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Possible “Nexus Prime” Specs Sneak Out This Afternoon, This Isn’t the Galaxy Nexus (Updated)

GSMArena has apparently received a tip from an “anonymous” tipster who works at Google, yet is…anonymous. This source claims that the real Nexus, which they are referring to as the “Nexus Prime” has completely different specs than the ones released this morning for the Galaxy Nexus.

Their source suggests that this phone will actually run Samsung’s new 1.5GHz Exynos processor – a chip that has yet to even go into sampling and was just announced last week.  It will also pack a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, 8MP camera, and 2050mAh battery.  The screen though, is indeed the 4.65″ Super AMOLED HD that was reported earlier.

So what do we make of this?  Well, if this device truly exists, it is NOT the Galaxy Nexus.  The G-Nex is as was reported earlier.  I know people with the phone that are not “anonymous” and believe what they have told me.  

So what is this unicorn that the anonymous Google tipster speaks of?  I would bet that if it exists, could be the Nexus Prime or the non-Verizon Nexus that is expected to come out towards the end of the year or beginning of 2012.

It sounds like a wonderful device, but there are too many things going on here that would suggest it won’t be announced next week at CTIA.  The fact that the processor will start sampling this quarter means there is almost a 0% chance that it will make it into a retail device in the next few weeks. Remember, the Galaxy Nexus has been rumored time and time again to be available at the end of October/early November. Let’s also not forget that Texas Instruments has been flaunting their relationship with Google for Ice Cream Sandwich for months.

My thoughts are that the Galaxy Nexus is the SCH-I515 and is headed to Verizon at the end of this month. The unicorn Nexus Prime could be the GT-I9250 and will be the non-Verizon Nexus released early next year.

You guys tell me what you think. What a day, eh? Anyone else wishing it was Tuesday, October 11?

Update:  Is there a chance that the phone referenced above is a version similar to the Galaxy SII LTE HD and ready for a stateside appearance?  I guess we have all been surprised before.  I just know that the device that is currently floating around to some pretty major players, is not that phone and is the one mentioned time and time again this morning that is known as the Galaxy Nexus.  Would it be amazing if Samsung and Google surprised us with this SGS2 LTE HD variant in a last second swap?  You betcha. We’ll know on Tuesday.

Update 2:  Check out this mock-up that was posted to Tumblr (not real of course):

Via:  GSMArena

  • Anonymous

    that is an awesome picture.

  • J Dub

    I shall get the Galaxy Nexus on the line I have had ready for upgrade since May. If a better phone comes out early next year then I shall use the line upgrade that will be available in December. Consider me locked in for 2 years again in November and then also in early 2012. My wife will love the Galaxy Nexus and I’m sure I will love whatever the pimp Android phone is come spring. 

    Who knows? Maybe BOGO on the Galaxy Nexus is in order. Really wouldn’t be the worst device to lock into 2 years on for BOGO.

  • Anonymous

    I really find it hard to believe that their will be two drastically different version of nexus. Nexus one was the same for all carriers, and the nexus s was the same aside from the sprint wimax radio. I mean almost everything is different between the two phones. I really doubt the validity of this “insider” their’s simply no past precedence for this from any phone manufacture.

  • Jack

    Google hasn’t released 2 different flavors of Nexus phones in the past (aside from the Nexus S 4G, which was the same thing as the Nexus S simple with CDMA/WiMax), so I don’t know why they would introduce two radically different flavors of the Prime. (Whether it’s called the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus, I think the general consensus is that they are the same phone, ‘Prime’ maybe being the codename of the Galaxy Nexus, much like Passion was the codename of the Nexus One.)

  • Anonymous

    So then why the nexus prime in verizon cellbrite systems than?

    • Wuffpack99

      Bingo!  While Cellebrite brand names are subject to change, there’s no way that a temporary name for the Galaxy Nexus would be Nexus Prime, if there is a true Nexus Prime out there.  Either Verizon is getting the real Nexus Prime and BGR is completely off, or Google’s running a serious disinformation campaign ahead of the launch.

      • Anonymous

        I’d guess this is Samsung and Google’s doing to mask the real device out of every Android blog’s eyes. It is quite hard enough to “surprise” the Android crowd, due to tips from the inside. To attain Apple-level hype, they need some red-herring, and this time, I think they successfully did it.

  • I can’t wait for Oct 11th, play me some Forza4 and learn about my next phone and ICS

  • Kilgore Trout

    My only question is does it deam of electric sheep?

