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Galaxy Nexus Will Have a Notification Light and Amazing Camera – Ice Cream Sandwich Updating on the Daily

So I’ll start off by making a quick comment or two about the specs for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that were “leaked” earlier this morning.  I know that there are some people looking to question them, but like I said in that post, these match up exactly to what our sources have told us.  So unless Google and Samsung are taking extra steps to fake the specs inside their test phones to screw even their testers up, then I have no reason to disbelieve what I have been told.  While I have not been specifically told what size front camera, internal storage capacity or mAh battery, I can tell you that everything else is on point (aside from the fact that I think it’s a 4430 and not the 4460).

With that said, our sources wanted to toss in some additional details that were left out of this morning’s post.  Let’s talk notification lights, cameras and updates to Ice Cream Sandwich.    

Notification Light

As many of you know, Samsung seems to leave off notification lights on their phones – not with this one. We have been told that the Galaxy Nexus will have a multi-colored notification light placed towards the bottom chin.  So with all physical buttons removed thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung has placed a notification light, smack dab in the middle there instead.


A lot of chatter this morning about how the camera is only 5MP.  Just know that megapixels aren’t all that you should consider when talking cameras (think sensors too).  From what we know, this camera is ultra-fast and has an almost instant shutter.  Click the camera button and your picture is taken – no waiting. Will be interesting to see this compared to new camera in the iPhone 4S.

Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

Android 4.0 is close to being unveiled, but that doesn’t mean Google has stopped working overtime on it. From what we have been told, ICS updates are popping up on Galaxy Nexus devices almost daily.  With each update, the phone has gotten “snappier and snappier,” creating a phenomenal experience.  And again, the leaked video from last week is not fake.  If you want a preview of ICS, just keep watching it over and over.

As we have more, you’ll be the first to know.

  • Coming to Sprint? Yes, No, Maybe??


    Early test phones often have inferior hardware so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Of course, anything could happen, I just hope to be pleasantly surprised next Tuesday!

  • Balls

    I hope it’s not just a over clocked 4430 :/

  • IseWise

    Are we sure that that video is not fake? Because what about the no buttons shot that just leaked.

    • John

      no one is sure of anything

  • Anonymous

    If it’s a TI OMAP 4430, I won’t buy it. That processor can’t record or playback 1080p video and it’s inferior to the Samsung Exynos 4210 that’s in the Galaxy S II. Paired with a 720p screen, the performance would be quite poor. Anyway… what I’m trying to say is, there’s pretty much no way they’d only go with a 4430. It’ll be a 4460 or the Exynos 4212.

    • Anonymous

      Not even close. Don’t make nonsensical statements when you have no clue what you’re talking about please.

      • Anonymous

        Care to explain where I’m wrong instead of insulting? I guess I’m wrong about it not being able to output 1080p but according to TI’s website and documentation, the TI OMAP4430 can only record up to 720p video (unless that’s stereoscopic mode only). And the single core SGX540 is an inferior GPU to the quad core ARM Mali-400. Not sure how you can argue against that.

        • Anonymous

          You said it would have poor performance outputting 720p, that’s nowhere close to correct. You still claim it can’t record 1080p, that’s nowhere close to correct. 1080p recording on the Bionic is one of its touted features.

          Furthermore, the SGX540 was the fastest GPU available last year, it hasn’t magically become a slow pos, in fact it’s clocked significantly faster on the OMAP4 and has far more memory bandwidth available to it than the Hummingbird was capable. It can record full HD just fine, it can output full HD just fine, it handles display mirroring and flash with no issues and every game I have tried on the Bionic is buttery smooth. So actually no, it is nowhere close to being “quite poor”. Is it not quite as fast as the Mali400? Yes. You won’t notice a difference however, until more graphically intense games are available anyway.

          It would be nice if people actually knew what they were talking about before making statements as facts.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    I wonder if they placed the multi-colored notifications light on the bottom chin to mimic the Nexus One…

  • thesaber2000

    i want this NOW! please and thankyou! 🙂


    This phone is like that one girl you’ve always wanted…..when I get it I’m not gonna know what to touch on first!!!!!  😉

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  • Ray

    Man if this Phone isnt the Shit my name isnt Ray

  • tpags

    “CAN’T WAIT”

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a God.  He’s called Android… and he lives in South Korea.

  • Larry mao

    Android Police is reporting that some of the Specs another site reported contradict the earlier ones by BGR:

    So, let’s have a look at what GSMarena’s source is saying the Prime will be packing:
    1.5GHz dual-core processor, most likely ExynosPowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU (the same one that’s in the iPad 2)8MP rear shooter with 1080p video capture2050mAh batteryGlobal-ready

    • Anonymous

      Seeing this spec sheet has resulted in the only time I’ve ever wanted Kellex to be wrong. :p

  • Frank Katz

    World phone????

  • While I was slightly disappointed at the rumored specs of a 5MP camera and the TI chip, it still sounds like an impressive device. If the camera is of the same quality as other Samsung smartphones I’ve had, that 5MP will take great pictures, though it would be nice to say it is 8MP for people that don’t understand the image quality is about more than megapixels, as long as the pictures look good, I don’t care to much about the resolution. And I would have liked to have seen the 1.5GHz Exynos chip as well, but we can’t have everything.

  • Bigwavedave25

    as for the camera Kellex is totally correct.  I haven’t taken the time to read all 233 (at this time) comments if this has been discussed already.  But my wife’s iphone  with a 5mp camera out shoots my DInc 8mp any day of the week.
    I’ve owned and used enough digitial cameras (point and shoot as well as DSLR) to know it’s all about how much light the shutter can get in and how well your imaging chip can process all that information.  5mp is fine with me as long as it can generate a good image. 
    Face it you will be uploading these pics to Twitter, Facebook, digital frames, TV’s and the such… Not large format prints that will hang in your house of the family portrait, which it what large MP cameras are for.


