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HTC Vigor “Guided Tours” Videos Pulled from RUU


With the RUU for the HTC Vigor getting leaked into the wild, the unpacking of and poking around in it has already begun.  One of the things found was the set of videos that Verizon has been including in their “Guided Tours” bloatware app.  You won’t see anything incredibly juicy (it’s a bunch of set-up clips), but there is the  video up top which shows the battery cover coming off to allow for a SIM card to be inserted for that 4G LTE goodness.

There is also the video that we attached below which shows a quick walk-through of the new Sense transitions and the Verizon bloatware section in the app drawer.  Again, nothing crazy, but at least another confirmation on the look of the device, the fact that it has 4G LTE, and also how disappointing it would be to not see this device come out as the Incredible HD.  


Via:  HDBlog

Cheers @James_C_L!

  • Jonezilla

    Doesn’t anyone else notice that the version of Sense on this video, doesn’t jive with what we’ve seen as 3.5 on the Bliss, or other 3.5 leaks we’ve seen? Or am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

    “This button brings up your apps.” /freeze video, see all the bloatware. *Cringe*

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    So this is why I love and hate this site.  Too much insider info lol.  Two phones I want and some wait time between the two.  The big thing keeping me from this device is the fact that the Thunderbolt still has not seen Gingerbread yet.  HTC seems to be slow with updates and Motorola can’t seem to pull off a problem free update lately.  Probably means HTC is more prudent and actually *gasp* testing the updates rather than Moto’s “it should work” update philosophy as of late.  I am thinking the Prime is the way to go for me.  I will be guaranteed the latest version of Android and Microsoft won’t get a dime from my phone purchase lol .  Now lets just hope it is a true “Nexus” device and Big Red doesn’t screw that up.   

    • Tjonessoccer2224

      If you don’t want to buy this phone because you think htc is rolling out updates too slowly, you can always root and get ICS that way

  • compchick813

    I wonder what the extended battery cover will look like.

  • Chuckg73

    If I paseed on the Bionic, which I did.  Then I can and will pass on the Vigor……and I will wait for the Nexus on Verizon!!!

    • Balls


  • Puddles


  • Mmoreimi

    Is HDMI mirroring too much to hope for?

  • Looks nice for something that’s not a Nexus…

  • Jikhead

    I’m still hoping that the Rezound name is just temporary.  With the shape of the Incredible…how could it not be called anything else but the Incredible HD?

  • Keith Sumner

    What a small battery, another shitty HC battery life device! *caresses his bionic*

    • Anonymous

      That sounds like “device envy” to me. You can “caress your bionic” all you like but it won’t make it any bigger.

      • Anonymous

        It will have shitty battery life, mark it down.

  • Hey, thanks for the credit guys!

  • Jason Purp

    OK, Kellex. Now let’s see something about the Prime.
    *let’s see if this works*

    • Dan

      The prime is gonna be so nice lol I just can’t wait till November though. Pretty sure the Vigor is a day 1 purchase for me.

  • So when can I pre-order it!?!?!?

  • Whatsgood

    There is a hands on the HTC vigor on that guys youtube page..

  • ramifications

    Day 1 Purchase for me. I agree that Incredible HD is a wayyy better name than Rezound. That just sounds stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Fake. Sunny in Seattle? I’m calling shenanigans.

  • Bionicman

    from the looks of it, its not sense 3.5… crap

  • Anonymous

    0.17 – 0.18 mark on the bottom vid. Umm, why? WHY WHY WHY?????!!!!!! No thanks.

    • noooooo

      • Anonymous

        nooooo what? There’s lag there. WHY?

    • Anonymous

      What do you see? I didn’t notice anything.

    • You’re as bright as turned-off lamp.  Are you somehow, falsely, convinced this is on a Vigor?

  • Anonymous

    Htc needs to work on their gpu. The one on this device will be outdated.

    • Anonymous

       Complain to Qualcomm then since they’re the one’s who manufacture the SoC in HTC phones.

      • Anonymous

        I stay with moto better

    • Anonymous

      Man you must be very envious of the vigor since every vigor thread you post a hundred trolling comments. That bionic really making you want this that bad?

      • Anonymous

        Those are facts, i love my bionic next year i will have my quad core moto beast

      • Anonymous

        Wait for the droid razor dont be a fool

    • Anonymous

      Ok… there isn’t anything out there that is technology that isn’t outdated the moment it is released. 

      But you have to admit it will be a decent phone right?

      That said, maybe we can move on now?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t get me wrong if it has a current gpu and good battery life it will be king whe it comes.

    • Angelface you must volunteer for Apple as an Android troll huh, cause thats all you do… 
      * HTC = Hate Trolling Comment’s*
      *  MOTO = Moron’s Overly Trolling Others* LOL

      • Anonymous

        Why are you crying fat f lol. It seems that i hit a nerve that you are crying right now lol.

        • Jim Ortmeier

          What are you five?

          • Anonymous

            I’m 4 and you are 2.