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Alton Brown Hangs Out with Googler, Photo Taken With Galaxy Nexus

We promise we will stop talking about photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus after this. They are for the most point not exciting anymore since Google employees are posting them on the daily, but this one had someone semi-famous in it. Anyone in the building a big foodie? Alton Brown ring a bell? You know, the host of Iron Chef America. He somehow found his way into the arms of a Google engineer that just so happened to have a G-Nex on him. Pose for the camera!

And moving on from EXIF data…

Cheers Garrett!

  • Anonymous

    I see a Whovian…

  • Anonymous

    I always imagined AB to be an Android kinda guy…  Nerds beget nerds…  ;o)  
    I love AB!!!

  • viewthis66

    i called my local Verizon store and they never heard of the G-Nex. the lady on the phone was like “what the heck is a galaxy nexus?” hahaha  

  • Anonymous

    Clearly someone needs to figure out where Alton was yesterday, nevermind… (see below)  

    Wednesday, October 12
    Books Inc
    301 Castro Street
    Mountain View, CA  94041 
    Talk, Q&A, Booksigning

    Now that we’ve established that, it looks like a droid-life reader who goes to Santa Clara University (see left breast logo on guy’s shirt) can identify the person in the picture and figure out why he (or a friend) has the Nexus Prime.  That person can then sit down for a full length video  walk-through, tear down, and whatever else we’d like to know.

    UPDATE: Damn, nevermind. Apparently I was the last to know it was Denis Lynch, who works for Google.

  • I wish it would say if it’s the CDMA or GSM version of the G Nex………. I don’t know how much more long I can frigging wait without them giving me a release date for VZW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good Eats!! Alton seems like he’d be an Android kind of guy.

  • I took a relatively crappy picture with Alton Brown using my Bionic.  It wasn’t a very quality picture at all.

  • trevor

    where is google and sammy at?? you would think they would give some word on the announcement for ICS if it really is going to happen in the next week

  • Alton is amazing…  so is good eats!  he’s on google+ to! https://plus.google.com/u/0/100349743543849719885/posts?hl=en

  • JP

    Alton Brown is doing his best 11th Doctor impersonation.  Halloween came early to the Googleplex!

  • Theophilus30

    They should have a post on why picture quality isn’t very good. They should also post on estimated battery life, if they can. ( comparing it with past nexus phones).

  • Anonymous

    Sigh….JUST because the EXIF says it doesn’t mean it’s true!  EVEN if it DID come from a googler….

    I know we’re all excited about the G-Nex, but this is getting “iPhone 5” ridiculous….

  • joejoe509

    Cool, but thanks for hearing us out. These Picasa posts were getting old. 🙂

  • tjmonkey15

    Wow, slow phone news day huh…

  • EC8CH

    I wish it listed what network it was uploaded from… 🙂

  • viewthis66

    lets see the phone already!!! haha

  • Anonymous

    That was a very cool webcast. GO ALTON!

  • Joe Cross

    And that’s Good Eats

  • Now I’m hungry

  • very interesting! thanks!

  • Anonymous

    How do I Calculate the resolution?

  • Dominick DeVito

    I’m personally getting sick and tired of all the no-news news articles about this phone. First we wait 9 months for the Bionic only to be greatly disappointed (mine had the defective radio issue so I returned it) and now we’re getting dragged through the mud once again with this phone.

    Enough’s Enough.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yes, please stop posting tech related news on a tech site. Please. Please stop dragging us through the mud .. I mean, it’s one thing to murder my family, but I just CANNOT stand for this injustice!!!

      • Keith Sumner


        • Keith Sumner

          Sometimes, people really need to stop, step back, and realize that it’s just technology, it’s just phones. Everything is going to be okay…breathe…relax..

          • Dominick DeVito

            Everyone misinterpreted my comment. It wasn’t geared toward this site, it was geared towards the people behind all the leaks and pictures and videos, etc – case in point a picture with Alton Brown – I mean seriously, tell us something relevant.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Relax. You actually do have the power opt out of reading these articles.