    That is all. 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Engadget is reporting exynos with a killer GPU and an 8 MP camera from a google employee.

    Also why do we need so much storage with cloud computing?  My Xoom barely has any of its 32GB full.

  • Anonymous

    When does this release?

  • Anonymous

    This phone should be the standard of all Android phones coming out from here out.  None of that skimping on this and that.   Btw, does anyone know how a desktop dock works with a curved phone design?  Maybe they just curve the dock?

  • exynos

  • i hope thats true…it would be awesome

  • Act of God

    Need this phone ASAP, my Dinc is getting super buggy (even running CM7).

    • Keith Sumner

      Cache cleaner will help 

  • everyone thqt has no space because of music you heed to move it to google music cloud saves a ton of storage

  • Anonymous
    • tpags

      The specs to me are already very good but that is an interesting read. Interested to see what happens on Tuesday. I would lean to the side of saying the info kellex has is right.

  • Guest

    Does it have Gorilla Glass?

    • tjmonkey15

      I hope so.  What a waste of a nice, giant screen if it’s gonna get scratched easily.

  • Cody

    Just needs SD slot so we can keep all our pics, etc, and notification on bottom? Seems crazy and somewhat unlikely. I guess if it had good placement it would be good, but I usually have my fingers along the bottom….guess we’ll see lol. Excited and getting this no matter what though!

  • Sparta217

    Anyone know if the Nexus will have an SD card slot?


  • Scott Hartman

    It might need to be a 4460, as the 720p screen will need the extra graphics processing.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta see what the battery life is gonna be like first.

  • Jay

    are people concerned that the OMAP44xx processor, which has an SGX540 GPU, paired with a 720p screen will result in poor graphics performance? i’m really looking for ward to this phone, but a little worried about that…

  • Jdmaker1

    Are they upgrading the stock email app (exchange email app) in ice cream sandwich?  It’s the only thing I like about Blur (or whatever Moto is now calling it) over the ASOP.  

    • hkklife

      Other than still being rather laggy, I love the new Blur camera on the D3 & Bionic.  Definitely an improvement over stock Android.  I also like the down-swipe quick dial widget Moto has introduced on those devices.  And, yes, the Moto email client is pretty slick, as is the ability to pull system updates.  Otherwise, however, I detest Blur in all forms.

  • Nate Surber

    Now they just need to release a Samsung 4G range extender for Verizon and I’ll be all set.

  • Anonymous


    Is that what you wanted? Are you happy now?

  • if it has the 4430 , and or no sdcard slot im out. will wait for next gen processor.

  • kublikon

    do you think a VZ rep would give me one of these if I let him have my sister?

    • Bionicman

      it’ll probably depend on what your sister looks like!

      • JagoX

        Have you seen some of the VZW sales reps? Some of them would be lucky to get a girl 😉

  • Matthew Snider

    I’m just glad that I didn’t bite on the bionic… it was very tempting, but this phone will be way worth it.

  • Rich

    Anyone want to trade a t-bolt and some cash-o-la for me to buy a upgrade from someone? I am willing to fork over money or money and a t-bolt to get someones upgrade so I may purchase this phone lol… I am not due for another 1.5 years…

  • tjmonkey15

    I get more and more aroused for this phone with each bit of info you keep giving us today. 

  • Jason Purp

    Like I’ve said before, I hope the full retail price is under $600. If not, I will kick myself in the head for not trying harder to sell my things.

  • I’m aroused and I’m not afraid to say it.

  • Anonymous

    Well Kellex, if you say it is so, it must be. This thing better have tits too.

  • Rashad Gattis

    I will buy this straight out and sell my bionic all in the same day, if and only if it comes out in a reasonable amount of time…

  • So this is def. coming to Verizon? Because it’s my dream phone and i have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I don’t see Samsung letting apple have ANY bragging rights. I’m not buying this spec list. At all.

  • Bewara2009

    KELLEX you need to stop with all these good news before someone gets a heart attack just kidding bring on more we can handle anything.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll believe this when I see it. This phone is a dream come true, but taking Verizon’s track record into consideration, I’m not holding my breath. I think this would do wonders for their reputation, just like the OG did a few years ago. If this is real, I’ll definitely be first in line at my local VZW store just like I was for the DX. Thanks for the quick updates, Kellex.

  • Trooper

    Thanks Kellex you just made my day about the notification led.  Cheers man!

  • Dr. Baltz

    I hope they fix the stock email application.  I hate the fact that you can’t get notification on sub folders.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you…. But I’m going to wait until the Super Mario Galaxy Nexus comes out! 

    Just being silly…

    • EC8CH

      not me… I’m getting this one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    wow I am so excited… I’m pretty much guaranteed to switch carriers if VZW doesn’t get it 

  • Just take my money Samsung. You win.

  • Space Man

    ICS is designed to run on all devices, correct? (To negate fragmentation..)

  • ahhhr32

    Honestly I’ve been asking for an amazing 2.0mp sensor with high speed (like 240 fps) shooting for a loooong time.

    a great 2.0mp sensor beats a crummy 8mp toss in every day… megapixels mean nothing on a phone… who’s printing and framing posters from mobile phone shots anyway?

    • Hellaandrew

      I agree, I’d be fine with my images being no greater than like 2000px on either side, I just want the camera to take a nice image that isn’t noisy as hell

    • Get a casio

      • ahhhr32

        i’ve considered the casio phones long and hard, but i dont want to compromise the phone for the camera… i just hate MP ratings and how it’s such a marketing gimmick…. My LG Dare had a better camera (with high speed video) than any of the 5 android phones i’ve had since.

