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Will the DROID RAZR Have an NFC Chip? Motorola’s New Bluetooth Headsets Certainly Do

Motorola and Verizon are going to unleash the DROID RAZR on the world tomorrow in NYC (we’ll be there by the way). The device will be ultra-thin (maybe the thinnest on the market), super fast with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4.3″ qHD display, improved cameras all around and relaunch one of the most successful mobile phone names in history. But there is something else we would like to point out that hasn’t really been talked about much. Could the phone be Moto’s first with an NFC chip?  

We ask because on Friday, they announced two new Bluetooth headsets that they are dubbing the “world’s most advanced.” And why are they the most advanced? Well, not only do they boast HD-quality audio and utilize that fancy MotoSpeak app, but they have NFC support. In order to pair these with an NFC-enabled device, all you have to do is tap them together. No more fidgeting around with Bluetooth toggles, pin codes, etc. – just tap, tap tap-a-roo.

So this announcement leads us to ask one question, “Why release NFC headsets when you don’t produce a phone with NFC technology?” In fact, the only NFC phone on the market right now is still the Nexus S which I’m sure Moto wants no part of. Not that I have insider info that would suggest such a thing, but I’m now buying into the idea that the DROID RAZR will be Motorola’s first NFC phone. Then again, I watched the teaser for the device about 5 times straight, going frame-by-frame and saw nothing that would suggest such a thing.

Buying or selling the RAZR as an NFC device? Everyone ready for NFC and the RAZR? Is it weird that I’m almost more excited over the idea that I don’t have to mess with Bluetooth anymore and can simple tap a headset to my phone?

  • Averagejoeftw

    am i the only one who read the title and thought that the NFC chip in the bluetooth headset could be used as a external NFC device…thing? EX: you would tap the headset to a google wallet reader instead of the phone itself.

  • Interstellarmind

    awful camera, glitchy/ laggy blur.. .sorry, moto. you’ve lost me to HTC (and possibly samsung). thanks for the OG, you really struck gold on that one. too bad you didn’t try repeating the things that made the OG a success.

    (granted, my dx was rock solid once i rooted and ROMed it…but still, when a company’s phone sucks as stock in comparison to other phones as stock… it’s time to move on)

    • Sp4rxx

      how do you even know?  do you own the phone yet?  wait before you make crack judegments…. so far your assertion is based on past experiences.  how can you make a judgement like that on just an overview of a FUTURE product?

  • EC8CH

    “improved cameras”


  • Anonymous

    That Razor in the pic gives me the irresistible urge to do some blow. 

  • Anonymous

    Forget Motorola, ive had Droid x and OG and both are so damn slow and alot of gliches, hello samsung NEXUS 

    • MotoRules

      OG nor X had dual core, 4G or 1 GB of Ram.

    • Sp4rxx

      um duh – it’s old technology – wow

      My og is slow too, but it turns out what was slowing it down was the facebook app.  I uninstalled it and that made it run quick.

      That’s like saying “forget packard bell, they are so damn slow and have a lot of glitches – hello dell!”

      Considering packard bell stopped making PCs in the pentium age and dell has i7 laptops.

  • Ray

    another Motorola epic FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Random question, mostly unrelated – a while back, didn’t LG turn heads with some superduper slim phone?  The LG Q or something like that?  What ever happened with that one?

  • Steen Kendle

    anyone know if this is going to be a global phone?

  • Peter

    NFC is a nice feature but I’m only interested if this has an unlocked bootloader.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I cant imagine this would not be ICS upgradeable, no?

  • Blueethernov13

    The Masses will NOT care about the NFC chip until Apple introduces it…….its pretty sad, but thats how it works…APPLE will make some fabulous commercial “*Phone 5, introducing the NFC Chip” and people will say “woowwwwwwwww Apple created this new technology!! They are the best…!!. ” ….then they sell 8 million *Phones…

    • hatethanet

      Haha, you’re probably right. I’m not gonna hate on that, though. What good is a great product if you can’t market it well? Those guys know what they’re doing.

      • Anonymous

        I am ALL about Android but let me tell you Apple sure knows how to market their products.

        • Anonymous

          With hypnotism?

    • Apple would never use a term like NFC.

      They’d say “Introducing the iPhone 5, now with AirPay.”

  • Lolercopter

    even if it has NFC, no one is going to use it because 90% of the people don’t even know what it is.  people have it on their credit cards and i have never seen anyone ever use it.  I know most of you are going to say.  “i’ve used it, you dont know what you’re talking about”.  yea, well thats because we are all geeks here and like new technology.  The masses don’t really care about this.

  • So, what phone are they showing taping to connect in the photo here (left most of the 3rd row of square)

    • Anonymous

      Interesting…looks almost like the original Bionic that we saw at CES.

  • NFC is nice but I need an app that will allow me to use it with my doors at work so I don’t have to carry a card.  I have been trying a few things on my Nexus S 4G to see if I can get it to transmit but so far it’s a no-go.  If the DROID RAZR has NFC I might be in the market for one of those to sit side-by-side with my Galaxy Nexus which I am sure will have NFC and Google Wallet support.  Really hoping there are some BOGO offers so that when I upgrade my 4 lines I have a new stable of phones to mess with.  Note: the 4 lines are not all mine, my sister and wife use two.  The other 2 lines though are mine.  

  • Landon Rordam

    Enjoying the Happy Gilmore reference.

    Oh, Adam Sandler.  What happened, buddy?

    • Anonymous

      But Jack and Jill looooooks awesome…/facepalm.

  • Droid Dizzy

    If this baby had stock ICS with the possibility of NFC I’d be all over it but for now I’m still on some G-nex s**t

  • Kris Brandt

    Oh neat!  Still, the question among all of users is “Is Motorola finally going to launch an unlocked boatloader for the RAZR line?”  If so, then I might go ahead and grab the RAZR instead of the Nexus and wait for a dev to pull ICS from the Nexus and release it for the RAZR.

    • I would like to see this and I am sure the proprietary driver pieces could be pulled but I am willing to bet they will not unlock this device.  Maybe that will all change after the 17th and the vote is finalized.  Hopefully once Google gets a little control they will push them and Big Red to allow the unlocks.  I think more than anything the locked bootloaders is Verizon not wanting people tethering and all of the other “Bad” they see that comes with it.  If only they realized that phones like the Droid X2 could be so much more with a decent ROM that is not flakier than shit.

      • Anonymous

        I agree.  The DX I had was a kick butt phone except for being locked down. The roms that were available were ok but….  I really do like Motorola, but they have made me so sad.  Yes, sad bro.

        I would like an unlocked Motorola Nexus device! This I would buy in a heartbeat!

  • palomosan

    Now we just needed in our cars, win win.

  • Another great use of NFC technology.

    • HDDroid

      I agree and just one more reason to lean towards the RAZR, instead of the oversized Galaxy Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Won’t the new Galaxy have NFC, and if so won’t it be the exact same process?

      • Yeah have fun being locked down with Blur. Nexus has NFC AND is not locked down with real Android not that toddler skin they call Blur. 

        • Anonymous

          You’re a jackass.

    • Plank

      How secure is NFC?