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Google Voice Team Makes MMS Support Official: Working with Multiple Carriers, Hoping to Have Inbox Support Soon

Official. The Google Voice team just acknowledged the rumors from this morning that they have found a work-around for MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. If you are a G-Voice user, you will need to cruise into Settings and choose the option under “Voicemail & Text” to “Forward text messages to my email:” to get this to work. That will allow your friends to send you MMS messages (pictures, video, etc.) and have them arrive in the email account that you have chosen to receive forwarded texts to. The plan is to have this become a part of your Google Voice inbox, but this will have to do for now.

This new feature is currently only available to Sprint customers. They are working with other mobile operators to bring it to everyone though, but that could take some time.

Via:  Google Voice Blog

  • Yay, it’s been a year and we are still not there -_-

  • Dew197787

    Why doesn’t Google fix the voice to text feature in the voice search first? When u try to voice text the to: is always. In the text body!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • I dont really get what carrier support has to do with it. You don’t even need to have a cell number on your GV account. Unless, they are talking about sending from those carriers, not receiving. EDIT: Oops, should read read the actual image, that is the limitation.

  • I think the post is a little misleading.  It says “This new feature is currently only available to Sprint customers. “, but the post from google says it’s only available on MMS sent from Sprint customers.  I can’t imagine Google voice cares who your carrier is, it’s who the MMS came from that matters.

    • Actually it very much matters. Before MMS is opened up between operators, both of them have to agree to message with one another. Trust me, there is alot of behind the scenes stuff for MMS that not alot of people know about.

      • Shawnd23

        That doesn’t make any sense.  I can send google voice text messges from my computer.  It has nothing to do with the carriers.  I can also send and receive google voice messages from my HTC Thunderbolt over wifi.  Google voice uses data.  It has nothing to do with carriers.

        • 123

          hey moron, we’re talking about MMS here. And it very much has to do with carriers

  • Mr Josh Zombie

    I’m on Verizon and it’s working for me for the most part. I’ve had two different people send me test MMS pictures. Still trying to get a hold of more.

  • Anonymous

    Once they get this sorted out, need the ability to send MMS as well.  Once we have that, no longer need carrier SMS/MMS.

  • Peter

    Hey Kellex, you got a Google Voice ICS leak anywhere in your inbox by chance? We would be forever in your debt.

  • John

    The functionality I think is missing is the ability to send text messages to multiple people from my phone.  The Android GV app only lets me text one person at a time.  I can send text messages to multiple people using the web inbox or the extension in Chrome, but the Android app limits me to one person.

    • Anonymous

      I have google voice on the original droid.  I can send texts to multiple people.  You just separate numbers with commas in the ‘to’ field.  There may be a limit to how many people you can send to at once, but you can definately send to multiple people.

  • Gilberto Manso

    I love google voice I use all the time

  • Anonymous

    me need nexus leaky… no waity til next weeky… come on guy pal

  • Well yay for having switched to sprint a couple months back! I had been using Google Voice for voicemail before on Tmobile, but now that I’m on Sprint I’ve been using the text message integration, too. I love being able to text using any computer, but like most other Google Voice users I was sorely missing mms support. I don’t personally use the text to email forwarding (I find it redundant when I have the app on my phone and the website on a computer, both of which I think work better than email forwarding) but at least this way I know it’s coming.

  • Anonymous

    I have a question. I am a G-Voice user when it comes to calls, but it is a pain in the butt for text messages. I ALWAYS receive text messages sent to my GV about an HOUR LATE. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m on Verizon with an OG Droid, btw.

    I always end up saying, “Don’t text me on my GV number, but you can call me in both my GV and my Verizon number.” How am I supposed to pick up people in the club with that line?

    • Jef

      @Larizard:disqus Do you have the Inbox Syncing enabled in the Google Voice app?  I use Gvoice all the time on my phone and the texts are instant, and I’m on Verizon

      • Anonymous

        Looks like I had it set at “Receive Text messages only on the Google Voice App”..
        I changed it not to “Receive Text messages only on the Messaging App”..

        I hope this works.. TY

      • Cyberit 08

        Do you receive txts when someone sends a txt to multiple people at once?

    • i get mine instantly as well.  often faster then they pop up in my browser.  BUT my friend on t-mobile has this issue.  i have a feeling its a sync issue.  or a network issue.

    • John

      My GV texts are timely

    • Peter

      This happened to my dad when he still rocked the OG, what ROM are you running, that may be the problem.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the replies. I actually am unrooted… LOL. So I duno what’s causing the text delays. I will check the Sync options. BRB.

        • Peter

          LOL my bad I just figured that if you read this blog and still are rocking the original droid you would have rooted. Good luck though, your right no girl is going to give you the time of day if you have to give her two numbers, thats why I just give out my GV number.

  • Taylortide

    I won’t say it b/c it annoys some people, but I’m ‘between 0 and 2nd.’ 

    • Anonymous

      beat me to it, because I decide to rant instead of saying “first”

  • jakewill

    I would so love to have my Google Voice and Gmail Inboxes be one in the same… Anybody with me on this one?

    • Mctypething

      u’d love it bro?

    • No way.  i get enough crap in my gmail inbox. for mobile i say no.  but i wouldnt complain about having a section in browser.

    • You can ahve it like that now…just forward it to your email in the options