        • MPs over 12 yes is a marketing hype, but below it is pretty well known that MPs do matter as long as you have the sensor to back it up. So cameras with 12MP can take a picture and to the naked eye would look the same as a 24MP camera unless you start exploding the picture.

  • I’m really excited about this phone. I can’t wait for the announcement!

  • Dshudson

    This phone will come out around the time frame of the iphone 6

  • Tomgillotti

    Thanks for clarifying! I have missed the multi-color ntofication light since the OG Droid. My HTC Thunderbolt gives me green… and some other shade of green (or orange, or amber, or whatever it is that is not customizable). The chin placement is weird though.

    Another thought that has bugged me for a while. Now that we know that ICS will in fact not require physical buttons, how will ICS work on older phones? I think this will make it so that these phones will be outdated very quickly. I know that the Bionic was promised to see the upgrade, but I’m skeptical about 4.0 on older devices. I do not plan on purchasing any Android from here on out that does not come with ICS.

    …Just a thought


    • Tomgillotti

      …and I haven’t watched the leaked video of ICS on the Nexus S, so maybe that would answer some questions.


  • Dc3mech

    No SD card…  No buttons…  concern over the camera…  this is sounding more like it should have been Apple’s i*hone 5  Sammy getting better and better at coping the i*hone.

    • Anonymous

      no concern over the camera except for the megapixel whores who think a high number makes for a better camera.

      • Do you understand why some people are complaining about it? Of course not. You fail to see that Samsung already has a phone that is out on 2 carriers and will be out on a third with better camera specs. I’ll see about sensor and fp on this camera. If it is fast and can give great pictures and video. Great, I still believe though that if you have product already with a better camera then your next superphone should have the same if not higher res then your previous phone. Not the reverse.

        • How do you know the specs are better? Just because it has a higher MP count doesn’t mean the specs are better. 

          • I know is the sensor that matters the most. I’ve seen many cameras specifically from Samsung that have super high MP and are crappy cameras and would not come close to a NEX or an Alpha, but Samsung should put out exactly what they have on their GSII line, on this phone. There is no need for them to go lower. Just build a better sensor for the 8MP. You’ve had that camera sensor for 8 months now. There should be some improvements to it that can be brought over to the Nexus. Why go to a 5MP sensor that is faster when you can just build it on the most current phone camera sensor you have? I still have the OG Droid and that had a 5MP camera. The sensor was crap, but that was almost 2 years ago. You mean that within that time some of these engineers could not have at least gotten the sensor up to snuff to be almost comparable to the iPadMini4s? And if you are “Ahead of the Curve” then I would expect no less than what rotten apple has given its minions. If not I might as well just wait for the GSII HD.

        • Anonymous

          So if they put a better camera but with lower mp you will still bitch because the other phone that is out has more mp yet not necessarily a better camera. The nexus phones never were cutting edge hardware and supposedly the camera is improved on this but I guess we will see next week.

      • Dc3mech

         or how fast you can take a second phone picture… 

    • No SD slot? Lets here all the people who bash iphones for this to speak up, oh you won’t your spineless.

  • ChrisI

    I think this phone will be a breath of fresh air for the vast majority of you. This product will have a lot going for it, and could be a lifesaver in the eyes of Verizon loyalists. I got the Epic 4g Touch a few weeks ago after being with the Sensation for 3 months. Not even comparable. The GSII form Sprint is utterly amazing. The pixel density could use some upping, but other than that I am so thrilled with it. Th epic quality is flawless, the video is fantastic, it’s crazy lightweight. It will be very fun to compare the GSII with the Galaxy Nexus and see how they challenge each other.

    FYI – I’m in the SF-bay area, and Sprint coverage is awesome. My 4g connection is very fast, and more than handles my needs.

    • SA

      I’m sure I could figure this out with some simple research but I’m lazy so please help me out: does the Galaxy Nexus project to have the same screen technology as the Epic 4G, or something different? Much obliged.

      • ChrisI

        You referring to the Epic 4g or the Epic 4g Touch? They are two different phones. If you’re referring to the 4g Touch, the answer is yes. They would both have Super ALOMED screens, but the pixel density is higher on the Galaxy Nexus than the 4g Touch. That comes in handy on high-res gaming and full HD video watching, but not much of a difference on anything else.

  • jose cardona

    I can’t take it anymore. All these rumors and leaks are making me crazy. Somebody just take my money already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can give it to me. My paypal account has the same name as my tag.

    • hkklife

      I am absolutely going nuts over this phone for the following reasons:

      -Nexus experience on VZW
      -4.65″ 720p screen
      -Curved formfactor
      -1080p video recording and a supposedly awesome camera/optics.

      I have major cause for worry about this phone for the following reasons:

      -No expandable storage slot.  I have an X2 with full 8GB internal storage and a 32GB microSDHC card that’s almost full. My phone is definitely my primary music machine and if it had a better camera, it’d be my primary P&S device as well.  So add the NP’s camera and 1080p video to the mix and I will constantly be out of storage space.  Samsung is trying TOO hard to be like Apple in this regard!   Of course, it could be due to Google’s incompetence in getting external storage support working under Honeycomb (and thus under ICS too).  I called this one almost a year ago when the Nexus S specs leaked (that Google was gradually moving to either abandon external storage in future versions of Android).  And don’t say “cloud” because it’s just a matter of time before VZW yanks our grandfathered unlimited plans.

      -Battery life. Unless this thing is crazy optimized, I think it’ll have absolutely dismal battery life. I have seen Bionics suck down extended batteries in no time and this thing might be even worse given its screen size and resolution.  I personally would not mind adding a thicker high-capacity battery to this one but most peole wold.

      -No HDMI-out.  You gotta hand it to Moto, they really nailed the HDMI & microUSB port arrangement on the X,D3 & DB.  MHL is clumsy, clunky, and absolutely pointless.  I wish VZW had forced Sammy to carry microHDMI over from the Charge instead of going with MHL!