  • Trooper

    Please stop.

  • OG Droid

    I wish someone with a “inside source” would just tell us a phone that the battery of the nexus compares to; and not just address this in comments

    • Anonymous

      Bionic – 4 hours
      Nexus – 6 hours 

      LTE battery times, hows that?   Thank the panda

  • Anonymous


  • Paul

    The quality of this photo is terrible. Terrible colors, it looks like there’s a white film over everything, and a ton of noise. Oddly enough, on the same account there are 5mp Nexus One photos that blow this one away. What’s the deal? Why would the Galaxy Nexus have worse photos than the original Nexus? What happened to the “amazing camera” that Droid Life purported we would see?

    • Yeah, I am underwhelmed by this shot also.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. 

    • These files have all been automatic uploads to picasa or google+, which are resized automatically to a considerably smaller size. I don’t think they’re a real candidate for evaluating camera quality. I think it’s more just to point to the existence of an upcoming Nexus (duh!) and that it’s name appears to be the Galaxy Nexus (less duh)

      • paul

        Reducing the size of a photo wouldn’t add a white film to it. Also, as I said, there are Nexus One photos on the same Picasa account at a full 5mp, so Picasa might not be resizing these pics at all.

        • Anonymous

          maybe the “white film” attracted to the lense whilst in his pocket…sprocket

    • Maybe the conditions weren’t right? I don’t really know for sure but, yes, the Galaxy Nexus should have a better camera. This is just… Meh. Almost on par with my Droid X (and that’s not a good thing).

  • Alton Brown is one of my favorite show hosts/creators and authors, and he gave a great presentation at Google yesterday.  This has hardly anything to do with the phone… but I am otherwise having serious phone-news withdrawal and needed to see SOMETHING related to it, so thanks!

  • You can talk more about the pictures taken by the phone when they add a 3rd person camera on the nexus, so it can take a picture of itself.

  • This actually isnt a very good pic.  Too much noise for what looks to be a well lit subject.  And iso 320?  Why?

    • The noise is because the ISO is 320… the exposure time is just 1/30 of a second, so this must be indoors or in poor lighting… Usually book signings are toward the end of the day so that makes sense to me

      • This was taken at noon, and you can tell by the reflection in the door that there is good lighting.  Hopefully, this is an abberation.

  • Avery Ma

    Done a lot of his versions of popular recipes – I like the science of his methods.

  • guest

    Alton Brown cracks me up.  I’d like to meet him in person.  Nice looking photo… looks like they must have included some good hardware to support the camera.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    lets see pictures OF the phone, who cares about pictures taken WITH the phone.. we know the phone exists already

  • MFG

    Maybe he wanted to critique some…Ice Cream Sandwich! ZING!

    • Anonymous

      or Prime Beef…zing

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Can we all agree to stop using “ZING!”…. gah.

      • EC8CH

        No… ZING!

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Curse you!!

      • pezjono

        Only if you stop using “gah”… jeez!

        • Adam Elghor

          no u should stop using “jeez”…golly gee!

  • and the host of the most awesome foodie show ever…Good Eats. …yes i’m a foodie


    • T Hall

      Plus one to that!  I just wish he made an episode on a peanut butter and crack sandwich!

    • Thatsjared87

      Oh hell yes. I like food, too!

    • good eats is the best food show ever.

    • Chris G

      One of the few things I miss by cutting cable tv out of life.

      • Madcow06

        I second that. Food channel, discovery, and history channel. Of course FX as well for always sunny.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Alton has inspired me many times to make tasty dishes. Mmmmmm.

    • EC8CH

      without it how would we ever know the molecular weight of chicken stock?

    • Anonymous

      Good Eats is not only the best foodie show ever…its the best SHOW ever!

    • Heresteve2

      Just waiting for the
      u hungry bro?

      • Adam Elghor

        u full bro?

    • Crackmonkeys4hire

      I like Alton Brown but I’m more of a phonie than a foodie… 😉