Verizon Plans to Start Tracking Your Mobile Information – Instead of Freaking Out, Simply Opt-Out of It

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Emails were sent out to Verizon Wireless customers over the last couple of days, informing them that their privacy policy had changed. Included in the email was a list of the things that Big Red was planning to start tracking, leading many of us to say, “Wait whaaaaa?” Addresses of URLs you visit, location of your device, apps that you have played with, etc. are all things that they plan to track. Annoyed by that? OK, then let us all opt-out. It might seem wrong that we have to opt-out of something rather than having them ask us to opt-in to their new program, but unfortunately, we see companies do things like this all of the time and shouldn’t be surprised by it.

If you did not receive the email yet with all of the dirty details, feel free to view it here.

To opt-out of this program, visit THIS SITE.

To make sure you fully opt-out, be sure to opt-out of the first section and click “save.” Then let the page refresh and head back to the bottom section to opt-out and click “save” again.

Cheers Robert and everyone else!



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