      If I can get a really cheap used Bionic I may still go that route.  Otherwise, I will hang in there for a few more months with my X2 unless the NP is just too irresistable to resist and the initial reviews confirm decent battery life. 

      • SA

        I hear you on the battery life, that could be a big one. I’d also be fine with some added thickness for more MaHs–maybe there will be an extended battery option, like I have for my DX. And as for the camera, that’s a really important one for me too, the camera on my DX is so finicky, I just can’t figure it out, sometimes the shots are really good, and sometimes just awful, dark and grainy. It often varies from one shot to the next immediately following. And the shutter-speed thing is HUGE, the DX takes so damn long between shots, I gotta give it to Apple for making a point about that. If this Galaxy Nexus really does have a quick shooter, that would be phenomenal. No microSD, that I can totally live with…I won’t ask what you’ve got on your phone to be topping out 40GB.

        • hkklife

          Seriously….it’s all legit stuff on there and it fills up quickly.  Several Gameloft games (those are monsters) and some e-books in internal storage, and then on the SD card I have a load of files for work (bunch of big PDFs and tons of photos) since my phone doubles as my flash drive. Add to that a few movies and the rest is dedicated to my music collection.  I can certainly LIVE without my tunes but I really like having it all there and stored locally for listening while on a plane etc.

          I hear you back on the X camera issues, I had the X for almost a year before getting the X2 and the X2’s camera is worse than the X’s was, especially in low-light situations.   Major props to Apple for continuously raising the bar on smartphone camera optics and image quality.  And what I’ve seen from the SGS II cam is just superb so I really have my fingers crossed there. 

          • SA

            You use your phone as a flash drive, interesting…me, it’s DropBox all the way. (I don’t think files opened from DropBox stick around long in memory, although I could be wrong on that.) And the DX2 camera is seriously worse than the original? Wow, that’s saying something, ouch.

  • I’m excited because of all these pics and videos of ICS running on the Nexus S, that means it should be getting it soon too. I wonder if the camera instant shutter is from the software or the hardware, or a combination of both. Can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • About the 5MP, I would have to say I would probably buy the phone, but when you have Samsung stating “ahead of the curve” then I expect this phone to be equally or better in build quality and specs to the iPadMini4s. Not a phone that has a CPU that would have a mediocre GPU that would die at this high res. 

  • One more thing where has the vigor been? MB verizon doesn’t want to release thephone near nexus prime territory? Announce it the 11 make us linger for a couple of weeks wanting this phone?

    • Anonymous

      or maybe it has similar issues that the tb had?? Or are just going to do a silent launch like with the droid 3/bionic

  • Dave

    Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

  • WalkingDead

    I’ve got to be honest the more I hear, the more I want and I couldn’t tell you the last time that I’ve been this excited about a device and I am most def. a gadget junkie. I wake up every morning now and I check DL first thing to see if they’ve obtained or released any new details, I just can’t get enough and I’m really excited and I find myself trying to temper my expectations a little so I don’t build it up to much but man I think I could easily be as happy with this phone as I was with my OG Droid and for as many years.

    • Bewara2009

      Felt that been there, disappointment at the end.

  • I love these updates keepem rolling

  • Also, the the Galaxy S II having pretty much the same specs, and being an open for rooting device, does it win the battle with the 8mp camera?  I don’t think anyone is going to say the S II’s camera is crappy.  And it’s already got 1.2ghz dual core, 1gig ram, and the screaming Mali gpu.

    With the lesser resolution is should outperform the Prime no?

    The only thing I see being advantageous for Prime is Ice Cream Sandwich and being first to get updates.

    Truthfully, the 4.65″ screen may be a little big for my taste.  I have 4″ DROID3 right now and I believe that is perfect.  Much more and I don’t think I could pull off one handed operation.

    • Juan Moreno

      Add to the fact that the GS2 has been out since May, and these specs fast seem par. Let’s be honest, for Android users, Specs are just about everything.

      • Cree

        Software optimization should be better on ICS than Gingerbread.

    • John Landgrave


    • Cree

      Let alone ICS should be faster than Gingerbread as well. It will be fully optimized to handle faster processing and GPU over Gingerbread.

      Again I guarantee you on Oct 11th the Nexus Prime should have similar profile to the Nexus S with edge to edge screen.


      • Mctypething

        Thanks for signing your posts man, this way we can tell who it is.

        • EC8CH

          u thankful bro?

  • Anonymous

    Would someone just measure the damn phone already!  I want to know the physical size of this thing, so I can compares to my Droid2 or my wife’s Inc2.

    • EC8CH

      90 x 145 milliawesomes

  • Benjamin Mackie

    This is amazing. Im so happy they actually have a decent camera and the notification light. If VZW doesnt get this phone, I swear to god

  • Jamie

    I was worried about the 4.65 inch screen but forgot that it’s just stretched out for the buttons. I thought 4430 was only up to 1.2 GHz and 4460 was up to 1.5 GHz by default. It’d be weird to think that they underclocked the 4460 down to 1.2 GHz… I’m thinking it’s probably the 4430

    • Why would that be a problem or weird? I would probably think to save on battery life, you down clock the CPU and gain additional battery life. I wouldn’t mind that. And if I really wanted to, I would just put a ROM that had a better governor than what it would have. 

      • The original Droid was underclocked to 550MHZ wasn’t it?

        • No, it was always 600MHz

          • Just looked it up. It was underclocked to 550MHZ. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_Droid

  • Anonymous

    I’m not too worried about the camera.  Like Kellex says, megapixels mean nothing, it is all about the optics.  I’m not too worried about the specs though, a dual core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and stock Android is good enough for me.  The 720p is a huge, huge, cherry on top but even if it was WVGA I would still be getting this as my next phone.

