#TBT: Bugless Beast, the One and Only

If I’m not mistaken, Peter Alfonso, the man behind Bugless Beast, hasn’t been into Android development for a bit of time, but at one point a few years ago, everyone knew his name, or at the very least, knew of his work. If you don’t know, Bugless Beast was a custom ROM, downloadable on an assortment of different Android devices and I would safely argue that it was one of the most popular things we would post about back in the day. Maybe that and “Nexus Prime.”

Looking back, I can’t pinpoint an exact reason why everyone loved Bugless Beast so much, but there are plenty who will tell you that it was smooth, jank-free, and clean. I suppose the reason is in the name, Bugless. Peter’s vision for Beast was to provide a, “completely stable ROM,” and I think that was accomplished quite well.  (more…)

Best Buy Seems Confused, Calls Galaxy Nexus the “Nexus Prime 4G LTE” in New Flyer

Someone in the marketing department at Best Buy apparently did not watch the Samsung/Google event that took the rest of the world by storm on October 18. That would be the day that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was unveiled to the world, bringing it from rumored “Nexus Prime” to official and coming to the U.S. with 4G LTE capabilities. They also need to go back to October 21 in their inboxes to look for unread emails from Verizon’s PR. That would be the day Big Red made themselves the exclusive U.S. carrier of the phone, referring to it in every sentence as the “Galaxy Nexus.”

Nexus Prime, just a code name. Always was. Galaxy Nexus on the other hand, is the retail name of the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device. It’s also not a part of the Galaxy SII family as Best Buy seems to think in the ad up top. If you can’t tell, we aren’t buying the idea that Verizon has all of a sudden changed their mind and decided to call this the Prime after more than a month of referring to it publicly and internally as the G-Nex.

Who the hell says that Verizon has any choice in the name of this anyway? This is Google’s baby, and they dubbed it the Galaxy Nexus. Why would Google and Samsung release this phone to the world as the G-Nex, yet decide to change it up a bit here in the States as the Nexus Prime? Makes absolutely no sense. The Nexus One was the Nexus One everywhere in the world. Same with the Nexus S.

And let’s not forget that BBY once referred to the XOOM as the “DROID XOOM” even though we had all known for weeks that the “DROID” brand had been dropped. So yeah, let’s not jump to a bunch of crazy conclusions and think that Verizon and Best Buy are selling separate exclusive versions or had a sudden change of heart with just a couple of weeks left to go before launch. It’s the Galaxy Nexus, my friends. This is just a pre-printed BBY guide that has hasn’t been updated.

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Galaxy Nexus Also Shows Up in Best Buy Cellebrite System, Will It Be Their Exclusive?

OK, so it says “Nexus Prime” in Best Buy’s Cellebrite system, but we all understand now that Prime was just a code name, right? The retail name – at least according to a couple of our sources as well as a variety of independent reports – will be Galaxy Nexus (SCH-i515). We now have the device in Verizon Cellebrite, VZW Device Management, and at Best Buy. Feels good, doesn’t it?

So what about this “exclusive” talk? Just a thought we wanted to toss out. The original Nexus S that launched with support for T-Mobile was a Best Buy exclusive. You still to this day (to my knowledge), cannot walk into a T-Mo store and buy a Samsung Nexus S – it has to be done through BBY.

Could the same happen for the G-Nex? We will hopefully know for sure next week. The odd thing many of you have noticed is the lack of Verizon anywhere near the  announcement for the device and Ice Cream Sandwich. They weren’t mentioned in the original event that was scheduled to take place in San Diego nor are they listed for the new Hong Kong spot. That leads me to believe that this could end up with Best Buy and not at Big Red stores. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of that approach as it limits everyone’s access to it, but it is what it is. Again, just a thought – have not heard that this will actually happen.

Update: One of readers below brought up an excellent point since many of us will be buying this phone at full retail (off contract). The problem with Best Buy selling it exclusively then, would be the fact that they jack up the full retail price on their phones. For example, the Bionic is $699 at BBY and only $569 at Verizon.

