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Wednesday Poll: Planning to Buy the New Kindle Fire?

The tech world has been buzzing about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet this morning, which just so happens to be running a custom version of Android.  At just $199 and with access to all of Amazon’s services including Prime, music, cloud storage, books and magazines, this may be one of the most influential tablets to see the light of day.

With that said, we are seeing a pretty mixed reaction from readers in the comments this morning and want to get a better feel for this device.  It’s running Android (possibly 2.3 or 2.1 depending on who you ask), but you almost can’t tell since Amazon has customized every last ounce of it.  Some of you are into it as a nice media device, yet others are a little turned off by the fact that it’s not really an Android tablet and lacks a camera.  Oh, we are also pretty sure that it won’t have the official Android Market and will instead utilize Amazon’s Appstore (not surprising by the way).

So tell us, are you planning to buy one?

Planning to Buy the New Kindle Fire?

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  • Why buy Kindle when you can just download the software? 

  • Anonymous

    Why just why can’t all devices with android have the latest version! Their has to be a way.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to check it out. There are a lot of cons, but for me the price point is worth it.

  • Anonymous

    I pre-ordered one for my son for Xmas.  He’s going to love it for sure.

  • Wadded3123

    I really like using my e-ink kindle to read.  If I want a multifunctional tablet I’d get something else..although $199 isn’t a bad price for what it is. 

  • Anonymous

    Sure, I’d get one, if only to install cm7 on it.

  • Mike Johnson

    who cares about a camera, i have never used the one on my Xoom. I just love all the frigging content that’s going to be at my fingertips, with NO hassle. that’s all I do on a tablet anyway. got the Kindle Touch while I wait for the 10″

  • I was thinking about getting my kids some iTouch’s this holiday.  Now, I feel like this is the better option clearly. On top of that, it’s cheaper.  This would also be nice for my wife who spends entirely too much time looking at Facebook on her OG Droid.

  • Blackstone241

    XOOM. That is all

  • Tony Allen

    If this had a FFC camera I’d probably be all about it. We all know that sooner or later this is going to get a port of vanilla Android in one way or another. Could be a great tablet if that were the case.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not, I already have a Transformer.

  • Jakewoodblues

    As I get older, backlit readers bother my eyes after 10-15 minutes.  So, a reader that doesn’t have e-ink doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather have the Kindle Touch and a different tablet

  • Anonymous

    It is all about content, and the new “fire” and as second step the kindle/prime app provide more content to all android devices … hell, yes …

  • I absolutely love my Kindle (now called the Kindle Keyboard), and don’t see the need to upgrade. Not sure why anyone would gripe about the Kindle. It is an incredibly simple, elegant product.

  • Anonymous

    Amazon has the right mindset to sell tablets. Forget about the latest version of Android, specs, and stuff only power users will care about. This thing is connected. You instantly can watch, play, listen, and read. That alone is enough to make millions. Look at the iPad for proof.

  • Yea! Cheaper Nook Colors!

    • Anonymous

      With dual core cortex A9 processors.

  • Anonymous

    Reliance on the Amazon app store means two deal-breaking things to me for the Kindle Fire: 

    1. No spotify
    2. No Netflix

    No thanks.

  • Staticx57

    Have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Touchpad on the way with HP SMB, no need for another tablet 😛

  • Chris G

    Blocking the main android market is a killer to this for me.  As much as the price is right for a tablet, without netflix/gmail/etc i won’t play.

    And i don’t care that email can be used in their own app. I want what I want.

    • pezjono

      …and you will pay for what you want 🙂

  • Anonymous

    not seeing how its much different than the nook color.  Better hardware and web browsing obviously, but why wasn’ t the nook color receiving the praise that this is?  the NC runs apps, weighs less than a pound, you can read books, magazines and so on. With the 1.2 update (to froyo) it could do more and had a small appstore.

    If you root it, the sky is the limit.

    so why the disparity in reporting?  NC was ahead of its time? 

    • Anonymous

      What? The nook color received massive amounts of praise and had a good long stretch of being the go-to cheap hacking tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect for the wife and kids, until it gets rooted and running CM7, then I’ll take it back.  😛

  • No, not interested. is what i voted.  However if there is an EASY way to put Cyanogen Mod and the marketplace on it then i might re-consider.

  • no honeycomb no deal. and 7″ is to small for a tablet.

  • GCurry

    Not interested in customization of Android to this degree.

  • Anonymous

    comment glitch

  • Miguel Angel

    I preordered like woah. Its really the tablet I’ve been waiting for.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich ROM and this is an almost sure sale.

  • Too small. Perfect tablet size is 10″.

  • ss2

    I’ll wait and see what people can do to it. When Google open sources ICS and someone installs it on here, then I might want it.

  • It’s a no brainer.  Pre-order it and if it turns out you don’t want it when it ships, sell it for a profit.  These things are going to be hard to get this holiday season.

    • Billy Thompson

      Yup – I “invested” in 2 this morning.  May replace my Nook colors, otherwise it gets sold for profit.

  • jimbob

    I’d have to play with one for a while before buying.

  • pezjono

    I, personally, will wait until I hear hardware specs. A lack of camera or microphone does not bother me. I want to know if this thing has an SD card slot, what clock the CPU is at, and if there is a way to root/ROM. Obviously the last one will take some time to tell if it is possible.

    • Anonymous

      No mention of an SD card in the specs, which likely means: No.

      Clockspeed, according to (an admittedly offhand remark on) Engadget, is 1GHz dual core. Which makes sense, since if it were lower, it’d be breaking spec for Cortex A9..