  • Anonymous

    If I wait can I get the Nexus Prime on Verizon?? It does have LTE…. wtf my OG D1 deserves the best successor, not the second best.

    • Pardes33

      Agreed, I want to be walking around with the absolute best, so when isheep see me coming they give me a bow.

      • Anonymous

        Haha damnit I really want that Nexus Prime not Galaxy Nexus, but I don’t know if it will hit Verizon.

  • whosaidwhat

    I think you are correct but I expect both phones to be announced next week.

  • Jchammer123

    I will be finally upgrading my phone to the Galaxy Nexus from my OG Droid.  However, this makes perfect sense if this is indeed to non Verizon version as all the other carriers seem to get the better phones anyways.  But the Galaxy Nexus will do just fine for me!!!

    • Anonymous

      me too!

  • I’m taking a HUGE grain of salt now until any specs are released by Google or Samsung. However, I will be PISSED if verizon gets a dumb-downed version just to get it first and the other carriers get the better version 2 months later….DONT MESS THIS UP BIG RED.

  • Anonymous

    I have proof [email protected]:disqus is right. And that proof is that I want the newer better specs. It has been scientifically proven that if I want something, it’s not gonna happen. 8(

  • jt

    Ugh. I was going to get the HTC amaze next week on Tmo but no this??? Darn you technology [shaking my fist].

  • Anonymous

    All these things are great, but what about the battery life?

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I think that I’m just going to stop reading about this thing. So many twists and turns with this phone. It’s like a Tarantino film.

      • Anonymous

        It is just like the new iphone rumors were up until it was announced lol. Anyone have a time machine to take me right to tues??

        • Sorry, Unless we can speed you up to the speed of light. Anything beyond that, you would be going backwards in time which is probably what apple fanboys would want to do after this week’s iPadMini4s announcement


    so verizon gets the galaxy nexus and this one then right? it wouldn’t make sense to release a less powerful version…processor and battery wise… and gpu….than the nexus right?

  • Anonymous

    Kellex and Nickinson are holding back. They know the that is being tested by VZW. They are also being tactful to not release info to hurt their sources… who are likely friends. I’m also confident in saying that they’ve HELD this device. Just… chill the f out and let these people try and remain professional. 

  • shdowman

    I hope your sources aren’t the same one’s who were feeding BGR their info on the *phone5…..

    A couple of days and we’ll all know. 🙂

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I think Kellex is playing and trying to keep our expectations (and his own?;) to a reasonable level. Which is, of course, an unreasonable expectation for him to have. 😉

    Vanilla Android on Verizon will be sweet regardless.

  • Anonymous

    Here is copypasta from my AndroidCentral forum post: 

    Either Panda or P3 tweeted yesterday that the i515 is VZW and the i9250 is Vodafone. This says to me that they haven’t seen an i9250 but believe it exists.

    I HIGHLY doubt this will launch in its original form without a TI CPU. They made a big deal of that partnership and are not going to just retweak an entire OS for another architecture. 4430 likely. 4460 welcomed surprise. Exynos? Not happening at first launch and maybe not at all in US, contracts get signed.

    Battery life? Who knows. It won’t be great though, it’s going to be thin and hot. Learn to only click LTE on when streaming; treat your brightness like you do now; etc.

    This phone will be fantastic but everyone’s expectations and fears of *the next best thing* are WAY out of whack. Most of us are coming from the OGD. If you don’t think this is the phone to grab from that, you’re fckng crazy. Aside from first ICS and OS updates you also have access to any [labs] stuff they’re working on first if at all. This is the phone to get. Don’t draw the gun if you aren’t going to pull the trigger.

    ALSO, I wouldn’t trust anyone but Nickinson, Kellex, Panda, P3 and Flemming. You need to think of how communities, businesses, tech, and volume/materials work before agreeing with a list of stats. 


    edit: Q4 VZW exclusive. Q1 or next carrier LTE launch it hits all 4.

    edit 2: they're working on.

    Droid-Life edit: formatting
    Added link for whatever reason: 

    • Anonymous

      Nice post. Three things about BGR’s post:

      1) They have no credibility.. they’re even wrong when posting about their beloved i*hone.
      2) Why include HSPA + in a VZW phone? The spec list of the phone that is supposedly a VZW exclusive..
      3) OMAP 4460 and 1.2GHz don’t add up.

      Yes, Google partnered with TI. But let’s not forget about Google’s partnership with Samsung!! Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. I’m hoping for one world phone. That would solve a lot of problems.

      • Anonymous

        I could easily see them underclocking it to 1.2 to keep face with Samsung’s US SGS2 releases. Battery life is the more likely reason but I see them appeasing Sammy to be more likely.

