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Possible Nationwide 4G LTE Outage on Verizon, Disconnecting Leaves You Stuck on 3G (Updated)

Just received a tip suggesting that there is a nationwide 4G LTE issue to be aware of.  If you are currently on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, then life should remain good as long as you do not disconnect.  If for some reason you do need to jump off of it, you will more than likely not be able to get back on and will be stuck on 3G as I am in the picture above.  Nokia Siemens is working at resolving it, but we have no idea how long that will take.

Will do our best to keep you updated on the situation.  Keep it here…

Update 7:00PM:  4G is back for me.  Hearing similar things from a number of you.  Are we all good in 4G LTE land?

Cheers VZW Tipster!

  • ConnectExpert

    Being disconnected from 4G LTE and only being able to connect to 3G is what the industry refers to as “SIM-stacking”.  Replacing the Pantech modem or firmware is only a temporary solution that re-activates you into the SIM prioritizing.  Verizon uses the SIM in the dongle or tablet to prioritize the type of user to speed up or shift to LTE depending on their content or apps.  Verizon stacks newly-activated SIM’s first that download revenue-sharing content.  On-deck apps such as navigation are given priority to access into LTE.  Verizon also manages user behavior to offload to the Boingo hotspots.  The embedded VZAM has a list of Boingo hotspots that are regularly updated according to the user location and access behavior.  The VZAM is actually Smith Micro software with its QuickLink to link to gaming.  Smith Micro develops its own gaming as well as links to Microsoft Windows Live.  Be watchful of Verizon downloads appearing like updates but actually are converting your notebook or tablet into a gaming device.  To maximize revenue from gaming, Verizon mobile hotspot consumers also will be SIM-stacked for priority over basic business customers reading email.     

  • Str8RippinEm

    Anyone getting 4G in Connecticut? I’m still on 3G

  • Michael

    maybe now battery will last for me to make a call.

  • Shooter_454

    I’m in louisville ky and 4g has almost disappeared I’ve been on 3g for the most part since 9pm lastnight suucccckkks

  • 177attatattat

    I really feel any of you bitching about your 4G being down are F-n ridiculous… Do you really think that there aren’t going to be outages with a system that is so new and expanding every day? These things take time… Just be glad that you are a part of the fastest wireless network in the nation. For those of you in CA that aren’t yet a part.. don’t hold your breath.. VZW has gone over their budget for the year and are trying to come up with spending cuts elsewhere to keep expansion going but they are indeed out of spending money for this year.

  • Tsullivan7

    3G in Cincinnati

  • stevil

    As of 10:15 AM MDT, I was still on 3G only. Rebooted my phone and I’ve got no data.

    • stevil

      then 3G came up, and now it’s gone again. Centennial, CO, where I had 3-4 bars of 4G yesterday.

      • Guest

        Yea, had solid 4G all day yesterday too but it just cut out a few minutes ago to 1x then up to 3G.  Now it’s stuck at 3G.  Here in Denver, CO.

        • stevil

          Lengthy call with VZW – they say there’s no reported issue with the network in Colorado. They’ve just had me (after numerous steps) do a factory reset (joy). I’m currently not seeing anything better than 1xRTT during the reactivation process.

          • stevil

            And after ANOTHER call, they tell me, “the last person you spoke with shouldn’t have asked you to do a factory reset – there’s a known problem”

          • Guest

            OMG, some of those CS reps at verizon are idiots.  Thx for the heads up tho.  Did they say which part of Colorado they are having problems with and when they expect a fix?

    • stevil

      and now 1xRTT, 1 bar

  • Anonymous


    • Gonzo

      You bitch!

  • Anonymous

    SAD! we are paying for a half azz 4G service..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I dumped Verizon this week.

  • Cameltoe4me2

    with all the new 4g and new cells everyday they need to slow down and keep the shit…TB they have out there going good. in way over some heads. i cant stand htc or verizon anymore. to worried about being bigger and better,,,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. all that matters..screw the customer

    • Keith Sumner

      Please assess your grammar, spelling, writing, and overall ability to convey a message of any kind. Right now you’re writing at a 3rd grade level, and I can hardly understand what you’re trying to say.

    • Guest

      Me can no surf web on phone.  Me pissed off.

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  • Brian Saunders

    Still no 4G in Portland.