      • pezjono

        Thanks for the info. I don’t mind relying on cloud based storage too much, but since this is wifi only it might be a little more difficult on the go. I don’t want to have to tether my phone (assuming this can connect to ad-hoc networks) just to get to documents, music, etc.
        Although, I am still running the OG here with it’s whopping 256MB storage, so I have very little room to complain 🙂

        • Anonymous

          No ad-hoc networks. Says so in the official spec page.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see what B&N has to say about this…

  • Anonymous

    Already bought an ipad2, otherwise might have considered it for the price

    • two totally different tablets… If you bought an iPad2 and you will use it for things the fire could do then you my friend spent way to much money

  • I’ll wait to see what B&N come out with in response to this. Considering how fantastic my nook color is I’d rather wait to see if they bring out a newer version of that.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a tablet for the moms of the world. 

    • Anonymous

      the iPad has been out for a while

      • Bob

        trade baby for ipad

  • Anonymous

    I would consider buying this for my mom for xmas.

  • Anonymous

    Not interested at this point. When it’s loaded with a vanilla ROM it might be more interesting but I’m still not sold on the 7” factor. I’m sure the size is great for some people but just not me.

    Very cool to see it in the market though, maybe it will make the other manufacturers reconsider their pricing.

    • Anonymous

      If they sold it vanilla the price would likely be much higher.  I would imagine the low price is tied to the fact you can only buy the media through their services.  I would even bet they went so far as to lock it down to avoid people re-purposing as they do with the Nook.

      • Anonymous

        Good point, I didn’t think about the profits from services. It might be locked down but I doubt it’s encrypted, we’ll see when it’s in the hands of developers though.

  • T Hall

    I think this would be a good tablet for the wife.  Very very good price point, and has 90% of the features people are looking for.

  • Aaron Runkle

    We need to have a selection saying “Already bought the HP TouchPad for less” =)

    • Anonymous

      I bought a TouchPad for less too.  It was totally worth-less.  -_-

  • Eyeymnepo

    i ordered two today for my kids christmas. Son is 4 daughter is 12. He is always wanting to play games on our droid phones, and our daughter is convinced she needs an *pod touch. Although for the last 3 years she’s had a phone that plays music and has unlimited text. i don’t want *p anything, and think this will be a nice solution for both of them. I am sure Amazon will release something better pretty quickly, but this will be great for christmas and the price is pretty good. After the free trial of Prime we might go ahead and purchase that too, but I want to see how good it is. I am looking forward to seeing how the these work out. It’s not an *pad, but my kids will probably get a lot of use out of it, and the price makes it a no brainer.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t there SUPPOSED to be a quad core Amazon tablet before the end of the year?

    • Anonymous

      Apparently this is like the baby Kindle Fire with the quad-core beast still to come.  Kindle Fire XL? 😛

      • Anonymous

        Kindle Fire Nuclear Explosion…pretty clear escalation

      • Anonymous

        Kindle Blaze?

  • Some things, like the split browser, sound great, but it is also a very limited tablet. I’ll wait and see what kind of ROMs become available for them. If someone can find a way to leverage both the great features of Amazon and the great features of Android into one ROM, then yes, I’ll get one.

    • Anonymous

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    • palomosan

      Kellex where’s the option “Temped but no” and “Sure for my mom or wife”

  • Anonymous

    I’d much rather have something with full android…Although if the fire get’s hacked and ICS put on it that would make it a very attractive purchase.

  • Soccerfon711

    Still rocking my first generation nook. I would rather read on an e-ink, black and white screen. But looks good for those who are interested in that kind of reading device. 

    • ScottK

      Agreed, I love my e-ink Kindle and hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of e-ink.

  • Goatweed

    for the price it’s not bad, but I want a larger size and I’d like clarification on the battery life as well as hpw much internal storage there is – I saw them mention cloud services which is nice, but I’d get the wifi only model (streaming over 3G stinks anyway) and I’d like to be able to load up a few hundred non-amazon bought e-books as well as music on the unit internally.

    I wonder if there will be a hack to load non-appstore games on there…

    • Anonymous

      8 hours of reading, 7.5 hours video and 8GB internal storage. Per the official device page.

      • Goatweed

        thanks! for purposes of an e-reader and media player, that’s not awful – but I still want a 10″ screen so I’ll hold off for now.

  • Mmoreimi

    how very inexciting…

  • I think it is priced right for people that don’t care about technology.  I bet my mom buys one.

    • Anonymous

      Yea my mom bought an early Galaxy Tab….these types of things are right up the alley of anyone who wants a tablet but is unconcerned with hardware as long as it works well.

      • Anonymous

        ^This. The Fire will sell like crazy for the same reason the iPad did.

        • TheAndroid1

          iPad 2 has a dual-core processor, it’s lacking in the RAM department but everything else is up to par.

          Plus, if it works well, who cares if you have a thousand cores?
          On the other side, would you buy it if it had better hardware but didn’t work well?

          I’m still on the side of make your software work great, just make sure the hardware doesn’t make it lag.
          (Which is why I prefer Nexus over modified android phones with dual core that are slower)

          • Anonymous

            iPad 1 and iPad 2 (as well as iPhone 4) are all lacking in specs, but no one cares. The buying public doesn’t give a hoot about specs on tablets and smartphones. That was my point; the Fire will not be sold on specs.

  • Lionel Y.

    at least its dual core so its a good thing 🙂
    unlike the nook . . .