it this morning – runs much better than the stock 2.3 keyboard

  • Brent Stewart

    No luck on my Xperia Play. Downloaded, installed, but doesn’t show as a keyboard replacement when I attempt to change it.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    I certainly hope this is an implementation of BlindType.
    I needs my BlindType!!

  • eze4

    @Lawrence Spikes lol @ so yesterday. I’m really not feeling it. I went back to my smart keyboard for android. The new ics keyboard is missing a lot like the ics phone lol.

  • Anonymous

    Works fine on my DroidX… Wonder how it works on the GNex? Will we ever really know?

    • Anonymous

      Ask someone in the UK.

  • Kierra

    Eww, its not cute at all.

    I love the look of ICS music player , but this is awful looking

    • Greg Williams

      yea…i’m also not a fan of ugly

    • billt

      it seems most keyboards for android look hideous and dated. i am envious of how nice the microsoft 7 keyboard looks. 

  • Anonymous

    it’s working good on my droid 3, the response is really good.  I was using the A.I. keyboard and it blows that out of the water.


    This is going to need to really good to make me give up Touchpal Curve.

  • Lawrence Spikes

    so yesterday, nice keyboard though

  • Socal_jnunez

    its good for a beta but mic does not work and it force closes on some occasions

  • Anonymous

    Seems to work smooth on my OG running CM7.1.

  • JP

    Works perfectly on the DInc running CM7.1!  I feel like the autocorrect rivals SwiftKey, which is pretty impressive in its own right.  This is like an appetizer for ICS, “it’s what you eat before you eat to make you more hungry!”

    • Would you switch full time from SwiftKey?

      • Anonymous

        To me this seems to have better predictions then SwiftKey.

      • JP

        Not sure yet. It’s tempting, but I may just be in the honeymoon phase. I’ve tried a lot of keyboards, but I’ve always gone back to SwiftKey. This may be the closest to SwiftKey yet, and I’d love to run stock on ICS if at all possible.

  • Mps623

    ice cream samich

  • zUFC

    not me. I’m waiting for a total new experience when i get my Gnex 10 years from now maybe 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I could have “rented” a Droid Charge from ebay…but i was like hmmm, I’d appreciate the GNex way more if it was directly after my OG


    don’t bother on the Droid Eris. due to the resolution of the phone, the bottom keys don’t fit.

    • Greg Williams

      who needs a spacebar anyway!