        If HSPA+ is on there it’s because this form is staying and is just going to have a delayed subsidized launch on other carriers. T-Mo is Android. They WILL take advantage of those customers and that network. 

        Like I said in another comment here, different boards and specs means a different form factor or dimensions. If the Sammy setup in CPU and graphics are for real, it’s going to launch looking like the SGS2 LTE HD. If that happens people will be jealous of not having the cool factor of the i510.

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad you’re here, keeping my expectations in check!

          Something just screams to me that Samsung WILL hit this one out of the park though, and blow away ALL expectations. They’re releasing new tech as fast as anyone (cpus, memory, cmos sensors, etc), and I feel that the *pple court tactics have made them more determined than ever to trump every i*hone 4S spec out there. They’re doing sly things like not listing the cpu used in the SGS2 HD LTE on their website, leaving more room for speculation.

          Let me ask you this.. Although the specs publicly supported by Kellex are great, they’re really not that much more impressive than the OG S2 (and in the case of cpu and graphics, could be considered less).

          Are LTE and an HD screen really all the new tech they’re bringing to the table???

      • Anonymous

        because when it comes to other carriers that dont have lte they can use hspa? Or the fact that they are usually world phones and that would allow for that to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Probably a render but yummm

    • Bear0013


  • shr1k3r


  • Scott Hartman

    I would say that honest current testers of the device could potentially not have the final version in their hands (i.e. if Ice Cream Sandwich needed testing and they didn’t want to give away the final specs).  Still, I’d tend to assume that this late in the game real devices would have to be in play, so I’ll presume this morning’s specs are more likely until Google and Samsung say otherwise.

    And that way I can’t be disappointed either!

  • Anonymous

    you know that whole tablet idea…. just saying 😉

  • Riley Munks

    the thing about a verizon exclusive is that samsung will need to produce gsm versions for international carriers, and with doing that then why not have them sell domestic

  • Pardes33

    I have a headache , I want Nexus Prime on Verizon and I want it NOW.  

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know if this will have HDMI? ? That would be awesome!!! It would be nice.

  • I feel like we’re getting into iPhone 4S/5 rumor territory now…ugh

  • Juan Moreno

    -No SD Card
    -5MP Camera
    -OMAP 4460 1.2GHz
    -Weak PowerVR SGX 540

    This thing would be passable with these specs. it is even weaker then the Galaxy S2. THIS is what Verizon passed up for the GS2? Trash!

  • Anonymous

    Im so confused

  • Joshua Dudash

    I really hate this bull***
    Can I ever get a top tier device? (not that the galaxy nexus doesn’t sound wonderful)
    Still on d1 as well so i feel for all of you out there. 
    Just dont screw us samsung or this may very well be my first and last samsung phone!


    I don’t give a flying crap.  As soon as any phone named Nexus hits a Verizon store I’m running up in there yelling PRIMEEEEEEE and throwing my wallet (literally) at the first Verizon employee I see.

    • Anonymous

      ha me too. People complain and always wanted the latest well then switch carriers and get it. The galaxy prime or whatever verizon is getting if it is stock will be fine. I mean the nexus s is still competing up with the top phones as it is. Just relax people.

    • Pardes33

      Thank you for making me LOL 🙂

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Lmao, thank you for that laugh.

    • AndroidConnoisseur

      This comment just made my day. lol. I like were your heads at. I will be doing the same once this hits stores.

    • Al Heasley

      I keep getting the visual in my head…….. And it cracks me up everytime. This would be a good idea for a commercial.

  • Brandon Dellos

    Think again dude… This is what we’ll see, Nexus Prime – Verizon, SCH-I515, Dual Core 1.5ghz, 8mp Cam, 2050mah battery all the way. Not sure what processor it will run, but I feel confident that it will be clocked at 1.5!

    Phone manufactures need to wise up soon and realize the batteries on a 4G phones HAVE TO BE BEEFY! Would be a huge mistake for a flagship phone to be outfitted like all the other 4G junk, not to mention this phone will need to compete with Apple! I know 8mp doesn’t exactly mean anything, I shoot with a DSLR 10mp that looks way better than a point and shoot 14mp cam, but for marketing and a phone, I think they will throw a 8mp cam on board. Let’s hope it’s as nice as the 8mp, 2.4f, 5 lens, IR, cmos sensor camera Apple is using… that’s pretty nice! Most of the highend cameras use a cmos vs a ccd sensor, but I believe a ccd sensor uses less power??