  • John

    scrambling around to find shit to sell so i can afford this phone 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Not me. Will happily use my last 2yr upgrade on this phone. :]

      • palomosan

        I have two upgrades due, I love those yearly contract, too bad can no longer do them.

      • John

        ya that’s w/ a renewal on my 2year too, since i’m up for an upgrade as well (well, my wife is but she doesn’t know/care). 250$ is still a chunk to shell out

      • SA

        I hear you, I typically bought my phones on a one-year deal as I think two years is a bit inhumane given the way the tech in evolving. My day-one DX anniversary came up this past July, and with no more one-year contracts (VZW, show some mercy please!) I guess it’s either two or full retail…so glad I resisted temptation on some of the early LTEs.

    • Anonymous

      I just sold my OG PS2 and 20 games, sold 2 old phones but I’m still short! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget about your blood!

      • Anonymous

        Galaxy Nexus will regenerate your plasma for you.

  • Anonymous

    maybe its just me but the GSII STILL seems like the better phone IMO…if this phone really does have LTE with a 4.65 inch super amoled HD screen and a 1,750 mAh battery then the battery life on this thing has to be terrible =

    • Anonymous

      this will get updates right from google. Not to mention those of us on verizon didn’t have the choice for the sgs2.

    • Not necessarily..skins on top of android use a lot of resources so without it they can problem afford having an HD screen and lte…..MB they have found a better way to process things too that might save some battery who knows…I’ll tell you one thing I woukd expect tobe on par if not better than the gs2

      • SA

        Hmm, good point. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t like the skins carriers added, and would prefer straight Android.

    • Juan Moreno

      Yea in fact the GS2 actually seems like a better phone, lol. This 720p Rez needs a stronger GPU. The 4460 is weak in this regard. SGX540 is dated.

  • I still hope the leaked ICS video was a fake.

    • EC8CH

      doubt it

    • shdowman

      I actually agree with you.

      /puts on flame shield…

      It doesn’t look that intuitive. But, I’m sure I’ll get used to it in no time.

      The general masses though? Not so sure…

  • Interstellarmind

    sorry, man, can’t follow you here. no one will look at my pics and say, “wow, you sure took that photo quickly!” they’ll say, “why is your face so blurry/ fuzzy? didnt’ you take this on a cutting edge phone?”

    8mp or bust. i can’t believe sammie and google would drop the ball hardcore like this (at least for me, a smartphone consumer who values a good camera on the phone).

    dont’ even get me started on using an older, under-clocked chip.

    HTC Vigor all the way (for now)

    • Anonymous

      the i4 has a 5mp camera and is better than any 8mp on any android. Have fun with the vigor and most likely god awful battery life.

      • Jonfrap

        will you guys stop with the Vigor bad battery life please. Sorry but Samdung is junk. I would get this phone full retail if it wasn’t a Samdung. they are just plain ugly and cheaply made. So i NEED the Vigor. Plus i love Sense. But i have to pray the batt is good. Stop hexing me!!!!!!!!!!!

        make fun of his camera post but leave the Vigor Batt out of it!!!!!!!!!!!
        Plus noone knows yet. Just because it’s HTC means nothing the DINC2 has GREAT batt life.

        • Anonymous

          I have the thunderbolt so believe me I hope the vigor battery is better it is just the fact that htc and battery life dont go well together.

    • EC8CH

      So the photos will be blurry because its 5MP instead of 8?

      Print alot of posters from your phone?

      Great 5MP camera > Mediocre 8MP camera

      • Interstellarmind

        ec8h: i like to do a lot of photoshopping with the pictures i take. for fun, for art. again, i’m a camera-heavy smartphone consumer.

        chris125: it’s a sad day when an android enthusiast has to compare to crapple to defend an android device. i will get the phone that is the most powerful. (i’m not falling for the same trap most of these bionic owners fell for.) if that it the vigor, which i believe it will be if these specs hold up, then so bet it. i have faith that htc learned its lesson from the tbolt. a

        • Interstellarmind

          er… minus all the typos.

        • EC8CH

          If they decided to not play the ever raising megapixel game, then it’s most likely because the decided to use better quality sensors and optics.

          • LionStone

            Agreed. Thats why I have a sneaky suspicion that if the Gnex has a great 5mp, it will be on par with my TB’s 8mp. We will soon see about that and if it satisfies me, done, sold.

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        True story…

    • Davros

      No confirmation on micro sd or removable battery on Nexus yet. That would be a deal breaker for me. I’m liking the Vigor also. Waiting to hear if HTC will unlock it.

    • Anonymous

      Megapixels have very little to do with the overall sharpness or quality of a picture. Do research before calling out something as a “bust”

      • Interstellarmind

        so… if i take two pictures, one shot with a 5mp and one with an 8mp camera, and i zoom in 200% to do some fine tuning or add some subtle effects… you’re saying the sharpness/ quality wont’ be different?

    • Jake

      No, they won’t say “wow, you sure took that photo quickly”, but they’ll say, “why do you have a picture of  just a foot?”. Then you’ll have to explain that your camera loads so slowly and has so much shutter lag that by the time you took the picture the subject moved and the moment/expression was gone.

      Also, more megapixels are usually a bad thing. As more megapixels are crammed onto the same sized sensor, the individual photosites get smaller. Fewer photons reach the each photosite. The end result is that you get lower dynamic range and more crappy noise in the image. If the firmware/software tries to filter out the noise, it does so at the expense of detail, making the image soft.

      The difference between five and eight megapixels isn’t as great as you may think. The actual difference in image size is only about 27-28%. On most prints, even large ones, the differences in detail are not noticeable. On screen the differences in detail aren’t noticeable at all. The additional resolution is only useful for cropping, and that might just make the inferior quality of the tiny photosites more apparent.