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Tuesday Poll: More Significant – Verizon’s First Nexus or the Release of Ice Cream Sandwich?

If CTIA had gone as planned, we probably would have had more Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus talk today than any normal human being could handle. But since things did not go as originally scheduled, we were left this morning with an empty 11:00AM slot to think about what could have been. And during that time, we found ourselves looking at the significance of this device. Not only will it be Verizon’s first Nexus (assuming it does end up as the Galaxy Nexus), but it’s the first to launch with Android 4.0. Two incredible things to think about.

Long time VZW Android enthusiasts have longed to finally get a Nexus – a device that receives updates directly from Google and is as unlocked and bare as you can find. It’s really a dream phone for any uber-geek. Throw in the fact that it will run on Big Red’s 4G LTE network and you’ve got history in the making.

But then there is the fact that we finally get to see ICS – the version of Android that would merge both tablet and phone operating systems into one. Most of us expect this to be a massive upgrade over Gingerbread in UI, polish and features.

Which one is more important though? The biggest network finally getting its first Nexus or a phone finally running Ice Cream Sandwich? I personally would lean towards the option of this being the first Nexus on Verizon, but then again, ICS is a real game changer.  Thoughts?

Bigger deal: Verizon's first Nexus device or Ice Cream Sandwich release?

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Galaxy Nexus Coming “Sooner than you think” or Delayed Because of Dispute with Apple? (Updated)

Fire up the wacky Galaxy Nexus rumor mill! With the Samsung/Google CTIA event no longer happening, the gossip has started flowing in waves. What do we have this morning? A couple of things to note. First, is Samsung UK’s sales director who confirmed to T3 that we will see the Galaxy Nexus (aka Nexus Prime) “sooner” than the second part of this post would lead you to believe.   (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Mentioned in Photo EXIF Data, Buying That Name Yet?

In case you need additional proof that the next Nexus will be known as the Galaxy Nexus when launched, look no further than the photos uploaded to Picasa from a couple of Google employees – one of which works on the Android team. The EXIF data, which you can see above, clearly states the name that we expect to be attached to the phone come launch.

The photos only weigh in at 3MP, but don’t be worried by that. It could easily have to do with the service that was used to upload the photos or maybe these photogs aren’t into 2MB file size shots.

Everyone OK with the Galaxy Nexus? Nexus Prime sounds all robotic and transformer-like, but remember that we saw a merging of Samsung and Google brands last year with the Nexus S. Now, if only we could get a reschedule date for the event that was originally planned for today and we could get on with our lives.

To see the photos, hit up the source link.

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Galaxy Nexus Updates: Possible Dimensions, New Render and Usable Screen Size Thanks to On-Screen Buttons

After hearing that the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement was postponed, things seemed to have quieted over the weekend. Let’s go ahead and ramp them back up, shall we?

First, take a look at the new render up above that was created from Samsung’s CTIA teaser and the hands-on video that took the world by storm on Friday morning. That is probably about as close as we will get to an official looking mock-up until the phone is announced in the next couple of weeks. Is this not one of the sexiest phones we have ever seen?     (more…)

Verizon Drops Price on DROID Charge to $199, I Think We Know Why

So as of Friday, Verizon cut the price on the DROID Charge all the way down to just $199 on contract. Anyone wondering why?  I’d say it’s because the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is only a couple of weeks away and is reportedly the Charge’s replacement.  (We know in the grand scheme of thing that it is much more than that, but it’s model number makes it look that way.)

It’s pretty well known around these parts that the next Nexus is headed to Big Red first as the SCH-I515. And of course, with the Charge being the SCH-I510, it only makes sense that VZW would look to move all remaining stock since there will be no reason to purchase this phone once the G-Nex is out.

For those of you looking at a phone with a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen though, you may want to…well, I can’t in my right mind tell you to buy this phone now, knowing what is coming.  A leak to our inbox pegs the G-Nex for a 10/27 launch, but that date could easily change over the next few weeks.


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