    • Brandon Dellos

      Also, remember seeing Nexus Prime listed on the Verizon celebrite tool…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this is what the other carriers would be getting later and the galaxy nexus is exclusive to just verizon? Seems strange if they are going to use omap to develop ics on and then go with the exynos for the nexus?

  • I wish I could just hibernate for the next 4 days and wake up to Samsung saying we’re getting a Nexus device. If Verizon screws us over on this I’ll probably slaughter everyone

    • Wildcat11

      ….so where exactly do you live?

  • Kellex, just wanted to say thank you. 

  • Madcow06

    this whole nexus spec thing is starting to get a bit ridiculous

  • Haproot

    As long as the Verizon version is open and vanilla like a Nexus should be, I will be fine with it.  It is somewhat disappointing that other carriers may get a nicer device, however with a new chip it may not be as streamlined as Android on an OMAP.  I guess we’ll see.

  • RedOne

    Im lost o_O

  • Pardes33

    I will be pissed if the phone coming to Verizon is not the unicorn with specs to rule them all…………….

    • Juan Moreno

      As would I. 
      -No SD Card
      -5MP Camera
      -OMAP 4460 1.2GHz
      -Weak PowerVR SGX 540

      This thing would be passable with these specs. it is even weaker then the Galaxy S2. THIS is what Verizon passed up for the GS2? Trash!

  • Vaporwear

    Seems pretty obvious to me. This reeks of the Xoom launch. Google wants a new Nexus device out near the release of the next iPhone, The closest thing they have ready is the Galaxy Nexus (aka Galaxy S II ). Thus the lackluster specs on the Galaxy Nexus. And yes they are lackluster. The SoC in the 4S is far better than the Omap 4430 in the graphics department. The 5MP camera is behind the curve no matter how fast they say the shutter is. The PenTile screen even at HD resolution wont be as crisp as either the Retina Display or the suspected SAMOLED qHD screen the Droid Razr. There will be a Nexus Prime out near the holidays and it will have the latest and greates available and will be the true next gen device. Sadly it looks like everyone waiting to get a nexus device on Verizon will be getting their wish. To bad its going to be no better than anything currently out.

    • Pardes33

      If this is true, all I got to say is F U Verizon

    • Anonymous

      Umm… you do realize that even using subpixel count, an RGBG pentile 1280×720 screen STILL has a significantly higher resolution than qHD, yes?

      And that we now have every single leak pointing to at least an OMAP 4460(still doesn’t match the GPU in the 4S, but then nothing else does either).

      And that even at the underclocked speed rumored by BGR, the CPU is still faster than that in the A5(even if you assume Apple clocks the 4s’s A5 the same as the iPad 2, rather than underclocking it like they did for the A4)

      • Vaporwear

         Yup it sure does have a higher resolution but the sub pixel count is sub par. Take a look at SAMOLED + on a Galaxy S II and it looks way sharper that the qHD in the Bionic even though the Bionic has the higher rez. The same will apply to the SAMOLED HD screen vs. the lower rez screens that arent pentile. Also the reason the screen is so big is because of the pixel size Samsung had to use in the PenTile layout. The pixels will stand out like a sore thumb on these screens vs. the qHD displays that are true RGB.

    • Juan Moreno

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well done. This Nexus SUCKS if it exists with these specs. Not getting it, sorry.The Exynos Chip and the Apple A5 are far better. Just look at the benchmarks if you don’t believe me.

    • Anonymous

      will be better than bionic and the like. If rumors are true omap 4460 is better than everything minus the sgs2 and iphone 4s.

  • II’d rather wait until January for the better spec phone

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take either just hurry and release it.

  • Anonymous

    There can only be one!

    • Juan Moreno


    • EC8CH

      or maybe just 2

  • Anonymous

    Like I have been saying for 6 months now…Verizon will not get a vanilla device. Crapware and dumbed down phones is their style. Their network is their only strong point.

    • Anonymous

      the galaxy nexus they are rumored to get is stock? Guess that doesnt count?

  • Well…. looks like OG Droid was the first and the last flagship Google device on Verizon.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    As long as it does not use this dumb fake logo

  • Anonymous

    early next year ????? i feel like kicking your ass right now xD

  • Anonymous

    If we are getting the SGN why is Nexus Prime showing up in the cellebrite? I’m so confused.

    • Juan Moreno

      Exactly, there TOO much conflicting information here. Don’t take one source as your end-all-be-all source of information. We WILL get answers this Tuesday, so stay tuned. I for one am excited.