      You can’t judge quality on MP; the sensor itself, the firmware/software, and the optics will have a bigger effect on image quality.

  • please called it nexus prime not galaxy nexus.

    • EC8CH

      G-Nex will have none of that!

  • LED on the bottom? Design fail.

    • Anonymous

      umm how is that a fail…the only time you’ll need the notification light is when the phone is laying on a desk…which you’ll still see if its on the bottom chin…

      • shdowman

        Or sitting in cup holder in the car, oh, but then it will be obscured.

        So, yeah, little bit of fail but not deal breaker.

        • Dave

          Or you know, you could have no notification light at all…just saying.

          • shdowman

            Wouldn’t bother me, had a Fascinate for the better part of this past year. NoLED did the trick just fine. 😉

          • ahhhr32

            had to BLN mod my fascinate to use the soft keys as a notification light… so i’m already used to notifications being on the bottom 🙂

        • Yes, exactly. The on screen notifications are on the top of the screen, ergonomically alerts of any kind should be on the top of the device.

        • Turn it upside down in the cup holder

        • Buy the overpriced car dock!!

        • Anonymous

          seems like an odd scenario but why wouldn’t you just turn it upside down at that point? 

    • Better than no LED which is a larger design fail.

  • DroidTrain

    “From what we know, this camera is ultra-fast and has an almost instant
    shutter.  Click the camera button and your picture is taken – no
    waiting. Will be interesting to see this compared to new camera in the
    iPhone 4S.”

    Looks the I*phone 4s owners will have the time to fetch the coffee while waiting for their pictures.. LOL

    well played Sammy.

  • Anonymous

    Good to see more info keeps leaking out and can’t wait to get some ICS

  • shdowman

    really odd place to put notification light.


    • EC8CH

      Nexus One’s notification light was the trackball, which is on the bottom of the phone as well…

      just sayin’… it’s been done before 🙂

      • shdowman

        True, but I hated the trackball in the first place and it’s very existence on a touch screen phone.

        That being said, I am just used to notification light up top.

        Certainly not a deal breaker in any way (as I haven’t even seen or held phone yet). Just odd to me.

  • Davros

    Seems to me the camera would be in the bulge of the phone. Some have said that is the bottom of the phone (according to the picture) because the power button is on the top/upper side. I think the power button has been moved to the bottom left side, ( assuming the bulge is where the camera is) otherwise the camera would be blocked by your hand.

    • Anonymous

      bulge if it is like the nexus s and other samsung that is where the antenna goes.

      • Davros

        Aaahh, so the bulge is just where the antenna goes and the camera will be on other end. With the phones I’ve seen having a hump, that’s where the camera is. Of course I’m stuck with a DX right now so that’s what I’m used to.

    • power button will always be on top!

      • Anonymous

        samsung puts it on the side of their phones.

      • Davros

        Having a DX I was assuming the camera would be in the hump and if it were either the camera or power button being on top I see the camera winning every time. I forgot Sammy’s don’t have the camera hump like some Motorola’s.

  • Anonymous

    In the picture of the phone above, is the top of the phone on the left or on the right? I am assuming the top is on the left and the “bump” is the camera.

    • guest

      Pretty sure the left is the bottom and it will have a hump ala the original nexus

    • power button will always be on top!

    • EC8CH

      nope, that’s the sammy bottom bump (ala GSII) you can see a hightlight on the back of the phone to the right… I believe that is the camera.

  • hoping for a november release at the lastest..so i can use my discount

  • Kellex, would you downgrade from 8mp on the Galaxy S II, to the Prime’s 5mp?  You can’t tell me, that you, like us, are having doubts about this.  

    I guess we will all know soon enough…

    • Interstellarmind


    • jason

      Do people really use camera phone pictures for printing out large photos?  Otherwise, what’s the purpose of 8+ MP?  More options with cropping?  Just move your feet and compose the portrait better.  

      It could end up being a bad camera, but you definitely can’t tell by how many MP the sensor is.  

    • Wink Wink

      Who’s to say that Kellex isn’t already using a Galaxy Nexus.  Perhaps he is the source that is not allowed to disclose info before anyone else because he had to sign a NDA as a device tester?

  • can’t wait!

  • lasthought420

    So the word “Prime” is out?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    HDMI out port????

    • EC8CH

      Sammy does MHL…

      Basically outputs HD video thru the usb port

      • Yeah, becuase everyone has one of these cables handy…….

        • EC8CH


        • Jake

          Just like everyone has a micro HDMI cable handy?

          • EC8CH


  • Juan Moreno

    I don’t know how you stay in the loop, but great job on the information. Demand for Nexus tidbits are at a premium these days.

  • OG Droid

    Well that pretty much solves it; every other phone out or rumored about can suck it. Cause this is THE phone to have!!!

    • until the quad cores come out…but to be honest, a dual core on a phone is sufficient enough.

      • Anonymous

        Agree when quad cores come out the os most likely wont be optimized to use all the cores anyway just like how gb was not optimized to take advantage of dual core.

      •  That’s what people said about dual cores as well.  Mobile technology moves so fast that you’re never future proofed, but I would certainly prefer a quad core phone.

  • Wow it will have a notification light? Big surprise to me. Almost makes me regret getting a Bionic…actually no it doesn’t. I’m still a fan of Motorola’s hardware. Maybe the rumors of an aluminum chassis will be true but we’ll see. I hate the plastic Samsung phones. Happy with my Bionic 😀

    • Anonymous

      *Post-Purchase Rationalization Detected*

    • LionStone

      Yep, heard it will have the metal body…Im happy about that, because the plastic back was a turnoff for me with Samsung phones. However, in addition to this curved design it is looking like it will sway me over, they already did with their GTab10.1.