  • NumNutWndr

    Still no 4G in San Diego. Bahhh!

  • Welcome to a regular day in the life of VZW LTE in the Bay Area. Except add 3G to that too.

  • Anonymous

    My Tbolt is still stuck on 3G here in Pensacola, FL. 11:00pm Central time. Boo!

  • Contagous

    And we’re back 🙂 finally

  • Dylan Hageman

    Has anyone been getting insane download speeds? I’ve been hitting 50Mbps!!!

  • yeah i just had a 3g drop… GRRR  currently have no net.. 

  • Never lost 4G here in Seattle.

    • Contagous

      Where are you at? as myself and friends have all lost it today, thunderbolts, bionics and charges…

  • Weird, I was on 4G on my Thunderbolt all day in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. No problems here.

    • Tboltuser

      I think it was a handoff problem.  I had 4G, but walked through a part of our building near an IDF closet and lost connectivity…3G after that.

  • Mrpembry

    Back on in Denver.

  • Alexlipford

    I was in the Verizon store activating my Bionic during this.  Thought I had gotten a bad unit b/c it refused to get 4G service

    • Tboltuser

      Exactly the same thing happened to me with the Thunderbolt.  4G outage the day the shipment arrived. 

  • West Anderson

    Its back in Lakeland, Fl

  • Icolossus90

    i constantly have troubles in san marcos but no problems in san diego. both ca. ughhh #firstworldproblem man.

  • Oh no! I had 4g at work but I lost it on my drive home. I’m stuck in 3G now :/ Seattle.

    • Contagous

      Yeah i was the same, had it up in Everett, but 3g and sometimes nothing in Seattle right now 🙁

  • Bryan Hitchen

    Still no 4G in the California bay area :/

  • Bill Morrow

    Its been back in Dayton Ohio

  • Anonymous


  • Don

    LTE is back up in New Orleans!!  Long live the LTE!

  • Weird because I am on 4G right now with no issues…but I will knock on wood REAL quick.

  • Contagous

    Still down in Seattle WA area, also keeps loosing 3g too lol

  • ChargeSpeed

    It’s back! 33.08 Mbps down and 11.27 Mbps up! W00T!

    • Anonymous

      Oh man…I need an LTE phone so badly…

  • Jackmcd

    I am getting 4 bars of 4G LTE!!! And Speedtest.net saids 20.66Mbps Up and 10.98Mbps Down!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually switched back and forth from 3G/4G from the settings and rebooted my phone within the last hour.  No problems here in Chicagoland.

  • dennis

    Back online with 4G now.  Los Angeles area. 

  • ChargeSpeed

    4G down in Atlanta
    Droid Cahrge with GummyCharged GBE

    • ChargeSpeed

      ^Droid Charge

  • Se7en

    4G LTE in San Diego

  • Dude I want a drood bionic. Can it summon pets?

  • John

    No issue here in Baltimore. Just went off wifi and 4g came back. 

  • Youngfella

    Back up in Northern Virginia!

    • Anonymous

      I’m in Alexandria !

  • Well I was in and out of a Verizons 4G LTE area in Charleston, SC all day long and didn’t have an issue. Picked up LTE with no problemo. From 10:30am to 7:30PM est

  • Anonymous

     LOL @ 4G

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your valuable contribution!

  • Its back in West Hartford CT! Just noticed my tether got faster, speedtest gave me 33/16mbps

    • Anonymous

      what the..i hate being in NYC and pulling a 7.95/7.91 mbps

  • Q

    Back to ruling the air in San Diego..

  • Antdwg67

    My 4g was out for about 15 minutes but it’s back on and it’s all good!!!!

  • Trdracer21

    Just bought drood bionic no 4g epic touch 4g makes this phone a real real loser

    • Q


  • 4g is back

  • Icast1990

    4g working in Irvine Verizon doesn’t lie movies in minutes lol

  • Anonymous

    at least we aren’t all stuck on 1x like the outage in the beginning of the summer

  • Jlags917

    4G back up in New York

  • Gnath9

    Works here in Omaha, I even did a battery pull.

  • Fflan513

    4G LTE back in Fort Worth,TX

  • Tboltuser

    4G is back in Cincinnati. 

  • Ebourlet

    Darn 4G then out now no 3 or 4G

  • Ebourlet

    WHoo Hoo Back in Tacoma WA !

  • Sas_nash

    Only 3 g in New Jersey.

  • Anonymous

    No 4G in Charleston, SC

  • Stormtrooper

    4G IS BACK IN DFW!!! Just connected automatically! 

    • Aggie99

      Still not back in the rowlett/rockwall area

  • Anonymous

    No 4G in Houston with my Thunderbolt.

  • Bill Jenkins

    I’m running 4g right now in NY

  • DK45

    Yup, got my here in Cambridge, MA. I toggled airplane mode to try to fix the problem, and now I can’t get any signal at all, 3G or 4G.

  • Anonymous


  • West Anderson

    also out in the lakeland florida area

  • Drewfus0929

    Haha awesome I was preparing to unroot and get a new Sim card at Verizon tomorrow. At least I know I am not crazy now. 🙂

    • Atimetolaugh

      please do not use this discussion to evaluate your mental state. 🙂

  • PhilD

    no 4G in southern new jersey.

    is there a web site that provides real-time 3G/4G status?  without Droid Life, i’d probably be running back to verizon right now to return my 4Gless Bionic before the trial period expires…

  • Tacoma2106

    down in oakland, ca as well

  • Stormtrooper

    only 3G in the DFW 🙁

  • Justin Mastakoski

    No 3G or 4G for me in Denver, CO

  • Stevenz

    Stuck on 3G in Houston

  • Anonymous

    My damn Thunderbolt looses 4g connection all the time in brooklyn, ny.

  • Ebourlet

    Just got off the phone with Verizon Tech support. They were shocked that it was on Droid_Life so fast that they are experiencing a nationwide issue. They are still taking tickets on the issue. I told her that Droid-Life is the place to go to find out anything about these issues 😉

    • Anonymous

      This comment is 100% win.

    • Bill Jenkins


    • Anonymous

      4G LTE back on in East Lansing, MI @ 8:38 EST.

    • lol, its not hard to figure out u have no net when u on ur phone all the time… 

  • Transitioning part of the eHRPD network is down nationwide. 

    This is different than when the entire eHRPD and LTE networks crashed the last 2 times. 

    This can/will be fixed a lot quicker.

  • 4g is out here in Big Rapids, MI.

  • jimbob

    LTE is fine in the Twin Cities.

    • Anonymous

      No its not. I don’t have it yo

  • Anonymous

    I was going back and forth mentally. I could either run to the donut place and pick up some delicious donuts, a place that I know doesn’t have LTE, or I could sit here and suffer without deliciousness.

    I gambled, and I lost. Returned home, no LTE. :'(

    • Drewfus0929

      But you have donuts. So you only partially lost.

    • 6895533

      um you should of left your phone at
      home lol

    • Totally worth it IMO! LTE could come back at any moment, donuts though, the shop could close at any moment! =o

  • Don

    Only 3G in New Orleans 🙁

  • Tjharkness

    4g is out in Montgomery AL

  • chris

    My 4g is a little slow today, but at least its still chugging along. Costa mesa ca

  • Ranlil

    Shut down to charge new battery… Only 3G now south of Chicago…

  • Jsmalls360

    All is well in Cleveland. Except actually being in Cleveland that is.

  • MFG

    LTE is out here in NYC  

  • Anonymous

    33 down / 9 up on my Charge in Noblesville, IN, but everything feels a little wonky. Let’s hope it’s back up to par soon!

  • Jlags917

    No 4g in Long Island, NY…damnn

  • Barry Sanders

    Stuck on 3G in Detroit as well

  • Yup.. My LTE is out in Pa. Oh Well.. 3G will suffice for now 

  • Kraz-01

    4g out in Detroit

  • Q

    Oh NOOESS.. How will I rule the air?

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      very slowly… 😉

  • Ebourlet

    Yep I just rebooted my Bionic before I read this 🙁 in Tacoma ,Washington and am stuck in 3G

  • Anonymous

    I have no 3g/4g in columbus ohio. On wifi now.

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  • Anonymous

    how do I get a credit applied to my bill for my 4g downtime? I want the 4gzzzz back.

  • Corymcnutt

    All good here in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Legoturte92

    $G out in Ewing, NJ

  • T Hall

    Just got 19.24Mbps down, 6.47 up.  All still good in Spokane, WA assuming I don’t disconnect.