    • Anonymous

      The Bionic has the best audio quality of any phone I’ve ever used.  Motorola’s still got everyone beat when it comes to radios and build/materials.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, you are the man. Thanks for feeding us all of these delicious bites of NEXUS ice cream sandwich goodness!

  • my precious

    • Anonymous

      DO NOT TEMPT ME!!! With this I would be given power far too great!!!!

  • Stephen Felkins

    Here’s to hoping Retail Price will be under or around $550 so it will only cost me $100 to upgrade from my Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      probably will be 569-589

  • ChuckDz3

    This phone is going to be amazing, I really can’t wait to finally have a Nexus device on Big Red. My only concern/question is how well are the apps going to play with ICS do we assume that they all are going to be compatible or are we going to have to wait for the developers to get up to speed? 

    • palomosan

      That won’t be a problem since it’s probably some minor things to change since the screen size it’s about every other phone out, I know it’s 720p but with most of the main apps now running on Honeycomb, it shouldn’t take long and knowing the Devs they’ll get it done fast.

      I’m sure Google is not going to mess this up, specially since this is a big upgrade, something like Android 2.1

    • Anonymous

      I did not know that -all- applications had to be updated to work properly on newer version of Android, ignoring 1.0-1.6.  If applications from 2.0-2.3 work on Honeycomb, I would think that they would work on ICS just fine. 

      Unless… ICS is going to that dramatic of a change.  Which I doubt.

    • Aran Miller

      Remember a few weeks ago Google released the blog about how to change your app for ICS? The developers are already working on it, and as the other people that replied, I am pretty sure that anything that runs on GB or HC will run on ICS just fine.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I can take the daily trickle of teasers any more. Maybe I should abstain from the Internet until next Tuesday.

    Year right. I wouldn’t last fifteen minutes.

  • EC8CH

    Nexus Kellexus sets the record straight!

    • Anonymous

      You’re going a bit too far with these names.

      • EC8CH

        I like that one though… very Latin sounding.

  • Bryan James

    Anyone know if the battery is removable?  I’m guessing it is, but would like some confirmation

  • Paul

    But here’s a question: If the Verizon version of this phone is SCH-i515 rather than GT-i9250, wouldn’t that make it more of a Verizon device, a la Droid 1, meaning no direct Google updates?

    • Anonymous

      If it’s a Nexus it’s a Google device. If it isn’t going to be a Nexus then yes it’s just a pure Google Experience Droid 1/Xoom type device.

      Most people are pretty sure it’s going to be a Nexus, so there’s nothing to worry about.

      • Paul

        That makes sense, but if this is really just a Nexus that’s going to be released on other carriers as well, I wonder why the model number would be so completely different.

        • Anonymous

          Every phone will be different because they will have different radios for the different carriers. The other model number we’ve seen will be for an international and most likely AT&T and T-Mobile version of the device. A third model number will probably be discovered for a CDMA+WiMAX version of the device for Sprint.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung has ALWAYS differentiated CDMA from GSM through the first three letters of the model number.  For instance, SPH-D720 for the CDMA/WiMax Nexus S versus GT-i9023 for T-Mobile and GT-i9020 for other GSM carriers. Very similar to every single other CDMA device Samsung has ever shipped for Sprint, including the GSII (SPH-D710) and Epic 4G (SPH-D700).

      • Paul

        That was edifying, thanks a lot. God I hope this comes to Tmobile soon. I refuse to go back to Verizon.

  • Rex


  • Anonymous

    I’ll micro that SD card any day..

  • but but… 5MP wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    *edit, i guess some people didn’t catch the sarcasm….. i’ll try better next time

    • Anonymous

      If I want better pictures I take out a real SLR camera, as long as it can take pictures and record video I’m fine with 5MP in a phone.

    • Keith Sumner

      Obviously you don’t have an understanding of what megapixels mean, more megapixels do not mean better camera.

      • Guest

        Perhaps he would rather have the Droid Bionic 8MP camera…bleh.

        • I have bionic now.. moto make some crappy photos heh. But yeah it’s only temporary for a month til prime.

          • SA

            I’m a Droid guy, but I gotta say it’s a little rich to see all the folks on here now chiming in (correctly) that 5MP is plenty sufficient, while for the last year so many people on these forums have been bashing Apple for 5 being less than 8…me personally, I’ve never even bothered to change the default setting on my DX from 5 to 8, no need. At 5 or above, image quality and shutter speed matter, pixels don’t. And I’m glad we (mostly) now all agree on that!

        • Anonymous

          The Bionic’s camera is pretty good actually, just because the stock software has trouble focusing doesn’t mean it doesn’t take good pictures.  I’ve loaded the MIUI camera app on mine and have no issues at all.

    • Guest

      Its all about the lens size, lens quality, and how low the apature can go.  If it is a 2.0 it will be really good.

      • Anonymous

        I think you meant sensor, not lens.

        • Anonymous

          Lens matters just as much as the sensor.

          • Anonymous

            Haven’t you learned to stop arguing with me, since I prove you wrong every single time?

            You can put the best lens in the world over a crappy sensor and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Don’t get me wrong, lens is important, but not nearly as important as the sensor when it comes to digital photography.

            Just look at the history of digital SLR cameras. Of course lens have improved some, but not even close to the improvements that have been made in sensor/processor technology. Those sensors and processors have far more to do with the increase in image quality. Canon and Nikon have been making some badass lenses since WAY before the age of digital photography.

          • Hiimdh

            wow. i understand the sensor means a lot, but to say that the lens is not nearly as important? tell me again why lenses are valued at beyond 3k+? Ask a real pro photographer why he/she doesn’t use a $300 kit lens with a D3. You use DSLRs as an example, but it just exposed your lack of understanding of why the big 3 of photography (lens, sensor, processor) is essential in creating a good camera.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, before you step over yourself trying to prove me wrong why don’t you think about the subject and do some research first.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve done the research. On a device like a smartphone, the sensor is going to have far more of an impact on image quality. If you deny that, then you’re basically saying that the first digital SLR camera is capable of the same image quality as today’s cameras, as long as the lens is good. HA!

            Just quit now, before you embarrass yourself, again.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Awesome comment, just shows you’ve run out of data to support your opinion. Actually, you never provided any to begin with. Pretty typical for your posts.

          • Anonymous

            You mean like you ignored Hiimdh’s comment and responded to mine with nonsense?  You’re just mad I correct your incorrect statements, let it go and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Notification light and an amazing camera? That’s all what was left that I needed to hear. Woot!

  • Anonymous

    MicroSD card?

    • WCM3

      I feel like this is the most important unanswered question. I would assume it would have an SD card slot of possible SDXC slot 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The Nexus S came without one.  

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t told, sorry.

      • TheAndroid1

        Quick question, how can you be so sure that that ICS video wasn’t fake?

        I have just seen a ton of ROMs that look like and mimic it’s functionality down to the tee.

      • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          My thoughts exactly. Samsung is ready to run thru the door *pple left open.. all their latest hardware will be included.

      • Anonymous

        I hope you aren’t trying to force the nickname “G-Nex” cause personally I think it sounds kind of lame. If it actually is called the “Galaxy Nexus” and if we really need to give it a nickname I think SGN (like SGS for Galaxy S) is the most tolerable. The Nexus One was nicknamed the N1 and the Nexus S was NS, it only makes since to stick with tradition.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, I thought I was a nerd…

          • Anonymous

            I don’t get it. I don’t see how my post was nerdy at all. I just don’t like the nickname, I don’t really even understand why phones need nicknames.

          • Mctypething

            u don’t get it bro?

          • Anonymous

            Sorry dude, its just that I read your post in “Comic Book Guy’s” voice, try it its funny 🙂

          • DoggyPoggy

            Becuase your name is KIttenMittens..you my friend are definitely a dork!

          • Anonymous

            I take it you’re not a fan of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” then?

          • JoeDroid

            Rum Ham!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think there’s any science to back that up.

          • dark funeral

            Simple, don’t buy the phone then if the name really effects you so much. Or you could just name it after a dead dog or something you’ve had and it’ll give you some sentimental value, just a thought.

          • Anonymous

            I think you guys are taking my post way too seriously. I don’t really care that much and it won’t affect whether I buy one or not, I just don’t get why people have to come up with stupid nicknames for phones, I mean look at the Droid Incredible, it already had a good name, but people decided to call it the Inc / Dinc / Drinc etc. the names just got worse and worse, I just don’t get the need for it.

          • Anonymous

            IDK, maybe you should break out your slide rule and do a proof for us.  Nerd.  :p

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t see one no.

    • I’m all for storage, but with a rumored 32gb internal storage, I’d be content.

      • Anonymous

        New applications and games will be requiring more and more storage space. It would be nice to have another 32gb on a microsd as an option.

        • It may be nice, but at the rate of advancing technology, we’ll probably have all that extra storage onboard in 2 years when we’re all up for another renewal lol

          • SA

            32 is way enough for me, I can’t imagine going anywhere near that.

          • Psychohellcat

            Trust me when I say 32 is good, but not great. You can’t have enough when it comes to loading your DVD digital copies from your laptop. I have three micro SD cards full of movies for on the go. This is also one of the advantages of a phone where you can remove/replace an SD card. by the way, I used the voice button on my keypad to dictate this messege. I don’t understand the big deal with voice recognition in apple’s new iPhone.

          • Rodback

            Install Zumocast…Then you have access to all of your music / movies / and documents stored on your PC and not your phone.  I installed it on My OG Droid and it works great.

          • Anonymous

            well for those who dont load DVDs onto their phone, 32 is plenty.

          • Josh Flowers

            wiiiish it had a micro-sd slot. that’d make my Thunderbolt 32gb card + internal nexus storage=64GB’s of pure glory.

            besides, of the 32GB internal, anyone wanna bet it’ll be around 24-29GB’s (Thunderbolt 8GB storage==>2GB Usable)

          • Anonymous

            No offense intended but how in the world did it misspell “messege”

          • Anonymous

            I know what you’re saying, and not I’m not being an ass here so don’t take it that way.

            I remember in the early-mid 90s when I couldn’t imagine anyone ever needing all the space on a 5 or 10gb hard drive. I realize most people wont keep their phone that long but at the rate these devices are evolving 32gb will feel small in a couple years.

            And for the media enthusiasts out there like Psychohellcat, removable storage is pretty important. Isn’t media one of the main reasons for a bigger screen anyway?

        • I can move apps and games from the internal storage to USB storage, but there seems to be no way to move to the externel sd card, at least not without rooting and some modifications. Even with that Google music, rdio, comixology, google movies, kindle all store to USB storage and i cant move them to microSD either. Im finding very little use for a microSD card, especially when a phone comes with 32GB of storage.

    • Anonymous

      judging by the built in 32gb im going to guess that because its not a tablet there is no microsd card

    • Anonymous

      To piggyback on that… removable battery?

      • John

        we can only hope.. Android + closed batteries, no matter how polished the ROM, do not play well together.. 

      • Anonymous

        don’t even start that! That would be a travesty!

    • I’d be willing to bet its 16gb built in plus micro sd card.  I also bet 8mp back camera, 2mp front camera and 1.5 dual core…  The rest seems correct.

      • Anonymous

        So basically you think all the specs are different?   🙂 I do like your specs better though…

    • Anonymous

      32 gigs on board, i’m guessing no SD card….i’d like to be wrong though

  • Gottheguds112