  • George Davis

    4G is out in Atlanta.

  • Bionicman

    4G LTE out in Orange, CA BIONIC

  • Drew Beck

    4G out here in Nashville, TN

  • 4G out in Fayetteville, NC

  • Jager07

    As of when?  I just flashed Bamf Forever 1.0.6 on my T-bolt  about an hour ago and came back to life with full 4G LTE in St. Louis. 

    • Jager07

      Well, it’s out now.  No restart/disconnect involved, it just dropped by itself. 

      • Jager07

        And it’s back.  Lol.  So who knows if I ever really lost it.  Or if it’s truly back… 

  • Anonymous

    San Diego, doing just fine 🙂

  • thought i was going crazy, especially when i didnt see one report of it in the thunderbolt forums on rootzwiki or xda.. glad to know it isnt just me. BTW i am in Pasadena, CA

  • dewdrops

    No 4G in Ithaca at the moment….lovely

  • Oz

    3G in Marion, IL. Where I work has 3G but where I live has 4G…well it did have…came home from work to a not nice 3G surprise

  • Anthony

    4G out in Phoenix

  • Arcanexvi

    4G never went out where I am (Chicago Suburbs)

  • Anthoy

    4G out in Phoenix

  • Anonymous

    left work today and noticed this.  actually won’t let me on any data if I have CDMA/LTE selected in networks.  took me a while to figure out i could get on 3G if i switch it to CDMA only.  was just about to head to the motorola forums to complain about that 3g/4g switch crap others were reporting on the bionic when i read this.  nice.  NYC area here.

    • Anonymous

      No probs with my bionic switching to 3G with the default setting of CDMA/LTE. I’m in Manhattan too, lost LTE going in and out of subways earlier.

  • Anonymous

    Only 3G here in charlotte, NC. Calling Verizon right now.

  • Dfib

    4g’s out in tampa

  • Grrr, 3G in San Jose.  Monday Night Football is coming up and I need to watch the game at work and consume more data

    • MattInPDX

      Was watching the Sunday night game while waiting for my pizza, man that thing chews through battery life.

      • You pizza chews through battery life? Um… you’re doing it wrong.

  • Hellboy2232

    3G in San Diego too.. Bolt BAMF Forever 1.0.5

  • Mark Silvis

    Stuck on 3G in Pittsburgh (Thunderbolt CM7)

  • Jason Purp

    Good. Now you know how I feel every day.

  • Stuck on 3G in Boise. GGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!! I just got my Bionic too!

  • LeeInMKE

    Lee O’clock! Nice!

    Clock in picture shows 3:37. Turn the clock upside-down and Lee O’clock!

  • Just disconnected and reconnected, again. Again, instant LTE connection. (Indianapolis, TBolt running OMFGB)

    • manderko

      Indianapolis, LTE out on BIONIC

  • Zero issues in Charlotte

  • No problems here in Indianapolis. Connected instantly for me.

  • Spartanguy81

    Fine in Greensboro, NC. Thunderbolt.

  • Bionic

    Maybe they are updating it or something.  

  • I’m stuck on 3g in Champaign

    • llwang

      and just back on LTE now in Champaign-Urbana

  • Anonymous

    Geez, Verizon… I applaud the speedy rollout, but LTE has had so many outage problems. 🙁

    • Mr.joe

      Stuff like this happens with new tech.

      Surprisingly, Verizons LTE network isn’t even a year old yet.

  • Incubuscomplex


  • All good here in Dallas!

    • T Hall

      Disconnect, then let us know if it is all good 🙂

      • thanks alot… did a disconnect, reconnected and now I dont even have 3G! :o)
        What’s going on?!

        • T Hall

          LMAO – I didn’t think anyone would try it after Kellex warned us all!

          • Anonymous

            You are terrible =D!!!

          • T Hall

            Well if it makes you feel any better I still have 4G.  Would you like me to do a speed test for you?

          • Anonymous

            I still have it too, just thought it was hilarious Brandon fell for that =D.

            Just sayin…

          • T Hall

            Haha, ok glad not everyone fell for that!

          • Branshaw09

            Haha. . Im good, still only on 3g, ooh well…

    • Branshaw09

      I went through a 3g spot in grapevine area and now can’t get it back. Bummer….